Die Hard 5 Has a Script & Bruce Willis Needs a Dictionary

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die hard 5 bruce willis Die Hard 5 Has a Script & Bruce Willis Needs a Dictionary

The Die Hard franchise has taken Detective John McClane on four thrilling adventures over the past 22 years and according to Bruce Willis, the fifth adventure will begin shooting in 2011.

Willis has been under the impression for awhile that the next installment of the Die Hard series, tentatively titled Die Hard 24/7, would begin filming next year. He even stated as much this past February while expressing his desire for Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman to return. When MTV News caught up with Willis at Comic Con in July, he reaffirmed that filming for Die Hard 5 was “imminent.”  Willis apparently used the wrong word to describe the film’s status – but more on that later.

During an interview with MTV News for his latest action movie Red, Willis confirmed that Wolverine scribe Skip Woods has completed a first draft of the Die Hard 5 script and that “they’re making a couple of changes right now.” You can watch an excerpt from the interview below:

No information regarding the Die Hard 5 story has been released yet, although Willis has expressed that he’d like to see the story go global. At one point Fox was contemplating teaming Detective John McClane and  CTU agent Jack Bauer (24) together but since that idea has been abandoned maybe the studio will bring back fan-favorite Samuel L. Jackson as Zeus Carver. Jackson and Willis have always had nice chemistry onscreen, so watching them banter back and forth once again would be entertaining.

die hard 5 willis dictionar Die Hard 5 Has a Script & Bruce Willis Needs a Dictionary

Let’s briefly discuss Willis’ use of the word “imminent.” Dictionary.com defines imminent as “likely to occur at any moment.” When compared to other Hollywood timelines, Willis used the appropriate word to describe the filming schedule of Die Hard 5. However, in a real world situation, using the word “imminent” would mean filming could have started during the course of his interview.

Willis told MTV News off camera that he felt very embarrassed about using the wrong word back in July, but when compared to the highly-questionable actions of some of his fellow actors – spewing drunken racial slurs, having affairs with interns or going to court over probation violation – Willis has nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, Willis’ embarrassment is minimal when compared to original Die Hard director John McTiernan, who was just sentenced to one year in prison for perjury.

We could discuss his use of the word “affluent” but even Willis and Red co-star Karl Urban (Star Trek) chuckled when he got that one wrong. At least he is a good sport about it.

There is currently no release date for Die Hard 5 although sometime in 2012 is likely.

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Source: MTV News

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  1. First one will always be the best.

    • LOL!

      Obvious statement of the day goes to you bud!

      • lol..i’d ask if he’s actually seen all 4…

        • Yes i have Anthony,part 4 is the worst!

          • pt.4? many would tell you here pt.2 was the worse of the series thus far.

            • Really? I just didnt really like the fourth one :/

              • What? Live Free or Die Hard kicked @$$

                • ricky, it goes like this 1,3,4, THEN 2

                  • LOL for me its 1,3,2,4…

                    • Actually I would say 1,4,3,2

                    • part 4 was pg 13 lol just pointing that out 😉

                    • personally i would say 1,3,then 2 and 4 are pretty much on the same level for me, they werent terrible but couldve been better lol

                    • Part 4 was /edited/ to PG-13 – the “unrated” or “rated-r” version on the DVD makes it much better.

                    • I disagree that the R-rated version of Die Hard 4 was better. While I thought it should have been done as an R-rated movie, the problem with that version is that it was obviously SHOT as a PG-13 movie, but with R-rated language and CGI blood obviously inserted after the fact.



                    • @Sam Beckett

                      I agree with your ranking order, I also thing it’s 1, 4, 3, then last and definitely least by far is 2.

