A&E Orders Season 2 of ‘Breakout Kings’

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Breakout Kings Season 2 AE A&E Orders Season 2 of Breakout Kings

As one of the few original scripted series to air on A&E, Breakout Kings became the poster child for abandoned pilots that turned it around. The series also managed to garner enough of an audience that the cable network has confirmed it will return next year for season 2.

For the past few years, A&E has been primarily subsisting on the ‘real life drama’ of its reality series like The First 48 Hours, Intervention and Hoarders. The channel briefly tested the scripted series waters in 2008 with the Benjamin Bratt, Grace Park drama The Cleaner, but the series ended after just two seasons. Recently, however, along with the Florida cop drama The Glades (currently in its second season), the network has finally found some success with not-so-real-life dramas – and in the case of Breakout Kings, has managed to earn A&E solid ratings.

The show regularly posted ratings around 2.8 million viewers – which is a record for an original drama on the network.

Becoming the breakout (no pun intended) ratings winner on the cable network speaks volumes for the show’s ability to attract viewers – especially since Breakout Kings was once sitting not-so-proudly atop the rejected pilots pile at another network. FOX originally ordered the pilot back in 2010 – and despite being well thought of for its tight script and direction from Gavin Hood (Rendition, X-Men Origins: Wolverine), the network passed – deciding instead to stick with returning shows Lie to Me and Human Target, and bring on the new drama Lone Star. It is worth noting that FOX later cancelled all three series.

Kings, however, would make the rounds at various other networks and cable channels before landing at A&E. The network had been looking for an accompaniment to The Glades that would pair well with the procedural stylings the network has recently become known for (A&E is also the home for past episodes of Criminal Minds).

The show concerns two US Marshals Laz Alonso (Southland, Avatar) and Domenick Lombardozzi (The Wire, Miami Vice) who enlist the help of three former fugitives (and current inmates) played by Malcolm Goodwin (American Gangster), Jimmi Simpson (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Date Night) and Serinda Swan (Tron: Legacy, Hawaii Five-0) to track down prison escapees.

The Glades AE A&E Orders Season 2 of Breakout Kings

Matt Passmore in 'The Glades'

Like The Glades, Breakout Kings is a pretty stock one-and-done type of program – similar in style to the incredibly popular shows in the CBS line-up such as NCIS, CSI and Criminal Minds. What they do have going for them are very likable actors that help carry the story with small moments of character development sprinkled throughout the otherwise formulaic procedures.

While The Glades has Aussie actor Matt Passmore and Kiele Sanchez (Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe), Breakout Kings’ two standouts are by far Lombardozzi’s disgraced US Marshal, Ray Zancanelli, and Jimmi Simpson’s former behaviorist with a gambling problem, Dr. Lloyd Lowery.

A&E was developing the Wyoming cop drama Longmire starring Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff and Lou Diamond Philips, and Big Mike starring Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Alias), but for now it looks like Breakout Kings and The Glades will have to be the sole original offerings on the cable network.

Look for Breakout Kings to return to A&E in 2012.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I love this show. I especially love watching Laz Alonzo. He is gorgeous. He was the reason I gave the show a chance. I PRAY he doesn’t leave.

    • too late. he gone.

  2. Thank you for giving B.K. a second season. I really enjoy the actors. I also appreciate the writing on this show. Thanks again. Maybe A&E can pickup Lie to me. That would be sweet.

  3. Thank God it is coming back on

  4. Just finish watching Breakout Kings new season, why in the he** Laz was killed of the show? This sucks. 3/5/2010

    • No Laz, no watch = no show

      • I am dissappointed that laz Alonzo will not be on this show. He is the reason I watched that first season. This had better be some kind of twist and they find out later that he really wasn’t dead and bring his character back in a new capacity. I don’t understand why you would mess up a good show like that. The concept is good, but you must bring Laz’s character back.

      • agreed. I missed it sunday and now there is no need to even try to see what happened!!!!!!!!!!! so sad

        • they had to kill Charlie “Laz” off in order to develop the story around Ray the who founded the breakout kings an for him to get his badge back

      • Yep when he died so did the show in my house. I don’t watch this any more. So long

        • wth I can’t believe it either and the show for me is over. It was just barely making it and now you tell me NO Laz? Wow this is pure torture well I am taking it off my dvr and replacing it with something else. A&E email me when Laz is back on….DEUCES

          • who cares if laz is off the show? this show is still amazing even if he isnt on it. you need to grow up because you only watch a show for one person? stupid.

  5. The writers got this one wrong. Killing off Laz on the season premiere, after being gone for over a year, makes no sense. I’m disappointed and must say I will no longer watch the show I just don’t see how this is going to work. The writers could have waited after the 4th or 5th season to kill off such a major character but you guys are still building ground and fan base. This was a bad move. Sorry to say but I will no longer support BOK. Thank you for season 1. Good luck to the rest of the cast.

    • I totally disagree…

      He was a great char and actor. But i’m sick of all the shows that follow
      the rules all the time. this was a sad moment in the show,and i hated to see him go, but this was a very good move.
      finally a show where you dont have the “oh no big deal, they’ll figure it out, eat a burger and go back to jail/home” – feeling. The writers showed they choose a great storyline and not always what the audience want…

    • They werent planning for a 4th or 5th season.
      B.K was given a chance and they prove themselves, the storyline and development of the characters attract the consumers.
      So so bluntly say, u wont watch the show cause one character got cut off. Is insane, and also there could had been personally reasons y he(money,family, etc.) got cut.

