Brett Ratner Wants To Be On The Comic Book Movie A-List

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Everyone’s favorite director, Brett Ratner, recently went on a bit of a rant to MTV News, talking about how he would love to direct more comic book movies, if only there were still some of the ‘best heroes’ to go around.

Now, I know what a lot of you are already thinking–but at least take a look at what the man had to say before you go ripping into him, please.

“I would do any superhero movie that I was asked to do,” Ratner told MTV News. “But I wouldn’t have been interested in ‘Iron Man.’ I have a lot of respect for [Jon Favreau], because to me, it was a B-character. ‘Iron Man’? … But look what he did.”

Those comments definitely got under some people’s skin–this story was sent my way under the subject-heading, “Brett Ratner slams Jon Favreau and Iron Man,” for God’s sake. But I don’t see it as that bad of a comment: Iron Man was a B-list superhero (at best) and Jon Favreau deserves a lot of respect for taking the character and turning him into a mainstream icon.

However, I will call Ratner out on the fact that he said he wasn’t interested in comic book “B-characters.” I mean the guy is going to be producing and directing Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood, a comic book that was basically a C-list knock-off of The Avengers. He’d better hope that he too can work that Favreau magic at the box office.

For you Ratner-haters out there, here’s something Brett said in that same interview that will truly make you shudder with the thought of “What if?”, only to make you warm with joy all over again:

“I was so upset when I left ‘Superman,’” said Ratner. “[Bryan] Singer has his ‘X-Men,’ [Christopher] Nolan has ‘Batman‘ — there’s nothing left. ‘Hulk‘ has been exploited already. There’s nothing left for me.”

“I mean, I’m not going to go and do the Silver Surfer or something,” shrugged Ratner.

So we know that Silver Surfer is safe, but could you imagine if Ratner was handed a Batman or Superman film, or (God forbid!) another crack at X-Men? Don’t think it couldn’t happen! This guy is THE go-to guy in situations where celebrated directors depart from their franchises. Once Chris Nolan is tired of Batman…

Seriously though, I’m going to use this platform to proclaim that I’ve never understood all the Ratner-hate. Or for that matter, the intense hatred for X-Men: The Last Stand that I come across every day in the blogosphere. X3 wasn’t that bad of a movie; I keep watching it (gasp! I own it!) trying to get on the same page as a lot of my blogger-brethren, but I can’t do it. The film just isn’t that bad. I mean it certainly mucked with the X-Men continuum by killing off Cyclops and “killing off” Professor X… but the fight sequences were some of the best of the series (IMHO) and the plot (though a bit over-crammed) worked for me. X3 was a nice end chapter to the trilogy and a good setup for a fresher, younger, X-Men franchise down the line. Even Kelsey Grammer’s Beast was OK (though the makeup was a bit corny).

There, I said it. It’s so good to finally be able to come out of the closet as an X3 liker (not lover).

So, personally speaking: I would let Brett Ratner have a crack at another well-known comic book hero(es). It would be a B-list or C-list hero, but I would let him have a chance–if he deemed the project “worthy,” of course.

OK I’m finished. Now you can all go ahead and rant back about how you REALLY feel about Brett Ratner, X-Men: The Last Stand and Kofi Outlaw for saying he’s cool with both. I await your judgment.

Source: MTV News

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  1. X-3 wasn’t garbage, but it was supposed to be based on the epic rise and fall of the Phoenix. Bryan Singer even contemplated filming it as a two-parter to do it justice. It should have been huge. That’s where a lot of the disappointment comes from. Singer was planning on helming it, but Fox and Marvel wouldn’t stomach him directing Superman and delaying the release of X-3 in order to do it. In other words, ‘we don’t need you’. Well, you guys were right. They were both wrong and we got two movies that have disappointed more than blown our minds as they should have.

  2. ratner shouldnt be let near a movie set ever again in my opinion.