                      About the whole rated R thing, I saw the movie in theaters and then bought the “unrated” DVD and honestly, I liked the theatrical version more. To me the curse words in the unrated version seemed so forced like he was thinking “oh, it’s time for another f-bomb” and then out it comes… The first 3 it didn’t seem that way, the curse words were merely part if the conversation so it was good and hilarious at many moments. But I’m fine with it being PG13 as long as they don’t skimp on the crazy action. :-)

                      Also, the one thing I really liked about 4 was the camera work, some of the angles and the sweeps of the camera during action scenes were done very well in my opinion. Probably one of the most memorable camera work in my opinion.

      • Hahaha thanks Kofi 😉

        • i liked all 4.i don`t rank movies like you were doing.either i like them or not.i pick a die hard movie by my mood.

          the p-g 13 version was better.all they did that i noticed was add language which made the dialoge not as good and i think they changed the “i ran out of bullets” for a lesser line.

          if there was some cgi blood i didn`t notice it.it must not have added to the movie.

          • i mean added for the r version.

    • I would say part 3 is the best with part 1 in second.

    • Please god make it go away.

  2. Love the title of this article. 😛


    • Same here lol,as if Willis couldnt afford a dictionary HAHAHA!

      • I think it might be the implication that Willis needed a dictionary because of the script, Rickster. Just a hunch, though.

        • lol. well for me news that John McTiernan is in prison for a year kills all hope. i was really hoping HE would come back to the series and pump in some much needed rated R action that the Wiseman film lacked

          • McTiernan was easily one of the best directors of the 80s/90s. What a shame.

            • i agree with you there my friend

  3. Can anyone watch the second Die Hard film? I bought the box set of the first 3 on DVD a few years back and even now I skip from the first film to the third, hell, I’ll even watch the 4th every now and then, but the second just bored me.

    • Joshi..the second one was tainted by one Renny Harlin lol.

      • Renny Harlin, had to look that guy up. 4 time nominee for a Golden Rapberry… yep, that’s probably why Die Hard 2 sucked. 😀

    • I’ve always liked the second one. Apparently I’m in the minority….

      • you and young ricky there but he likes EVREYTHING…well 99.9% of everything, i mean he paid to see lottery ticket for petes sake lol.

        • Uh,i didnt pay to see lottery ticket,i go in for free member? You memeber!

          • even free….you outta bow your head in shame my young friend :)

            • Uh,no it was entertaining not a movie im going to buy but still,if its free ill take it 😉

        • He does kind of remind me of Marvin from that movie. Maybe he’ll get a liner for his coat this year.

      • Jason,

        I didn’t think the second one was as good as the first and third but I still pop in the DVD from time to time.


        • the third had one of the tense moments ive seen in film, where Willis is forced to walk in Harlem wearing that big sign. not to mention the little ballet dance of death Irons’ gf displayed, great movie all around

          • Jeremy Irons made a great villain.

            • ye-ye-yeah h-h-he was gr-great

        • I’d agree with that statement, Vic. It isn’t as good but it’s still worth watching. I tend to sit down for the entire series every New Year’s Eve. (Because technically, Die Hard & Die Hard 2 are Christmas movies.)

          • Die Hard 5:the return of Argyle

            • Zeus & Al could be his uncles.

              • AH-HA!!

  4. @DSB….noooo the 4th had that rediculous overly done F-22 jet sequence lol. not to mention it was PG-13 lol

    • LOL you beat me to it Ants >:(

      • it was good .it was pg-13 but it was good .it had a lot of good action.

        people get too hung up about the rating.

    • But the DVD wasnt, all swearing and violence restored.

      • and thats why i never saw it in th theaters sam, i waited for the unrated DVD :)

        • I still think Len Wiseman would have been a better choice for Superman (grumble grumble)

  5. The mere thought of John McClane and Jack Bauer on screen together… Damn that would have just been the best film ever. Jack could take McClane out with a sharp look.

    That would have been too cool, I wish I hadnt ever heard the idea.

    By the by, Die Hard 4.0, loved it, the dvd cut has all the swearing and violence put back in. It’s ridiculous but brilliant. Some of the best action I have seen this past decade.

