The amazing Bruce Campbell was in attendance for yesterday’s LA premiere of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, for which he voices the character of Mayor Shelbourn, and took some time to speak with Access Hollywood, touching of course on the eagerly anticipated Spider-Man 4.

Campbell, who made his mark and cult following playing Ash in the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness films, has had cameo roles in all three Spider-Man films (and even the tie-in video games) to date because of his relationship with director Sam Raimi, the same guy who directed said Evil Dead films back in the day.

So, not unexpectedly he’ll be back to play a part in Spider-Man 4… but not just a cameo this time…

In the brief interview, Bruce Campbell revealed that the fourth Spidey installment is set to begin shooting in January of 2010, only a few months away.

What’s real interesting is that Bruce was told that he will have a “major part” in the next film, a nice upgrade from his regular memorable cameos.

What that means is anyone’s guess as he also said he has no idea what character that may be. The obvious assumption, and I’m sure a wish of many Campbell fans, is that he’ll play a villain of the film. Which villain though?

Early speculation had Morbius as a villain for the movie as Raimi revealed his interest in the character and the timing was working for it as we’re in the midst of the biggest vampire fad ever. However, that speculation was shot down as they hadn’t chosen the villains yet. I didn’t mind that idea and I thought it would fit in perfect with The Lizard, a character they’ve already made an effort to introduce in the Spider-Man movies.

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spider man 4 mysterio villain Bruce Campbell as a Spider Man 4 Villain?

So, we can eliminate those two from who Campbell could play. Some online speculation on Campbell’s possible villainous role point towards Mysterio, an illusionist and special effects expert who wears a… fishbowl for a helmet.

If Mysterio were the main villain or one of two villains of the movie, who could be the other? Could they go ahead and finally evolve the character of Dr. Curt Connors played by Dylan Baker? Or could they save that for when they actually want to do Morbius?

If we did get an appearance by The Lizard, they could still tie that into Spider-man 5 or 6 because we know they wouldn’t kill off Dr. Connors and that could allow for Morbius to show up in later movies (assuming they ever go that path and actually have the rights to the character).

There are so many characters to choose from and so many that fans want to see. I’m excited to see Bruce play any of them but I can’t say I’m a big fan of Mysterio – I never really dug him as a Spidey villain personally.

With the re-writes for Spider-Man 4 we’ve been hearing about and a new writer hired for Spider-Man 5 & 6 to prepare the next installments as a franchise reboot (if necessary), I hope this film is being made for the right reasons and is done right.

Are you excited to hear that Bruce Campbell will be playing a much bigger role this time around and if it’s a villain, who do you think it could be?

Spider-Man 4 begins principal Photography in January 2010 and is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2011.

Source: Access Hollywood, 2nd image edited from work by Sony Forums user, Calebyourmaster