Bruce Campbell as a Spider-Man 4 Villain?

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The amazing Bruce Campbell was in attendance for yesterday’s LA premiere of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, for which he voices the character of Mayor Shelbourn, and took some time to speak with Access Hollywood, touching of course on the eagerly anticipated Spider-Man 4.

Campbell, who made his mark and cult following playing Ash in the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness films, has had cameo roles in all three Spider-Man films (and even the tie-in video games) to date because of his relationship with director Sam Raimi, the same guy who directed said Evil Dead films back in the day.

So, not unexpectedly he’ll be back to play a part in Spider-Man 4… but not just a cameo this time…

In the brief interview, Bruce Campbell revealed that the fourth Spidey installment is set to begin shooting in January of 2010, only a few months away.

What’s real interesting is that Bruce was told that he will have a “major part” in the next film, a nice upgrade from his regular memorable cameos.

What that means is anyone’s guess as he also said he has no idea what character that may be. The obvious assumption, and I’m sure a wish of many Campbell fans, is that he’ll play a villain of the film. Which villain though?

Early speculation had Morbius as a villain for the movie as Raimi revealed his interest in the character and the timing was working for it as we’re in the midst of the biggest vampire fad ever. However, that speculation was shot down as they hadn’t chosen the villains yet. I didn’t mind that idea and I thought it would fit in perfect with The Lizard, a character they’ve already made an effort to introduce in the Spider-Man movies.

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spider man 4 mysterio villain Bruce Campbell as a Spider Man 4 Villain?

So, we can eliminate those two from who Campbell could play. Some online speculation on Campbell’s possible villainous role point towards Mysterio, an illusionist and special effects expert who wears a… fishbowl for a helmet.

If Mysterio were the main villain or one of two villains of the movie, who could be the other? Could they go ahead and finally evolve the character of Dr. Curt Connors played by Dylan Baker? Or could they save that for when they actually want to do Morbius?

If we did get an appearance by The Lizard, they could still tie that into Spider-man 5 or 6 because we know they wouldn’t kill off Dr. Connors and that could allow for Morbius to show up in later movies (assuming they ever go that path and actually have the rights to the character).

There are so many characters to choose from and so many that fans want to see. I’m excited to see Bruce play any of them but I can’t say I’m a big fan of Mysterio – I never really dug him as a Spidey villain personally.

With the re-writes for Spider-Man 4 we’ve been hearing about and a new writer hired for Spider-Man 5 & 6 to prepare the next installments as a franchise reboot (if necessary), I hope this film is being made for the right reasons and is done right.

Are you excited to hear that Bruce Campbell will be playing a much bigger role this time around and if it’s a villain, who do you think it could be?

Spider-Man 4 begins principal Photography in January 2010 and is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2011.

Source: Access Hollywood, 2nd image edited from work by Sony Forums user, Calebyourmaster

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  1. @ Jordi

    To be honest, I still don’t think Toby Maguire fits the bill for Spiderman. Physically, yeah. But I don’t think he portrays him very well at all.

  2. His personality, I mean. Which goes to show, just because they fit the physical bill doesn’t mean they can push the part correctly.

  3. I agree Hunter. peter parker by nature is charismatic and witty and fun… maquire is boring. They should have cast topher grace as peter from the start.

    in order of who I would like to see as villians:

    or a combination of two as long as it works plotwise

  4. After Spiderman has already faced 3 of his darkest villains people are already voting for Kraven? What`s next, Silvermane, Jigsaw, Molten Man, Will O` the Wisp? I`m not sure if people realize it, but the colors of those villains just don`t match the texture that the trail of this series is leading to. Even though Spiderman 3 didn`t turn out that great I`m really surprised people can automatically wind up saying it had too many villains, i explained this on other sites that somehow any amount of villain can work, it`s just that the villains don`t get as much screentime as you can give them, a 150foot sand monster didn`t fill well with those other villains, that`s why. But it`s just too much for all of those 3 villains to be coming at Spiderman at the same time, so i wouldn`t mind Spiderman starting at 2 villains while the other is destroying the city, so basically what i think is the most reasonable number of villains to team up is 2 and 1/2, somewhere between 2 and 3 villains, where it`s literally actually 3 villains but it`s not like all those villains trying to kill spiderman, it`s like one villain that doesn`t go as villainous as the full amount of a true villain and the other two villains trying to eliminate Spiderman one at a time, so no matter what it`s like Spiderman only facing one villain, it`s just he gets caught in between the two villains, or one villain grabs hold of him and traps (tki:Venom`s black webbing on Peter`s throat) and the other coming down with the treatment. I think you see to crazy of a deal with Spiderman facing 3 villains in the same film, it depends on what the villains are or what story they have in common, unless there`s a way to organize a story with all the 3 villains that don`t really have a relationship in the comics and for everything to make sense, so honestly, i think people are over the top with the whole number of villain thing, come on, some movies turn out good not great sometimes great but still good with 2 or 3 villains. My way of standpoint is that anything can work if it makes sense, the qualities and elements of each villain together creates more drama and descriptive adventure for Spiderman to dexterize, so maybe it can`t make a better film if you have more and more villains, but no matter what somehow it can still not be much to deal with, all i can be conveying ahead of it is the more villains, the more drama. Also It wouldn`t be necessary for Campbell to be a villain, there`s so much to be think to before rushing to choose the roles of your villains, also Mysterio is just too clueless and random, I`m sorry. I would hate to say I am really upset that they used lots of villains too early and it`s not fair Spiderman 4 was pushed back.

