Post Apocalyptic Scooby Gang Cosplay 

Photo by merhawk.

Calvin & Hobbes Nursery Makes You Wish You Were a Kid Again!

dad in Finland built this nursery with the help of his sister, even transforming the bed into a tree fort!

Batman’s parents are WALKING DEAD

Batman’s worst nightmare has come true.

The Wobbling Dead

An Animated Puppet Parody by Mark R. Largent.

Bros: A Male Parody of Girls

The Bros don their best “hipster” attire and take a ride on the L train in an effort to score some Williamsburg girls.

Censorship Lulz – Episode 1

This is episode one of a alternate-weekly series of a compilation of various clips bleeped out unnecessarily.

The Iron Dude

Iron Man‘s climactic fight scene made me think of Jeff Bridges’ performance in The Big Lebowski to the point of distraction. So I figured I’d just dub in some lines from that movie instead, using that weird Iron Man filter on his voice.

NSFW language.

That’s all for today, folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more movie-related geekery.

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