‘Brick Mansions’ US & International Trailers: Paul Walker Flies High

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It’s difficult to talk about Brick Mansions without getting at least a little misty-eyed; the film, a remake of 2004 French action picture District 13, marks one of beloved late actor Paul Walker’s final screen appearances. Unlike the impending Fast & Furious 7, though, this movie didn’t require any revision, and should remain pure as it makes its way into US theaters in a couple of months. That’s perhaps small consolation, but the fact that Brick Mansions doesn’t look half-bad should be pretty encouraging unto itself.

Two trailers have cropped up online to promote its release. Both cover similar ground in establishing the basic conceit here; in a dystopian Detroit, the brick mansions of the title have become such a dangerous haven for violent criminals and roving gangs that the US military has built a wall around the area to keep its inhabitants in. When gang lord Tremaine Alexander (RZA) obtains a stolen neutron bomb and threatens the surrounding city with it, the police have no choice but to send their top undercover officer, Damien (Walker) into dangerous territory to avert disaster.

He’s joined by Lino (David Belle, reprising his role from the original film), whose girlfriend is in Tremaine’s clutches. Damien and Lino make an odd couple pairing – the former a cop, the latter an ex-convict – but they race against the clock to stop Tremaine and save the day nonetheless. The US theatrical trailer (seen above) shows off a little bit more Parkour, which is a centerpiece to District 13 and one of its defining action characteristics; its high-flying freerunning stunts help separate the film from other entries in the genre.

Meanwhile, the international clip (seen below), goes slightly more plot-heavy; Damien, it seems, has a personal beef with Tremaine, having sought his capture for the whole of his career. (Seems like our two heroes will have plenty to bond over, then.) There’s also a heavier tone in play, one that clashes against the more energetic and, frankly, more exciting tenor of its US cousin.

Brick Mansions is an odd movie to analyze at a glance; producer extraordinaire Luc Besson has his hands all over the project, serving in the same capacity as he has on films ranging from the Taken and Transporter franchises, to Lockout and, of course, District 13 itself (not to mention its 2009 sequel, District 13: Ultimatum). Couple that with Belle’s presence here, and this starts to feel less like a remake and more like a straight-up repeat.

Fortunately, Brick Mansions has enough going for it to give it a semblance of individuality; gone is the Parisian backdrop, replaced with that of Detroit. If director Camille Delamarre and Besson are smart, they’ll let the Motor City be as much of a character in the film as Paris was in District 13. Most of all, though, we have the easygoing charisma of Walker on the big screen one last time, which should be a huge draw all on its own merits.

Coupled with this bounty of footage is the first poster for the film, which feels unsurprisingly quite familiar – but looks pretty cool all the same:


hr Brick Mansions 1 691x1024 Brick Mansions US & International Trailers: Paul Walker Flies High

Does Brick Mansions look like it’ll be your alley? Will it be a fitting capstone to Walker’s career? Check back in the Spring and we’ll let you know for sure.


Brick Mansions opens in US theaters on April 24th, 2014.

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  1. Looks cool

  2. This looks awful!

    • it really does look awful.

      I loved District B13, but this looks bad. Even with David Belle, this looks poised for failure.

  3. looks great a great buddy cop between paul and david i loved the first 2 and i’m sure i’m gonna love this one

  4. This looks pretty stupid and really bad… but a lot of fun! The trailer reminded me of what Michael Bay movies USED to be like.

  5. Paul would make me queen of everything i see, he’ll put you on the map he’ll cure me of disease. RIP as you turn to stone

    • While i don’t see how Twenty One Pilots fits in here, I appreciate the reference.

    • He turned to stone long before he died, have you never seen his acting.

      • In case anyone thinks thats harsh, just imagine if they had driven there drunken asses at that speed in to a car with three kids, justice if you ask me.
        burn in hell paul,

  6. Serious B 13 rip off here and I bet its not even going to be as good as B 13. Most of us will just pay to watch it out of respect for Paul Walker

    • That’s because it’s a remake of District 13, not a rip off.

  7. I don’t know about Brick mansions, but I work with a girl who is built like a brick s**t-house!

  8. Sorry,the second trailer up there with Paul Walker having blood over his face makes me really feel bad !!

    • Well from all accounts he probably didn’t have any blood on him when he died, It was more a case of him being trapped in the flames and burning alive. It wasn’t the crash that killed him, It was the tiny sports car. Say what you will about “looking cool” but i’m gonna stick to driving my Camry.

  9. Ahhhh Paul. RIP.

    Looks okay. District 13 had me screaming ‘My God’ all through those awesome stunts. I hope its good. A couple of questions though, someone help me out here:

    – why does every good action movie outta Europe/Asia/Africa (I know, I know… A guy can dream, right?) need to be remade for an American audience? American’s can’t appreciate a movie in a different accent to their dozen or so existing accents?

    – why do said remakes not appreciate the intimacy of anything besides a romantic liaison? The original flick had Leito helping the cops because of his sister and not his girlfriend. Americans can’t believe a dude would risk all for his sister? lol

    • They get remade cause its cheaper with a built in audience and if they made it his sister it be to much like Fast & Furious, undercover cop with criminal and his sister it also looks as if they changed alot for the remake.

      • Agree with you on why it wouldn’t work as his sister. Especially since Paul Walker played the undercover cop in both movies. It didn’t occur to me.

        But how can you say its cheaper? In what way?

  10. Looks low budget. Like it was more than likely a straight to DVD movie and there trying to capatilize off Pauls death. Add the fact that tis is more than likely gonna be in 3d….Its not looking good.

  11. Why? District 13 was a good film, why remake it, damn near scene for scene, with the same parkour master, while replacing a fantastic stuntman and martial artists with a far less acrobatic American C-grade Actor? I just don’t get it.

  12. RZA should just stop acting. It’s painful to watch him on film. He really brings nothing to the table other than, “hey. that guy used to be in Wu-Tang clan…like 20 years ago”