‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Review

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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Taylor Lautner Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Review

It’s fitting that the final chapter in their storyline also offers the most fun and excitement thus far – not to mention serves as the entry that could change a few minds.

The final Twilight saga chapter, Breaking Dawn – Part 2, was always expected to face an uphill battle with anyone but diehard fans of Stephenie Meyer’s supernatural romance series. Despite blockbuster box office returns, Breaking Dawn – Part 1 was met with largely negative reviews and the sense that splitting the final Twilight book into two parts arguably proved to be a disservice to the quality of the film adaptation – even if it doubled-up profits for Summit Entertainment.

It goes without saying that moviegoers who are simply uninterested or cynical about the Twilight franchise will not enjoy Breaking Dawn – Part 2 – as the film still contains the usual series staples (shirtless Taylor Lautner, glittering vampires, melodramatic romance, etc). However, does the final entry, once again directed by Bill Condon (Dreamgirls), ultimately deliver a filmgoing experience worthy of recommendation to cautiously curious fans of entertaining cinema – in addition to the already strong Twilight series faithful?

Surprisingly, yes. As mentioned, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 isn’t going to win-over the franchise’s longtime critics and, given the amount of ties to past events and characters that dominate the proceedings, it’s still hard to recommend as a standalone experience for the uninitiated. That said, out of the (now) five film series, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 easily includes the most straightforward plot and, instead of dwelling on the core Bella, Edward, Jacob love triangle, manages to deliver a competent (albeit still campy) “war” story – complete with a fun cast of supporting heroes/villains and a finale that ends the current saga with a fiery bang. Condon shot Part 1 and Part 2 at the same time but the difference is staggering, as the latter installment is stronger in nearly every single way imaginable, with a focused story, higher production values, and a number of appealing setups. It’s still an overly-dramatic and downright cheesy escapade but, unlike most of the prior entries, Breaking Dawn – Part 2  offers enough fun for appeal to a slightly broader audience.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Christopher Heyerdahl Michael Sheen Jamie Campbell Bower The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Review

The Volturi (Christopher Heyerdahl, Michael Sheen, and Jamie Campbell Bower) in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′

The Breaking Dawn – Part 2 story picks up directly after the events of Part 1: wherein Bella (Kristen Stewart) nearly lost her life during the birthing of her half-human, half-vampire daughter, Renesmee - only to be turned into a vampire at the very last minute by husband, Edward (Robert Pattinson).

In Part 2, newborn vampire Bella awakens from a post-transformation slumber and wastes no time in testing out her new supernatural powers. Unfortunately, after being reunited with Renesmee (now played by Mackenzie Foy), Bella and her daughter – along with werewolf/one-time love interest Jacob (Taylor Lautner) – are spotted by Cullen family “cousin” Irina (Maggie Grace) who mistakes Renesmee for an “immortal child” (read: a child who has been turned into a vampire and, as a result of their juvenile lack of self-control, risk exposing the existence of vampires to humans). Irina reports the Cullens to the Volturi, the vampire ruling class and police force, known for their ruthless handling of similar situations. In an effort to clear their names, and reveal the truth of Renesmee’s parentage, the Cullens recruit a roster of international vampire “witnesses” to help set the record straight or, should the Volturi choose to be unreasonable, fight to the death.

While Breaking Dawn – Part 2 still relishes in sappy cliches about “true love” and hyper-romanticized encounters between Bella and Edward, the larger plot is actually very straightforward and finds a successful balance between the sentimental franchise camp and some genuinely entertaining changes to the established format. The majority of scenes still present eye-rolling moments but, freed from all the overly-complicated teen romance, Part 2 allows a number of characters to step outside of the drama for unique moments to shine – revealing that the core Twlight universe has more going for it than the love triangle focus of earlier movies. Abstract core elements (such as the Volturi, “imprinting,” and the dangers of “immortal children”) are all explained with mostly natural exposition or engaging flashbacks – educating uninitiated audience members on the primary character beats in play.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Kellan Lutz Kristen Stewart The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Review

Emmett (Kellan Lutz) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) arm wrestle in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′

Watching Bella experiment with her newfound powers is amusing to watch, and a welcome change of pace from her cringe-worthy descent into sickness and death in Part 1, but the real stars this round (for anyone who isn’t already grounded in Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Bella) is the international cast of vampires who come to aid (or in some cases mock) the Cullens for their plan to face the Volturi. Not only do some of the characters offer enjoyable riffs on traditional vampires, the film focuses heavily on each Twilight vampire’s “gift” (aka: super powers) – leading to a number of slick comic book-like “heroes” such as Benjamin (Rami Malek) with Airbender-ish control of elements in nature and chilling “villains” such as Alec (Cameron Bright) who can rob opponents of their physical senses.

