‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ Spoilers Discussion

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Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 Spoilers The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn   Part 1 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already chatting away  in the comments section of our Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 review, this is the place where you can discuss SPOILERS about the movie without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Below you can rate The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 for yourself. After that, feel free to Discuss away!

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  1. Sadly Breaking Dawn Pt 1 misses all the subtlety of the novel. Where is the Rose/Bella bond over the unborn baby? Where is Jacobs true agony over not the possible lose of Bella’s life, but the horror over her and Edward rejoicing over the baby once Edward hear’s it’s thoughts. Then his escape only to be drawn back against his will but it is where he must be.

    Yes some of the scenes were what we all wanted – the dress, the wedding, the Isle Esme, the honeymoon, but so much was missing and the pace was one of rush, rush, rush…squeezing in too much stuff.

    I’m not sure I’ll see BD II even though the scene with the Volturi is tempting. But I don’t want it reduced to a blood and gore action film. This is and remains a love story where a choice is made – a choice to love, a choice to sacrefice for that love, and finally a choice to save that love.

    Thankfully I have the books……

  2. I have to say that thismovie was pretty cheesy because Irina was there at the wedding and Jacob shouldve ran away in eclipse they could make better movies but this movie was kind of good because of the better details like when Bella is in pain and she really looks like she is in pain but when the baby kicks she just looks like she’s about to accidentally fall on Edward and screw him again. But when Bella’s pregnant it looks like she’s pregnant we’ll in the end it was a corny movie and rips off your money but it was better then the otheres

  3. I have to say that this movie was pretty cheesy because Irina was there at the wedding and Jacob shouldve ran away in eclipse they could make better movies but this movie was kind of good because of the better details like when Bella is in pain and she really looks like she is in pain but when the baby kicks she just looks like she’s about to accidentally fall on Edward and screw him again. But when Bella’s pregnant it looks like she’s pregnant we’ll in the end it was a corny movie and rips off your money but it was better then the otheres

    • whatever.. watch your grammar girl… and try using periods or commas.

  4. Just a short comment on he much-criticized “wolf talk” scene: to be fair, it is pretty much how Stephenie wrote it in the book. In fact, in the book, the whole “telepathy conference” between the wolves takes even longer, with a detailed discussion on their strategy to attack the Cullens and so on. Bill Condon uses multiple voices talking over each other precisely to illustrate how the wolves’ “hive mind” works. Viewers can appreciate then why Jacob and Leah are so relieved (and glad) that “it’s finally quiet” when they are severed from the pack’s telepathic link. The scene is actually central to the story, as it shows how Jacob defies Sam and assumes his birth right position as an alpha and leader of his own pack. Although that point was hinted before (briefly) in “Eclipse”, it would be hard to understand for viewers who haven’t read the books or don’t follow the saga.

    • Yes, but why did they have to sound like power rangers? The voice alterations were cheesy.

  5. I liked it- very much. Although i thought that some parts were very sickening, for example when Edward had to bite his way in Bella’s stomach to get the baby out. But some parts i loved, for example, The Volturi scene. My favourite one though was when Bella turned Vampire, she was flawless and very, very pretty.

  6. Well i loved it. its a great book and movie. i havent acctully seen it but my friend told me every detail.

  7. I think that people on here are forgetting on here that the movies are not suppose to be a replica of the book. It’s plagiarism. So what if her dress was not like in the book or certain things that happened on the book were not in the movie. If they put everything that happened in the book we’ll be sitting in the theater for a good while.

  8. I personally loved the movie even though I found quite a few things I’d like to see changed. The honeymoon was way too long but very sweet and funny. I loved the Bella/Jacob dancing scene. The wolf talking scene was appropriate to stay true to the book, but was way too rushed. I hated the way they changed Sam & Jacob’s voices. That felt contrived and ruined the scene for me. It also made it hard to understand what they were saying. I was so touched when Jacob was sobbing after Bella’s death. That was very convincing to me, and I loved the imprinting scene. When Jacob finally realized and understood his true destiny and fell to his knees by Nessie, I was overwhelmed with emotion. I thought that was very powerful. As you can tell, I’m most definitely a true Jacob fan to the core. There was nowhere near enough Jacob in this for me and what happened to the funny interchange between him and Rosalie? Part 2 please MORE JACOB!!!

