Bruce Willis Talks ‘Expendables 2′

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The Expendables3 Bruce Willis Talks Expendables 2

Action star Bruce Willis is currently working the junket circuit for his new film, Red, but that has not prevented him from talking about Sylvester Stallone’s plans for The Expendables 2 – which we already know could feature Willis as the villain, if the Rocky/Rambo star gets his way.

The Expendables has to date grossed just under $250 million worldwide, so a followup seems all but assured at this point. Moviegoers were fairly receptive to the testosterone-fueled flick (read Screen Rant‘s Expendables review HERE), which offered plenty of good old-fashioned mindless action and explosions. The most consistent complaint that fans had about the film was that it simply did not go far enough – it needed more corny one-liners, more inspiredly silly action, more of everything.

Expendables writer/director/star Stallone seems to agree and is, according to Willis, “going for all the marbles this time, and [is] going to get everybody in ['The Expendables 2']“ – and by everybody he means essentially every brawny, bad-ass action star that had their heyday on the big screen during the 1980s on through to the early 1990s.




Stallone even intends to bring back Steve Austin – whose character, you might recall, was shot dead in The Expendables. That could mean the character (Paine) himself will somehow be resurrected or that it will turn out that he has an identical twin – either way, it will be pretty contrived. Then again, isn’t that quite fitting for a throwback to 1980s action films?


The Expendables4 Bruce Willis Talks Expendables 2

He'll be back (sorry, couldn't help myself) in 'Expendables 2.'

So what newcomers might join the Expendables crew for their second big screen outing? ¬†Steven Seagal may not be as mobile as he used to be (see last month’s Machete for proof) but he seems like an obvious candidate; Jean-Claude Van Damme would probably be more receptive to signing up for the¬†Expendables sequel than he was when Stallone approached him about the first film; and of course there’s always the former Texas Ranger himself, Chuck Norris.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made an even briefer cameo appearance in The Expendables than Willis did, and it was implied that his character and Barney Ross (Stallone) had some shared history together. The current California governor might not have the time to play a larger role in the sequel, but he could at least turn in another cameo – possibly even one that goes on for longer than thirty seconds. icon razz Bruce Willis Talks Expendables 2

Who do you want to see in The Expendables 2?

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  1. Damn,id rather see a chick expendable film!! The first one wasnt THAT good…

    • Quality movie-making it was not, but it delivered on all of it’s promises, and there are a sure crap-ton of movies that do not. Look at how often trailers don’t match films. Immediate Russel Crowe’s “Robin Hood” comes to mind, with 85% of the trailer footage coming from the movie’s climax and denouement. Also Clive Owen’s “The International” a couple of years ago. I remember them billing the heck out of that as a James Bond wannabe, but it was a much better thriller and drama. Of course almost all trailer feature the one single gun battle that happens in the film.

      Expendables hit on all cylinders. It delivered goof fights, a rousing climax, and for the love of the Predator finally told Jesse to put ol’ painless back IN the bag! ;-)

    • ur obviously in ur teens for one to expect Expendables to be a storyline-driven film, not good??? puhllleeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Do we not already have enough stick thin females in action movies?

      I am tired of having to believe that every Hollywood waif is some deadly fighting machine.

  2. What a waste of film… how about we work on a decent premise first…

  3. I thought it was mindless fun, and would happily go for another outing. We dont see evil Bruce very often, so that will be cool. Van Damme and Segal seem like a must, and get Arnie into a slightly bigger part.

    Other candidates? I suggest Kiefer Sutherland, he played the hardest man on TV for 9 years, he should be in this.

    • thats exactly what i thought too DSB, mindless fun, i got exadctly what i thought i would get out of it. action, explosions, the idjits..(yes i stole that from Bobby Singer lol) that went in expecting a great thespian of work from Stallone obviously didnt watch the trailers carefully.

    • DrSamBeckett,

      Yeah, it could have been better, but I still enjoyed it. And it would be awesome to see Keifer in the next one. :-P


      • If only so he could charge onto the scene and shout “STOP!”

        • Or “Damn it!”

