Twilight Screenwriter Promises PG-13 ‘Breaking Dawn’

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Grabbing most of the headlines for the Twilight Saga‘s fourth installment, Breaking Dawn, is a list of potential directors that includes the likes of Gus Vant Sant (Milk), Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation) and Bill Condon (Dreamgirls). Heck, even the possibility of M. Night Shyamalan directing Breaking Dawn has been thrown out there.

However, one of the main issues with directing Breaking Dawn is how to adapt it from page to screen. As those who have read the novels will know, the fourth book deals with a lot heavier stuff than the first three, including [SPOILER ALERT!] Bella being pregnant and giving birth to a half-human/half-vampire hybrid baby (the birth scene is in the book – let’s see how they put THAT in the movie!).

So, with the content of Breaking Dawn being… let’s say stronger than the first three books, it could lead one to think that the movie is going to be rated R (as our Screen Rant April Fools joke proclaimed icon razz Twilight Screenwriter Promises PG 13 Breaking Dawn ).

However, all the teenage Twilight fans ready to kick and scream that they won’t be able to see Breaking Dawn without an adult can officially relax. Twilight screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg, talked to recently and she assured fans Breaking Dawn will be PG-13 just like the rest of the franchise, but at the same time wouldn’t cut anything from the story.

Here’s what Rosenberg said:

“Oh yeah. It’s completely doable [to make it PG-13]. You don’t sacrifice story by cutting language. Nor do you sacrifice story by showing less blood or gore, or whatever it is that’s bringing you to an R rating.”

“That’s your audience… In this series, you don’t sacrifice anything. There are some movies that wouldn’t play at PG-13, like ‘The Hangover,’ but this is just not one of them for me. Again, if you’re capturing character, emotion and emotional journey, you’re OK.”

Melissa Rosenberg on set with stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

I’ve not taken the time to read Breaking Dawn - or any of the Twilight books for that matter – so obviously I can’t say that I’m dying for them to keep all the story elements of the book when they adapt it. However, I can totally understand those who cherish these books wanting the filmmakers to stick as close to them as possible. I certainly wouldn’t want a mild PG-13 version just for the sake of it. If they can manage it and still keep all the necessary elements then I’m fine with the lower rating.

Of course, most non-Twilight fans who want their vampires a bit more hardcore probably want some hard-R vampire action…

Moving on from the rating of Breaking Dawn and getting back to who might direct it, Rosenberg says she has seen lists of people and has weighed in with her thoughts on who she’d like to see direct – but it’s in no way her decision:

“It’s definitely not up to me. I’ve seen lists and weighed in, and they [Summit Entertainment] always welcome input, which is lovely, but ultimately it’s their decision and they’ll do what they do and I’ll work with whomever they choose. I had no knowledge of the first three directors and it worked. Generally speaking they [the list] are people I haven’t worked with before.”

I’ve really been surprised to see the directors that the Twilight series has managed to snag over its cinematic course: Catherine Hardwicke did Twilight, Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass) did New Moon, and David Slade (30 Days of Night ) did Eclipse, which is due out in a couple of months. And as I stated, the list of potential Breaking Dawn directors is equally as surprising (and impressive!).

Who will direct Breaking Dawn?

Personally, I’d like to see either M. Night Shyamalan or Sofia Coppola take a shot at Breaking Dawn: Shyamalan because he’s done movies dealing with themes not too dissimilar to Twilight (and with The Last Airbender he has seemingly proven he can handle a big-budget tentpole film); Coppola because I can totally see her style fitting with the franchise.

Are you glad to hear Breaking Dawn will stay PG-13 instead of going R-rated? Who would you like to see direct?

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will likely be split into two movies and you can expect to see them both released sometime in 2011 or 2012. If you can’t wait that long, the third film, Eclipse, opens in theaters on June 30, 2010.

Source: (via MTV)

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  1. I am disappointed I rely would like to see Kristen and Robert take on the bedroom scene and the Birth Scene in Breaking Dawn!! I hope they do change it to RR. Im sure all the teens will find a way to go see it!!

    • I need to have it at PG-13 though. I mean, my mom is fine with me reading all of the books and watching all the movies, but I would feel so weird watching it with an adult. With PG-13, it can still be bad, but this way, I can convince my mom to just drop me and my friends off and pick us up when done. She won’t think it is bad.

  2. First off u cant stick to the book if u lower the rating…the most heated scenes are really important and u cant cut them down to fit your standards. Im not saying show them running around naked, u need to show it the way Stephanie Meyer envisioned it. Most teenagers parents have read the book and they will wanna go to see it as well. so stop trying to think what kids will say and ask the fans what they want.

  3. Why would M. Night want to do this stupid piece of garbage? No way would he stoop down THAT low. Twilight isn't worthy enough to have good directors.

  4. I would like to see it go RR…..They will be taking out alot of interesting things that will end up being taken out – including the bedroom scene and the birthing scene. If Breaking Dawn is going to be Rated PG…..its not what the Author invisioned, and I am sure there are going to be alot of unhappy fans, I know, I will be one of them! If there are Teens worrying about not being able to watch it, why can't the director/producer make a PG and a RR movie? C'mon Twilight has made ALOT of money, and most likely have more than enough to make a PG and RR. There are ALOT of other movies that have them both.