    Also, where’s the 24 movie??????? I need my fix!

    • LOL.that be an interesting pairing

  6. Tell you why Die Hard 2 sucked, the reasons are twofold.

    First, they simply tried to recreate the first film, but just in an airport. 3 and 4 are better because they tried to be different.

    Also, it features the least imaginative title of any film in all of history.

    Die Hard 2: Die Harder.

    That said, if no.5 is the last one, and it probably should be, please call it DIE HARDEST.


    • Die Hard 5: Dead & Loving It

  7. Everyone seems to be moaning about Die Hard 4 being PG 13… so have none of you seen the R rated cut? All the blood and swearin shoved back in for your viewing pleasure. 😉

    • hey Joshi, ie stated above that i have the unrated DVD, and that i never saw the PG-13 mess in the theater 😉

      • @Joshi

        I wasnt moaning, I’ve been singing the praises of 4

    • I don’t see how Die Hard 4 being PG 13 hurt the film b/c film rating has nothing to do with film quality. There’s plenty of PG or PG 13 films that are far superior to many R-rated films. Seriously, how does cursing, blood, or boobs help a film’s story? It doesn’t

      • Matt

        Ratings have little to do with the quality of a film, but for a film series like Die Hard, people are always going to compare new films to the old and since the old films had lots of swearing and blood, some feel Die Hard 4 wasn’t as good because it had to toe the line with those things. Personally, I saw Die Hard 4 in the cinema and thought it was an alright action film, but I bought the R Rated version on DVD because it felt more like a Die Hard film, no better, just different enough to feel like it was a Die Hard film.

        • Well said Joshi 😀

  8. I’ve been waiting to see McTiernan get sent down ever since I sat through Rollerball. Revenge is a dish best served cold…

    • Any movie that features Chris Klein in the lead is going to be lousy.

      • This is true!

    • Darn tootin!

  9. I like Die Hard 2 alot, actually. Not as good as 1, but better than 4!

  10. Not to be the shallow one among the group, but I’m hoping Justin Long won’t be invited back for the film. The girl who played Lucy was pretty funny, though. She made me believe that she was the daughter of Holly Genero (McClane).

    • well, she was a good mix of both. maybe in the 5th they’ll have his son involved. and i agree Long pretty much ruins everything he is in. cant stand the guy really

      • Yes, she was a good mix of both parents. :) Mary Elizabeth Winstead was the actress. I can never remember that name, for some reason. I seem to remember an interview where Timothy Olyphant said one of the reasons he took the role was because he got to smack ‘the Mac kid’ around.

        • LOL that guy is awesome. he was good in The Perfect Getaway. and Justified is great too

          • I thought I was the only person who’d seen The Perfect Getaway. That was a clever movie, in my opinion. Justified impressed me, but I was a fan of his Seth Bullock performance so this series was like revisiting that character in some ways.

            • it was good to see crazy eye Zahn in a role like that

              • Hemsworth did a fine job, too. Very different from his role in Star Trek.

                • longs charactor was needed in pt 4 because mcclain would be clueless about the technology things involved.

                  if high tech is not involved long should not be in it.if tech is long may fit in.

                  • they couldas went with someone that was ACTUALY cool though, not mr wrench in the face justin long lol

                    • it could be they wanted a uncool computer /technology geek.if he was cool that would defeat the purpose.

  11. Really? I kind of like Justin Long, he hasnt done anything decent recently, but he’s a funny guy and I liked him in Die Hard 4.

    • well, maybe in the 5th he’ll do a cameo…meaning McClane will as promised beat him to death for dating Lucy lol.

      • drag me to hell was real good.he was in it.

        • i didnt like drag me to hell

          • Nor did I, bloody hated it in fact

    • He just did a movie with Drew Barrymore. I think it made $800 or so at the box office. :)

      • ahahaha

      • Yeah, that’s why I said it’d been a while since he’s made a decent movie. I’d heard the one with Drew Barrymore sucked.

