‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ Spoilers Discussion

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Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 Spoilers The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn   Part 1 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already chatting away  in the comments section of our Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 review, this is the place where you can discuss SPOILERS about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Below you can rate The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 for yourself. After that, feel free to Discuss away!

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  1. I see these movies for the “feel good”, not for the movie quality. The actors are all great, the story is awesome. Just wish they wouldn’t have changed directors… why fix something that isn’t broken?

    • Your calling these actors good? And saying the story is good? Look again buddy. The director is not the problem, it’s the material

  2. I was totally shocked at how the movie unfolded. I was not expecting it to turn out that way. I was so shocked to see Jacob imprint on the baby!! It was beautiful and heartwrenching as was the birth. I cant wait for the BD2!!!

    • I think BD1 was better than all the other movies. It kept your attention better and was heart wrenching and funny! I was disapointed how it ended tho.

      • Why was you dissapointed how it ended? how did you want it to end? have you read the books? I thought the ending was perfect and yes it was the best movie yet out of all of them

  3. I was really concerned out how BD 1 and 2 would turn out. I have never felt like the book could translate very well into film. I will say Bill Condon did an amazing job with what he was given and I agree with the PP that said they don’t watch for the high quality of the films. You can know a film isn’t amazing from a critical perspective and still love it. And that’s how I feel about this (and the other Twi films).

  4. As a avid reader and fan of the twilight movies I absolutely loved it. I always thought in every movie that they got the best parts of the book translated and in this movie it was no different.

    This movie was heartbreaking and lovely and cringing and everything in between. I don’t cry in movies a lot but I have no shame to say that I cried during breaking dawn. It was just a beautiful movie and very well made. Deserves more then the two star screen rant gave it. I would say 4.5.

  5. I don’t go to the Twilight Saga movies for the oozing romance or the impeccable acting skills…. I simply loved all of the books & like to see how it is portrayed on screen. I must say though, I am REALLY glad they switched directors… Condon did a very good job. I actually kind of liked this movie! Although still cheesy, it wasn’t AS cheesy as the others… and how they made Bella look when pregnant with Renesmee had me cringing and really was how they described it in the book. I was not disappointed at all! I haven’t been to a Twilight Saga premiere since “Twilight” was released… and that totally BOMBED. But, needless to say, I am glad I went and saw this one. MAJOR improvement :) The actors all seem more comfortable (although Kristen Stewart is just plain awkward) and I could stand watching Taylor Laughtner try to act. I would recommend all Twilight Saga readers to watch this one :)

  6. omg so i haven’t seen the movie yet but u read the books. im gonna see it tonight and i’m super pumped ! :D TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  7. i went to the premiere in los angeles, ca and i had taylor lautner right in front of my face! best day ever :’)

  8. Yeah the movie was pretty much epic even the fight scene

    • irina was clearly at the wedding…

      • She meant Irina wasn’t there in the book. The fact that Irina was angry about Laurent’s death was mentioned in the book, but she was not present at the wedding because of this.

    • lol, Courtney, I would have loved to have seen all these things too, but bare in mind, this had to be a movie, not a saga in itself, lol…I absolutely loved everything about the books and was expecting to see some of these things portrayed in the film, but over all, I was THRILLED with the way Bill Condon did this film! He hit it right on the head. 99% of the time I could mouth along the words with the movie on the first time watching it, and that’s amazing compared to the last 3 which completely bombed in comparison to the books. I’m HOOKED on this movie now, not as much as I’m hooked on the book, but it’s a very solid second in comparison to the real thing. :)

    • I really wanted the part when they tell charlie there are getting married in the movie also I was hoping that was how it would start and i also thought they would put the fighting between jacob and rosalie in the movie, but overall i think it is the best film yet.


    • i cant believe its going to be a whole year before part 2

      • i know but it will be worth the wait

      • I thought that BD2 was to come out next summer?…. Has that date been pushed?

        • IT COMES OUT NOV.16 TH-2012, IN THE THEATER.

