Bruce Willis Says Die Hard 5 Could Start Next Year

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die hard 5 bruce willis Bruce Willis Says Die Hard 5 Could Start Next Year

Bruce Willis has dropped what may be confirmation that Twentieth Century-Fox is moving ahead with Die Hard 5 (Live Free or Die Harder?). The news come from MTV who spoke with Willis for his upcoming role in Kevin Smith’s Cop Out where the 54 year-old actor pointed towards a possible start date of production next year.

There’s been speculation of another installment to the Die Hard series since Die Hard 4.0/Live Free or Die Hard released two-and-a-half years ago and this really heated up when Willis mentioned his interest in doing another around the time his last film, The Surrogates, released last fall.

Fast forward to present and we have what seems to be great news for those hoping to see the return of John McClane.

“I think we’re going to do a ‘Die Hard 5′ next year,”

As for what it may be about, Willis states:

“It’s got to go worldwide… That would be my contribution to it.”

Len Wiseman (Underworld 1 & 2) directed¬† the 2007 take on John McClane titled Live Free or Die Hard which banked approximately $380 million at the box office with a pretty strong response from fans and critics. Despite the controversy and skepticism leading up the film’s release regarding the loss of the R-rating, the movie was a success and if it were up to Willis he “would hire Len Wiseman right now,” for the next movie.

They’ve already broken out of the trilogy to make a fourth and they even broke out of their tradtional R-rating to make a PG-13 movie geared towards bringing the larger audience of younger folks into theaters to witness the 80s action star kick some more ass. Why wouldn’t they make a 5th? Heck, maybe it’ll be in 3D!

Will we get to see Justin Long and Kevin Smith again? Willis did sign off on Smith directing him in Cop Out and if the following quote from Willis is any indication, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they were.

“I like so much more making fun of it, taking the piss out of it, not making it a big deal and not making the fact that I’ve acted in a lot of movies a big deal… It’s all illusion, and it’s all bulls—. It’s a great job for me to have, but everything else you can set on fire. Making people laugh is the real deal.”

What do you think of another more comedic PG-13 Die Hard flick and the return of John McClane?

As far as we know, Die Hard 5 begins next year likely for a summer 2012 release.

Source: MTV

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  1. The man is clearly insane – a comedic Die Hard? Fat Kevin Smith's return? Justin Long????? Len Wiseman!!!!

    My god….

  2. I've always thought his badass, I'm the best at what I do persona was comical. The one liners were awesome in Live Free or Die Hard.

  3. I'll go see McClane's 5th outing. I hope Wiseman comes back to direct.

  4. Live Free or Die Hard was awesome! I loved every minute of it. Gotta agree with Thomas….the one liners were great. A good laugh along with good action works for me every time. Plus, I'll go watch anything Bruce Willis does. (I'll admit I even liked Hudson Hawk…..I know it was not a good movie, I just enjoy it)

  5. I'll watch it even though it'll probably be another dumbed down version of Die Hard for the PG13 crowd. Seriously, Live Free was NOT up to the standards of the previous three films.

  6. All sounds good to me. I enjoyed the hell out of Die Hard 4.0. I agree the cinema version was a bit tame but the DVD was chocked full of swearing and violence.
    And I'm up for Wiseman coming back to, unlike his Underworld movies, he showed a real talent in Die Hard for doing over the top action and doing it well. He would be good for a Superman movie.

  7. I wouldn't mind Wiseman coming back (the R Rated DVD version was a vast improvement on the theatrical version). but rumour has it Bruce gave Len a peptic ulcer while shooting Die Hard 4, so one wonders if he'll be back.

  8. Bring back Sam L Jackson…

    The title could be…'Live free or die harder with more vengence'

  9. Die Hard 5…. DIE… PLEASE JUST DIE ALREADY!!!!

  10. Skip #5. Jump directly to making #6 with a backstory about events that happened in #5 which nobody understands. There, I just saved $100 million.

  11. I loved DH4, Live Free or Die Hard and would love to see Willis return to revive the John Mclane character again. I think DH4 proved that the Trilogy rule is BS that you can't go past movie 3 and be good. The reason the DH films have worked is because they are about a popular character put in a bad spot who becomes the hero, the classic story. This is the same formula that will make a 4th Bourne film a hit as well so long as its doen right.

