Twilight ‘Breaking Dawn’ Movie: Rated R & Minus Lautner?

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twilight saga breaking dawn two movies parts 1 2 Twilight Breaking Dawn Movie: Rated R & Minus Lautner?

Relax, ladies, this was an April Fools joke. icon smile Twilight Breaking Dawn Movie: Rated R & Minus Lautner?

I haven’t spent any time digging into the statistics of what age groups are most attracted to the Twilight movies, but I’m pretty darned sure that a significant percentage are under the age of 17. That being the case, there are going to be either:

1. A ton of unhappy angry, teenage girls who won’t be able to see the final film(s) in the series.

2. A ton of teenage girls who will find a way to get into an R-rated movie.

What am I talking about? Well considering the fact that Breaking Dawn is darker and gorier than the preceding books – it seems that the studio wants to try releasing The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn as an R-rated pair of movies.

Seeing as that for Eclipse they hired the director of the very R-rated and very much a horror film 30 Days of Night, it doesn’t surprise me as much as it might. Summit Entertainment may have been testing the waters by hiring a director with that background and it seems they like what they’ve seen of the film. So perhaps they want to continue down that path and see what happens?

Remember that on the potential director list are M. Night Shyamalan, whose The Happening (while not very good) was certainly deserving of an R-rating with its gruesome imagery. Also on the list is Bill Condon, whose past directorial work includes one of the very gory Candyman films. Other directors in the running have also done R-rated films and have not shied away from controversy.

What this means for the box office is completely unknown – it’s a hell of a gamble any way you look at it.

taylor lautner new moon abs Twilight Breaking Dawn Movie: Rated R & Minus Lautner?

In other news, it seems with Taylor Lautner skyrocketing to fame after showing off his six-pack abs in New Moon, he may be considering leaving the franchise before he becomes trapped by typecasting. It seems he does not want to be forever known as Jacob Black (although I don’t know how much of an improvement Stretch Armstrong is).

This is, of course, a huge deal and its not known how the studio will handle this should it come to pass. They certainly couldn’t change the story enough to eliminate Jacob from it (could they?) so they’d have to find a lookalike to replace him. No shortage of ripped young actors walking around LA, but fans have become quite attached to Lautner (to say the least).

No word on who they might consider as a replacement at this time, but click here for a list of possible young actors.

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  1. yup. she sure left out the sex scenes in the book…

    “I promised I'd try. But if I hurt you, you need to tell me. I could never live with myself if I hurt you” ~Edward

    Then they had sex and the next morning, Bella said…

    “You got feathers in my hair!”
    “Practice makes perfect.”
    and then trys to have sex with him again, but he dosent let her. God, I never really thought about it but, Bellas like, a slut in this book!

    • I know Bella is kind of a slut

  2. holy crap I do!!!!!!!!!! its the one thing im addicted to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I Knew that the R-rating would be a must. I am so excited that they are considering M. Night Shyamalan as the director. He is so great. Can't wait to see what they decide. As far as Lautner, well I think he is off on the typecast thing. He is a great actor and would do great in just about anything he played. I hope he reconsiders.

  4. I Knew that the R-rating would be a must. I am so excited that they are considering M. Night Shyamalan as the director. He is so great. Can't wait to see what they decide. As far as Lautner, well I think he is off on the typecast thing. He is a great actor and would do great in just about anything he played. I hope he reconsiders.

    • omg thats a fricking great idea i love the cliffhanger.

    • Although that is a good place to end the first 1/2, i believe a better cut off to make it more even due to the fact that they can provide fair detail with the wedding,honeymoon, pregnancy, dividing of the packs,Jacob’s friendship with the Cullens, a fair cut off would be right after Renesmee is born. That way the second 1/2 will pickup with Edward working to change Bella and then it goes from there. Or after Jacob realizes he imprints on Renesmee and Bella’s eyes open after her transformation is complete,then it cuts off. Just in my opinion this leaves you more on the edge of your seat and when you think everything is going well then we found out the Volturi’s coming. This can build the the opportunity to reel the audience back in. Giving the ending, this suggested cut off to the first 1/2 builds anticipation and wouldn’t be too much of a let down esp following the Eclipse movie where an intense battle actually takes place. Some may except more action to follow in this film when it really doesn’t. If it cuts off too late all you have in the movie is knowing the Volturi’s coming, witnesses,Bella’s gift and the meeting happens then ending. But with this cut off you have Bella’s new transformation, her adapting to her new life, meeting her child,Renesmee’s gift, the Volturi’s waited arrival, witnesses, Bella’s gift, the meeting and the ending. There is too many important facts, connections and realizations in this part of the Twilight saga. To give this part of the story any kind of justice it shouldn’t be rushed through and has the potential to make both movies at least 3 hrs long. Can’t wait to see what Hollywood throws our way!

  5. Honestly, Taylor Lautner was in a few movies before Twilight, but let's get serious, Twilight (New Moon) made his career. He really needs to finish what he started and thank the good lord for the fans that have made him so big!

  6. Taylor has to do the Breaking Dawn movie because it wouldn't be the same without him. He is doing other stuff that I don't think he will be typecasted as Jacob Black, and anyways he worked to hard for the role of Jacob Black to walk away from him now.