  10. Not worried about the trival stuff but it would have been cool to see Edward ask for Charlies’ blessing. I just hope the 2 parts is worth it because there are key scenes that need to be accurate in BD2

  11. i think it was funny that in the ending i quickly thought about ‘OMG AVATAR.; but i aslo was sad

  12. I would agree with courtney. I wish there was a little more from the book. I enjoyed the movie but it felt like pack work not a really flow to it. I don’t remember reading in the book that the Cullens fought the wolves. If they could put in their own fillers they could have put more from the book in. As for the whole honeymoon, I was looking forward to seeing the super sexy black lingerie outfit but was disappointed.

    I hope they will have part 2 come out around the summer time.

    • sorry that was to be *patch work not pack work. I need to go to bed.

  13. I think of all the movies this was the most accurate to the book,yes they left some things out but it is a long book, they had to leave some things out and change them, but personally I think if you did not read the books you would be completely confused on why Jacob is imprinting on a child and everything else, because it is all explained in the previous books, but they do not explain it in the movie. Like Jacob is not the first to imprint on a child. I have read a lot of reviews from people that have not read the book and do not understand what was happening throughout all the movies really. Overall I think this was the best movie.

    • vballsuzy wasn’t the imprinting explained in the last movie. Remember when Bella was walking with Jacob and the went into the shed and Jacob got mad with her. Also in this movie when Jacob and Lea where talking on the beach it showed the imprinted couples including the on with the 2 year old. forgot his name now.


    • @vaballsuzy wrote: “Like Jacob is not the first to imprint on a child.”

      The La Push scene in the movie actually hints at Quil’s imprinting on two-year-old Claire, but, again, unless viewers have read the books, they are unlikely to get it.

  14. I was very disappointed. I have read the book several times. I didn’t think the book to screen transition could get any worse than Eclipse, but they proved me wrong. The important parts were not emphasized enough, too much focus was placed on the irrelevant parts, the acting was horrible, it was too drawn out. The epic music playing in the background of EVERY scene was way too dramatic. The parts they added In that weren’t in the book were just ridiculous. And the CGI baby was down right scary. They changed or left out altogether some of the best quotes and dialog. The one liners were cheesy. Edward and Bella had too much one on one time. Did we forget that Rosalie never leaves her side? For most of the pregnancy none of the Cullens leave her side for very long. There was little mentioned about Jacob’s internal dialog, and no narration from Bella at all as we saw in the other 3 films. It felt more like they were just reading a poorly written script, rather than acting the story to life. All in all it felt very forced and contrived.

    • I totally agree…and I am a Twilight fan…very dissapointed..:( They ruined the hall story…it looks like a cheap movie with a very bad story…dissapointed again

      • Couldn’t agree more.

  15. I have read all of the books and I have seen the movies, I will admit to this. I am not a “Twi-hard” fan though and I believe it could be attributed the lack of digital quality in the first three movies. I, honestly, believe that Breaking Dawn Part 1 is the best attempt made by Summit Entertainment to reflect the drama and emotional quality within the literary vampire love story series to date. Some of the highlights in the movie, as far as being similar to the book, are as follows:

    The Wedding- Very overdone, which stayed true to the book, because Alice Cullen planned everything but the wedding dress was supposed to have tons of bows and lace and it obviously did not and was very elegant yet understated. The speeches brought a light-hearted air to the very romantic and emotional setting. I wish, even though the book did not include this, that the vows would have been more personalized to increase the intense dwelling that we, the viewers, felt because it should have felt more like we were intruding on a personal connection/occasion and not just guests at the wedding.
    The Honeymoon- I may sound like a “nympho” but where was the amazing sex that the book explained in full detail? I was very under-whelmed which was upsetting. They should have just rated it R and gone all out in my opinion. There was a “nip-slip” from Stewart when they are in the bedroom at one point so keep your eyes open and you just might spot it. The breaking of the head board, sadly, made me laugh, which shouldn’t have happened.
    The Werewolves- Jacob imprinting on Renesmee was “pettifile-esque” in my opinion, in both the book and the movie. I HATED when they made the wolves speak in their “wolf” forms. It turned a high action moment into a cheesy rendition of a scene from Disney’s Brother Bear where a pack of wolves discuss the issues at hand. Long story short, I took a potty break during this part…
    The Pregnancy & Birth- Bella really did look pregnant but the only highlight was when Edward could hear the baby while it was in her stomach. It was heart-felt and warm which I appreciated after he was so cold and afraid for so long. When Edward got “balls” and told her off for not giving him a choice, I was proud because I would have done the same thing. The birthing of the vampire fetus was very powerful and Edward holding the bloody child was very impressive because he made his newfound love for the baby very convincing and showed his true talent as a professional actor.
    The Death & Transformation- Bella looked dead, legit! I was shocked by the special effects and how realistic they seemed. I have to say my favorite part of the entire movie was the end as her chest inflated, the venom spread through her body, the scars disappeared, and she opened her eyes, revealing to the world her new status as Edward’s vampire bride.