    The problem or thing you gotta watch out for with 3rd+ installments of a franchise is that the money men don;t get too greedy and think they can be cheap and still have a film that suceeds solely because of its namesake.

  12. Coming to theatres around the Galaxy Summer of 2012…

    The 5th installemnt in the DIE HARD Franchise…

    DIE HARD 5 The Hardest Death Yet!

    Synopsis: Mclane is one again thrown into the mix of a terrorsit plot. This time the terrorist have taken over the planet, trapping 6 Biullion+ humans within its walls and refusing to let any leave the Earth. Its up to McLane to get stop them and get all 6 Billion hostages off the planet before the terrorist can nuke the Earths core.

    Can Mclane save the human race in time?
    Will you pay an extra $3 to see it in 3D?
    Can even the temaing of Nolan & Goyer come up with a story for Die Hard 6 that could top this?

    All these questons and many more will be addressed when DH5 hits tehatres Summer of 2012.

    Yippie Kie-yaa uglierer sucker

    (rated PG-13 for wider ticket sales)

  13. You forgot the part where the entire terrorist plot is merely a smoke screen for a simple heist.

    Because when you're trying to steal loads of money, mass publicity is exactly what you need (I'm pretty sure only Die Hard 2 doesn't have that plot, and yes I'm including the first Die Hard because if you're going to steal money from the vault of a large corporation, don't wait until the office Christmas party where everyone left alive afterwards can ID you).

  14. Die hard = Awesome
    Die Hard 2: Die Harder = Also awesome
    Die Hard with a Vengence = like 2 points less then “awesome”
    Live Free or Die Hard = AWESOME!!!

    Bring on 'Die even harder than you've died before or else you'll die not quite as hard, but still somewhat of a hard death'

  15. I guess you missed the part where he “killed a helecopter with a car”

    And i clicked 'like' and i meant to click 'reply'. so that was an accident. i don't like. lol

  16. awh. you could learn something from compliment guy

  17. Live Free Or Die Hard was one of the worst movies I'd ever seen. It was not very good at all. Plus I bet Bruce will be busy making the sequel to his upcoming film “Cop Out” hahaha

    And if Die Hard 5 does happen… I bet you right now it'll be in 3D

  18. Live Free Or Die Hard was one of the worst movies I'd ever seen. It was not very good at all. Plus I bet Bruce will be busy making the sequel to his upcoming film “Cop Out” hahaha

    And if Die Hard 5 does happen… I bet you right now it'll be in 3D

  19. Live Free Or Die Hard was one of the worst movies I'd ever seen. It was not very good at all. Plus I bet Bruce will be busy making the sequel to his upcoming film “Cop Out” hahaha

    And if Die Hard 5 does happen… I bet you right now it'll be in 3D

  20. i dont see why ppl didnt like die hard 4. i thought it was amazing. true, the first three were better, but its because they were classics and built up a following. its kinda like music. old greenday was better than new green day. its kinda like that. they wanted to do something new and more futuristic. and i though they hit it perfectly. it doesnt mean the series sucks now and that the 5th is gonna be worse. they can always go back to their roots with number 5. i dont think they should though. kinda like 24, die hard has to keep getting more and more intense.

  21. Been waiting for Die Hard 5….thank you Bruce!! I can't wait… least Bruce Willis isn't disappointing his fans like Stallone is by canceling Rambo 5 recently!! Go for it Bruce…we'll be lining up at the box office for Die Hard 5!!

  22. I am so excited to hear that they are going to continue from Live Free Die Hard. Every time I watch it, my husband and I say that Justin Long would make a great son-in-law to Bruce Willis.
    With the experience of Bruce as a detective, and with the computer skills of Justin Long, they can be a great team fighting together.
    My husband and I hope to see the Die Hard 5 come out soon. I’ll be there to watch it. We are huge fans of Bruce Willis, and Justin was meant to be his new son-in-law. Please tell me its coming soon!
    You made my day, Screen Rant. Thank You.
    All my Best,

    • Agreeing to everything you just said :)

  23. I have just been to see die hard today very very good film once again from a top actor and a fine fine country who know and allways have lnown how to make films