On the battlefield, the combination of super-powered hero vampires, rough and tumble shape-shifting wolves, as well as blood-thirsty Volturi combatants, makes for a rousing last confrontation that is as outrageous as it is amusing (it would also make for a crazy drinking game: one drink for every decapitation). The final Twilight set-piece doesn’t come close to matching the scale of the assault on Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 but, compared to the flat visuals and underwhelming action beats in prior Twilight entries, the closing moments of the film definitely raise the series bar and should provide a satisfying conclusion for Twihards – along with fun surprises for less-knowledgeable viewers.

Still there’s no doubt that the film is held-back by mushy character moments and a “budget” look (despite the franchise raking in over $2.5 billion at the global box office) – both holdovers issues from earlier franchise entries. Even though there is no “talking wolves” colloquium this round, there are still a number of unintentionally humorous exchanges and awkward visuals (especially CGI baby Renesmee) that undercut the quality of the filmmaking – even if the final film itself delivers a worthwhile experience for its intended audience.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Judith Shekoni Tracey Heggins Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Christian Camargo The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Review

Judith Shekoni, Tracey Heggins, and Christian Camargo ready to fight in ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′

It’s unlikely that Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is the end of the Twilight movie franchise (given all the talk of spin-offs or further sequels) but Stephenie Meyer remains clear that it is the end of Bella and Edward’s tale. As a result, it’s fitting that the final chapter in their storyline also offers the most fun and excitement thus far – not to mention serves as the entry that could change a few minds about the available potential in the larger series. Naysayers aren’t going to be won-over (and have plenty of fair criticisms) but it’s easy to imagine that some initially reluctant viewers might be less adverse to further Twilight installments after their time with Breaking Dawn – Part 2. In our review of Part 1 I contended that, considering the passion and support of the Twihard community (not to mention resulting blockbuster profits), Summit Entertainment owed faithful fans better quality Twilight films – and Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is definitely a step in the right direction.

If you’re still on the fence about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, check out the trailer below:


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Let us know what you thought of the film in the comment section below. If you’ve seen the movie and want to discuss details about the film without worrying about spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it, please head over to our Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Spoilers Discussion.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Breaking Dawn – Part 2 episode of the SR Underground podcast.

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence including disturbing images, some sensuality and partial nudity. Now playing in theaters.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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  1. I understand that such popular thing must be reviewed on this site and all but I just can’t stop the feeling that it’s unnecessarily nice.

    “have plenty of fair criticisms” that’s good. I’ve seen those movies (rifftrax versions) and I agree with all the points they’ve madev(as well as brilliant Honest Trailers and countless other parodies). The Twilight series (not saga) has definitely the worst possible flaws such movies (and books) can have. There’s just too many to list: creepy, obsessive, pedophilic (imprinting), abusive romance, padding, terrible dialogue, acting, controversial overtones, things that don’t make sense, things that are thought up as they go and so on.
    It’s so laughably bad that I’m sorry but liking these movies in any other way than ironically is just fooling yourself. i doubt “Batman&Robin” is cherished here so why would this?
    3 star out of five probably just because twi-hard will get what they want. Good laugh.
    All of these, these reviews, these news and all of that crap passes over that there are points in what “haters” say about it. And never did I see anyone even trying to deffend them. Just ignoring.

    • A 3/5 is hardly a “cherished” endorsement and I didn’t choose the score based on what fans would want to see (We’ve been pretty tough on previous entries). The fact is that this film is more accessible and more enjoyable than the others.

      As I mentioned, people who aren’t interested in the movies aren’t going to be won-over but it is a better film: “There are still a number of unintentionally humorous exchanges and awkward visuals (especially CGI baby Renesmee) that undercut the quality of the filmmaking – even if the final film itself delivers a worthwhile experience for its intended audience.”