        • I’m not sure it even played around here. lol Maybe the local theater chain runs on PC. :) As for JL, he had a tough role because a lot of people were expecting a ‘passing of the torch’ from Willis to his sidekick.

  12. I would´nt miss Justin Long to be honest,someone new would be better. I´m excited about Die Hard 5.Now,let´s have Lethal Weapon 5 too,while we´re at it please!

    • the LW series was brought to a perfcet closure, no need for a 5th one

      • Agreed. Plus, Murtaugh would be on a walker by now.

  13. LOL

  14. Vic

    The R Rated version was shot alogside the PG Version (not like it was ADR) The blood was all added after the fact, but they’d always made the movie with the R rating in mind.

    • its just not a true Die Hard movie without McClanes blatant F-bombs either

    • Joshi,

      Watching the “unrated” version it really seemed to me that the f-bombs were dubbed in and weren’t spoken during filming.


      • really Vic, it didnt seem that way to me, i know there was at least one f-bomb muttered under his breath though lol. i liked it well enough but a couple of the action scenes were a bit ovr the top, even for McClane.

  15. Ok, have to agree the LW series may be best left alone,I just love those movies. Bruce still convinces as a kick ass action hero in Die Hard though, and thats the difference really.

  16. Red / Die Hard5, what’s the diff?

    Just give Willis a gun and a sidekick and that’s about 80% of all his films.

    • People do tend to like that formula though.

  17. Respectfully, I think it is kind of sad that folks feel like a movie isn’t as good as it could have been because it opted for less blood and profanity than it might have included. I thought Live Free Die Hard was a terrific movie – really outstanding. Would have to say I think it topped all of ’em except number 1 which, by my lights, is among the top five greatest action thrillers of its type ever. I enjoyed the fact that I was able to watch it without flinching at all the f-bombs, etc. I just wish they’d left out the GD’s and JC’s as well. (Curiously, while Hollywood wrestles w/ this whole “movies and swearing” issue, it doesn’t seem to grasp that, for a Christian like myself, the promiscuous use of my Lord’s name is far, far more offensive than just about any other curse word. I’ve noticed lately on certain Cable channels – FX, Spike (?), etc. – “sh*t”, “a**hole”, etc. are still clipped, but “G*damn” and “J*s*s Chr*st” are left in as no big deal.) Yes, I understand, that’s how people talk in real life – they also pick their noses and have bowel movements, but I don’t need to see (hear?) those either. My beef with Live Free/Die Hard is the absurd, over-the-top episode with the jet fighter toward the film’s end. The powers that be, I think, were trying just a wee bit too hard in that segment to “go to the next level” of the action. I’m all for suspending disbelief in a flick like this, but one of the things I’ve always like about the Die Hard franchise is, generally speaking, they have remained grounded in the at-least-vaguely plausible. McClane riding on that aircraft and surviving (!) was just too much for me. Other than that, worthy, worthy movie.

  18. Id have to kinda agree w/ Rickopolis. The first Die Hard will always be my favororite but heres how id list them below

    1. Die Hard
    2. Die Hard: With a Vengance
    3. Live Free Or Die Hard / Die Hard 2 = coin toss.

    It would be great to see Samuel L. Jackson back, But i doubt they’ll have him again.

    • EPIC coin toss i presume 😉

  19. Die hard 4 was one of, if not THE, worst films I’ve ever seen. I know it’s meant to be entertainment and not a documentary, but I can’t think of 1 redeeming feature in the film I can say was good…even 2012 was better than than Die hard 4.
    Maybe in Die hard 5 he takes too much viagra and pegs it! hence the name.