  7. ok first off this movie has to be rated r if you read the book you would no that otherwise the movie will be no where near the book and it will suck. Teenage girls are not the only fans and im pretty sure they can wait until the movie comes out as a dvd for them to watch it. The movie would def. not wrk if Jacob isnt in it and taylor is an amazing actor and should just stick it out for the remaining two films

  8. Every night until the release of OFFICIAL cast of Breaking Dawn, I will pray that they find someone else. Really, I think that if they could find a look-alike for Victoria, they can find a look-alike for the Big-Bad-Wolf.

    • ha ha ha ha ur funni no 1 could ever replace him lol u crack me up lolz :)

  9. HAHAHAHA! – you had me there for a second – cracking up though looking at the comments – people do need to follow the links in the pages :P

  10. you guys do know you can see a rated r movie while being underage right? all u need is someone who is of legal age
    i agree though it should be r
    if that dude leaves they should get a taller actor and write it off as the growth spurt he was supposed to have two movies ago!! lol

  11. uhhhh they better rate it m 4 i can c it lol && less ppl will c it if taylor leaves i hope that is a romor

    ~!team jacob for ever !~

  12. Think about where this books focus is and what it stands for. The book is about Bella developing into an adult, into a woman. In one short period of time she becomes a wife AND a mother…oh and a different species. This is epic, and to cut things only to make it PG13 so that you can make more money with a bunch of whiney brats is wrong! WRONG! Girls, get your 17+ friends to buy you a ticket, or ask your mom to buy you a ticket…or do what we always did and buy a ticket to a movie down the hall that has a close starting time and then sneak in. It’s not rocket science. You have to cram as much as possible into these two films, and do the best job because it’s the last book and it is vitally important. It’s all us fans are going to get, it’s the last of it and it ties everything together. SO, don’t rob us fans of our joy in these books buy ripping them apart to make a child friendly movie. :)

    • OMG! I totally agree with you. This book is full of tons of important information and bella and her new life to barely fit it into 2 movies. Then making it PG13 would be pretty stupid. Its like cutting out half of the entire book. I believe that Breaking Dawn has to rated R. Im only 15 so i wont be able to get into the movie alone but my mom and older friends can take me. I have read all the books so i feel that its fair that im able to see the movie if its rated R. I also think that if you under the age of 13 you shouldnt see the movie at all because its not approitate for you. Ya, its not fair for those people but they need to get over it especially since most of the kids watching the movies havent even read the books…. My sister is only ten and she hasnt even read one word from the book and she wants to go see Breaking Dawn. But i dont think she should. Its not the right movie for her!

      • But Not Every Parent Would Allowed That.
        And If They Do, They’re For Sure Not Gonna Like All Those R-Rated Scenes And Not Buy The Movie For Their Child.

      • i agree savannah!!


  13. Please don’t make this an R-rated movie! If it’s R-rated I won’t be able to see it ’cause I’m 13 years of age and my parents already don’t like the fact that I like these movies and the books. Please…:’(

  14. Well,as far as the movie being r rated,it has to be! this couldn’t/shouldn’t be made into a child friendly movie! Besides the fact that most of the fans are below the age of 17,they could actully dig in! it doesnt hav 2 be completely legal right ;) coz if they make it child friendly,they’re gonna spoil the movie!
    And, TAYLOR HAS TO BE JACOB BLACK! nobody else! Get real,Jacob Black really made his career! He cannot just quit in the last movie. I’m sure,if he’s not a part of the movie-if he’s not the Jacob to be precise-it’s not going to be the same! I’m not watching it if he’s not in it! He’s gonna spoil all the fun!

    • I just became a huge fan of the Twilight story, and I agree with most people here. If the studio folks make Breaking Dawn child friendly, they’re gonna spoil the movie for us fans of the books! This movie saga is more true to the book series than any other adaptation I know of to date.

      I’m in my mid 20′s, and I really got into the Twilight story during Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The story line is more post adolescent, and can easily bridge the age gap of the current fan base to an older and wider audience.

      If Lautner was thinking ahead more clearly, he’d see the amazing potential for his career, not some ‘type-cast’ fear. These coming movies will have adult appeal, a whole new fan base to acquire. Whoever the —- is giving him his career advice doesn’t have a good enough read on what makes someone famous verses a mega star!

      He’ll turn his huge fan base sour to him if not. Good luck with a successful career after that! I know I personally won’t go see Breaking Dawn with one of the man characters replaced. Victoria, fine, who really remembers what she looked like anyway. But Jacob, NO!
      The many people I would have dragged to see it won’t go either.

      It doesn’t make sense. Its really just not good business either.

      • I am only going to reply to your bit about Taylor. Because, seriously? Not good for business? Maybe he wants to expand his audience beyond tweens and lonely housewives.

        You mention a fan base… in relation to his role of Jacob Black… his fan base is not for him but for Jacob Black. If you like Taylor Lautner, you wouldn’t be whining about him leaving the role of Jacob Black, you would be giving thought to what different sexy role he may be looking for.