  3. Ok you are in talks to do Beverly Hills Cop 4 but would not do Iron Man. WTF? (by the way I dont agree that Iron Man was a b-list hero). I was not previously a Brett Ratner hater, I actually liked X3, it had more characters and action then the previous movies. However after these loser comments I have quickly joined the ranks. John Favereau did a way better job anyway. Ratner can stick to doing another 17 Rush Hour movies, not that I can tell 1 from the other!

  4. Ugh X3 was one of the worst comic films I’ve seen. It was worse than Spiderman 3 even. The film had a clumsy plot and was very lazy. Jean Grey stood around for the entire film almost, Their answer to just about every problem they ran in to was to kill a character off. Sure the Special effects and fights were pretty good, but that’s all the movie was. If you don’t care at all about a story if you don’t like characters or good plots X3 was a good film.

    I also don’t agree that Ironman is a B character. He is and has been one of the biggest marvel characters for a very long time. He is part of the clue that holds the comics together. If your referring to mainstream I’ll remind you that he had a fairly successful cartoon in the 90’s as well as a few games through out the years.

  5. Ratner making Youngblood? Garbage deserves to be with garbage.

    Hey Ratner, stock up on plenty of pouches.

  6. I put it off for a long time, but today, I had a really good look in the mirror and wondered why my hair is thinning out on top. My possible conclusions:

    1- I am getting old, way too fast


    2- I keep reading film related blogs and sites and read the comments, and shortly thereafter ram my head into the nearest brick wall…and repeat. On the hour.


    First off, someone above there said Namor is a 2nd tier character. Since Subby has been around since the 1930’s and thus a rich history, I’d hardly call that 2nd tier. Would I like to see Ratner on Sub-Mariner, or DC’s Wonder Womanor Flash? I …don’t know. But i’ll get back to that in a moment.

    Several have pointed out that some comics based characters are considered 2nd/3rd tier but due to a hit film or two, have become more in the public awareness. Blade is a great example of this. If Iron Man was a 2nd tier, Iron Man had an ace in hole over the years- the character, being tech based, could keep up with the times. In any case, the film was…well, you all know about that; so I would be tempted to say Iron Man is 1st tier now. It could be debated.

    I don’t read his comment as a slam on Iron Man either; he simply wasn’t interested in the character. But he would pass for the wrong reason. Given his reason, he would not have taken, say, Blade, but Steve Norrington did. Later, Del Toro. The picture is what you make it. I agree that there may not be “baggage”, but that didn’t bother ‘Spider-Man’ or the recent Batman films.

    There are pluses and minuses in everything. The way Howard The Duck was handled back in 86 was a travesty- while it has achieved a cult status, that should not be a reflection if a filmmaker wanted to remake it and make it more in tone with the satire of the comic it is based on. There would be nitpickers and naysayers to and fro; but if that talent made a decent film out of Howard The Duck?
    1st tier or 2nd tier or the bottom of the barrel…the picture is as good as people make it.

    Second…and I hate doing this for the umpteenth time.
    YES I hated Cyclops death in X3. But I always held on to the three odd facts that 1) we never saw him “die” 2) Jean wasn’t sure if she did kill him and 3) Prof X wasn’t all that bothered by it. So, I wondered…

    YES I hated the death of Prof X. But there was that last scene where he…well, the Professor exists in another form. Maybe as one of the multiple personalities in his son. (Who else would have been the “unidentified man” in the coma but David ‘Legion’ Haller? Would Prof X break his own morals?)

    But is the above Ratner’s fault? Not entirely. Was he or was he not brought in on Last Stand as the last hour replacement for Matt Vaughn, who, under Vaughn’s watch, the Phoenix-Cure storyline was in place?

    I also don’t get the hate for Brett Ratner. I could think of worse directors. Couldn’t anyone?

  7. I understand the hate for him. He has not directed one good thing in his career. Everything he has directed has been a steaming pile with maybe one exception. The very first Rush Hour was ok and I mean ok not good not great but Ok the other two were crap. This guy is so bad that pretty much everything he is attached to is crap be it as director or producer. The best thing his name was attached to was 21 and he really had nothing to do with the film he was a producer in title only.

