‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Spoilers Discussion

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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Taylor Lautner The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 review, this is the place where you can discuss Breaking Dawn spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Breaking Dawn – Part 2 episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Breaking Dawn – Part 2 for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence including disturbing images, some sensuality and partial nudity. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. I love how people complain about the vampire lore being ruined. Guess what, there are many different vampire lores in history. Stephanie didn’t want to repeat the same old vampire lore. She tried to do something didn’t. Now I admit, glittering in sunlight is a bit much but at least its different. I’ve read all the Anne Rice novels, ive seen Nosferetu, studied vampire lore, so I know the story. Granted Twilight isn’t in their league, its different and I applaud the guts it takes to be different.

  2. Ok so everyones talking about the twist and stuff but did anyone notice how the wolf pack were not in it all. only sam and jake were shown in human form.


    but fair to say my jaw hit the floor when jake started strip[ping. i was the only one in the theater screaming “take off your pants!!!!” and that got alot of weird looks until other people started yelling it to, and a chick next to me took out her phone and took a picture.
    But forever live the la push wolf pack ! <3

    • Actually the werewolves were in form a couple of times through the movie

      • The baby was so poorly done oh my god . We have much better technology now .
        The ending was superb, when Carlisle got killed ,my heart jumped into my mouth,gosh I was in pain . Well done really the ending was amazing

      • i meant in human form…… i wanted to see the hot shirtless guys, not animated wolves……

  3. I watched the movie last night and I read all four books. But I’m still confused, did the cousin Irina really get killed or was that part of alices vision as well?

    • Irina did get killed. Alice didn’t arrive at the scene until AFTER she got torn apart already. I made a note of what actually happened and what was for-sight by Alice. All the way up to the point when Alice turned to Bella and whispered “Now!”, didn’t really happend.

      • Actually, I meant to say, from the point when Alice turned to Bella and whispered “Now!”, is when her vision started. When she scissor kicked Aro up in the air – that did not happen.

    • She got killed, she said she would take full responsibility for her mistake, and her death was her taking full responsibility.

    • Yes, she really died. In the book and in the movie.

  4. After seeing Breaking Dawn 1 I immediately purchased the book to see how it ended (couldn’t wait for the movie). Breaking Dawn 2 was all that and a bag of chips, I can’t believe it’s over. During the fight sence all I kept saying was, “OMG! They don’t die in the book – What is goining on”! The ending was supurb and I can’t believe it’s come to and end. I just wished there was more interaction with the other characters in the book. I would watch the Twilight Saga til the end of time (that includes any spin-offs).

    • There most likely will be spin-offs. Summit Entertainment and Stephanie Meyer and sitting on a gold mine with this. They won’t let this slip through their fingers.

      • @Jesse

        I would have to agree. The ending of this series actually left quite a few plots that can be used for the anticipated spin-offs. I mean there’s the issue about the half-mortal half-immortals (or should we call them “hybrids?”). During the entire course of Breaking Dawn 2, the story would like to show us that Renesmee was “unique,” as in, there’s no one else like her. Then, at the very end of the movie, it was revealed that this wasn’t so. There’s actually another one who’s even older than Renesmee.

        I actually have an idea for the story. It could be another trilogy that could further expand on the story of Renesmee and Jacob (well, the movie should have some kind of connection to the original trilogy, right?) but in the background, it will also focus on the Volturi’s investigation about this “hybrid” phenomenon. They would be asking questions like: Exactly how many are out there?; how long has this been going on under their noses?; and how come they have been oblivious about it? Also, their quest to determine how these hybrids would threaten the secrecy of the vampires’ existence could also come to play. Another issue the Volturi may have to consider here is this “trend” regarding vampires siring offspring from humans. What’s motivating the members of their kind to do this? I haven’t read the books but I saw a synopsis online which shows that Aro was convinced that there were too few hybrids in existence hence, they don’t pose a threat. But then, I think this situation can be tweaked for the movie, right?

        I could imagine that factions would form within the Volturi, one faction (led by Caius) would want to destroy the hybrids along with the vampires who sired them. The other faction (led by Aro, supported by Marcus) would be those who would want to leave them be. The factions would first be “civil” because Alto’s position as Volturi supreme leader is still respected. However, a full blown power struggle can be introduced later in the movie (or new series if you will) when it was somehow revealed that Aro didn’t order the destruction of Renesmee in Breaking Dawn 2 because he simply wanted to save his neck, both in the figurative and literal sense.