      • But many problems that this series has would be a killer to any other franchise. And these are really serious issues. The worst that a teen romance story can have and that are highly controversial.
        The best we can do is to ask ourselves what makes a good romance story and then think whether “Twilight” has it.

        I enjoyed these movies I’m not going to deny that. But with so many other good (not “so bad it’s good”) movies getting overlooked no wonder people can get angry.

        And I don’t care if someone likes these books/movies. I also like some things that people can make fun of (who doesn’t?). But that’s not the point. The point being: with so many other good or even mediocere movies, giving so much attention to Twilight, giving 3/5, pretending not to laugh at its ridiculous posters seem like…I don’t know a patronizing pat to the head.
        So maybe it’s not so bad after all to give them fans some love after all the hate but still I tell you there are so many serious issues that it seems impossible and no one can defend it because all I get is: “I know they suck a bit but still like them.”
        ehh guilty pleasures.

        • I don’t disagree with you’re reasoning. I can only speak for why I scored it the way that I did.

          That said, scoring the films is especially subjective and, frankly, the hardest part of our job – since a 3/5 to me doesn’t necessarily translate into the reaction I’m expecting from others.

          In general, I thought this one moved along quickly enough with its preparing for war plot line that it didn’t get bogged down in a lot of the normal series problems (that made other entries unbearable for non-fans). Interestingly though, it seems like maybe they pushed the envelope too far in that direction – as some fans seem to be underwhelmed by the focus of the film.

          • I would have to agree with the score. While the film isn’t the best compared to everything else it’s still an okay film(average). The movie moved at a faster pace which was great and I do agree that Breaking Dawn 2 is the best out of the whole series especially towards the end conflict.

          • Ben

            I’ve mentioned this before but its been a while so I’ll bring it up again. Something that would help (a lot) with judging reviews would be a way to see an over all view of how the reviewer judged other films. For example, if I could see at a glance (perhaps in a table/spreadsheet like structure) a row of every film you;ve reviewed along with your Star rating and perhaps a column with a one sentecne summary of PROS followed buy the same but for CONS I sa a reader could more easily gauge your rating by seeing how you rated other films that I may have seen.

            Regular visitors of Screenrant know Kofi does the bulk (if not the majority) of reviews but the casual visitor may not have a proper over all take on what Kofi likes and so a movie Kofi has ripped apart may be something that user likes because their tastes differ from that of Kofis.

            Does that make sense?

      • Victoria, this isnt the spoiler thread.
        Please dont talk about spoilers in this thread, at least for the next couple of weeks .

  2. I was excited to see this movie. I was so disapointed. It was dry, and full of cheese.

    Renesmee’s eyes are ridiculous,some of the best lines from the book are left out,and the characters dont even seem themselves.

    The story just limps along like a pile of scraps left over from the first Breaking Dawn. most of the book is just skimmed over.
    I know you HAVE to see it, but don’t say I didnt warn you.

    • SPOT ON!!-best accurate review so far.

  3. I’m still going to watch this one.
    3 stars is huge thing to the saga.
    big victory i must say.
    Most probably the best entry of the series.
    Thanks Ben for the review.

    • Sure thing! Hope you enjoy it.

  4. Agreed. Most will say ‘Thank God it’s over!’ – others (much younger others) will cry hysterically. I will be sad that there will be no more hilarious film reviews on this series by drunken Finnish film critic Kimmo Mustonenen…

  5. Where’s the option for zero stars?

  6. Ya know I’ve always been on the fence about this franchise.. I still, no matter how many times I watch the 1st Twilight movie will never be a fan of that one. Everything about the 1st movie is horrible. The production, the acting, the score, the dialogue, the story, etc… Just plain bad. But starting with New Moon they got better. Jacob was my favorite character and when they started using him more, it made me at least tolerate it. So New Moon and Eclipse weren’t too bad. Breaking Dawn pt.1 wasn’t the greatest, but this Final film Breaking Dawn pt.2 Was pretty Bad A**!! Most of the romance was gone from the story and more of the action was inserted, which is really the only part of the movie I enjoyed in the first place. Which is the reason I didn’t mind New Moon or Eclipse, because there was a little in each. The final battle scene in this movie was awesome! As a guy who loves action and fantasy movies I can say that I wasn’t disappointed in this movie. Aside from the bad CGI that you had mentioned it was good… I have been getting dragged to all of these midnight showings of these Twilight movies from the very beginning and have seen all of them in succession, and FINALLY they made one that I enjoyed! THANK YOU!

