Bruce Willis Talks ‘Expendables 2′

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The Expendables3 Bruce Willis Talks Expendables 2

Action star Bruce Willis is currently working the junket circuit for his new film, Red, but that has not prevented him from talking about Sylvester Stallone’s plans for The Expendables 2 – which we already know could feature Willis as the villain, if the Rocky/Rambo star gets his way.

The Expendables has to date grossed just under $250 million worldwide, so a followup seems all but assured at this point. Moviegoers were fairly receptive to the testosterone-fueled flick (read Screen Rant‘s Expendables review HERE), which offered plenty of good old-fashioned mindless action and explosions. The most consistent complaint that fans had about the film was that it simply did not go far enough – it needed more corny one-liners, more inspiredly silly action, more of everything.

Expendables writer/director/star Stallone seems to agree and is, according to Willis, “going for all the marbles this time, and [is] going to get everybody in [‘The Expendables 2′]” – and by everybody he means essentially every brawny, bad-ass action star that had their heyday on the big screen during the 1980s on through to the early 1990s.




Stallone even intends to bring back Steve Austin – whose character, you might recall, was shot dead in The Expendables. That could mean the character (Paine) himself will somehow be resurrected or that it will turn out that he has an identical twin – either way, it will be pretty contrived. Then again, isn’t that quite fitting for a throwback to 1980s action films?


The Expendables4 Bruce Willis Talks Expendables 2

He'll be back (sorry, couldn't help myself) in 'Expendables 2.'

So what newcomers might join the Expendables crew for their second big screen outing?  Steven Seagal may not be as mobile as he used to be (see last month’s Machete for proof) but he seems like an obvious candidate; Jean-Claude Van Damme would probably be more receptive to signing up for the Expendables sequel than he was when Stallone approached him about the first film; and of course there’s always the former Texas Ranger himself, Chuck Norris.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made an even briefer cameo appearance in The Expendables than Willis did, and it was implied that his character and Barney Ross (Stallone) had some shared history together. The current California governor might not have the time to play a larger role in the sequel, but he could at least turn in another cameo – possibly even one that goes on for longer than thirty seconds. 😛

Who do you want to see in The Expendables 2?

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  1. I think they should get michael biehn, he should have gotten his big break after terminator, but it seems like that never really happened, so I think it would be cool to see him in the movie

  2. vin diesel should deffinatly be in it i know hes not from the 80’s but hes deffo todays action man.

  3. I say chuck Norris for a cameo and I have him throw a punch or a roundhouse kick or 2

  4. A sequel would be totally awesome!

    But as the article stated, the movie needs much more action, preferably hand to hand style combat.

  5. Here are some additions to consider for the expendables 2, some would prove to be great as cameos / extras etc…
    Clint Eastwood . Tom Selleck . Sam Elliott . Jeff Bridges . Jesse Ventura . Randy Savage . Jim Hellwig (Ultimate Warrior) . Super Star Billy Graham . Duane Johnson . Mel Gibson . James Coburn . Don Frye . Scott Norton . Chuck Liddell . Ken Shamrock . Ben Davidson . Mike Karney . Joe Laurenitus . Mike Singletary . John Lynch . Ronnie Lott
    Pam Anderson . Paulina Perikova . Sofia Vergara . Brigette Nielson . Nicole Eggart . Jasmine Bleath . Stephanie Seymour . well, you get the idea!

  6. vinnie jones should be among the cast for expendables 2

    • Oh please God no!!!

  7. I agree with Graham Smith…that would be a great sequel! hey Sly listen to this!

    • Hey! Thanks Man, The Thought Just Came To Me Bout De Niro & Pacino Why Know One Said There Name’s Before Me. I Think It Would Be Awesome If What I Said Happens

  8. Anyone think Lou Ferrigo (not sure how you spell his last name), be a good candidate for a role in Expendables 2? Or atleast a cameo or 2nd sequel if there will be one. Imo i think he would he would be great.

    • Jean Claude Van Damme is a good choice, Nick Cage would make a good one, Tom Cruise another good fit, Jackie Chan most definitely. Dennis Quaid, that’s another candidate. get ready to laugh, cause I’m laughing, I’m not real serious here. but you never know: Rob Schneider, Owen Wilson, and Martin Lawrence. they’d do the comical scenes. let’s do the impossible and say Johnny Depp could play the main villian. Rated PG-13 for sequences of action and violence throughout. Running Time: 2 hours.

      • here are my picks im sure everybody will agree with me dwayne johnson,vin diesel,daniel craig,liam neeson,carl weathers,hulk hogan,vinnie jones,chuck norris,hugh jackman,michael jai white,wesley snipes,jakie chan, and rampage jackson.

  9. They have to put Steven Seagal and JCVD in there. Also Jackie Chan!

    • @ Jae
      I read JCVD won’t do the film if Steven Seagal is in the film. Plus Seagal would still refuse to be part of the film if the producer, i forget his name is involved again which he is. Lundgren is hoping JCVD joins cause he’d like to get in a fight with him & snap his neck,lol.

  10. Expendables 2 should feature Dog the Bounty Hunter, Woody from Toy Story and Chumlee from Pawn Star.

  11. Here’s another name : Donnie Yen, brilliant martial artist and the best fight choreographer in the business.

  12. Would Lou Ferrigo count as a action star who’d be a good choice? I know he was the Hulk but still he looks like he’s still in good shape.

    • Scott,

      IMDB is not always 100% accurate.


  13. They should use Daniel Stephen- he was an 80’s star in cult classics- “2020 Texas Gladiators”, “Warrior of the Lost World”…he starred in the war film “WarBus” and other films.

  14. JCVD – New member
    Carl Weathers – Cameo
    Vin Diesel – Bad guy
    M. Jai White – New member
    Dwayne Johnson – New member
    John Lithow – Head bad guy
    Bolo Yeung – Killer

    Same casts should come back too. Plus add in some women. Like for example,
    Christina Milian or Jessica Biel.

    • Vin Diesel, M. Jai White, and Dwayne Johnson would be cool Jean Claude has already signed on for the second one but how about Jackie Chan versus Jet Li? that would be sick and Stallone better bring Carl Weathers since he brought Dolph on board.

  15. “Stallone even intends to bring back Steve Austin – whose character, you might recall, was shot dead in The Expendables.”

    The movie I saw shows him burning to death. I do not remember him getting shot. This tells me Steve will not be coming back short of looking like “Crispy” aka Spawn. Thats far fetched even for Stallone. I think we would see a twin if Austin came back but why do that?

  16. Stallone add these guys in it!
    -Jackie Chan
    -Jean Claude Van Damme
    -Uma Thurman
    -Danny Dyer

  17. Hey what about Jeff Speakman getting a part. I think his style would fit in great with this movie.

    • i agree speakman would be great a legit toughguy with a legit background he has already signed on to be part of the movie.

  18. I would love to see the rock or vin diesel in the expendles that would be a top film (Y)

  19. please no vin i wan vandamme, jeff speakman, scott adkins, seagal, michael jai white, and cynthia rothrock, and i would be cool with the rock as well

  20. also maybe carl weathers, mark dacascos, and wesley snipes people with legit backgrounds. vin has done nothing but lifted a few weights he has no toughguy background. he would be a dissapointment in there. im a martial artists and former college and pro football player. we need more martial artists in there

  21. I didnt know bruce willis was a action star i just thought he was the dude in tears on the sun with a scope mounted backwards

    • Did you not see any of the Die Hards????

  22. Stallone
    Steven Seagal
    Chuck Norris
    Bruce Willis
    Kurt Russell
    Wesley Snipes
    Brock Lesnar
    Dwayne Johnson