    Speculations- The second part of Breaking Dawn will either be a complete success or a miserable failure. At this point in time, there really is no middle point for the film to balance on. I hope for the best for the last film in this series and I will be seeing it when it premieres in theaters November 2012 and sharing my opinions once more.

  16. Ugh. Please. The first movie was the only one that actually seemed like a story you could follow without reading the books. And I know with sequels, there is that certain ‘gotta see the others before this’ element. But nothing about this movie (except for the way Bella looked, which was more grisley than I’d imagined) was impressive to me. I bought my ticket in advance, and was super excited to see it, we even snuck into a different theatre to get the best seats. But I could not contain my explosive laughter at the second half of the movie. I was in stitches at the improvility of everything that happened. The crappy changes they made, changed the story for the worse. It was an atrocity.

    • It was so bad I wanted to pour bleach into my ears. I picked up the book as soon as I got home to make sure I wouldn’t remember the movie.

  17. Absolutely have to agree with both of you. If someone set out to ruin this series, they couldn’t have done much more damage than this movie. A few points: Irena was not supposed to be at the wedding, the wolves and vampires never fought, Jacob never tricked his former pack, Edward was never upset with Bella directly about her decision to keep the baby, there was huge tension between Edward and Rosalie, it’s a shame they didn’t use the tension between Rosalie and Jacob (funny stuff there), goes on and on.

    With the previous movies, the soundtrack fit the film. This soundtrack reminds me of the disastrous “Ladyhawke” score.

    I kept wondering who on the production team was so jealous of this cast of beautiful people that they had to work so hard to make them look awful. Carlisle and Esme were the worst, but no one escaped this vengeful makeup and hair team.

    When I saw the director is the same for the second part, I decided I can go back to waiting for the DVD. This was the first of the series that I paid to go to the theater and see. Terribly disappointed.

    • I went in expecting the usual f’ery from Melissa Rosenberg and that is exactly what Summit delivered again. Best lines from the book omitted…inane scenes and dialog added…Bella never ever looks happy, even when she is getting exactly what she wants. I did love her wedding dress, the cottage on Isle Esme, and the ending of the movie. The inclusion of the wedding toasts was completely stupid, who does that? Were they supposed to be drunken rants? OMG, when Jacob broke from Sam’s pack was cringe-inducing laughable. Bill Condon should be ashamed, really. If they wanted to put some humor into the drama, why not put in the Rosalie vs. Jacob banter. The dog dish, the blonde jokes…now that was funny.

      I totally agree with you on the hair and makeup. They must have passive-aggressive tendencies. That is where Catherine Hardwick excelled, she let the sexy shine through and really made this group of actors something that fans wanted to see. I weep for Carlisle’s flat red hair.

      I had hoped that Stephenie’s presence on the set may have kept the story more focused. Giving her face time at the wedding was kinda cute but it immediately took me out of the movie.

      I am a full fledged Twitard so I will go to BD 2 regardless but my love for the saga remains for the books, not the movies. Summit earns less of my hard earned cash with each crappy adaptation that they offer up.

      • The hair and makeup was the worst out of all the movies. I thought vampires don’t change?

