‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Spoilers Discussion

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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Taylor Lautner The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 review, this is the place where you can discuss Breaking Dawn spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Breaking Dawn – Part 2 episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Breaking Dawn – Part 2 for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence including disturbing images, some sensuality and partial nudity. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. I thought that the “future sequence” with everyone dying was awesome, and was disappointed it wasn’t real, not because I like seeing characters die, but it just felt like something was actually happening. I didn’t like in the book how it ended with just a long stand off, and I thought faking everyone out, while fun and amusing to watch, was a bit of a cop out.

    On the other hand, I do agree it was the best one of the franchise.

  2. I thought Breaking Dawn 2 was the best one . I can’t wait to buy it on DVD .. nO DISSAPOINTMENTS Here ..

  3. I highly recommend seeing this film. Ot’s absolutely amazing. Incredibly loyal to the book, the big twist does the book justice and its and edge of the seat movie. Has everything you want to see in the movie and i felt that it lived up to its expectations. I plan on seeing this as many times as i can! Seriously good movie. 100

  4. Just saw it today. It was good, and the battle scene got my blood pumping but then, I was kinda’ thrown off after it was revealed to be just a vision of the future. It felt like an abrupt stop in a roller coaster ride.

    Still, it was enjoyable enough and I agree with the review that was posted in the other thread.

    Just want to ask, did anyone here stayed in the theater until the very end of the credits? Were there any epilogue scenes there?

    • I stayed through the entire credits, there is no extra scene at the end. The last thing they show is all the pictures of the characters throughout the series. The rest of the credits are just normal.

    • Yes I did however there wasn’t anything special like was hinted at little disappointed but the greatness of the movie made up for it!

  5. It sucks to a normal moviegoer like myself,but for the f****** fans, they’ll poop,and they’ll poop everywhere. The cgi baby is the worst! Or the visual effects in general. The dialogue is awful as always. The kind of battle sequence thing was a disappointment.

    • Ya I have to agree the cgi baby was not it’s best but when it comes to that they are still learning. When I read the book I wondered how they would do that. I do not think it was very convincing but like I said they are still learning how to cgi one person’s face on to another’s lol!

    • The cgi baby reminded me of that cgi baby doing those E-Trade commercials.

  6. I probably have no plan in seeing this as I have never watched any of the series except most of the first one.

    I do have a question, and answer for that question but would like verification.

    Bella has a child that is a hybrid and she dies/is going to die giving birth only to have Edward bite her making her a vampire saving her.

    How does the child age so quickly? The assumption would be Bella is dead for a bit (5 years?) while she transforms into a vampire.

    Is that a correct assumption?

    • Actually, you don’t get an explanation for that in the movies lol I have never the freaking books.

    • no its not correct… if u’d read the book u’d know that her child being a hybrid she ages a lot faster than a normal child but once she reaches i think it was said in the book 18yrs old she stops aging… of course again i believe it is when she reaches the looks of an 18 year old she stops aging…

      • Why would she stop aging at 18?

      • it was 7 years

    • NO, Bella is only changing for two days. The baby reaches adulthood in 7 years since she is a hybrid.

    • Bella’s transformation takes 3 days, not 5 years. The child grows rapidly, stopping at about age 7 with the looks/maturity of a young adult.

    • It is in the book that she will reach complete physical maturity after about seven years; because she is a hybrid and it started within conception,at which point she will stop aging and live forever.


  7. I cant wait till mondays podcast…

  8. All this hybrid talk…Aren’t most vampires hybrids? A vampire bites a human and if he/she doesn’t die then they become a vampire and will stay the same age for eternity. So, forget what you’ve read / seen in these Twilight books/movies. They pretty much destroy the myth of the vampire.

  9. This movie totally sucked. Totally.

    • Thank you for saying that. Thank you! It was just the worst.

      • probably the worst twilight movie ever

  10. Screamed, can not get scene with Carlisle’s head held by Aro out of my head!!! Best yet, super pleased with the ending.

    • Was so pissed when I thought he died. I was like “WTF, u have to be f***ing kidding me!!” my wife looked at me like I was crazy. Cuz the whole time she dragged me out to the midnight showings to see all these movies and I always complained, but this movie I enjoyed and it had me going. She was surprised. Lol.

    • I can’t get it out of my head either. Keep thinking about it

  11. I dont care much about the twilight saga but went to see the midnight premier with friends. I was impressed with the cinematography of this 5th movie. I believe it was the best one of them all. It sets you up and gets you connected with the characters and at the end, takes you by surprise. Very well edited and presented. I wouldnt mind seeing it again.

  12. Loved the movie. I am a big fan of all the movies and the books. I wasn’t really surprised, though, I pretty much knew they weren’t going to kill Carlisle and the other main characters in the movie. That would’ve been too much of a departure from the books. For those who haven’t read the books, probably more of a shocker that it wasn’t real. Loved it and am sad to see it end!