        He is leaving because he doesn’t want to be remembered for the rest of his life as the guy who played Jacob Black. Alan Rickman has said the same thing about hating how he is recognized primarily as the guy who plays Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies. Actors and actresses make decisions that they want to keep their career in the direction they want it to be. I would much rather see Taylor Lautner in a more mature role that overshadows the popularity of Jacob Black. He has potential. If he is only remembered as Jacob Black, his career will be at a stand-still and his audience would see him in the same genre films of similar caliber… It would be a waste of his career to stay as Jacob Black.

        I like Jacob Black more than any other character in the series of books and movies. In all honesty, however, I am not a fan of Twilight. It is not my cup of tea.

    • i sooooo agree with you! The Twilight Saga deffinately will not be the same if Taylor Lautners gorgeous face and amazingggg bodyy isnt in the last movieee.. If hes not in it.. I will not watch it! I hate movies where they have an amazing actor/actress in the first one or first few then in the rest of them they change the person and I will snapp out if they change ANYONE in Breaking Dawn!

    • Heres it straight- I will NOT go see Breaking Dawn if its rated PG13. It could be one the best movies ever but itll never be as good as the book if its not rated R.

  15. Oh God! Didn’t you read the 1st part: It’s not true!

  16. This is not the only place I read this rumor.
    I just wanted to share my opinion of that,
    hopefully unlikely, possibility.

    • exactly…. So true…. To our disappoitment….:(

  17. sadly your little prank isnt completely a prank and that sucks big time. Being a twihard sincem the big ’06 gifted me, but now… Now that mine andm many many hundreds of teenagers are going to be left out. And news flash all of you out there desiring to see porn in a YA book and movie are crazy. Its FOR the “bratty teenages” as you so nicely call us, hey, you know who is wrong here? The adults! They want to see them at it on the big screen… And what do we tell our nine year old sister? “honey, you cant watch it because summit screw up”? No! They want… Stephenie knew that it was a book for YOUNG READERS when she published it…. But not once were we, her beloved fans, told, “i know you like it but you wont see the end”… Im pretty sure that that is totally wrong… Love taylor, he must stay… Love twilight!!!!!! Zoe

    • So True(:

  18. As an underage Twilight fan, Breaking Dawn has to be rated R. No fan wants the movie to be ruined by crappy improvised scenes for a PG-13 rating. Now Breaking Dawn may have a little more gore and mature content for the sake of following most of the original plotline, but that’s fine. Us fans know Breaking Dawn is mostly based on suspense and the 2 part movie idea will definitely bring out the best of it.

    As for Taylor Lautner, I been a huge fan of his role in Shark Boy and Lava Girl. He’s good looking and talented so most of his fans will be devastated if he has nothing to do with Breaking Dawn. However, as readers know Jacob Black continuously grows throughout New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn and of course Taylor Lautner can’t grow much anymore (he’s human afterall.) Jacob’s growth spurt is just a detail about being a “werewolf” and it’s not that crucial to the movie. What is going to be important is Jacob and Bella’s relationship of being friends to family and how he’s protective of Reneesme. Taylor Lautner should just stay.

  19. Ok I HATE JACOB BLACK! INFINITY TEAM EDWARD!!! And i dont care if he’s gone but that will leave a big thign out of the story if she’s going toleave they should get another one…

  20. it should be rated R

    • you are so wrong for saying that vampire and werewolf are smokin hot but they have to choose

  21. it cant be r rated coz loads of the fans will be really upset and i will cry until im old enough to see it :(

  22. so many of the fans are under 17 so they will lose loads of money

    • I know not that many tickets will sell out in the movies if its rated R they better not rate it R or I will be sad and angry until I’m old enough to see it!!

  23. I hope they don’t make the movies Rated R.

  24. i seriously think, that if they want to make breaking dawn R rated then they should, but in order to keep some of the movies younger fans, that can not see the movie they, should make a another breaking dawn at least an M rated one for the younger fans, because if they don’t they will probably lose a significant amount of fans. they should just change around the r rated parts of the movie and change it a bit to make it at least M rated, so fans wont be disappointed.

  25. HAHAHAHAHAHA. What a joke. I hope they make no money, it’s what the deserve from such a terrible franchise after all.

    R Rating. This is sending me into hysterics.

  26. Dhis is probably another twilight rumor…. but watsoever it shouldnt be rated R, it should be rated 15; as ppl said before it would not be the same if itss too child friendly becuase it wont protray the whole book, and dhats not fair for the rest of the ppl who wants to watch what exactly happens in the book. If kids under 15 wants to watch then they should make a another version for them.
    As for Taylor Lauther if he goes, then just forget it – the movie will be dead, he makes the movie interesting and funny. There is no point of of him going now if dere is one chapter left.

  27. Hope They Dont Make It R-Rated.
    If They Do Then That’s Gonna Be Really, Not Cool.
    Haah Im 15 And Going With Your Parents To Theaters Isnt The Funnest:P
    So Hopefully No R-Rated(:

    • what age group is twilight breaking dawn x x x

  28. cant wait to read stephenie myers new book x edwards side of the story x x x