Bruce Campbell Says Talk of ‘Army of Darkness 2′ Is ‘Internet B.S.’

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Bruce Campbell Calls Army Of Darkness 2 Rumors BS Bruce Campbell Says Talk of Army of Darkness 2 Is Internet B.S.

Well, this is frustrating. The latest round of news regarding an Evil Dead 4 – a.k.a. Army of Darkness 2 – started in March with word from creator Sam Raimi that he planned to write the script for the film over the summer. Things got a little crazier when it was announced that the project might even cross over with the more recent Evil Dead remake (eventually).

More recently, star Bruce Campbell (who plays series protagonist Ashley J. Williams) bolstered fans’ hopes when he said, in response to a question about whether or not he’d reprise his role, The answer is yes.” This was particularly noteworthy, because while Raimi is prone to needlessly getting fans’ hopes up about a return to Evil Dead, Campbell has always been the pragmatist who likes to tear those hopes down.

Now, Bruce Campbell is back to his old routine of destroying all your hopes and dreams. Campbell responded to a question about all the recent news about Army of Darkness 2 and he was quick to shoot it all down:

“It’s not news. Let me dispel that right now. It’s all internet B.S. There’s no reality whatsoever. These random comments slip out of my mouth or Sam Raimi’s mouth, next thing you know, we’re making a sequel. So unless it’s announced from Renaissance Pictures, it’s not real. Or unless you have a start date or a release date. We do appreciate people’s enthusiasm for another ‘Army Of Darkness,’ but they should just wait until it’s real. And I feel bad for people because the Internet is so prey to misinformation. So I just encourage to get the real information, not just … if you heard something.”

Although it is certainly true that you shouldn’t assume Army of Darkness 2 is happening until there’s an announcement from the studio about a green light, it’s kind of unfair for Campbell to label his own statement (and writer/director/creator Sam Raimi’s, for that matter) as mere “internet B.S.” Internet B.S. is more akin to random websites claiming that Johnny Depp is playing The Riddler, Angelina Jolie is playing Catwoman, and Robin Williams is playing Hugo Strange in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series.

Army of Darkness Alternate Ending Bruce Campbell Says Talk of Army of Darkness 2 Is Internet B.S.

The alternate ending of ‘Army of Darkness’

This is certainly sad news for Evil Dead fans, but could it just be Bruce Campbell exercising caution in the lead up to the film? Or maybe he’s trying to keep people in the dark about the project to keep their hopes tempered if it all falls apart? It does seem awfully strange for a man who has practiced denying ED4 rumors for nearly 20 years to flip-flop so suddenly (and awkwardly).

Furthermore, Campbell did say at one point that he was not going to be in the Evil Dead remake, and that wasn’t strictly true.

Campbell was also asked about whether or not Fede Alvarez had departed Evil Dead 2 (the sequel to the remake), and here’s what he said:

“Fede’s going to go off and do other stuff. You know he did a great job for us and we’d have him back again in a second, but he’s got a new movie he’s doing. We lost him! It happens. Fede’s a great filmmaker, so … he’s going to have a long, bright future, he doesn’t need ‘Evil Dead’ … because look, he doesn’t want to be stuck being the ‘Evil Dead’ guy. You know, we all know how that happens.”

It was reported a week ago that Fede and co-writer Rodo Sayagues would not be returning to the franchise – a report that was quickly corrected by Fede himself, who clarified that they just weren’t going to be making Evil Dead 2 in the immediate future.

Bruce Campbell as Ash in Evil Dead 2 Bruce Campbell Says Talk of Army of Darkness 2 Is Internet B.S.

In light of Campbell’s comments, it’s anyone’s guess what the truth is here. Perhaps he doesn’t have all the information or perhaps he’s being a bit more honest than Fede was. I’m inclined to believe the latter; where there’s smoke, there’s fire, etc.

What say you, Screen Ranters? Are you disappointed about Bruce Campbell’s comments regarding Army of Darkness 2? What do you think of his flip-flop? Drop us a line in the comments.


We’ll keep you updated on Army of Darkness 2 as more news becomes available.

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  1. Not groovy… :(

    • …and this is the problem with some of these fanboy sites. Endless rumor and speculation.

      I was hopeful after the last story. Not any more, nor will I be fooled again.

  2. My name is Sam. And I am a slave to internet rumor! boo

  3. Drat!

  4. The alternate ending of “Army of Darkness” was actually the original ending sam had planned ! But it was shot down by universal back in the day..sadly !

  5. He makes a good point about internet writers hint hint. I like reading these articles but I do get tired of the BS.

  6. I guess the internet is full of jack n s***… N jack left town

  7. 3 tiny Bruce campbells need to tie him down and force him to make army of darkness 2.