  13. The “twist” obviously didn’t happen in the book, so in the theater last night, tears streaming down my face, SCREAMING at the screen, I decided it was the worst thing they could have done to the Twilight movie. I decided the second Seth got his neck snapped. The rest of the night, I was in shock and hysterics. I couldn’t sleep, even though I knew they were still alive. In other words, to describe the movie, how about this; Wow.

    • Oh my god i was the same, i didnt care when jasper and alice died (Im team werewolf) But the moment seth died i bawled my eyes out and was about to walk out. i honestly think the movie was a waste of 11.25$ and 2 hours of my life.
      1.) Did you notice the wolf pack were not shown once (in human form)
      3.) i didnt see seth at all. i know i already said the wolf pack and seth is appart of them but that pissed me off to no end.
      i am severly scared for life and cant stop seeing seth die in my head. and i waited a year to just see the wolf pack do one more twilight movie.
      Highly Disappointed.

  14. This movie was garbage really expected more out of it what a waste of time and my 10 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I loved I just cous dying was so sad. I wanted to scream. Couldn’t believe they were killing off the characters we grew to love. I sat on the edge of my seat with my hand over my mouth in utter disbelief. Then it was over and reality hit. I was so happy. I love all of the Twilight movies, but this was the best. It just wasn’t long enough. I though they should have Bella waking up to the room full of people, not just Edward

  16. I thought this, considering all the mostly bad twilight films before it, was actually okay even though still heavily flawed. Its still slow-paced until the future sequence. I enjoyed that sequence because I thought with every head decapitation would also mean that actor’s career is ending… until the revelation that it was just a vision. I thought the final scene and the credits were touching farewell scenes for the fans although kind of a bit overdone. Twilight films from best to worst for me

    1. Breaking Dawn Part 2
    2. Eclipse (Liked the climax because it finally gave me some interesting moments.
    3. Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Filled with bad effects and unintentional humor.
    4. Twilight (Dull and boring throughout)
    5. New Moon (How can even Twilight fans like this? It’s just Stewart torturing herself for Edward’s image.)

    Overall, not a Twilight fan.

  17. Best one yet. SPOILER ALERT

    Only complaints were bella not waking up to her family.

    J JENKS was lame. Butchered his scene and character. I envisioned him more as the “inconceivable” guy from princess’s bride, nervous and more than willing to help from fear. Didn’t even come close with this character.

    Jasper went out lame. Supposed to be the best fighter and he is the first to die.
    Loved Jane, CAIUS and Aros deaths. Sad for Seth though.

  18. Possibly the worst movie ever made! The article said the production value was higher, but you couldn’t tell by the quality. The baby scenes (where Bella sees her baby for the first time- and pretty much through the entire movie) are pathetically cartoon-ish. And then there was the eyes! The EYES! An attempt to accentuate the child’s eyes made them seem alien. The moment the baby brought her hand up to Bella’s face, I almost burst out laughing. It was a cartoon, right? Yes. I’m pretty sure they could have worked a little harder on the baby’s hair. It seemed as though she had a head full of pubic hair.

    The acting was dreadful and annoyingly pedestrian. I really didn’t expect much, but this did not belong on the big screen. I won’t say anything about the plot and writing other than, horrible.

    The entire audience laughed at what I can only assume was to be a scary cackle from Aro during the “battle scene.” It comical, but I’m not entirely convinced it was intended as so. Figures.

    Should have gone straight to DVD and then to the trash.

    Why did I bother to see this waste of money? I was dragged by my partner. So glad it’s the last one. SO GLAD!

  19. i loved it! was really happy when we found out it was all just a vision 😀 really sad its over though :(

  20. I enjoyed the movie. It was definitely the best one of the series next to eclipse. I was worried about them rebounding from BD-Part 1 but definitely pulled it off. It did a better job of sticking to the book then other adaptations did, though still way off on a lot of parts that i felt the book executed better.

    PROS: -great cinematic factor (really keeps your attention throughout)
    -great battle scene and use of theatrics tied in with that
    -good editing (though i would have loved to see more, movie really had a nice flow to it. Wasted no time
    getting rolling.)
    -LAST ONE!!!! (Huge fan, but glad it’s over)

    CONS: -biggest con……well not really a con as it is a request would be EMMETT vs. FELIX!!!!!!!!!!!! (would really loved to have seen that battle. Since it was a fantasy battle from a vision they could have really utilized that opportunity to have an all out slug-fest between who we know to be Twilights’ two most powerful Vampires….RIGHT!!!!)
    -Anyways, next is Jasper dying so quickly, it really contradicts the Jasper from Eclipse.
    _The movie felt a little short, would have liked to see some more back stories on some of the main characters
    incorporated to feel out the movie more.
    -Poor CG work on the baby. Just looked creepy….. enough said about that.
    -last one (huge fan, sad to see it go.)

    • I agree! They should have had an Emmett VS. Felix stand off! How cool would that have been to see Emmett rip his head off!