  9. I have not read any of the books but I have seen the first 3 movies and I have to say that I wasn’t impressed by BD part 1. Sure, the wedding was beautiful and Bella actually looked genuinely happy for once but other than that, the movie wasn’t anything too special. I love Taylor Lautner, but the kid needs to work on his acting, he was sooooo awkward, but then again most of the actors in the series are. I just felt like the movie didn’t explain a lot of important details, the only reason I fully understood the movie was because I saw it with a friend who has read the books. Hopefully the second installment will be more worth while and less melodramatic.

    P.S. Did anyone stay to watch what happened after the credits? because I didn’t and I heard something happened and I really want to know what it is!

  10. Hi! I loved the movie, because relatively speaking it is impossible to put a complete book on film.
    My question is, as did the part of Bella’s pregnancy … everything is special effects and makeup? or had to lose weight … never mention or talk about it … what happened to that part? anyone know? Thank you.

  11. The most disturbing movie I have ever seen. “Breaking Dawn”! The movie that supposedly targets the “twihard” followers who are preteens.
    I would NEVER let me preteen daughter go to see such horror. A ghastly wedding with a sad and sulky bride in an equally ghastly wedding dress, on the arm of a totally confused Dad, a honeymoon that should be in a rated “R” horror movie, a vampire biting open a pregnant woman’s belly to retrieve a baby with his mouth dripping with blood then handing the infant to another vampire who looks at it as if it is the next convenient Meal! Horrendous fights between men turned wolves and vampires pretending to be human. I could go on. But Why?
    What in hell was Summit Entertainment thinking?
    If your preteen has not seen this movie please see it before taking her/him to such a dreadful and unpleasant (to say the least!) movie. The only sane person was Jacob!
    My daughter who is an adult in her twenties was equally disturbed!

    • I agree with Iza, I would never let a preteen see this monstrosity. And yes, the director/producers totally forgot who their real audience was suppose to be. I liked the books. I liked the first 3 movies. I always thought this was the poorest of the 4 books. It was not as well written or as interesting. Quite frankly, I thought the author had written herself into a corner that would be really hard to get out of and she didn’t do it well. I didn’t like this movie much at all. It dragged and went on too long. It should have been one movie, not two, but of course there seemed to be more money to make, so two it will be. I hope the last installment is better.

    • uh.. you obviously didn’t read the book beforehand or you would’ve known these things were coming. don’t be so lazy next time.

  12. the part about bellas bones breaking, was pretty intense and horrifying to watch, but the rest was AWESOME! good stuff! cannot wait for Part 2.

  13. Will someone explain the ending to me? Did Edward know Bella was going to wake up? It seems the rest of the Cullens and Jacob were waiting for her to wake up also. Someone please explain? I would really appreciate it.

  14. I loved bd part 1 ! TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY ! I will terribly miss the most anticipated saga of all time ! after part 2 November 16th :( I wish I could meet sll the cast members! they all did a fangtastic job on making the series and

  15. I personally love this movie. That being said its not for everyone. If your not into melodramatic movies you probably won’t like this. I’ve read all the books and own all the movies. I don’t particularly like that they rushed the movie but the book is filled with enormous amounts of detail so I understand. I don’t think it was overly gory or sexy but if you don’t find it appropriate for your children then be a good parent and screen what they see. I love that they added a little sexy to the movie it would be very hard to sell 2 newly wed Virgins who never touch or kiss each other who have waited to get married and have been abstinent all that time. The gore is also very important to this movie theyare trying to portray the serious dangers Bella faced in being human and delivered a vampire baby. The while point would have been missed if it looked like a normal delivery. I was sad that they cut the scene from the book where Bella drives a new car never heard of was hoping to see a new concept car but all and all love the series and this one. For those on here who didn’t care for this movie, save yourself done grief. If you don’t like this one you probably won’t like the next one so just don’t go see it. And for the person who asked about Bella losing weight that was computer animation. And for the person who asked about the scene after the credits it was the Volturi saying they weren’t leaving the Cullens alone. This is not a RobertDeNiro type of movie so don’t expect a Robert DeNiro type of performance. Happy to say I’m a Twihatd fan.