‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Image Gallery: Bella’s Daughter & Amazonian Vampires

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The fantasy comes to an end – while, for others, the nightmare will (probably?) be over at last – once The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opens in theaters this fall. Breaking Dawn – Part 1 director Bill Condon will once again be at the helm, working from a script penned by series stalwart Melissa Rosenberg that reunites Kristen Stewart (Bella), Robert Pattinson (Edward), Taylor Lautner (Jacob), Dakota Fanning (Jane), and Michael Sheen (Aro), among others.

Today, we have several new publicity stills from Breaking Dawn – Part 2 – along with a few magazine covers. Those images offer a first look at Mackenzie Foy as Bella’s half-vampire daughter, Renesmee; members of the Amazon vampire coven; and Bella trying out her newfound vampire super-strength, as well as other spectacles (Twilight non-converts, try and contain your excitement).

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 picks up in the immediate aftermath of its predecessor, which concluded with Edward at last fulfilling Bella’s request to become a blood-thirsty immortal. However, their rapidly-growing child is seen as an abomination and potential threat by the heads of the Volturi (Fanning, Sheen), forcing the Cullens to seek an alliance with other vampiric clans from around the globe in order to make a “last stand” and protect Renesmee.

Check out the aforementioned Breaking Dawn – Part 2 photos (via EW) in the gallery below (click any thumbnail for the full version):

It’s worth noting a couple of these photos are not actual screenshots from Breaking Dawn – Part 2, considering Stewart is missing her newly-acquired pale(r) complexion and ruby eyes. Beyond that, there’s not much to say about these particular Twilight images, other than maybe joke about the “Amazonian” outfits being worn by Tracey Heggins and Judith Shekoni or make the usual cracks about sparkly, effeminate vampires (which are well past their expiration date, at this point).

That’s all to say: Twilight jokes don’t really pack much of a punch anymore, and there’s little reason to doubt that Breaking Dawn – Part 2 won’t have all the naysayers sounding like broken records. The real question is whether or not this final (?) installment in the mega-popular young adult series can manage to serve as a satisfying conclusion for fans. That’s actually a point of contention, as the film will cover the portion of Stephenie Meyer’s source material that is often regarded as drawn-out and anticlimactic (even by some fans of the franchise).

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opens in U.S. theaters on November 16th, 2012.


Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Sad enough, i bin a fan of da movies. I gotta watch this one. :/

  2. I dislike everything Twilight, including the pornstar-looking vampires, but damn, Kristen Stewart looks so good in these pictures.

  3. The studio should have had the sense to cancel production on future Twilight movies when it was revealed that Jacob was a pedophile.

  4. Kill me now please

  5. Let’s see – we have two vampires 17 and 19 years old and their daughter looks like she is about 12. Now the 18 year old werewolf is in love with the 12 year old daughter. Looks like the next installment will be the DHR arresting all of them for child porn.

      • oops jacob isnt in love withthier daughter

      • No – I didn’t waste my money on the movie but I did read the book. Bella is still only 19-20 years old. It’s Edward who is 110. Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee (which means he has claimed her from birth). The half vampire half human kid grows really fast so Jacob won’t have to wait until he’s like 35 to marry her so that’s a plus. Wow grow up (and try reading a book).

    • Actually he isn’t in love with her. He imprinted. That doesn’t mean they are in love. It just means when a wolf finds his soulmate and he stated in the book that he just wanted to keep her safe. And he doesn’t see her in that way,

  6. im black!

  7. you mean that what we’ve seen so far WASN’T “drawn out and anti-climactic”?

    to quote George: “oh my!”

    I’ve been VERY kind and really REALLY gone out on a very thin limb to give this series a chance. OK, I did NOT see any of the films in the theatre. but I rented them all at some point. And I just cannot help but think that they are some of the very worst film-making I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry to fans of the series, but these films are garbage. They are the cinematic equivalent of Harlequin Romances. Except the writers of Harlequin Romances KNOW that they’re writing garbage for a paycheck.

    • You can think what you want but I’ve read the books and seen the films and love them. My daughters are obsessed with the movies. Teen daughters. My oldest loves Jasper and my second loves Edward. I thought they were great! Loved it!

  8. If you don’t even like twilight why are you looking at this website? It pisses me off when people go to websites to just beak something. Get a life. Twilights awesome! And she looks 12 because she’s half vampire and half human so she grows fast.

    • Uh, it’s called Screen Rant…that’s what we do.

  9. Post more cant wait to see it

  10. Renesmee was conceived when Bella was a human, making Renesmee a half-vampire/half-human hybrid. This means that she still sleeps and occasionally eats human food, she also has a very rapid growth, making her look one month old when she is in-fact a day.
    It says all about this in the book.

  11. I personlly love the twilight saga, But im laugfing at the people that looked at these pic’s. Why did you? That right becouse you just have to make your stupid point huh? Well screw you

  12. totally in love with jake

  13. people who have never read the book will never appreciate the movie adaptions of the saga. Go Google about Imprinting before making any stupid comments. I can’t wait to watch the movie. Just can’t wait.

  14. I always want to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 in the theater, because I’m not watching Breaking Dawn Part 1 in the theater. I think it’s fair.

  15. I can’t wait! 82 more days. Patient, patient.

    • arey yaar cant wait ….. i wnt 2 c part 2 …guyzzz hu r goin 2 watch dis???

  16. Bella is really pretty so is Reneesme. I’m going to see the movie tonight so I’m exicited so yeah

  17. So just watched the last installment and the movie made it very clear – Jacob ends up with Renesseme. The last line he says to Edward while Renesseme is looking about 12 “Should I start calling you dad?” and then they show a future scene in which a grown up Renesseme and Jacob are in fact a couple. Ewwww

  18. is it adult?

  19. are make another movies

    • thats like saying they should make a 9th harry potter movie it has to end at some point it can’t go on forever.

  20. I love it! It’s the best movie:-)