  5. Its a no brainer, he’ll be playing Kraven The Hunter.

    He looks like him & if he gets in shape (which he will) I think he’ll make a fantastic Kraven.

    But I gotta say, I don’t like the Kraven character, never have.

    if I had the choice for villains in Spidey 4, I’d have to choose The Lizard & Electro, if not Electro, then Mysterio.

    But thats just me!

  6. I just said mysterio would be too random. this is not the type of franchise you can choose any villain you want. I just said clearly spiderman has already faced 3 of his toughest villains, how could you be so sure you know what villains you`d be hoping for?

  7. @John K

    So we should stop talking because you have spoken? hardly!

    Have you actually read the comics? Sandman is NOT one of spideys toughest or darkest villains… he is a third tier villain at best, on par with rhino and shocker…

    the franchise ruined Harry and Venom… they will do the same to carnage

    in the history of the comics Hobgoblin has caused spidey more trouble than harry and sandman combined, while not quite on par with venom/doc ock and green goblin, he is second tier, as is Kraven

    Electro, Lizard, Kraven and hobgoblin are all suitable candidates for the next film… despite what you have “just said”

  8. All i`m saying is do you or do you not care what type of challenge Spiderman gets in this one, because if you don`t you must think you`re so cool, I`m not trying to force anybody`s attention because of what i “said” but really why don`t people care i mean each number is bigger than the next, even if they “ruin” Carnage you can still be so sure what villains you need for this movie, cuz over time the villains aren`t supposed to get easier they`re supposed to get harder, why don`t people get it Venom is one of Spiderman`s fiercest enemies using any random character i really can`t see working on the big screen, they really don`t tie to the franchise and HobGoblin and Kraven no I`m sorry those villains won`t work Spiderman is not the type of superhero who fights those villains that way, but you don`t have to care if you don`t want to, but watever u say, u don`t have to care if u don`t want to.

  9. said that twice but still

  10. I think Kraven would work just fine and Bruce Campbell would play the role great.

    I can even see morbious being a villian but who really knows. All were doing is guessing.

  11. i agree with John he makes great points don`t shut him out ha ha ha ha ha.

  12. Yeah i agree with John K. you`re complete losers if you don`t care people think they know everything don`t they

  13. If they use either Kraven or Morbius i`ll be so ticked

  14. actually i`d like to know exactly why if you don`t care what he said is true ha ha ha ha ha

  15. If they waste any of the good villains on the lame characters like Kraven or Morbius i think it`ll ruin the movie even if Morbius isn`t really a Vampire there are way better villains that could be used if they`re appropriate the film will suck so badly.

  16. You make it sound coily Shamose, he`s right, why would you want Kraven as a villain? What he said he`s very important, there`s nothing to steak in toft the high bridge, he`s making a point

  17. I LOVE Bruce! I don’t care who he plays! As long as he doesnt leave Burn Notice!

  18. Come on guys am I not the only one who can picture a Modern spin on Kraven the Hunter as a reality tv star sort of like a deranged Steve Irwin? And yeah have him start of on the same side as Spidey and then have them switch. The whole Lizard bit works as another villan. Have Kaven brought in by the City to take down the Lizard and have Spidey and Kraven fall out over the whole leathal force issue!

    Maybe have Venom lurcking about maybe not. I personaly feel he’s best left ‘dead’ for a film and have the Venom spin off explain ghow he survived and his road back to revenge maybe? The at the end of Spidey 4 either before or after the credits role and Spidey is relaxing have a quick flash of the shadow or siloette of Venome, yes folks he’s back. Then Spidey 5 can feature Venom and Carnage…

  19. Bruce should play Electro and have him nearly kill Spidey,until Doc.Conners goes Lizard and destroy Electro, nearly killing him! then,Lizard turns to Spidey and it goes to a clifhanger, giving Spider Man 5 someplace to start.

  20. Whist I agree about Bruce being in the film I can’t see him as Kraven, to pull him off you would need someone much bigger in size, but what about him playing Morbius, he could be working as a lab assistant to doc conners. bring about an accident which transforms him into the leech style vampire of the cartoon and turns conners into the lizard, this would give a storyline that would allow Kraven to come in with Spidey. Also what about Scorpion, he was created to take on spiderman he would be a good choice, or even bring in the Man-Spider problems that Spiderman had

  21. It's a pity that this film is apparently not happening unless it's a reboot…. I'd love to see Campbell as Mysterio…