New ‘Breaking Dawn’ Images Reveal Bella & Edward’s Honeymoon

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DreamWorks has been marketing the heck out of its Fright Night remake this past week, but that vampire flick won’t come close to matching the popularity of this fall’s penultimate entry in the Twilight franchise, Breaking Dawn – Part 1. You can see the latest collection of stills released from Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (including some hi-def, watermark-free versions of previously-released images) in the gallery above.

Today we have even more images of the human-vamp couple Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), as they enjoy a romantic tropical getaway.

By now you know whether your heart swoons at the sight of those two mismatched lovebirds cuddling beneath the stars or gazing longingly into one another’s eyes – or if you just want to gag in response. The only thing Breaking Dawn has to offer non-converts is the promise that director Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters, Dreamgirls) and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg will realize the bizarre and outright graphic plot twists and scenes that taken place in Stephenie Meyer’s source material in a memorably disturbing fashion.

As was discussed during the 2011 Twilight Comic Con panel, this is the first installment in the franchise that fully embraces elements of the horror genre. Those aspects of the film have been hinted at in the additional promotional photos and the official Breaking Dawn teaser released so far. You’ll have to sit down and watch the movie in order to see the actual goods, though.

Condon and his technical crew seem to have done an excellent job of visually capturing the heavily romanticized and dreamy atmosphere of Bella and Edward’s honeymoon, as originally described by Meyers. The rich colors and exquisite outfits the pair are wearing (appropriate costuming or blatant product plugs – you decide) should help highlight the happier tone of the film – in contrast to the troubling turn of events that eventually occurs.

Remember, though, this is still a Twilight movie, and with it comes the same style of dialogue, pacing, and character development that the other films had. Again, there’s no need to preach to the choir – you already know if this is going to be your thing or not.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 arrives in U.S. theaters on November 18th, 2011.

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  1. I’m really not an irrational twilight hater like every male seems to be. (I know most guys find Robert Pattinson to be next to Justin Beiber on the hate list), These films just don’t interest me enough to moan about…………………usually.

    However these pictures are so syrupy and dusted with icing sugar and romance sprinkles that it has given me a nose bleed. Super-uber-soppy-girl-stuff!



  3. we are waiting this movie for so long in the big screen .kristen and rob are verry good actor

    • haha your funny about the two being good actors. pattinson i can stand when hes acting but stewart…no.

      • Stewart was awesome as Joan Jett, Pattinson has been awesome in nothing.

  4. movies are made for many different type of people . i pretty much like any type of movie except for horror , so i’m glad twilight saga found it’s audience . never heard of it until the first one came out and since i work for a movie theatre i watched it .. they are not that bad i enjoyed them so myself personally can’t wait to finally see it conclude. so guys please don’t hate on people that loves this saga .. :-)

  5. This is stupid!!!

  6. Wait…WHAT?!

  7. Thank you, Lord, for Kristen Stewart.

  8. yeah, I tend to like every movie I see… hey I loved Green Lantern, and I think I’m the only one on Earth…

    but, put me down as one of those who just tosses chunks whenever anything twilight-related pops up.
    I’ve watched the movies. yup, every one of them.
    and wanted to toss my cookies at all of them.

    how can they make movies that even *I* can’t like?

    ok, to be fair, Michael Bay also hasn’t produced an inch of celluloid that I didn’t want to vomit after watching. And he’s another one that I MUST say I’ve given MORE than a fair shake to.

    I mean… Green Lantern! I liked it! I walked out of the theater smiling! How is it Twilight and Michael Bay both make me want to puke?

    one has vampires and werewolves, which I absolutely LOVE.
    the other makes movies about giant robots, and LOTS of explosions, which I absolutely LOVE.

    and yet… my stomach cannot handle either.

  9. Stewart plays mopey teenager in every movie she’s done since panic room (can’t comment on Runaways though, havent seen it but heard it’s different) and Patterson was good in HP and as Dali but his Edward character is so dull that no actor can come out of that looking good. These actors play the parts well but they arnt challenging parts, so you can’t exactly call them bad actors or good actors until they do more variety.

    I’m actually starting to hate twilight haters more than fans. Fans are at least honest and positive, the haters all think there superior and constantly chant the same stupid lines over and over. It’s like Beiber haters, it’s ok to not like him or his fans, but when constantly provoke something with negative and stupid comments, your just asking for attention and not really contributing anything to the table.

    Me: I’ll just be glad when the movies are done with so we can just move on.

    • Surely, it’s a sign of SOMEthing that Twilight causes such polarized reactions in its viewers. Those who love really LOVE, those who hate really HATE. It says something, but what, I can’t tell you.

      • I’m done on either side. I don’t like Twilight but I don’t hate it. It’s just generic and bland. I feel like it’s only purpose is to appeal to lovesick girls. But I don’t hate it. There are literally thousands of books just like it. What I do hate are twihards and trollers who like to bicker over how amazing/terrible it is. I just see it as they are both wrong and really just annoying argueing over nothing. Like I said, I’ll jut be happy when this whole fiasco is over

  10. Nic c movie twilight saga vry niccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc