Bruce Willis Talks ‘Expendables 2′

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The Expendables3 Bruce Willis Talks Expendables 2

Action star Bruce Willis is currently working the junket circuit for his new film, Red, but that has not prevented him from talking about Sylvester Stallone’s plans for The Expendables 2 – which we already know could feature Willis as the villain, if the Rocky/Rambo star gets his way.

The Expendables has to date grossed just under $250 million worldwide, so a followup seems all but assured at this point. Moviegoers were fairly receptive to the testosterone-fueled flick (read Screen Rant‘s Expendables review HERE), which offered plenty of good old-fashioned mindless action and explosions. The most consistent complaint that fans had about the film was that it simply did not go far enough – it needed more corny one-liners, more inspiredly silly action, more of everything.

Expendables writer/director/star Stallone seems to agree and is, according to Willis, “going for all the marbles this time, and [is] going to get everybody in ['The Expendables 2']“ – and by everybody he means essentially every brawny, bad-ass action star that had their heyday on the big screen during the 1980s on through to the early 1990s.




Stallone even intends to bring back Steve Austin – whose character, you might recall, was shot dead in The Expendables. That could mean the character (Paine) himself will somehow be resurrected or that it will turn out that he has an identical twin – either way, it will be pretty contrived. Then again, isn’t that quite fitting for a throwback to 1980s action films?


The Expendables4 Bruce Willis Talks Expendables 2

He'll be back (sorry, couldn't help myself) in 'Expendables 2.'

So what newcomers might join the Expendables crew for their second big screen outing? ¬†Steven Seagal may not be as mobile as he used to be (see last month’s Machete for proof) but he seems like an obvious candidate; Jean-Claude Van Damme would probably be more receptive to signing up for the¬†Expendables sequel than he was when Stallone approached him about the first film; and of course there’s always the former Texas Ranger himself, Chuck Norris.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made an even briefer cameo appearance in The Expendables than Willis did, and it was implied that his character and Barney Ross (Stallone) had some shared history together. The current California governor might not have the time to play a larger role in the sequel, but he could at least turn in another cameo – possibly even one that goes on for longer than thirty seconds. icon razz Bruce Willis Talks Expendables 2

Who do you want to see in The Expendables 2?

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  1. Christian Bale, Tony Jaa, Mark Wahlberg, definitely Jean Claude Van Damme, Quinton RAMPAGE Jackson, aaaaand maybe Kimbo Slice’s bigass

  2. Christian Bale, Jean Claude Van Damme, Mark Wahlberg Gerard Butler, Rampage Jackson, Tony Jaa, Clint Eastwood, and Kimbo Slice for villain

  3. The same cast with Mickey Rourke getting in on the action. Bruce Willis as the bad guy is a good idea and it would be nice to see Jean-Claude Van Damme as maybe a henchman.
    Also I think Danny Trejo would be an excellent addition to the team!

  4. All the original team (minus bad guys who got turned into dog meat) Jean Claude Van Damm, Vin Diesel, somebody break Wesley Snipes out of jail, Sigourney Weaver as Barneys ex-girlfriend/ex-wife or something equally contrived, sneak Chuck Norris in for a cameo, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Biehn as one of Bruces evil pals, Karl Weathers. I cant believe Sly actually managed to get this whole idea off the ground in the first place. He is definately the man.

    • oh and Rutger Hauer as well!

  5. Bolo Yeung please?

  6. I would like to see Danny Trejo, Chuck Liddel, Brian Jai White and John Cena or Dave Batista.

  7. Along with JCVD, I want to see Carl Weathers in action! Another pretty sweet addition would be another predator cast member, Jesse Ventura. Chuck Norris would be glorious, but I feel it might put the comedy aspect of the film over the top. I feel Chuck Liddel would be pretty sweet, but lets not get too far away from what these movies are supposed to be. (A wondrous ensemble of 80s to 90s action stars. More Arnold and more Bruce Willis would be great as well. I would also like to see Ernie Reyes Jr., aka Kino from TMNT II or Surf Ninjas. hahaha

  8. are you guys serous why havn’t you thought of samuel L jackson. john travolta, maybe not. and definatly ving rahmes for a baddie.

  9. I would love to see Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme in expendables 2. Steven Seagal might be a good prospect as well. Or, how about Mel Gibson, (thinking along the lines of Leathal weapon series)??

    Carl Weathers would also be good, as well as Bolo Yeung.

  10. I think UFC Fighters should be ruled out. They were not in any of the films of the 80′s and the odds of their acting ability being any good might take away from the sequel.

    Clint Eastwood also played a good tough guy. He should be considered as well.