  5. Most of the teenagers that are going to see this series have read the books, and in my opinion, books are always more graphic than movies! If the parents are willing enough to let them read it they should be willing enough to take them to see it too! I think in order to truely capture the book completely it is going to have to be rated R!

  6. They should keep it PG-13. I would even prefer a little less sex and blood if it's necessary for the ratings. I am a fan of the series but don't feel a need to be subjected to that kind of material. I wouldn't see it if it were R.
    As far as directors are concerned – I would love to see Coppola's interpretation of the book.

  7. yeah i mean why would parents let their kids see a movie where people run around naked.

  8. ok… i hope they dont show any like nude or stuff like that!

  9. I hope they don’t make this film Pg-13 because you really deminish the story by doing that.the whole point behind the book is to show Bellas struggle with
    1.becoming comfortable with herself being might i say naked in front of Edward,hell half of the 3rd book is about how she wants to have sex before she is changed!!
    2.Also alot of the forth book is about how Bella struggles with the pregnancy and by making it Pg-13 you wont be able to get the full affect of the situation!
    Trust me if they make an R-Rated film all the tweens will still find a way of seeing the film they always do.
    So this is a message to Summit and Melissa Rosenburg Please do not take away the adult themes that were ever present in the book and allow the actors to sink their teeth in to the meaty roles that have been given to them by the book!!

  10. well i am not seeing it because it will be toned down to keep the kids happy URRRGH they are goanna put off alot of fans

  11. breaking dawn will loose alot older fans and they will keep the kids happy and i am not seeing it if she does that alot of fans want the gore cant she see that

  12. i am 13 and i think it should be pg-13 and that it does show some scenes like the birth and the sex but don’t show them naked cuz you will proably lose lots of fans ….

  13. and they should care about the teens cuz they are the ones that mostly love twilight so plz keep it pg-13 plz

  14. half of these lil hot tailed teens wanna see edward naked anyway lol..
    SN: i personally feel that they CANNOT fully capture the details in the book with a pg-13 movie. and i agree with candi261; if the parents are willing to let them read the book, which btw is VERY graphic, then they shouldnt mind taking their kids to see it.. PLEASE DIRECTORS!! DONT LOWER THE RATING OF THE MOVIE!!!!! STICK TO STEPHANIE MEYERS VISION!!

  15. I agree with candi261.. if these parents let there kids read the books then they will take them to see the movies.. this book is for the older kids anyways not the 13 yr olds so dont ruin it for us. im 17 and think it should be rated r so we can see what we’ve been waiting for. the birth and sex scenes are like half the book.. if those are edited out i will personally walk out of the theater and will not watch it again. Stick to Stephanie Meyers writing directors!! this is how she envisioned it so dont change it.

  16. I agree with the lot you;
    It should be RR. I’m 16 and have read a lot more graphic books then twilight, and it’s not like Stephanie Meyer describes them humping like dogs in heat. She sets up the scene and then leaves things to be imagined, which is exactly what the director should do.
    As for the birthing scene, the director should definitely leave that as is;
    like I said, Meyer dosen’t even write all that graphically and things wouldn’t be outrageously bloody or smutty if left as is in the novel.

    Also, as an experienced teen, I can state for a fact that is is cake getting into one of these movies underage(:

  17. If the Twilight fans want the movie PG-13, they could make a non-graphic sex scene, instead of a graphic one. The MPAA doesn´t actually care about the violence as long as it´s not graphic!

  18. I’m 15 and I have read all the books, and think that if they cut out the birth and sex scenes, they will basically be cutting out more than half the movie and there will be no point in making it. I don’t think it should be rated PG-13 or R, but it should be rated MA-15 because most of the fans are around that age and you can still have the birth and sex scenes as graphic as the book, they won’t need to cut out anything, obviously the actors won’t be stark naked, but the directors won’t need to make the scenes sunshine and flowers just for the 12 year olds, if the parents are allowing their child to read the books, then they should be prepared to take their child to the movie,and if they aren’t happy with that, then they shouldn’t see the movie at all.Let the movie be as it should be for the rest of us!!!!!

  19. i think they should make two movies i mean not like two complete different movies, but just cut out the graphic sex and birth scene to be rated pg 13 and have the other movie where nothing is cut out and make it rated R. Even when the dvd comes out it shoul have two versions that can be seen. it will be really disappointing tonot have tho graphic scenes in the movie, ive been waiting for breaking dawn forever to come out so i could see these scenes portrayed in the book, if those scenes are not there the movie will not be the same as the book, especially when most of the book talks about those heated scenes. so make twoo cuts!! one that rated PG 13 and one thats Rated R!!

  20. I’m soooooo glad breaking dawn is going to be pg-13 I’m 13 yrs old so ya can’t wait to see the movie. TEAM EDWARD 4EVA!!!!!!!

  21. Avatar The Last Airbender Sucked!!!!! I don’t think they should use Shyamalan. He totally messed up the plot of Avatar and and took out some of my favorite charactors. If he does Breaking Dawn it’s a possiblity that he’ll take out some of my favorite scenes. That would be AWFUL!!!!