Bruce Campbell as a Spider-Man 4 Villain?

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The amazing Bruce Campbell was in attendance for yesterday’s LA premiere of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, for which he voices the character of Mayor Shelbourn, and took some time to speak with Access Hollywood, touching of course on the eagerly anticipated Spider-Man 4.

Campbell, who made his mark and cult following playing Ash in the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness films, has had cameo roles in all three Spider-Man films (and even the tie-in video games) to date because of his relationship with director Sam Raimi, the same guy who directed said Evil Dead films back in the day.

So, not unexpectedly he’ll be back to play a part in Spider-Man 4… but not just a cameo this time…

In the brief interview, Bruce Campbell revealed that the fourth Spidey installment is set to begin shooting in January of 2010, only a few months away.

What’s real interesting is that Bruce was told that he will have a “major part” in the next film, a nice upgrade from his regular memorable cameos.

What that means is anyone’s guess as he also said he has no idea what character that may be. The obvious assumption, and I’m sure a wish of many Campbell fans, is that he’ll play a villain of the film. Which villain though?

Early speculation had Morbius as a villain for the movie as Raimi revealed his interest in the character and the timing was working for it as we’re in the midst of the biggest vampire fad ever. However, that speculation was shot down as they hadn’t chosen the villains yet. I didn’t mind that idea and I thought it would fit in perfect with The Lizard, a character they’ve already made an effort to introduce in the Spider-Man movies.

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  1. Hopefully he’ll get in shape first, lol.

  2. Bruce Campbell is such a likable character, it would be a shame to see him play a villain. If he does get a larger role, it would be great to see him play a heroic character. Plus, it would add a great sense of fun to the franchise.

  3. Bruce Campbell is an excellent actor and has a major cult following I would be happy to see him in the movie

    However I have never liked mysterio and thought of him more as a villian that fills a void between big bad guys, like rhino and shocker.

    My first choice’s would be lizard and morbius (althought seperate not working together)

    But I still think Hobgoblin could work…the goblins are arguably spideys biggest threats (besides the symbiotes i suppose) and the beauty of hobgoblin is he doesnt even need a backstory (much like the joker from dark knight)

  4. I wouldn’t say he’s an excellent actor… I’ve always found him to be a B-movie actor, but like him anyway…

  5. He is going to play Shocker

  6. He would be good as Shocker !!! I could totally see him in that role,,,

  7. As a kid Mysterio was one of my favorite Spidey villains, and I still like him quite a bit. However, I don’t think he’d work as well in a film as some some of the other villains. The costume’s not a problem, sure a literal interprataion might look kind of lame, but I’m sure they could modernize it a bit and make it look pretty cool. No, what would hurt Mysterio in terms of a film is his lack of any real powers.

    Sure, the illusions would make for some great spectacle, but would only be able to milk that for so many scenes. The fact it he doesn’t pose any real threat to Spider-Man. I mean how would you have a climactic fight scene between the two of them, Spidey’s got superhuman strength, agility and endurance and Mysterio’s just some thug in a suit.

    Again, I think he’s a cool villain and all, and he works fine in the comics. I just think it’d be tough to make him a convincing threat in the films. Although I suppose it might work if they had him team up with another villain, who could provide the physical threat while he served as more of the brains of the opperation.

  8. “and featuring Bruce Campbell as Peyton Westlake…”

  9. Finally, Bruce is getting whats due. Enough of the cameos, he’s a leading man for crying out loud! He would make a great Mysterio, but he could be many of Spidey’s villains. Even the original villain – Chameleon. Bruce could also try his hand at something new and drop the goofy characters, if he grew a moustache, he could play Kraven.

  10. I do not like the speculation that has been surrounding Spiderman 4 thus far. The villains that have been in talks seem to be very “out there” meaning that I think they will look ridiculous on screen. The good thing about Spider-Man 1/2 is that the villains of these films were both grounded somewhat in reality; meaning that as far fetched as these ideas were, they were not impossible. Green Goblin gave himself a strength enhasment syrum and a glyder and Doc Oc created some mechanical arms and attached them to his body; scientifically explained. In Spiderman 3 however, we had a man turn into sand which is very VERY far Fetched and was also unexplained and we also had an alien symbiot leach onto Eddie Brock and turn him into Venom with no explanation of where this symbiot came from. All of this made SPiderman 3 worse than the past two films. I think for Spiderman 4 we need another villain that is grounded in reality. My best choice would be for Vulture or Craven the Hunter. I think that if they ddo the lizard he CANNOT be CGI or else it will look ridiculous. We would need some great costume and design people to create the Lizard.
    ALSO I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THERE IS ALL THIS TALK ABOUT A REBOOT. The first 2 films were great, and the third may not have been that good but it was definately NOT THAT BAD. If the fourth film is good why jump to a reboot? I dont think that we need another origin story. I could see them replacing Tobey and Kirsten as teh lead actors because at this point they may become tiresome of their roles, but I would love to have a continuing story. And to add to that, I think that Tobey and Kirsten have done great jobs. I thikn that it will be very hard to find actors to replace either one, especially Tobey.

