Bruce Campbell on the ‘Evil Dead’ Remake: ‘It’s Fabulous’; Talks Ash Cameo

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Bruce Campbell as Ash in Evil Dead Bruce Campbell on the Evil Dead Remake: Its Fabulous; Talks Ash Cameo

The original Evil Dead exists as a cult classic that helped foster the careers of Director Sam Raimi (who went on to give us Spider-Man) and star Bruce Campbell (who has transitioned into somewhat of a cult hero in his own right) but it’s also a movie so specific to that troupe it’d be hard to imagine it in any other form. Of course, that didn’t stop an Evil Dead remake from getting off the ground – despite numerous bashings from loyal Raimi and Campbell fans around the world.

However, it’s a unique situation for this Evil Dead remake in that Raimi and Campbell have given their stamp of approval to the project, and have even gone the extra mile and assumed roles as producers on the film.

Bruce Campbell sat down with Digital Spy to discuss the remake – talking about everything from an Ash cameo to key differences between this 2013 version and the original.

Most importantly, Campbell wanted to stress that Evil Dead (2013) is a completely different film, almost a reboot if you will. This particular narrative follows “five new kids who are going to have a really bad night.” That means no young nubile actor will be assuming the role of Ash, leaving room for Campbell to make a cameo. In the interview Campbell remained cagey about an appearance by Ash, and wouldn’t directly connect this 2013 film with his breakout vehicle.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss that. But the thing is we want it to be a standalone movie. You’re going to have some references [to the original] in there and there’s going to be things the fans will enjoy as far as familiar aspects, but it’s a whole new ball game.”

As far as the in-production film is concerned, Campbell says he’s seen it and it’s “fabulous.” Part of that glowing endorsement comes from the improved visuals and special effects in the movie, certainly a byproduct of working in today’s technological era. Director Fede Alvarez, working off a script that was revised by Diablo Cody, has access to so much more than Raimi did at the time that he potentially could craft a more believable, and truly frightful, movie.

“The nice thing is the film looks beautiful. The effects are 10 times better than we ever had access to and the actors are all better than we were in 1979. Though granted Sam Raimi is a mad genius, so we got a crazy result like Evil Dead out of this amateur enthusiasm sort of thing.”

Part of the appeal of Raimi’s films, like Evil Dead, and more recently Drag Me To Hell, has been their use of practical effects, so we still hope that too much emphasis isn’t placed on CGI.

A lot of Campbell’s endorsement, and explanations of the direction the film is headed, focus on the quality of the filmmaking and not necessarily on the story’s appeal or the characters. It’s not a reason to boycott the movie just yet, but Evil Dead remake skeptics aren’t likely to be won over by Campbell’s opinion. Diablo Cody’s claim that the film is “unbelievably violent” does suggest the film is on the right track though.

Evil Dead fans might struggle to find connections between the two films, but the presence of Raimi and Campbell as producers should alleviate some of that concern. Still, this is Evil Dead for a young adult audience, not the 1979 classic that eventually gave us a chainsaw-wielding protagonist.


Source: Digital Spy

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  1. Still not too sure what to think but if Bruce is confident about the way production is going then I’ll wait and see how it compares.

    • Agreed. Bruce’s enthusiasm gives me enthusiasm.

      • seriously?! i mean i LOVE bruce, but he’s not the best judge of quality. my name is bruce? man with the screaming brain? oh lets not forget alien armageddon and his big blockbuster, congo.

        • Congo was a bit part, Man with the Screaming Brain was his baby, as was My Name is Bruce which he directed among other credits to the films. He’s a B- Movie genius and he loves it. That’s why you don’t really see him in A- List parts. Read Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way. It’s a work of “fiction” but it makes sense why he does what he does.

          • What I find really stupid is that the people who go into the cabin in this are a bunch of teenagers yet somehow one of them has the knowledge embedded in his brain to read out ancient incantations from the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. At least the original had a tape recorder being played and whatnot. Like woah, they’re teaching some radical stuff in high school these days, huh? Well crap me.

            This sobriety storyline could be really cool with that character basically being driven to the brink of insanity trying to decipher what’s real and what’s the manifestation of withdrawal etc.

            Wonder how many times the others ignore that she may in fact be possessed by demons before it becomes stupid/the film ends on a cliffhanger with everyone possessed and some lumberjacks staple a notice on the front door and we see tractors and what not move in. basically they plan to build a new residential area or something.

            • Hope there’s some advanced claymation in this.

            • You have not even seen the movie yet and you’re jumping to conclusions that hold no weight at all.

              Ignorance must be a nightmare for you.

              Yes the first 3 are classics but they were made 20+ years ago and a reboot can be just as fun after all this time.

              It’s not like the original 3 had any consistency, class, or canon to follow either.