      • The hair/makeup has been different in every movie. And everytime it’s worse than the last. Although BD1 was particularly absurd.

  18. I loved the first three books in the Twilight story, but Breaking Dawn was a little too ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ for me so I knew going in that I wasn’t going to love the movie. I tried to go in with an open mind but someone has to agree with me here- Kristin Stewart is possibly the WORST actress I have ever seen. They kept showing close-ups of her face as she walked down the aisle- I’m still not sure what that expression was supposed to convey- I’m fairly certain she was constipated. And the way she pawed at Edward’s head every time she wanted a kiss. She completely ruined the movie and that’s saying something considering how cheesy the graphics were and the lame attempts at humor which in some parts were so bad the movie actually seemed campy. I wanted to like it but I have to say it might be one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

    • SPOILER- i COMPLETELEY AND UTTERLY disagree that they are really bad at acting because when edward is doing compresions on bellas dead body it looks really real and she had lost a lot of weight for the filma dn it takes a lot to act that dead! i realy dont get why you would say that about such an amazing film so…

      • Her weightless was CGI, in case you couldn’t tell. Every interaction was emotionless. Edward is supposed to be going insane quietly with worry for Bella. Not yelling at her. He wouldn’t do anything at all to make her unhappy, if you recall.

  19. I really don’t understand why everyon is complaining so much. There are sooooo many books that have been made into movies and the movies never follow the book true to form. The NoteBook for one, Harry Potty and if anyone ever read Danielle Steel books and watched the Lifetime movies of the books tons of stuff was left out. True Grit is another great example. JOhn waynes verison was one person’s take on the book, while the recent one was the Cohen brothers take on the book. Some things in both movies were the same but other things where different, but never following book true. Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse didnt have everything in the movies that was in the books. The movies never touch base on Emmett and Alice Lives prior. In New Moon Bella works with Mike at his family’s sport. Eclispe Bella and Edward get a bit physical right after Bella hears Rosalie tell her about what happen to her, the movie has the two events far apart. I don’t know any book made into a movie that was followed word for word. ONly books that come out after a movie is made does. Take the Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game. They don’t follow the books either just somethings not everything. Yes I would have LOVED to see Jacob and Rosalie batter with each toher with the Blonde Jokes and the Dog Dish and such. ONe thing I really hope is in BD 2 is when Jacob phases in front of Charlie and Charlie comes to the Cullens to “see for himself” so to speak. I never have gone to any of these movies thinking it’s going to be just like the books, because like I said I’ve never seen a movie that was 100% just like the book, nothing new added ect ect…

    • I agree with Danielle. You can’t claim Twilight was like the book! And therefore you can’t say this is the only one that isn’t like the book. I don’t have any doubt in my mind why they added some of the action sequences. The first half of the book is a bit slow when you think of it for a film. When watching a film based on a movie, instead of complaining about every scene that isn’t there, I just use the book as kind of a guide while watching the movie. It’s not a terrible movie for most Twilight fans.

      I know they filmed the Rosalie/Jacob dog bowl scene but it didn’t make it to the final film. Sometimes they have to cut stuff for time or flow, but I am sure we’ll get it on the DVD extras.

  20. The parts that they omitted were significant to the story, and the parts they added were stupid. Meyer herself even said that one of the points of the book was that tensions rise, but every situation is able to be resolved without resorting to fighting/violence.

  21. I also agree with Danielle. I Love the Twilight Book Saga. and I have enjoyed the Movies. (I have not seen BD1 going next week). I know that most if not all books made into movies are given the an over hale per say. Heck Jodi Picoult’s Book My Sisters Keeper the ending was changed in film. Many complained about that. I was one but when I read she had no control on the changes. I understood still was not happy. Most authors can give hints to the movie companies that take on the projects but they do not have major control. I do know Stephenie Meyer’s one that said she would not allow the movies to be done unless the stuck with the main story line. IE Edward Bella Jacob love triangle the finale ending I would think we will not know till BD2 ending but I do believe they will not chance the out come for the move Bella Edward live happily ever after Jacob imprints on Renesmee and Charlie is able to be in Bella’s life. So over all I am happy with both Books and Movies. I see them as two different things really to tell the truth. They follow the same line but each has its good and bad parts some things you wish they would have put into moves and some things wish would have been in the book to begin with, it’s a modern day Romeo and Juliet if you think about it. With a much Happier ending.