  8. I liked Money Talks with CHris Tucker and CHarlie Sheen…Red Dragon was good although the previous incarnation of that film, Manhunter, directed by Michael Mann was a better film..

  9. maybe he should look at doing a video game movie like “God Of War” that would be a start.

  10. I actually want to see God of War as a movie so please don’t ruin that image for me.

  11. The biggest complaint that I see about X3 is that it “didn’t match up with storylines from the books.” Well, honestly, the public could care less if the Dark Phoenix saga is done correctly-very few of them will know or care about an original storyline. And X3 was made for the public, not just fans.
    I’ve only been into comics for a few years, and X3 was the first superhero movie I saw in theaters. I didn’t know much about the X-men continuity at the time, and so I simply appreciated the movie for what it was and didn’t try and match it up to continuity. And you know what- it wasn’t to bad. I liked it. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t go into a blind fanboy rage either. It was a decent superhero movie. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, let it be a movie rather than try and relate it to continuity.

  12. Do you even read the negative comments about X3 ? I have rarely seen anyone comment on how well X3 follows the comics given that X2 and X1 didn’t follow them well and people still liked them.

    People hate the 14 thousand plot holes in the film. The unnecessary killings of characters. The fact that Jean/Pheonix stands around for 2 hours and does nothing for the most part. The fact that the only point to the movie at all was mindless action and about 3 mins of story. The over populating of the film with a million mutants further taking away screen time from Xmen who haven’t gotten hardly any focus in one or two either. The only things good about X3 were the actors did well and it had good SFX. The rest of the film was so poorly put together it almost seemed like it was a joke. I had to double check to see if the release of the film was April First.

  13. And don’t forget Halle Berry’s AWFUL performance in X3.


  14. That’s a good Point Halle did pretty awful as well.

    Also the actress who played Jean could of done better I mean I know she just stood there and starred off in to space doing nothing, but she could of convinced me of it more (note sarcasm on that last part.)

  15. I honestly didn’t care for the Any of the X-men Films. Like I said before it should have been called Wolverine Reloaded, Wolverine Reloaded again, Wolverine Reloaded Scratch This. The characters in this story sucked, all the villains we crap, not to mention in the sequels new people just popped and disappeared later lol really. Only characters that was worth anything was Professor X, and Mystique. And I’m talking bout all movies. I don’t care who directed it. The point is people accept whatever these days as long as excuse my words s*** blows up people are happy). Now if anyone has ever read a Comic or even watch the 90’s X-men cartoon, Magneto would never sacrifice mutants so recklessly like he did in the movie. Second it seemed as if the only thing Magneto could also do is just crumble a few cars… i am a fan boy yes.. but in truth if you are going to do something why not do it right. Don’t half step and try to compensate by throwing some big name characters in the movie. Storm was like Throwing up in my mouth. and Ms Halle Berry should stay away from storm forever. Nothing about storm showed a Leader, And Storm and Cyclops were the leaders.

    Everyone may take it as me complaining or being picky but comments coming from people say: A WELL YOU KNOW X-MEN WAS NOT BAD IT HAD NICE ACTION IN IT. only reason i own X-men is because of the specials features mainly-because of the special effects and the CG related stuff.
    I could keep going but my ranting will continue another day

  16. @Braveheart

    Okay, first, your caps lock key is broken, may want to see to that.

    Second, When Singer left, he didn’t leave the movie in jeopardy, there was hardly a completed script, he wasn’t under contract, there was almost no money in the movie at the time, it’s not as if he left mid-production.

    And as for the third movie staying true to the first two, that’s rather debatable.

  17. The big pyro vs. iceman fight that got hype to the death of it, turned out to be a headbutt. Jean Grey doesn’t say anything the whole movie, except for when she does and it was terrible so i stopped listening. Angel. Beast looked constipated and political the whole time.