              Go see the movie as if it were a long forgotten friend that has decided to pay you a visit again. Let it show you the pictures it took while it was away.

              • you must see first as like TERMINATOR trilogy movie.. all the clips was related until now… so that the people will accepted and loved it.. Arnold role actor story..

                sorry .. EVIL DEAD 2013 is horror but boringggggggggg….

                if Ash come and help Mia to kill demon.. its best film.. because by the time army of darkness.. Ash character was become old man…

          • The show “Burn Notice” was a A-list project in my book and he showed how he could do a serious role (even if he did tell a few jokes).

    • Evil Dead with no Ash is like friday the 13th with no jason.

      • I agree

        • Not to be ‘that guy’, but didn’t the original Friday the 13th not have Jason?

      • LOL umm yeah friday the 13th part 1 bro

      • The first Friday the 13th didn’t really have Jason in it.

  2. Why not just call this time something different?… something that would more appropriately signify that this movie is a stand alone film that is part of the same universe as the original but NOT a remake of the original.

  3. The phrase “improved visuals…certainly a byproduct of working in today’s technological era,” has given me reason to never visit this site again.

    • agreed!

  4. “…and star Bruce Campbell (who has transitioned into somewhat of a cult hero in his own right)”

    somewhat?? lol i believe thats the understatement of the century

  5. since when did Bruce start looking like Romney?

  6. If this is a whole new movie, featuring a whole new cast of characters in a (let’s face it) pretty generic situation that isn’t unique to the Evil Dead, what is the point of having it be CALLED Evil Dead? Why not let it be its own movie?

    • I agree, I have a feeling they’re piggybacking on the legacy of the Evil Dead to boost the appeal of this film which could be for all intensive purposes a completely different production, Only the name remains the same. But I trust Bruce, If he says its good, im gonna give it the time of day.

      • It is “intents and purposes” not “intensive purposes.”

    • Same cabin. Same demons. Same fruit cellar. Same forest. Same atmosphere.

      Yeah… let’s call it something “different” …

  7. 10 to 1 odds Bruce Campbells “cameo” is CREEPY GAS STAION ATTENDANT

  8. This will be underwhelming garbage. I actually didn’t think “Jennifer’s Body” was terrible but setting the bar too high by calling this Evil Dead will kill it and any charm or originality it may possess will be overshadowed by fan resentment.
    It’s time to look carefully at the remake phenomenon. For a while negative word of mouth (known in the industry as “brand recognition” I believe) has taken some of the load from advertisers. This device is either past or approaching its time, and the appeal of new ideas is going to to overtake it in the popular attention like the road runner flying past some hackneyed Acme gag.
    Bruce Campbell will always have my esteem for ED2 and Army of Darkness but I don’t need the recommendations of a guy who thinks trolling like “Mindwarp” is a good career move.

    • Yawn… I think your opinion of a movie that you have not seen is equally on par with what I dropped into my toilet this morning.

      Seriously – see the movie – THEN complain.

  9. Alright you primitive screwheads, you see this?

    This isn’t Evil Dead.

  10. Being a huge-fan of the original trilogy of films (I still have the original films on VHS), I will give my opinion when I view the new film. Too many critics out there that don’t know what the hell they are talking about!! I saw a “teaser” trailer and I liked what I saw!

    • OMG! A person who actually THINKS logically?!?

      Thank you for a breath of fresh air among all these idiot web critics who haven’t seen the movie yet.

  11. Not too enthusiastic about this. I’m not a reboot hater by any means but this just keeps sounding like a generic ” teens in the woods horror movie”. I hope they do something to really separate it and make it unique in its own way… But I would give my first born for a follow up sequel to army of darkness! With an aged Ash still working at smart, battling the undead…sad that will never happen

  12. This film really needs a subtitle just in case it sinks…

  13. the eyes oh god, they look like the exorsist, i don t like that, better white, its more scary whit pus and blood, but no way the movie is mad. I hope the movie dont be like another one horror movies in this time when we need original stories.

  14. I noticed the Raimi car makes a cameo in the trailer. I appreciate that. I still don’t feel all that interested in seeing it– there’s an element of homage, sure, but it looks like they add on a lot of flashy look-at-this extra gore, without adding anything of substance.

    • Please then… DO NOT GO AND SEE IT. While you’re at it Don’t bother commenting on a movie that you have not seen and have zero knowledge about except from a 2 minute preview.

      Stay home and play with your puppy.

  15. Lets hope Bruce has a cameo and he is Ash working at S-Mart.
    Shop Smart Shop S-Mart!
    Come on guys, you know that’s what it’s gonna be.