  22. My point is that the franchise has the money to make the movie at LEAST tell the same story. But instead they make it all about Rob, Kristen, and Taylor. And while that may be awesome for 13 year olds, older people who actually like the series for the story behind it will be dissapointed. Commercialized beyond belief. The the first movie tried harder, once they realized they had a phenomenon on their hands, they said screw it, people are gonna watch it anyway’ and stopped trying.

  23. Okay i watched this film and personally i thought that it was amaing! i went to see it with my friends and i cried at the same time as jacob. i couldnt believe how well they had done it bearing i mind the book must have been really hard to portray as a film. i loved it all but i just couldnt believe the cliffhanger they left it on as i was so looking forward to more of the film. i am sorry if you disagree but that is how i feel about the film myself. i find that i have loved the twilight series for ages and ages and i am not giving up on it now!

  24. i thought it was absolutely fantastic and the best so far. i was totally captivated all the way through. it was so well acted and in can’t wait for part 2. and i’m not a typical teenage fan either i am a 39 year old woman. absolutely amazing film.

  25. I loved it and I can’t understand what everyone is complaining about. I mean seriously, if you didn’t like the adaptations of the first three books, why would you even bother watching the last one? I thought BD pt1 stayed very true to the book; The closest out of the other movies as far as I’m concerned. Sure, they cut a few lines here & there and skipped certain scenes while emphasizing others, but what is a very significant scene to one person may be completely insignificant to another. I absolutely loved that they brought Iron & Wine’s “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” (from Twilight’s prom scene) into the wedding scene. I will admit that in the scene when Jacob imprints on the baby, the CGI of Renesmee looks so fake. In my opinion, overall Bill Condon did an incredible job. AND! I am positively thrilled that they had Carter Burwell come back from Twilight and do the score for the final 2 installments. I really missed his music in New Moon and Eclipse! The worst part about BD 1? Having to wait an entire year for BD 2. Oh, and for the record, I am 26 years old :)

    • I watch the movies because I love the series, and I guess some part of me is hoping that they’ll get it right. Nope. It’s about the money. Not the story that is making the money. Melissa Rosenberg is an ass hat. Have you ever seen an interview with her? Someone should slap her in the face with a copy of Breaking Dawn.

  26. I thought the movie overall was good however I found the birth scene really gory especially when her spine breaks ooch!

    • I agree, if I wanted to see ahorror movie, I’d have seen one. Instead, I thought I was going to see an incredible love story that overcomes all obstacles. I did like the story, but the movies seemed to get better as each new one released. I skill will see

    • I agree, if I wanted to see ahorror movie, I’d have seen one. Instead, I thought I was going to see an incredible love story that overcomes all obstacles. I did like the story, but the movies seemed to get better as each new one released. I still will see the next installment, but I hope it us made better. iss tr see

  27. I agree 100% with Danielle’s opinions. They have TWO hours to fit half of a massive book on screen, come on, give them some slack. Granted, Pearl Harbor was nearly four to five hours on each individual disc but regardless, you can only add so much on screen. There is an article in Entertainment magazine where the screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg, basically explains and apologizes for leaving certain things out in each of the movies. If you desire to dwell on the fact that not EVERY single printed phrase was incorporated into each of the films, go annoy her. They did their best; yes, there were some things missing that even I would have liked to see like the parts that were from Jacob’s point of view throughout the book were not showcased at all! But, you can only ask for so much in that solid two hour barrier. Also, Traci’s point about the film, My Sister’s Keeper, as compared to the book, was absolutely accurate. The film was great but they changed the entire freaking ending!! At least Bella didn’t have a miscarriage or something, my god! Chill people, chill.