  8. F@#k this blows monkey balls. We need to hunt him down put a gun to his head and make him make aod2. this suckssssssssssssssssss

  9. Raimi, Tapert and Campbell all want to do the movie, especially if they are all involved (they’ve said so at different points). So, yeah, it goes without saying that nothing is “official” until it gets greenlit… that’s all Campbell saying… in his cryptic/goofy way.

    I think (hope) it will happen just as we’ve thought – Evil Dead 2 (remake), Army of Darkness 2 (using alternate ending), then mesh the two together for a final with Ash and Mia knocking off some Deadites.

  10. God Damnit Bruce!

    I do think Bruce and Sam have had some small chat about the sequel and it may have slipped out. Then it exploded on the internet! Then he did what he could to recover from it.

    He is right that we shouldn’t get our hopes up but excuse us Bruce by loving you so much that we want to see more.

  11. Well frack…..there goes my day.

  12. @Alpine 
    “He makes a good point about internet writers hint hint. I like reading these articles but I do get tired of the BS.”

    If there’s no official word from those involved then it is total B.S.
    & journalists should stop being so eager to be the first to post hot topic articles all the time without checking to see if it comes from a creditable source.

    • But, in this case, there was word from like five different people involved, including Campbell, Raimi, and producer Rob Tapert. How are they not credible sources?

  13. I frigging new it !!!…smh

  14. I’m sorry, but since when is Raimi saying he is writing a sequel to Army Of Darkness a “random comment that slips out of his mouth?”

  15. *dies a little inside.*

  16. I think I just vomited a little, and my fanboy meter has just plummeted.

  17. Well, as any Bruce fan (like myself) will know – and as this article states – he loves to tease people.

    I’ve seen him during book signings being asked “Are you gonna make a new Evil Dead?” and he looked up at the person asking and said with a completely straight face, “You’re an idi*t” and moved on to the next person.

    Has anyone ever tried to email his site for something signed in the last decade? Last time I checked, you get a response talking about how he loves fans and enjoys spending hours every day writing his name on scraps of paper and that if you believe that, he has some beachfront property in Arizona he wants to sell.

    He’s the master of the sarcastic put-down (with Tom Hardy being a close second….a journalist asked him how he prepared to play Bane once and he replied “I just put on a mask and worked out a little”) but he’s also right. There’s a possibility they’re all playing us and making us look one way while they do something behind our backs.

    You’d expect that from huge fans of The Three Stooges. It’s a prime example of bait and switch.

    Plus, that pic in the article…I know it was known as the “alternate” ending in the US but in the UK, that ending is the only one shown on TV as the official one. I never saw the “happy” ending with him back in S-Mart until I saw it on a DVD extra.

    • Again, comment under moderation here.

  18. I must be the only AoD fan who was RELIEVED to hear this. I’ve never wanted an AoD2 – alternate ending or not, it was a good end to the Evil Dead series. I was willing to wait to see if the writers were going to use any of the comic storylines, which have actually been really good, but I was NOT looking forward to this.

  19. bummer…

  20. I don’t care if he makes “Army Of Darkness 2″, a Sam Axe spin-off, “The Return of Brisco County”, or more Old Spice commercials. I’m just looking forward to whatever he does next. As for “internet rumors”, I appreciate that Screen Rant and the other sites I visit are usually pretty clear when they are reporting something that they haven’t been able to actually verify. I take pretty much everything I read with a grain of salt until I’ve seen the final product. If they stuck to only absolutely concrete facts, then there’d be a lot less to read about here, and basically nothing to speculate about, which is half the fun.

  21. Maybe he didn’t say every little syllable… but yeah, basically he said the words…we had a deal…

  22. Campbell said he WOULD reprise the role of Ash, he didn’t say he was going to. Screen Rant created a rumor needlessly, and it’s the site’s fault not Campbell’s.

    • Uh, no, that wasn’t the question asked of him. The question was “Will you be returning as Ash in Army of Darkness 2?” to which he said “Yes.” This was after Sam Raimi said he was going to start writing Army of Darkness 2 with his brother this summer. Try to keep up, guy.

  23. Here’s your AoD2:

    “Sacrifice” is a fan made micro movie based on the comedy / horror movie, Army of Darkness (1993).

    The objective of this micro movie was to re-edit ED / AoD into a romantic yet tragic love story where Ash has to make a decision, save himself, or sacrifice himself to save another that would doom him to stay in the Dark Ages, forever..

    If you recall from Evil Dead 2, Ash’s girlfriend is possessed by a demon so he had to kill her. That’s an incredibly tragic and sad event. I wanted to make a short movie about that, focusing on the romantic aspect of the story. This is that movie.

    A Way of Life
    Spectres in the Fog
    by Hans Zimmer