  4. “…on the big screen during the 1980s on through to the early 1990.” I dunno if that was on purpose but it was hilarious! Anyway, I loved the first one. It was exactly what it was supposed to be. Nowadays every movie makes promises that it usually doesn’t deliver on so this was refreshing. A commercial advertised it as if an explosion mated with testosterone, so if you expected The Bourne Expendables then you’re an idiot. My money is all set for #2!!

  5. None of the expendables ever dies that bothered me…

  6. since jcvd snubbed Stallone the first time around, i dont think Stallone is obligated in any form to ask him again.

    • I’d rather see more scenes with Dolph Lundgren.

      • Agreed. Dolph was awesome in the flick.

        • It was a good reminder of how much presence he has onscreen.

  7. I enjoyed it for what it was…. however and I dont recall reading this anywhere…

    It was quite obvious Stallone, Willis and Arnold were not shooting the scene together.

    Was that done on purpose (the look?) or was the effect that bad? or was it just me?

  8. Put Mr.T in Expendables 2 Please!!! Chuck Norris should have been in the first movie anyway. Of all the badasses, he is almost undisputably the badassest!!! *Mr.T is his only competition.

  9. I was EXTREMELY disappointed with Expendables. I grew up on the movies of the late 80′s/early 90′s and Expendables was nothing like that, as much as it claimed to be.

    The action was ok but even in the realm of “mindless action” it fizzled. I saw A team a couple of weeks ago and THAT was a great mindless action flick.

    I hope Stallone goes for a final “hoo rah” on the sequel even though he doesn’t have to (with the money it made). He has to cast actual 80s stars (JVCD, Arnold, Willis, etc.) Terry Crews and Jet Li and Randy Couture just didn’t do it for me.

    • For clarity sake, Dan Paine wasn’t shot dead but burned to death in the film. The only way to make this flick even better then the first is to have Chuck Norris and JCVD in it!!! This was my favorite flick of the summer by far.

      • You got to it before me.

        ***** SPOILER ALERT *****

        We see him set on fire but we don’t see him die. I remember numerous movies where the character was set on fire but survived. They would have to use some makeup to make him look burned but he can come back.

        ***** END SPOILER *****

        Like Sandy said, more corny lines, more over-the-top action, and more action stars will make this a must-see for any action junkie.

        • @ Kahless


          Dan Paine was lit on fire, that’s true. However, he was also shot in the chest, twice I believe – and, generally speaking, that’s usually enough to kill you. Well, in the real world at least. :-P

          • @ Sandy

            i will have to watch expendables for a third time now because I only rember Randy Couture.s character punching him in the face back into the fire, not being shot.

  10. Okay, some might hate me for this… but uhm… What about Travolta and Nic Cage? Just saying…

  11. Is Sho Kosugi still alive? Enter the Ninja was one of my faves.

    How about Christopher Walken? He was great in Dogs of War.

    Carl Weathers, the original Action Jackson himself.

    Is Tim Thomerson still alive to be a comic sidekick? He was in every action B-movie in the 80′s it seemed.

    I would love to see Jackie Chan and Soon Tec-Oh in there as well.

    Kurt Russell needs to be in this with an eye patch. Nothing says quality Kurt Russell like an eye patch.

    Gary Busey, Nick Nolte, and of course, the most Lethal Weapon, Mel Gibson.

    That’s my suggestions.

      • I need to see Ninja Assassin.

    • I’m in agreement with you on Kurt Russell. He was the one I missed.

      For the sake of action stars, why not add Lee Majors too?

  12. I sure hope Sly creates a better plot. Having said that, I’d like to see:

    Jean-Claude Van Damme
    Steven Seagal
    Michael Dudikoff
    Ralph Moeller
    Miles O’Keeffe
    Ken Wahl (bring him out of retirement)
    Mark Dacascos
    Kurt Russell
    Ray Park
    Scott Adkins
    Mathias Hues
    Jack Scalia
    Nick Mancuso
    Cynthia Rothrock

    …..I’d say, leave Steve Austin out and bring in Goldberg in his place!