    I hope they do the fourth film right

  11. I’m sorry, am I the ONLY person who does NOT think Bruce Campbell is a good actor?

    Yeah, he’s a likable goof. He pulls off that physical comedy shtick he does in pretty much every movie pretty well.

    But that’s about it! He has nothing else to offer. My uncle Ernie is a great guy, he’s really likable and tells great jokes.. but ya know what? I wouldn’t pay to see a movie with him in it.

    Campbell is an awful actor. Be honest. Unless you’re a hopeless fanboy. In which case, forget it.

    And before I get flamed for attacking all the fanboys’ favourite actor: I don’t dislike Bruce Campbell. I’m just realistic about his acting abilities. He’s a one-dimensional joke. It’s a funny joke, nonetheless, but one-dimensional. And please, no one say “oh but didn’t you think he was brilliant in Army of Darkness?” No, I didn’t. I didn’t even LIKE Army of Darkness. At all.

  12. “Major Part ”
    doesnt automatically mean “villain.”
    lets jut wait and see.

  13. Ever have one of those times when a subject comes up and you want to comment on it but really don’t know where you stand? This is one of those moments.

    * I do like Mysterio as a villain, even in a live action context. But only if he’s more Quentin Beck than “Mysterio”, (Framing Spider-Man by dressing up like Spider-Man, smoke-gas pallets, holograms, reflective dome head, robots etc.) Mysterio could be more of a nuisance than a threat…or even be underestimated. I would not mind it if Bruce Campbell played him. Such a character’s background could also be connected slightly to Mary Jane aspiring actress. We could even have a Spider-Man 4 #D moment with Mysterio’s holograms.

    However if used, most likely he would be part of The Sinister Six, which would leave out the stuff that would make the character work onscreen. In addition, the character could fall victim to the live action villain mandate- we want to see faces.

    * I don’t want Mysterio as the villain or even a side villain. I, like many others, are hoping for The Lizard. There may be room for another foe, but only if such foe was to get in the way of Spider-Man/Peter Parker of curing Doctor Connors. That could include Morbius (whom I’d rather see in a solo film), Sergei Kraven (Javier Bardem, please!!) or The Vulture.

    *I would rather Bruce Campbell play Spencer Smythe.

    * I would want Spider-Man to fight Thousand onscreen.

  14. @ Gary,

    We know bud, we’re discussing the idea of it and what we could or would like to see if it were to happen.

  15. I say Vulture, just picture Bruce whit wings, it perfect for him.

  16. maybe hell just have a longer more important cameo, maybe his actions cause a trickle down effect. Dont think he would work as a villain considering the cameos he did in the last 3 movies it just would not be credible for the fourth film it would almost come of as a joke much like spidey3,and I dont think the studio can take that chance ,and i would be very dissapointed if they did Bruce Campbell cannot be taken seriously.

  17. I’m not trying to say you guys are retarded. (Rob, ur cool) But, first of all, @#!$ you, Mike E! Campbell is a classic actor. He has his own personality and that reflects postively on anything he does. Second, HELLOOO GUYS KNOCK KNOCK HE’S GOING TO BE KRAVEN THE HUNTER. Kraven’s first appearance if I’m not mistaken was when him and Spider-Boy(sorry Die Hard 4 couldn’t help it) were tracking the Lizard down. Kraven wanted to hunt and kill Lizard, the webhead wanted to detain him. That makes for a great dynamic movie. I mean in the comics the guy who is Mysterio has long blonde hair so you can’t do that. There is that black goo still in the lab so maybe it could branch into “Kraven’s Last Hunt”…maybe

  18. It wont be Kraven.
    He doesnt have the physique for Kraven.
    Chameleon, I could see but Kraven ?

  19. Bangarang,
    I could see him as The Vulture but more Blackie Drago then Adrian Toomes.

  20. IF Campbell plays a villain (I hope I hope I hope!), then he absotively MUST be ELECTRO!!!!

    With that square jaw and cocky attitude, he’d tear that part up!

    Plus, that would be a good villain for Spidey to face this go-araound; MUCH more formidable then the previous foes. Spidey always takes a beating when he faces off w/ Electro.

    That would play out great on the big screen!

  21. He always plays an awesome character in the spiderman movies and he’s great in Burn Notice. I hope he gets a villian role.

  22. look at spiderman 3. he looks like kraven already. he’ll get the physique thank you very much

  23. @Gary

    Be honest, before the films could you say Tobey Maguire had the physique for Spidey? Look at Christian Bale in The Machinist and Batman Begins, not saying Campbell would go to those lengths, just saying it can be done.

    I actually like him as an actor (even enjoyed Bubba Ho-Tep) but not sure he would fit into the films as a villain.

  24. How about a marvel zombies theme with an aging Ash Williams and spiderman team up.

  25. I still think The Bruce as Doctor Strange would rock…but that’s another movie.

  26. I could see Campbell playing Kraven. Kraven doesn’t need to be as huge as he is in the comics, plus if Campbell got back in shape to play Spidey villain that improves the chances for Evil Dead.

  27. Bruce in any major role is good for all of us! I await the next chapter of Spidey with confident expectations. However Sam works it out- it’s gonna be fun!

  28. Bring on Electro!

  29. I will second Electro with a dash of Carnage.