It’s Official – Bruce Willis Is Expendable!

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 14th, 2013 at 4:23 pm,

It’s been rumored for quite a while, but no official announcement had been made – until now.

Action icon Bruce Willis has announced that he will share the screen with fellow Hollywood legends Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Expendables!

Whilst presumably promoting his forthcoming Surrogates Willis informed MTV that he would be joining his fellow Planet Hollywood founders in the Stallone directed action film.

When asked if he had shot any scenes for The Expendables Willis said:

“Not yet, I haven’t united with them. I’m waiting for a call from Sly about when we’re going to try and make that happen.”

When quizzed for details about his character, the Die Hard star admitted that even he didn’t know details about the role:

“I don’t know anything about yet, haven’t seen any pages yet. But I’m excited about it.”

He’s not the only one – action fans have been waiting nearly twenty years to see these action men share the screen, and Willis admitted that the trio would be in a scene together.

“That’s the concept. That’s the plan”

And what a plan that is.

This news means that at the very least The Expendables is guaranteed a huge opening weekend (which was pretty much assured) and that it will satisfy action fans of all ages. As a man of a certain age (and a child of the 1980s) I’ve been looking forward to something like this happening for years, but I presume that egos and cinematic price tags got in the way of such plans.

expendablesbillboardhq 440x176 Its Official   Bruce Willis Is Expendable!

Joining Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger in the action epic will be fellow action stars Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Steve Austin, Terry Crews, Randy Couture and Mickey Rourke.

That’s what I call good news! Now, if they can only get past this possible PG-13 Rating business…

The Expendables will be in theaters on April 23, 2010.

Source: MTV

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  1. PG-13 used to scare me (especially when it was attached to Die Hard 4) but PG-13 isn’t what it used to be (see Die Hard 4). Having said that however, a rated R flick would be much more fun I imagine.

  2. Yes!
    John Matrix, John Rambo & John McClane all together finally!

  3. i am really suprised its taken this long for these three action stars to be on the big screen together. I gre up watching thier movies. I still remember Conan and Commando. I wasnt a big Rambo fan but I did love Diehard!! I think its just a bonus that u have Jet li…this is gonna be a good movie..cant wait!!!

  4. Wait. I thought The Expendables had wrapped.

  5. @ Krafty
    I think that the shooting for Arnold is only going to last a day or so and I think that he talked to his advisors before taking the part.


  6. See now I though that Arnie couldn’t do any movies while he is still govenor of the state of CA. Or am I totally wrong about that?

  7. Good addition with Willis. Having him along with Ah-nold, Sly, Jet and Dolph makes this a real trip back to the 80s/early 90s of action movies.

    I wonder if JCVD turned down a role because he’s secretly preparing his own 80s reunion action movie to compete with the Expendables (with a lineup of Segal, Kurt Russell, Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan)

  8. Good gravy vid, I just had a mental geek explosion! How cool of a PS3 video game would it be to have all of those guys verses say Street Fighter or Mortal Combat or DC Universe! Can you see Chuck Norris’ secret power combo being a roundhouse kick followed up by a face punch with a fist from his beard? Ok, that is such a cool idea that I’m gonna photoshop an image for it and psot it somewhere for all to see.

    Characters List
    Arnold as the Terminator
    Sly as Rambo
    Jet as The Black Mask
    Dolph as Drago the Boxer
    JCVD as BLoodsport kickboxer
    Segal as Pony-tailed Monk (only fights w/his hands, no legs)
    Kurt Russell as either Snake Plissken, Jack Burton
    Chuck Norris as Himself
    Jackie Chan as Himself

    Tell me you wouldn’t trade in 4 games to play that right now!

  9. My expectation for this movie has just increased by an order of magnitude! (^&$#%#980lm08YU(&^6!! I think I just got infected by Paul’s geek explosion. 8-)

  10. Sly as a Director is really starting to grow on me, especially if he keeps getting epic casts like this for his movies.

  11. @Paul

    Call me infected as well. That game would kick some serious bad-guy butt!

  12. I think JCVD’s rival movie is under the secret working title of “The Indispensables” (would make a great April Fool’s joke news item for next year)

    Excellent idea Paul, it would be so crazy good to play a fighting game with the most popular action stars from the 80s, 90s. You could even have Bruce Lee as the mythical final boss. Could also include Shaft.

  13. A single tear has been shed for the beauty of this news….

  14. Dang I cant wait!! This is like Marvel teamin’ up with DC, never thought in my life that this would ever happen!! Finally!!!

  15. Too bad the action figure party is going to be PG-13,,,

    Mehtacular ,,,,

  16. Please Stallone, make this baby R rated!

  17. Paul young @ Thats a great idea except take Dloph and JCVD characters from universal solider instead. Now thats badass!

  18. With these two being added so late I doubt they will be any more than a cameo.

    But it just made a movie that I cared very little for into a must see… at least once.

  19. With this type of Cast they got to make this as bruital, bloody and gory as possible and only a R-Rated movie will diliver this.

  20. His part should be that of an unnamed cop, with the signature leather cross-draw side holster… We can just assume who he’s supposed to be, lol. They can’t say that’s trademark infringement because he’s played a cop in like 15 other movies and it’s not like they’re using his name or anything… Heck, John is such a common name they can probably call him John and still get away with it, lol.

  21. Have him say “yippee-ky-ya-yea mother f” and just as he is ready to finish sly says, “whoah, whoah … watch the language John.”

  22. this movie is action fan heaven

  23. Its got to have a good script stuntmanJ or it could possibly rape are childhoods…

  24. 790, have faith in Stallone…

    A good April Fools joke would be another men-on-a-mission film called The Laughables, starring shia laboeuf, zac efron, channing tatum, seth rogen, jonah hill, that ken jung-jeong-idiot, and leading the pack is tom cruise.

    ScreenRant, keep this in mind when April comes in!

    “With the much anticipation of Stallone’s action-fest The Expendables generating a lot of attention, Paramount has decided to make it’s own men-on-a-mission film. Although, not with notable icons of 80s action, but with today’s current crop of young hollywood talent with one mega star who has, well, not all there today.

    Tom Cruise leads a ragtag group of wannabe-mercenaries to take out the Board of Directors in charge of an Orange County gated community in The Laughables. Directed by Michael Bay.”
    Haha, imagine.

  25. That photo is quite bad, only Bruce looks normal. Arnold looks like he’s trying hard to force that smile, Sly looks like he’s having an allergic reaction, and Bruce is just there thinking “I’m so much better looking than these two bozo’s…” ;-)

  26. I was thinking that Sly looked like he got stung by a bee on his face and had a reaction to it, Ken. LOL.

    This is good news, but I do hope to hear someday that we will be getting another Die Hard film! Bruce is DA MAN!

  27. This is really nothing to get excited about, unfortunately.

    We KNOW that Arnold will only have a small cameo. We KNOW filming is (almost?) finished. And here we have Willis saying he’s going to be in the same scene as Arnold, so that means it’s just a small cameo.

    Still better than nothing, mind you, but not by much.

  28. Not bad SK-47,,,

    you guys think Sly looks funny in that photo you should hear him talk. He sounds like that redneck on King of the Hill.
    “Heymm uhman idis thinking thaaat maaaybe ummm yah no whatta meenman no watt I’m saying”

    Does anybody eat at Planet Hollywood anymore. That place was a joke…

  29. HELL YEAH!! this is going to be a kick-ass movie with a catital KICK-ASS!!!