  13. please have:

    Chuck Norris
    Jackie Chan (Yes, he was a HUGE 80′s action star)

  14. Wesley Snipes needs a movie. I’d also love to see Bruce Campbell in it.

    • Wesley snipes is bad ass!!

      • Replace the word “is” with the word “was”.

        • Hes still bad ass,i dont know what you talking about!!

          • Indeed Snipes STILL is on top of his martial arts game, he just needs to get out from under that IRS thing, but people have to let have chance before he can get out from under it

    • I’d love to see Snipes in the next one, along with Chuck Norris, JCVD and Kurt Russell.


      • Stallone mentioned a Tango & Cash reunion so maybe they’ll get together to do a prison break for Snipes. :) They broke out once before, should be easier in the sequel.

      • Add Carl Weathers and/or Mr. T to that list, Vic, and you’ve got my childhood fantasy movie.

      • yea, like to se van dame ,snipes norris and russell. kicking ass.

      • @ Vic and everyone else hoping for JCVD

        I highly doubt Van Damme will be back after stating to Sly “I don’t want my career going down that route”. Yes I was upset and hoped he would come on board even for a sequel, but I don’t think I’d make another offer after a comment like that. It’d be interesting to see a 70 year old chuck norris doing a spinning round house kick only to cut away to to see the back of his stunt double’s head, aaahhhh Walker Texas Ranger good times

  15. lololol Chuck Norris ftw!!! The should do some sequence concerning the hillarious chuck norris jokes that used to be rampant. Even Family Guy did it. “There used to be a street named after Chuck Norris, but it was changed. ‘Cause nobody crosses Chuck Norris and lives”. Ha!

    • They say there is no chin under chuck Norris’s beard, only another fist.

  16. I know he is old. But Harrison Ford would be nice to see in this too. Plenty of action flicks with him in them especially in the 80′s.

  17. Van Damme’s only condition to be in the next movie is to have Bolo Yeung in it as well.

    • BOLLO YOUNG, is he still alive,if yes,ok geting trashed by somebody like JCVD for the 3rd time in a row

      • He’s very much alive. He’s almost 70 years old but he’s still a badass.

        • not only that he’s a better martial artist than jcvd will ever be

  18. love to se JCVD as ultimate killer that canot be killed teamingup alongside with MR WILLIS ,extra other80s stars aswell,also hot chicks,like RHONA MITRA,JESICA BIELL,SOFIA BUSH

    • Uh, Jessica Biel? Sofia Bush? Transexual Rhona Mitra? Yeah, that’s not gonna work… at all. Do they even have anything to do with anything about this movie?

      • Mitra is not a tranny, she’s better than kate beckinfail

  19. with all of the wish lists in the movie it would cost more to make then avatar.

  20. How about Michael Ironside, one of the baddest dudes in the eighties, maybe we can see him lose his appendages again, LOL!!

  21. Steve Austin = Lee Majors :D

    • I heard the direct-to-video Universal Soldier 5 was pretty big for him, though.

    • interesting u said Bolo Yeung aka Chong Li from Blood Sport. I know that guy is in his 70′s now. That would be crazy to se him again! I would love Goldberg as a option too

  22. Get Carl Weathers and Schwarzenegger to do their “Sonuvabi*tch” scene again, that would kill!!!

    • Followed up with Danny Glover walking out of the building with his famous Lethal Weapon line.

      • “I’m too old for this @#!%”

        • go spit!

  23. Harrison Ford!!!!

  24. Im hoping Arnold can somehow get a bigger role in the sequel. I probly seen more action movies outta him, stallone & Willis and i wanna see those 3 in the sequel again with Arnold & Bruce’s roles being bigger. As for newer action heros to join, Kurt Russell & Stallone made a great team in Tango & Cash so since that movie has no sequel, id like to Kurt have a part. Wesley Snipes would be another along with Carl Weathers or Jesse Ventura using Old Painless again,lol.

  25. Christopher Lambert and Rutger Hauer

  26. How about bring in the original action star of the 70′s and 80′s Burt Reynolds lol

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