  16. I can’t wait. The Evil movies and Army of Darkness were never movies to sit and pick apart, there are many inconsistent bits and each movie has a very different feeling, all of them scary feelings. Will be smart and wait to see movie before deciding how much i like it, all i want it to laugh, to piss my pants, and maaaaaybe just hearing the sound of a chainsaw at any point in the film, anywhere.

  17. It wasn’t really that good, but then again I despise horror. Every horror flick is just one long snuff film with a tweeest! Who cares! This movie needed less dick jokes and more Ash or Ash-like figure. And why the hell would I want a female delivering the killing blow/one liner. Go bake a pie!…

    PS- Nowhere in the necrinomicon does it say demons can’t summon firearms. Just conjure an AK-47 and be DONE with it in 5 minutes please! Guys around the earth who are dragged to these movies by their gore loving GFs will thank you!

    • Amen. I couldn’t agree more. They always find a way to make women low class, low budget, clueless and trashy in these films.

  18. I just came back from the movie and I am not all that pleased with it. It started off very lame, you weren’t scared. You weren’t frightened. You were just somewhat bored and asking ‘Can we get this done with?’. It started like any other new slasher movies.

    Then you skip ahead from what happened at the start after it all went down and of course. For some reason or another. The evil book of power is just wrapped in a old trash bag with barb wire wrapped about that and it is just sitting there in the open. Waiting for anybody to just come along it.

    The people at the start that were obviously all knowing and powerful that were willing to stop the evil sure didn’t do a very good job in retrospect by just leaving the evil book there for kids to come along.

    Also. The main character going through cold turkey and then nobody believing her at first until they started to kill each other off was horrible. “Oh she’s just going through issues because she hasn’t had her fix.” and such.

    Not one scene was scary. Not one scene was unexpected. All it was was “Here’s half a pint of blood splatter, now let us throw buckets of blood all over.”

    I have seen a lot of movies in my time. I have seen a lot of remakes and reboots. But this movie. Was unquestionably. Awful.

    By the time the movie ended, 3/4ths of the theater walked out. The remaining 1/4th with me were talking on cellphones openly or talking or just texting.

    The horrible, obviously badly done, rubber stand in at the end drew such wails of laughter from the remaining folks with me. I was so sad.

  19. Oh. And no cameo of Bruce. From what I could see. Unless he was one of the crazy nutters at the start who just stood there being deformed and stupidly grinning as a woman screamed in some language about killing his daughter an he an his daughter were just going back an forth before it happened.

    Think the only thing I liked was the old car rotting away to rust.

    In all honesty. It’s a failure. People got roped in once again with promises and fairy dust and were instead given a lump of dead wood.

    Lame acting, lame violence, to much lame gore, and just not realistic. Duct Tape is not a end all cure for limbs gone missing.

  20. Evil dead = bruce campbell

    however I will watch it, but not to compare, cause there’s nothing to compare too since the original is unbeatable.

  21. If you remember 2 is a remake of 1. Without ash it won’t be the same. But just like red dawn and all of the others, remakes can be fun. I most defiantly will miss ash but no one else could have been him but Bruce anyway.

  22. To be honest I didn’t think it was all that bad. I mean … what were people really expecting to see? Demons/possessions/gore/chainsaw/wierd book. Its evil dead! Just different characters and a story about what they went through when the evil awoke. Wont be for everybody but then nothing is. Seen far worse films than this.

  23. Don’t what everyone is yapping about, I just saw it and it was alright. Agree too much over kill of blood splatter and missing limbs would give any amputee person PTSD after watching this film. Definitely the movie could have been directed with a better storyline with better character development. Truly miss Bruce not being in the movie, but ohhh well.

  24. The movie is freakin’ awesome – no two ways about it. I can only hope that they can tie the two storylines together for an epic finale.

  25. It was cool seeing him at the him at the end of the credits. Wonder if he will have a role in the sequel.

  26. the “Bruce” have to live….. dont do as all the other Hollywood Movies and keep the girl alive!!

  27. Bruce campbell, where are you in this movie?

  28. Although I lobe watching great horror films and love, love love Bruce Campbell, this version of Evil Dead was way too satanic for my taste. And when the sister(as the ugly demon girl) offered to suck her own brother’s you know what, I was like, seriously? What am I watching? That was so unecessary and disturbing.

    I feel it was done in poor taste, way too demonic and lacked the Bruce/Sam touch. Not that I like movies about demons and demon possesion, cause I actually hate them and SHOULD NOT have watched this remake, but the first Evil Dead had some class. I forgot to focus on the good guys winning in the end because the demon girl was so disturbing and hard to watch.

    I prefer ‘The Innkeepers’. Now there’s a GREAT script with class, character and watchability.

  29. Just to clarify a bit, I know the ‘Evil Dead’ movies are about satanic possession, but this one was way too over the top. I prefer ‘ghost’ movies.