  7. I honestly loved this movie. Given, however, that the best part of the movie was the vision, but I still somehow think it made the whole movie better. Kristen had more facial expression, Taylor acted amazingly, & Mackenzie was unbelievably almost flawless. I have read the books, but I’m not a ‘Twi-hard’. This movie is an easy 4/5 stars. I would see it again. Sad to see the series is over.

  8. 3 stars? really? [Removed by Moderator]

    • Not sure that’s entirely necessary…

    • Dylan_Dog -

      I received a message from our comment moderator about some of your comments today (including the ones on this review). We encourage discussion but don’t tolerate personal attacks. I’ve instructed him to leave the current comments but consider this a warning.

      We wouldn’t take that tone with you – so please show us the same respect.

      • naaah, you just block me because there is no way i can control it…

  9. So this is it, huh? Did Blade finally show up and vanquish all the sparklers? :-D

    A 3/5 from Ben means a lot; I just may have to check this out with my daughter. I have been told that Eclipse was the best before this one, and I thought Eclipse was not good. Someone above said Taylor Lautner did an amazing job? That’s really hard to believe. His acting has been wooden at best, and I can’t believe he’s gotten any better; I guess I’ll find out later this weekend.

  10. i saw this movie,this review stinks. This movie is bad,its not bad,its very very bad. The plos is a joke,the story too. The acting,oh my dear lord. If this movie dont deserve more than 1.5 stars its because of the acting. So much bad things in just one movie. Its one of the worst movies in history. And even the cgi looks bad! In such a big name movie that came out in 2012 where almost every movie has great cgi. Thats from me,goodbye

    • i agree,this review is b*******…

    • Namik – You’re entitled to your opinion and ultimately reviews are subjective but, as indicated, the movie isn’t going to be for everyone. I clearly said: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2 isn’t going to win-over the franchise’s longtime critics and it’s still hard to recommend as a standalone experience for the uninitiated.”

      However, it is a step up for the series and delivers a worthy conclusion for fans of the series (who are the intended audience for the film).

      • but common, it really don’t deserve 3 stars, it don’t. Max 2.5 stars because it’s a ”worthy conclusion ” for the fans . (but i don’t get it really, this is not a circus, it’s a serious site for movies, not for twilight fans)

        • Review scores are subjective. But it’s not like I’m THAT much higher than your max (3 vs. 2.5). No one knows this is a serious movie site more than those of us who spend our time writing content here – that’s why we really want people to focus on what we write (whether we agree or disagree) not the final score.

  11. Whats Twlight?

  12. Ben, this was a very good review and spot on. I agree and thought the only really bad flaw was the CGI. Everything else was an upgrade. I initially didn’t like the franchise, but I am an open minded movie lover and give all movies a chance. Especially fantasy action flicks, which this final Twilight film finally has, and has done well. Some people just have no respect, and have no class. I wasn’t all about the romance story in these movies n all the mushy stuff at first, but my wife is obsessed with this franchise and I’ve seen them all a millions times because of it. Eventually they grow on you. This final Twilight film is definitely the best one of the franchise, by far…

    • Thanks Chris! I was skeptical going into this one and am not a fan of the larger franchise but, like you, I try and judge movies based on what’s in front of me. I felt like this one was a step up.

      I still can’t really recommend it to most moviegoers (and understand why some people aren’t interested) but am glad other viewers are enjoying in it – in spite of the long-running series problems.

      • You’re welcome. And I agree, if you don’t like the franchise, you’re probably not going to like this either. But if you liked and disliked parts about them like I did, then this is the one you want to see. The end battle gave me the same type of feeling I had back when I went to see the final Harry Potter film at the midnight showing. People applauded at certain moments and when certain things happened (don’t wanna spoil anything so that’s as far as I’ll go) during the final battle sequenc, and it was just intense. I thought it came off well. But again, I became a fan. I hear everyone’s critics about the acting jobs from Robert, Taylor, n Kristen, but as the franchises films have gone on over the years I honestly have seen a progression in their skills. If people really think their acting was that bad, they should really go back and watch the first Twilight again and re judge. Lol. Anyway, again good review, look forward to reading more of them.

    • Cheers!