        So while this power struggle is going on, the Caius’ faction members are already hunting down the hybrids and their vampire fathers (I think hybrids are only possible between male vampires and female humans) which would lead Renesmee and Jacob to seek allies to protect themselves. Allies would come in the form of other hybrids along with vampires who are sympathetic to their cause. Oh yeah, Jacob’s wolf pack could also see action here.

        Anyway, like I said, that’s just an idea.

  5. During the sex scene I screamed out “GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!” The theater had a good laugh at that and there was some applauding and some cheers after that. Its was great. LOL!!!!

    • LOL

    • Actually, in the theatre I was in. After the movie finished and they did the video credits of every single character in the trilogy- when it got to Rob and Taylor, all the girls screamed and roared for them. Then when Kristens name appeared, all the GUYS cheered. It was great !

      • In our theater, people cheered for Jacob and Edward and they BOOED Kristen Stewart. They yelled “Cheater! Skank!”

        • That’s hilarious !

        • That is horrible. I hope you did not ruin the movie for all the other people in the theater, considering there were probably younger kids in the audience. Everyone makes mistakes. Rob Pattinson has forgiven Kristen Stewart, why can’t you? I mean really, get a life!

    • Team BELLA !!!!!!

  6. It’s like a catch 22. If the movie went by the book, the end would have been a big disappointment. No big battle scene. But because they altered the ending with a “fake” battle scene, it deviated from the book and people say it’s not true to the story line.

    • I thought the deviation from the book at the end was a good move. I have read all the books as well, so I was completely shocked to see Carlisle’s head in Aro’s hand. After that, I just decided to enjoy the ride and gasped all the way through until the end of Alice’s vision. So, they took a left turn and came back in without actually changing the story. That was brilliant, especially for the twihards.

  7. So I am a rational competent adult and also a total Twi Fan. I’ve loved and invested emotions in all the characters ever since the books were first written. Well I almost left the theater during the end fight seen. I was sobbing like an infant and feeling betrayed by Meyer even though she was competley in on the movies rewrite. I remembered how after the last book came out how she explained why she ended it without death and bloodshed and was grateful. Well I’m glad I stayed in my seat. She got me. It was such a relief when I realized were they went with all of it. So all I have to say is, tha’ts the reason I love going to the movies.

    • They completely got me too!!! The entire theater gasped when they showed Carlisle’s head in the Volturi’s hand…we all screamed out OMG and NO!!!! Then when we were shown that it was all in Alice’s vision there was a collective Ohhhhhh……LOL…it was awesome…but I got 100% suckered!!!

    • I know! I was utterly shocked! I knew I screamed ‘OH MY GOD!” followed by profanity my sister said. Then I continued not to be able to breathe and even said once I have to go. I can’t handle this. LOL. Funny how much you can love characters in a book!

  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! The ending was amazing the girl beside me was so ready to cry when we thought that Carlisle and jasper were dead i remember the theater going QUIET and everyone was like “WHAT???” and then someone was like “I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!” once the ending came! amazing i can’t believe twilight’s gone it is forever in my heart!!!!!!!!!

  9. lol this movie had much more humor i loved it!!!!!!!!1

  10. I have always loved the books and have thought some of the movies did not do the books any justice. However, this movie was definitely the best of all 5.

    Watching the battle sequence, I figured that was the twist that everyone had been talking about. I did not think they would kill a bunch of main characters off like that so I held on to believe that was some sort of dream or vision. I was annoyed at first since I thought that diverted from the book, but after thinking about it, it really doesn’t. The book only goes by what Bella sees or knows. We were shown Alice’s vision which could have easily included that fight scene. Edward mentions it at the end of the book to nahuel and his aunt about how Aro realized that there would be losses on both sides.

    Anyway, I think that last movie finally gave twilight fans a movie they could be truly proud of. When you are a fan of the books as much as I was but was really disappointed in the movies, you really look forward to a movie that was well thought up and well done like breaking dawn 2.

    It’s sad to know the saga is complete but that’s why it’s always great to Reread and rewatch the movies. Overall, best movie of all 5!! :)

  11. So, I haven’t seen the movie and probably won’t be able to. But, does anyone actually die in the real end?

    • Only Irina, the blond vamp with the grudge.

  12. CGI baby was terrible. Acting was awful! Screenplay seemed so choppy. Feel like they skipped so many good parts. Love scenes were not believable after scandal…My friends and I have been to all the movies together and this one was terrible. Fight scene was good but they could have done more with all the powers. They downplayed Bella’s shield too much though.