  21. Honestly best movie. The saga was built up once I saw everyone dying in the fighting scene I was screaming for them and once I found out it was just a vision I was left completely silence. Totally fooled me.

    • I loved it! Gave me something new. I sat in my seat expecting it to be totally routine. Same things I knew form teh book. Then blam! Total curveball! I was freaking out then it was just one of Alice’s visons. What a relief. I was balling my eyes out! Exspecially when Leah save Esme! Good to know that even though Leah has problems with Esme in teh end she would give up her own life for her. Shows how truelly human even they are. I just loved it! Have to admit was a lil dissapointed in teh cottage but it was nice. I don’t know what I was expecting but that wasn’t quite it. It was like it was missing something.

  22. I went to see the new one last night and i have to say eclipse is still my favourite. i didnt really like how overly confident bella was i think it ruined her previous character . edward definately has got better looking however none of them are as pale.as they was in the first books. the computer graphics they tried to do on the baby with a mature face looked poor. jacob turned into a big softie. but everyone sighed relief when it was just a future scene of what could happen with the fight. my favourite part was the ending when she showed him the flashbacks of their first memories proper romantic.overall id see it again because im a fan but not the best one.

  23. I went to see the new one last night and i have to say eclipse is still my favourite. i didnt really like how overly confident bella was i think it ruined her previous character . edward definately has got better looking however none of them are as pale.as they was in the first films. the computer graphics they tried to do on the baby with a mature face looked poor. jacob turned into a big softie. but everyone sighed relief when it was just a future scene of what could happen with the fight. my favourite part was the ending when she showed him the flashbacks of their first memories proper romantic.overall id see it again because im a fan but not the best one.

  24. Unlike other Twilight movies, the Breaking Dawn part 2 appears low budgeted and underdeveloped. Where the woods in other installments look so real and convincing, background shots in this latest movie look awkward as if they have just been plastered behind the characters. The CGI Renesmee was quite understandable, but the background shots weren’t. However, the Breaking Dawn team has managed to give a good view of the war side of the story. The battle scene has left me and my friends at the edge of our seats, wanting to rip the heads off of the Volturi because of the damage they have done.

  25. This was the best movie of the franchise. Because it veared off from the book, it gave the readers and the non-readers of the book an exciting film to watch. Much better paced than the other movies. I am a fan and was dissapointed by the other movies, but this one I will see again.

  26. OMG! I was balling my friggin eyes out! Ok I was totally shocked when the “battle” started but I knew someone was going to wake up or something. Did not start crying until poor Seth got smooshed that did me in! I adore Seth! Then I managed to compose myself only to be brought to complete tears when Leah save Esme! Then I almost vommited when they attempted to rip Edward’s head off. Not teh act of ripping someone’s head off but Edward’s head! The reson why is because if they did change it and this was teh end of the movie Edwrad had to atleast survive, Edward and Bella in order to keep things going. Then when they pulled away and Alice began to explain to Aro I started sobbing! In relief. Ya I know it sounds cheesey but I am one of teh few people left in the world that actually has feelings. The cgi on the baby well was not very convincing but you had to do what you had to do. Cinema wise yes most definantly by far best movie of teh franchise! Love the twist. I feel liek it gave us hardcore fans something new. I began teh movie sitting back in my seat liek always expecting teh same ol same ol then the “battle” started. Had me all excited all over again! So worth it!

    • I totally agree with you!!!! I was SO shocked when Alice’s vision was over. My friend came with us and when the vision was done, she said that had accidentally swished the popcorn barrel XD!!!!

  27. I loved the movie I would of enjoyed more of it like to see Nessie and Jacob more of what happens in their lives, thought it would of been nice if Rene was in pt 2, I loved the part where Jacob started stripping in front of Charlie the vision of the battle was intense but was relieving to me that it was a vision and not the ending. Can’t wait til it is out oc DVD

    • Maybe they’ll do a spin-off movie focusing on Jacob and Renesmee.

  28. I loved all the Twilight movies! But this one is the best! It had a lot of humor in it. I was laughing when Bella found out about Jacob imprinting on Renesmee, and also at Edward’s reaction to Bella throwing Jacob around! And the humor throughout. I was in tears at the end when I thought they killed off Carlisle, Jasper and Seth. I was cheering as they got Jane & Aro! Then I was laughing again with Aro’s reaction to the vision! Then, I cried again…realizing this is the last movie…

  29. This movie is definitely one of my favorites out of the franchise. The humor of Edward chuckling at Bella punching Jacob around and Charlie’s expressions when Jacob started stripping in front of him. LOL. Also, right after I finished reading the book, I was kinda pissed with Stephenie Meyer with how she ended it with only 1 person dying at first. Felt that it was built up to be a huge battle. But seeing how the battle would have gone down, made me actually change my mind about that. I would have much rather the book ending happen, then have Seth, Jasper, and Carlisle die. :(