  13. what is going on? why are you all liking this movie? it is crap, 100 percent crap…

  14. I like spam on crackers and in eggs, but I loathe reading it. “Leave now, and never come back!” Golum

  15. Good review, Ben, and good for you for sticking to your guns. Too many people have a blind hate towards all things Twilight. I’m no fan of the franchise but I’m glad you can see a movie for what it is and review it accordingly. Too many people get hung up on the end scores when the writing says it all. Good job.

    • Thanks! I fully understand why some people aren’t interested in the film but we definitely try to keep an open mind here. In spite of its problems, I did ultimately enjoy this one.

  16. Okay, what I liked and did not like about the movie. I thought the production values and special effects were the best of the series. I did not like how certain beloved characters never even spoke in this final movie chapter and how some new characters got screen time that had no impact on the story and led no where. I mean what was up with the grouchy vampire who wanted to go straight to the attic and not talk to anyone and had a scene with Bella and then nothing? I loved the two vampires that fell in love while staying with the Cullens waiting for the war. That was fresh and sweet. The last 30 minutes are the best part of the movie and changing the ending was a great idea and worked. The fight was fabulous! However, many scenes from the book that were my favorites were left out and it seemed disjointed in parts of the movie. Jumping here and there.

    • I’m not sure exactly what, but I know they are continuing the Twilight story on. The Bella and Edward story in over, but from what I understand they are adding on to it one way or another. Maybe following the Wolves, or the Jacob and Renesmee story… If that makes you feel any better..

  17. 3/5 is what i would give it too, in terms of the entire movie series. I was neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed by Breaking Dawn Part 2, although I did appreciate the twist at the end during the fight (after an initial oh no they didnt!)

    I like the opening credits montage, that was cool and bit old school considering how many movies just go straight into things these days ( i guess because audiences have such short attention spans that film makers leave any credits til last). I thought it was nice to have the end credits showing each of the characters and their corresponding actors/tresses too.

    Acting wise it was nice to see Kristen a bit more independent and kickass as Bella comes into her newborn strength. And nice to see Robert’s Edward smile more! The wolves didnt get much screen time this time around but it was more about the vampires in this 2nd act so I guess that made sense.

    (Hope I havent included any unintentional spoilers in that).

  18. I thought Breaking Dawn 2 was the best of the bunch. What a way to end it, the fight scene was downright kick ass!

  19. i love twilight, but this one didnt do it for me. Half the bloody movie was about a weird guy having a vidion from alice. The ending wasn`t a good round off, for the last movie i was expecting better.

  20. I think I just puked on my keyboard…

  21. While I agree that this movie was probably the “best” out of the franchise… it still was pretty bad. If you’re comparing this movie to the OTHER twilight movies, a 3 is fitting. However when you’re just comparing it on it’s own…. it’s more like a 1.5. The acting! How can you get over Kristen’s acting???? I cannot move past that, and haven’t been able to move past that since the first movie. And I can say I actually enjoyed the books. CGI baby? Horrid. CGI baby + craptastic angry bella = crap. lol. I still maintain they could have chosen better actors that would have made the entire franchise better. Probably not great, but better.

  22. Thank you for actually writing a REAL review and not just bashing the movie because “that’s the popular thing to do”. Your review gets five stars. I can’t rate the movie yet because I haven’t seen it, but I will. Chances are I will give it four stars, because I have enjoyed the first four, but even as a fan of the series, I can do without the melodramatic stares.

  23. @Gato Your review is incredibly biased no offense, the shear amount of hatred Kristen stewart and others in this film get for their acting has NEVER been warranted, sorry. The first movie (Twilight) had such a horrid script, that it didn’t matter if the leads ere Dicaprio is Kate winslet, it was going to come out badly, hell the director of the original has come out somewhat recently stating something to that effect.

    @Ben Thank you, as others have thanked you, for sticking to your guns, this movie is definitely a 3 or 3.5 in my eyes. I definitelya gree with the overwhelming majority of your review, i do think it’s a little upsetting as you pointed out, that the CGI while not awful in any respect, is definitely reminiscent of a “budget” film, which is rather silly considering the shear amount of money these movies rake in.