  13. Ok, I loved the twist, thought they did a great job in adding some action with the battle scene at the end. Otherwise, it would have been one boring movie if all these vampires show up and nothing happens. I get it, they needed that twist. But I’m stumped about something. In the vision that Alice shows to Aro – you see the wolves fighting, you see Jacob and Nessie running away. How can that be explained??? I thought Alice could not anyone’s future that involved the wolves and even Renesemee? That is the part that I’m having trouble with.

  14. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but considering I was a hard-core Twihard, I REALLY hated this movie. Yeah, it was alright up until the point when Alice and Jasper returns. This will probably seem really childish, and people who in general will Definatly not understand, but if I said that over the past few years, twilight has meant everything to me. The first film came out as I was going through my stressful teenage phase, and twilight was the one constant that kept me going. I was in love with Edward Cullen, and the whole idea of immortality, so much so, that I became addicted. I was crazy about it, I went to all the midnight showings, and if I ever saw some twilight or vampire related merchendise, then no questions asked. I would buy it. I loved twilight so much, that despite them being fictional characters, the Cullens, and Jacob, became my ‘family’. The reason I hated BD pt 2, was, as I am fortunate enough not to have known anyone to die at my current age of 19 years, I had never really felt grief before. So the moment the Volturi ripped Carlisles head off, I completly fell to pieces! Not only had a member of my ‘family’ died for the first time ever, but it was done in such a terrible way that my insides turned to ice. It was the first time I had felt real grief, and my heart just kept getting colder and colder every time a cullen or wolf got decapacited. It was horrible! I was sobbing the whole way through, and I was so distraught that I almost got up and left. However, im glad I didn’t though, because I then found out that it was only in Alice’s vision, which would only happen if Aro decided to attack, so it was a huge sigh of relief when it didn’t actually happen, however, my heart was still clenched and I couldn’t focus on the rest of the movie because I was still grieving from that scene. Yes, i am aware that it ‘didnt really happen’ and its only fiction, but it was just the fact that I had witnessed my ‘family’ being ripped to shreds, that destroyed me. I feel that my whole experience with the twilight saga had been destroyed

    • I know what you are saying. It’s like having a very bad nightmare. It really didn’t happen but you wake up still effected by it.

    • YES! I was the same exact way! I was absolutely hysterical about Carlisle dying. Same with Jasper. But after it was just a vision, I got sooo ticked off. I literally couldn’t enjoy the rest of the movie. Don’t get me wrong, the fight scene was really good. It keeps you at the edge of your seat. But the way it began just ruined it for me.

    • She knew that they would just be running and she could see that Demetri would be following them and when Leah died she could have seen Jacob would be upset to the point where he would win a fight with Demetri

    • Really? it’s not that heavy. Maybe you should seek counseling.

  15. Wowww i loved the movie so much!!! though the end did nearly give me a hard attack. I would have been the most saddest and most deppresed person in the world if Alice’s vision had not been a vision. I mean at first I cried so much when they killed carlisle, jasper, jacob,and seth and then they werent dead and all was right in the world. One thing i do know for sure though is that there WILL absolutly be a sequel and when it does come out I’ll be firts in line to watch it!!!

    Twihard FOREVER!!!

    • They never killed off Jacob.

  16. My friend sitting next to me, who has never read any of the books but loves the entire movie saga,screamed such a loud “NO” when they showed Carlisle’s head, that the audience on our end looked at us. Then, when Jasper was killed, forget it, she was about to jump off her seat, it was so fun to watch. I knew the ending, read it online. Don’t regret spoiling it for me, I would have been so confused. Glad I knew what would happen at the end.

  17. Did anyone realize that Alice see’s the whole fight with the Volturi in the future.. (When Aro is holding her hand)..

    But hang on… In New Moon, she explained that she can’t see anything in the future if it involves the wolves…. (Hench why she thought Bella killed herself by jumping off cliffs)..

    AAAAAAND… She saw Jacob and Renesmee on the beach with Edward and Bella…

    Stephanie Meyer, You ballsed up the movie..
    Why didn’t you just do it like you wrote in the book?

    • I know what you are saying, but imagine how “sucky” the final battle scene would have been if they didn’t involve the wolves. It just makes for better action scene, although it goes against comprehension.

  18. I loved the movie, yes, but I saw a couple major flaws.
    The biggest one I can think of is the editing of Renesmee’s face as she grew. It looked so ungodly fake, that by itself gave a bad impact on the movie. Come on. It’s 2012. After all the money they’re making, they could have made her face more realistic. At LEAST get younger kids that looked like Mackenzie Foy in there! In my honest opinion, that would have been better than the editing! Ick.
    And the second is that famous battle scene.
    I don’t know about anybody else, but after the huge battle scene, once it turned out to be Alice’s vision, I got really mad afterwards… I couldn’t even focus on the rest of the movie. I don’t know if it’s my short attention span, but I just couldn’t.