  20. Die Hard 4 was ok to me, just as Die Hard 2 was. I’ll probly get blasted for this but the whole car crashing into the helicopter was good for maybe the first couple times i seen it but nothin big. And the fighter jet attacking the semi i thought was little bit better till i seen McClane on on back on the jet, kinda reminded me of True Lies. The ending wasnt all bad, on the director’s cut where McClane says his famous line. I watched all 4 films in a row before, & for some reason this one seemed little weaker, maybe because of the PG-13 rating it had. I hope Die Hard 5 will be better with a R-rating.

  21. hey. enough bashing die hard 2. how many of you can actually make a movie? huh? and 4 was awesome forget about the rating.

    • Aaron’s right, we should stop bashing all movies. Vic, time to shut down the site.

  22. I wasn’t bashing Die Hard 2. I liked it as a sequel but i was implying that film and Die Hard 4 were tied for me enjoying. The first film will always be my favorite with Die Hard 3 coming in 2nd cause Willis & Jackson made a great team in that film

  23. The proper use of the word “Imminent” in this article, Thank you for the info Mrs. Merriameam Webster or should we call you Mr. Dictionary.com? Dink.

  24. Ghostbusters 3
    Jurassic Park IV
    Indiana Jones 5
    Lethal Weapon 5
    Mad Max 4
    Die Hard 5
    Bill and Ted 3
    Beetlejuice 2

    Come on, man. Seriously?

    Haven’t we seen enough of the 80’s and the 90’s? Does 2010 really have to be about hopping in our DeLoreans and pulling out old material?

    I’ve written a crapload of spec scripts. You’d think a fresh concept would be yanked for review. No, we gotta go right back to digging up the same old stars, same old stories.

    Wanna know what Die Hard 5 ought to be about?

    John McClane goes to Iraq, ends the war, America’s economy shoots right back up. Yippie ki yay, third-world!

  25. @ Surenity

    I been hearing about a Jurassic Park 4 for years now but thats it. I almost doubt there will be one. I doubt there will be a Lethal Weapon 5 when its been purposed the franchise will be rebooted. Not convince Beetlejuice 2 will happen neither, as for the rest of the films listed why not have another outing in those particular franchises before they too become rebooted like all the other franchises are now.

  26. These sequels are being produced because of the viewer base. Those who were 10-15 years in age when the original Die Hard came out are now in the age group of average movie goers. These are the people who will spend money to see their favorite characters again. I’m in that age group. I <3 the Die hard franchise. Bruce Willis is awesome!
    That being said, I'm also in the age group that gets pissed off when you try to reboot something I like and you mess it up instead ie the bionic women tv series that crashed and burned.
    This is why they redid a movie like True Grit. Most of the people who will buy tix to see it are young enough to have not seen the first one. And have no clue have f…ing awesome John Wayne was. Those who are old enough to have seen the original (and still love John Wayne)are not the theater going types anymore. Of course they overlook the people like me who know what the classics are because they can afford to lose us. They get a new generation of clueless movie goers every year.

  27. the thing about seguels is it hard to live up to. Yes I aggree that they both love working together Bruse W. and Samuel L Jackson. from The Die hard series and Pulp Fiction. That be really something to get all three again . Too bad they dilled off Jeremy Irons. For him to get back in Revenge AA . What everyones love is a great store fast action good and eveil battleing it out :) What thet saying,” at the wrong place at the wonr time” Hipp kye a ….

  28. What they really need is the return of Holly (Bonnie Bedelia), for it to be set at Christmas and in the one location. It’s what made the first two films so awesome. And minimal (preferably none) CGI.

  29. I think the last two films made it clear her & john split up for good. But if their was a really good script with good dialogue in it, i could see maybe Holly workin with John on a case as Zeus & Justin Long’s character did. Ever if her role was minor or had a cameo. As for the film being set around Christmas, imo i think thats a bad idea since that already happed in the first two films already. Maybe on the 4th of July, but i can’t imagine any other holiday to have it on. It’s probly better not to have it on a holiday imo.