  6. I really don’t watch a lot of TV , but REALLY AND TRUELLY Breakout Kings is one of my favorite shows, BUT DAM WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE(LAZ) WAS THIS REASON I WATCHED , my TV husband is gone.I really can’t watch it anymore. Thanks

  7. The show is great! It is nice to see a really good scripted program. Keep up the good work.

  8. If your killed off Laz i am done with this show. I don’t care if he wanted to leave or not. I hope it is some kind of fake plot! It is to good a show for it to go down like that.

  9. Why in the HAM SANDWICH did the writer’s kill off Laz Alonzo? I love this show with him included in the the show. I love the cast you all picked. Whin the HAM SANDWICH did you do this us? I think A&E owes us an explination on why he is off the show. Upset fan!!!! I am not sure if I will watch again.

    • What does, the HAM SANDWICH mean?

  10. No Laz No watch

  11. One of the best shows on TV. Hope they keep it rolling. Nothing dull in it.

  12. I was so hurt when laz bit the dust, i really think it has to be a twist
    to show or was that too many brothers in one spot

  13. It is nice to finally see a decent show be continued and not cancelled. I had about given up on TV drama. Every decent show and good show seems to end abruptly. But then the dumb ones that should have been taken off stay on air for 15 or 20 years. Its nice to see Laz Alonzo with a regular and stable acting job.

  14. DAMN can black people get a break on tv dramas? It is bad enough they arent casted all that much and then when they are it is a show with multitudes of white characters and one black or minority. I mean this is 2012, we should be past the eara of the Token negro on the show. Finally a show comes out that stars a good black leading actor and you kill the guy off after one damn season? Really? A & E you really screwed this one up. One of the reasons I supported the show was because one of the main characters were black and there was an element of diversity. But now I have lost respect for the show. Just a word of advice black folks can hold down starring roles other then just being the primary suspects on First 48!

    • SO TRUE!!!!!!

  15. No LAZ, No watch

  16. Too bad A & E, producers of Breakout Kings or whoever. You have one viewer less since the “killing” off of Laz Alonzo’s character on BREAKOUT KINGS. Why does it always have to be the black man being “killed” off? Bet your ratings drop.

  17. Wow, I just can’t believe it. You killed off Laz after one season? I loved the show. No Laz? I agree with the previous comments. I don’t know if I can watch anymore.

  18. Big mistake taking out Laz Alonso. Only reason I watched it to begin with.

  19. I am disappointed that Laz has been killed off on the show. If shock was what the writers were going for, they achieved it. However, if this is not a misdirect (and I will give the show a few more episodes to hopefully bring Laz back), I will not be watching it any more.
    The chemistry of the group, with Laz in the mix, was magical. Sometimes I think networks forget that it is the relationships between the characters that make us continue to watch a show. Watching the show without Laz was like eating a cookie made with no baking soda…it was flat, hard and dry.

    • U still have shay ” Malcolm Goldwyn “

  20. I won’t be watching this show any more. See Ya!!!!!!! You killed Laz so I have turned you off.

  21. NO LAZ, won’t be watching anymore! Dumb move A&E…..too many blacks in one show, too much for you execs!? Sad!!!!

  22. I don’t miss Laz that much. I’m waiting to see what happens with Lloyd and Julianne

    • FOR SURE!!! I was a little disappointed w/ the Loss of Laz…but I’m over it. Interesting season finale… there BETTER be another season!!

  23. So disappointed about what happened to Laz. He was the primary reason I watched the show. Killing off Laz will prove to be the downfall of this show. Whoever came up with the concept should be fired. Oh, and I won’t be watching anymore. I bet BOK won’t be back for a third season.

  24. I watched the first show of the second season and saw my boo Laz get killed, and I will not watch the show anymore until he returns. He was my only motivation for watching the show. So goodbye Breakout Kings.

    • What’s the big deal of losing “LAZ?” BOK is still an “AWESOME!” show to watch!!!

  25. Killing laz was stupid season 2 makes
    No sense now. Cons r armed before atleast it made a lil
    Sense with laz conteol over cons now its just cons h
    Ahhhh my head hurts

  26. Love this show. After all the tedious UN-reality fare that now makes up most of A&E’s content – First 48 is good – it’s nice to watch something that moves along and has likeable characters, especially as they all look like normal people! I hope it’ll be back for another season, hopefully longer than season 2 was. Lowery’s psychology is interesting and usually accurate. Can you tell I’m also a Criminal Minds fan? Criminal psychology is one of my “things” and has been since I first heard of John Douglas. Anyway, I look forward to more Breakout Kings. Definitely.

  27. PLEEEEAAAASE make another season!!! I’m dying!!!

    • digo lo mismooo¡¡¡¡ otra tenporada¡¡ a mi no me afecta nada la muertes de Laz, osea si era importante pero… asi es el guion superenlo todos los de arriba, y no por eso dejaran de verla.. hay personajes mucho mas interesantes Lloyd, Zacc… todos¡¡ por fa siganlaa¡¡¡

      • What does that statement mean in “ENGLISH” mean?

  28. i love this show and even if laz isnt on it, im still going to watch it. you all just watched a show for only one character, thats not right. everyone should look at the bigger picture of the show. i support this show 100% and you all know im right. so stop worrying about one person and look at the bigger picture. smdh.

  29. Please bring it back. This was the bomb. Hated to see Charlie go but Ray stepped up and it is still a great show