  19. I rated it a 3 out of 5 due to the dissappointing fight, since it was just a vision of Alices all along, it would have been sooo much Better if the audience saw Edward die (or Bella even). The way Dakota Fanning died. I think she should have been decapitated as well or a more grusome kooler death. Her death didn’t serve us justice to how mean she was. This movie would have been perfect if they would’ve. Surprized us with a death of one of the major lovers, Carlise death just wasn’t enough…then seeing it was all just Alices vision and the lovers survived all along, would and could’ve been heart stopping. I’m really dissappointed walking out of the cinemas tonight :(

  20. Somebody post a pic of the fake baby newborn.

  21. This was a great movie. I’ve loved Twilight before the movies so to go into the theaters thinking one thing then seeing another was shocking and jaw dropping. When Carlisle was brutally killed I stopped breathing and prayed that Miss Meyer didn’t sell out to those movie directors and producers. When it was just a vision I was relieved and even more happier to finally watch as Edward got to see Bella’s thoughts and memories for the first time. This was my favorite book in the saga and I feel they did a wonderful job presenting this amazing finale.

  22. I thought the way Dakota died was fitting. Im pretty sure she was decapitated as well, she was killed by her natural enemy and Sam got his revenge on her for her hand in killing Seth. But hey Im Team Wolf so I loved any of the wolfish action, which this movie was seriously lacking!!!

    • Dakota is such a wonderfully talented Actress. She made me wish her dead LOL (only in the movie).I love the mixed emotions at the end Twilight fans will be talking about it for ever.

  23. One of the best movies I’ve ever seen was worth the year wait. Wow, what an ending I loved it! Had to watch it twice

    • The emotional ride is quiet different when you watch it the second time. When it gets to the you know where part of the movie a slight smile visits you face!

  24. I loved all the movies but this one. The ending was Anti-Climatic. The battle scene was shocking, but when it was revealed as “Alices Vision” I was disappointed. I had gotten used to this new version of the story and wanted to see it through. I wanted to see Jacob and Renesmee get free and all the surviving members of the Cullens to find each other and start a new life. Alice should not have been able to see the futures of the Wolves or Renesmee. If you are going to deviate from the book then make it interesting, otherwise stay true the book. This “Hybrid” just fell short.

  25. Did no one else find this totally “Dallasesque”? Yep – showing my age. I thought “wow – what a cheesy, easy way to end the story.” I was embarrassed for Stephanie. I realize I am completely in the minority here and I admit, it was a good fight scene (and Kristin Stewart made a good mother -never thought I’d say “Kristin Stewart” and “good” in the same sentence) but I don’t get it. At all. I felt so cheated. Bella is supposed to be the hero, not Alice. Plus – they cheated me out of what I thought would be some great montage training scenes! Major disappointment for me. Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised. Wolves are supposed to be tall and I’m supposed to like Bella’s character, so why would they keep the ending the same? Silly me. Everybody made their tons of money, so most are happy. I just missed the actual book storyline in these movies. I’m kinda glad they’re over. Now I don’t have to dread how they screwed it up anymore!!!

  26. When I first saw the fight scene (Alice’s vision) I thought it was real! When Carlisle and Aro jumped in the air and crashed, I thought Carlisle was going to get up until everybody in the theater saw his head.. We all gasped and where shocked! Then when they threw the fire on his body after having hope they could be able to put him back together, I practically fell out of my chair. Then when they killed Jasper and Seth I almost had a panic attack!!! I also thought it was cool when Aro and Jane died… Have no idea why I did. After Alice’s vision ended my mouth crashed to the floor and I heard a couple of people in the seats behind me say “OMG what just happened”?! I also thought it was cool that Bella was a vampire now and Renesmae was in the movie. I was shocked on how much the girl who plays Jane grew up because I didn’t recognize her I thought they fired her or something!

  27. Oh I forgot to add is that I thought it would have been cool if the fight scene was real because I wanted to see what they would do and I also wanted to see Jacob and Renesmae’s future instead of a small little preview of it, I also wanted to see some shirtless guys here?! Nope just wolves!!! Animated wolves I should say…

  28. The movie was actually pretty good once you ignore the really sappy love smootching made for the teen gilr fans.

    Final battle had my adrenaline pumping.

    I was expecting something from the vampire Alistair. They way he was introduced and prtrayed i thought he was going to serve some puprose but just disapears? What did he do in the books?