  11. Don’t forget Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Wesley Snipes, (if he’s outta jail), DEFINITELY Will Smith!!, Mr. T, Mark Wahlberg, Philip and Simon Rhee-(as bad guys)!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Liam Neason enough said.

  13. … i think…. Hulk Hogan :)

    • and…Ron Perlman, Sammo Hung or Donnie Yen, or both ;-)

  14. Bruce willis people: CIA

    1 Michael Clarke Duncan
    2 Keanu Reeves police officer
    3 Mel Gibson (He did lethal weapon)
    4 Wesley Snipes (also a FBI)
    5 Steven Seagal (he’s a cop already)
    6 Sarunyu Wongkrachang from on bak(but when Jacky and jet fight he fights them both)he breaks bones
    7 Johny Depp (Make him the quit killer type)

    1 president= Kevin Costner
    2 a good speaker= Allen rick-man /Hugo Wallace
    3 Governor California John Travolta ( Arnold would say they let any one be governor these day
    4 Hit men = Tom cruse and Brad pit
    5 assassin = Rain (from ninja assassin)
    6 deadly love assassin = Lucy Lu
    7 secret service = Denzel Washington/ Matt Damon/ Nicolas cage
    8 the pentagon computer expert = Tom Hanks (who would know)
    9 government money spender = Danny Devito ( paying for all the stuff Arnold does)

    Arnold crew
    1 Bolo Yeung
    2 Jacky Chang (so that jet lee is not the only short guy)
    3 Rocky Dwayne Johnson
    4 Ven diesel
    5 John Claude Van Damn
    6 Antonio Banderas
    7 Jean Reno

    news ladies
    1 Julia Roberts
    2 Sandra Bullock

    1 Robbin William on the radio with George Lopez
    4 Ben Affleck presidents informer
    5 Will smith and son watches the killing in front of them where ever goes
    raining dead people
    6 Harrison ford Helicopter pilot expert
    7 Gary Oldman citizen
    8 Robert Downey Jr business guy

  15. yeah and Samuel l jackson to you damn right shut your mouth

  16. Scott Adkins (Boyka) from Undisputed…. It would be one hell of a movie…he could play a enemy russian character.


  18. it would be pretty sweet to see carl weathers in the next movie but idk about the chuck thing im not sure i can take any more round house kicks.

  19. How about the guy from 300? Can’t think of his name. And what about russel crow? And I’m not shure how he would be at this roel but a great actor as shown in “I am legend” will smith.

  20. I wanna see old action Icons. I’m sure Kurt Russell, Louis Gossett Jr., Harrison ford (miracle) and/ or Clint Eastwood, can make this movie most memorable.

  21. BRuice willis needs to be in the whole movie !!!!
    statham definately needs to return
    and stevan segul needs to be in this one

    • Then it’ll just end up as another DIE HARD-like film, it’s better to have the obscure action stars of the 80′s like Kurt Russell, Louis gossett Jr. bolo yeung, heck even bring back COBRA KAI (NO MERCY).

  22. Nobody has mentioned Val Kilmer


  23. He should make a prequel, and show the days where Tool (mickey roorke) was an expendable and build a cast round him, now that would be pretty sweet! see alot of people saying that it should be full of 80′s stars, why? the first only had sly, dolph, arnie, willis and roorke, (and you can really say that arnie and willis done much) the other 5 or 6 main actors are current!

    • Dude there realy aint a actor with a toughguy background i would love to see one fight outside the picture

  24. I would like to see Wesley snipes and Carl weathers in the upcoming expendables, and woody harrelson

  25. How about Mark Dacascos,Bolo Young ,Sven-Ole Thorsen , Kurt Russel, Carl Weathers, Wesley Snipes, Jean Claude VAn DAmme, Steven Seagal, Jeff Speakman, Antonio Banderas, Michael Dudikoff , Cole Hauser, Rutger Hauer…just a few off the top of my head,,, have many more.

    • Jeff Speakman and Bolo Young in a faceoff somewhere in the sequel.

  26. Or How Bout This. Have Al Pacino & Robert De Niro Both Gunning For Power To Take Control Of A Country Or Something Like That & It Leads To A Civil War, The Expendables Are Sent In Including Mickey Rourke (The Story Could Be Something From His Past Made Him Go) To Try & Make Peace But In Doing So Pacino & De Niro Team Up & The Expendables Are Out Numbered With No Way Out. Sly Has No Other Option But To Call Arnie & His Team. Which Then Would Make Sense To See More Actors. It Could Be 1 Way They Could Go With It Coz Pacino & De Niro Are Both Big Stars From The 80′s So It’s 2 More, Plus In Arnie’s Team U Could Have Norris, Seagal & Van Damme If They Agree To Do It. Just An Idea?

  27. Please !make a also a younger team of expandables or mix 80 actor with the new stars of the moment !