    Old wounds open again. Disappointment so full. I think the stereotype of evil mutants=rave mutants really kicked a good amount of it all…but at the same time, I only ever watched the movie once in theaters. Maybe I’ve grown to…I’m not ready. Maybe in a year or two.

  18. Okay, I might be redundant by saying this, but I’m a comic book fan. I have been for almost 15 years. I highly enjoyed the 1st X-men movie when it came out, X2 was my favorite movie for a couple years, and when X3 came out, I was in a state of shock. there were parts that upset me a bit, sure, but there was also parts I enjoyed so much, it blew my mind.

    Granted, X3 didn’t really stay very true to the comics, but it didn’t ever do anything that was untrue to the comics or strayed too far from them either, at least in my mind. heroes died, Dark Phoenix was resolved, but the victory was bittersweet, Kelsey Grammer pulls of the Beast the only way he could, being the only person who could really pull off the character, and we finally see a fight where the whole team works together instead of splitting up and doing a “1-on-1″ fight with another mutant. if someone told me “Kitty Pryde goes up against the Juggernaut in this movie”, I wouldnt have seen it, but I thought that moment in the movie was great when I watched it!

    Again, there were things that upset me, but when I watch the trilogy as a whole, X3 is my favorite. sure, Bryan Singer is a great director (with Superman Returns as a major exception), but Brett Ratner stepped up to the plate and I stand firm in believing that he did an excellent final chapter in a series that needed a conclusion. Brett Ratner is not a Singer or Nolan, but he did just fine in my book. bravo, Brett, bravo.

    and I kinda liked the Rush Hour flicks…

  19. Wow. Does this guy have an insightful bone in his entire body?

    What Brett does not realise is that his predecessor built up a raving, slavish, guaranteed audience with the X-Men franchise. It was just Brett’s bad luck that this audience happens by default to be a little more thoughtful and/or educated than the audience Hollywood normally aims for. But then, it is difficult for Hollywood accountants to understand that when you put the story of an oppressed, mostly hidden minority on the big screen, there is a damned good chance that a significant part of the audience will be part of an oppressed, mostly hidden minority.

    And one thing the minority in question where X-Men is concerned find most insulting is being told that Albert Einstein was not one of them. The people seeking to “cure” them try to say that, too. Then when we confront them with the fact that Einstein did not speak a word before his third birthday, began speaking in whole sentences rather than one-word utterances, and often repeated what he heard others say around him, their response is to pretend we said something else entirely. Bryan Singer would have researched this and demanded that line be tossed out of the script, never to be uttered. Ratner apparently thought it was a good idea.

    Ratner also thought it was somehow possible that if the real world’s X-Men were faced with an army weaponising a “cure” and attacking them with it, that any single one of us would lift a finger to defend that army when our people come to tear their heads off.

    Sorry, Brett, but you took what was once one of the best, if not THE best comic book franchises on the big screen and flushed it down the toilet. You are in no position to diss Uwe Boll, leave alone Jon Favreau.

  20. Brett Ratner isn’t a great director, only a competent one at best who seems to get the job done. Having said that though I wasn’t overly thrilled with his treatment of X3.

    It had some good moments, but overall I left the cinema quite dissapointed. Even on DVD it’s not one that I’ll watch all that often.

    I would like to see an (A list) Director take on the X Men, prefably someone with a command and respect for strong chracter development, continuity and cohesive storyline narratives.

    It would be awesome to develop Cyclops as a strong and powerful team leader as in the books, someone to keep Wolverine in line.

    Adding a bit of depth to Storm’s character and having The Beast, Angel, Iceman, Marvel Girl/Phoenix as part of the frontline team would surely make for a fantastic action packed blockbuster.

  21. The problem with X-3 is quite simple, it wasn’t about the X-Men at all. Appearance, powers, storylines, backstory, personalities, continuity – it was all tossed into the ocean. The X-Men movies may as well have been called ‘Heroes’ for all they had to do with the comic books.

    Fox makes terrible superhero movies.