    Few things to add on, someone else mentioned it somewhat, i’ll expand on it. I believe that with New Moon this series started to get better, Twilight merely as previously mentioned had a dreadful script, not to mention bad directing to boot, that reinforced the way over the top campy nature of the script. From New Moon on i have seen the actors grow, and get exponentially better, and i find it to be no coincidence that as soon as Eclipse was made, and in my opinion the first legitimately good director was utilized (David Slade) that not only the acting of the leads (RObert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart) improved, but the chemistry between Bella & Edward, all seemed far more natural, and authentic and produced a much better film overall because of it. I believe if they would of used the very same actors and simply used the quality of directors they used on the latter 3 films (Eclipse Breaking Dawn 1 &2) you would of seen a much better product overall.

    I personally believe Eclipse and this film both deserve 3.5 stars, while BD Pt 1 is probably a 3, with new moon probably a 2.5 and Twilight sub 2. Besides the obvious reasons like script quality, i also think the directing was particularly good in Eclipse and BD Pt 2, which is kind of funny b/c Bill Condon directed both BD 1 & 2, and I’m not sure if You wrote the review for the first film as well Ben, but i distinctly remember one of the flaws and downfalls of that film, which was mentioned in the review of it here, which i agreed with was the very “generic” directing. I mean very facet in that film, the musical score, the camera angles, the cinematography, just seemed so status quo, and literally as if he put the camera on a tripod, it had no imprint, pun not intended, what so ever that any quality director usually puts on a film, especially one who’s established as proved liek Bill Condon.

    I felt like that was completely different in this film, the musical score i thought was definitely a high note, Eclipse was similar in this, with really capturing the tone, and theme of the film with the music. The cinematography, showing the massive mountains and hilltops, as well as the really good shots for bella and Edward scenes, really showed Condon’s strengths, maybe it took him awhile to get the handle on these films, we might never know, but I think there’s no question that the directing was a huge step up from BD PT 1.

    • Joe-It’s not biased. I’m a fan of the books. Watched all of the movies. It isn’t just the writing in the first film that was bad. “YOU NAMED MY DAUGHTER AFTER THE LOCH NESS MONSTER”….. It wasn’t believable. It was laughable. I don’t hate Kristen, but she isn’t a very good actress. She tries to hard and ends up over exaggerating her emotions in attempt to even show any emotion. It doesn’t translate well. I can’t possibly be biased considering I’ve watched all the movies, not just brewing some kind of troll hate.

  24. I’m tired of critics always saying negative and hateful things about the Twilight Sagas. If it was so bad then it would not have the following it does. I would love to see someone other than an pompous uptight ###€€€€ to do the reviews. BD part 2 was a wonderful movie with a great twist. Why is it that. If their is romance men must make comment and criticize the movie. But when it comes to movies like Chonicals of Ridic, Die Hard or Rombo movies type movie men will watch them 1000 time and defend them till the cows come home. It’s just stupid!

  25. I was incredibly disappointed in this, despite actually having enjoyed the books and prior movies. It was like they removed all the substance in favor of spending 1/2 hour on a dream battle sequence that would have made Bobby Ewing proud (read: unadulterated stupidity in a plot line). The book left me wanting more. This movie definitely doesn’t. It was like ordering a 5 course banquet and receiving a Happy Meal with the toy missing.

  26. @joe. It’s not biased. I’m a fan of the books. Watched all of the movies. It isn’t just the writing in the first film that was bad. “YOU NAMED MY DAUGHTER AFTER THE LOCH NESS MONSTER”….. It wasn’t believable. It was laughable. I don’t hate Kristen, but she isn’t a very good actress. She tries to hard and ends up over exaggerating her emotions in attempt to even show any emotion. It doesn’t translate well. I can’t possibly be biased considering I’ve watched all the movies, not just brewing some kind of troll hate.

    • The quote you cited, gives no merit to your original argument about her acting, b/c the reason the script in the original was so bad, was that it wasn’t trying to be funny, it was being serious, like the dreadful scene where he forces her to say what he is, the epitome of bad script and contrived/cheesy dialogue. Where as “YOU NAMED MY DAUGHTER AFTER THE LOCH NESS MONSTER” is clearly aimed for levity, and comic relief, and has no baring on her acting ability. Though she did it so seriously it made it all the more funny. She’s actually quite the actress, ehr performances in “THe yellow Handkerchief, the runaways, welcome to the rileys, and even more so Adventureland are all pretty damn good.