‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale – What Did You Think of the Ending?

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breaking bad finale Breaking Bad Series Finale   What Did You Think of the Ending?

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The moment has come: Breaking Bad has concluded its amazing run and for those that have been following the various exploits of Walter White over the past five seasons is now left to ponder the inevitable outcome of one of the most obsessed over programs in this golden age of television.

The word “inevitable” is telling, not only because series creator Vince Gilligan and other members of the Breaking Bad crew have made that word the description of choice for the series finale, but also because, as a television program and cherished part of the larger pop culture universe, the series has had one of the most precise and tightly-woven narratives the medium has ever seen. As season 5 got under way, there were few among us who didn’t agree this story of a man sometimes called Heisenberg could only be headed in one particular direction. But now it has happened, the end has come and the credits have rolled on Jesse, Skyler, Marie and everyone else caught up in Walter’s destructive and deadly life’s work.

As the discussion now turns to the events of ‘Felina’ and the show’s final moments, it’s time for you to open up with your thoughts on the finale and the series as a whole. Where do you think Breaking Bad lands in the pantheon of great television? Tell us in the comments below while you wait for our review.

breaking bad finale walt Breaking Bad Series Finale   What Did You Think of the Ending?

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Breaking Bad aired January 20, 2008 – September 29, 2013 on AMC

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  1. I loved this show! From episode one to the finale,knew it had to end but am still sad it’s over. The finale was good way better than the sopranos! Everything got wrapped up mostly. I think Bryan Cranston should have got an Emmy!!! He did an awesome job!!! Showing a man who had always been a good man,done the rite things and ended up with a death sentence and little to show for 50 years of life! Sure some would say he had his family but he showed us how it would FEEL! Bryan did an amazing job of making you feel it,and the show was about Walter the Emmy should have been his! Anyhow thanks to everyone involved for the best show ever! Everyone on the the show was perfect. I will miss them all.

  2. What a SHOW! How many people will be “digging holes in the desert,”searching for the missing “loot”? It was THAT captivating of a series that made it SO believable!!!

  3. Why would Jack’s gang search his trunk? They thought Walt was desperate for money. He didn’t have gun on him & a guy wanting his money back wouldn’t use a bomb…who would think to look for a robotic gun?
    Besides, the gun was triggered by the trunk opening, so even if they searched the trunk, it’d probably still kill everyone just fine.

  4. I was hoping for more Walt/Gretched/Elliott info –

    I had kind of hoped we would see a flashback as Walt is seeing Gretchen’s photo while they are in the kitchen -

    A classroom 17 years ago. We learn that Skyler was a student of Walt’s in college chemistry class he was teaching, and that she became pregnant – which, even though they are all adults, was a bit of a scandal. Gretchen, who had obviously at one point been in love with Walt, was furious/jealous, etc. Walt needs the money to pay for his new baby, Elliott wants Walt out due to potential bad publicity, Gretchen wants Walt out due to anger, so they offer to buy Walt out – even though most of the intellectual property of Grey Matter is his work.

    So… we discover
    1) His relationship with Skyler (and Walt Jr) directly resulted in his buyout
    2) Why Skyler is 10 or so years younger than Walt
    3) The history with he and Gretchen and Elliott/love triangle
    4) Why he has wrapped up his billions he should have got from Grey Matter with his family

    • Idk man, the love triangle stuff was pretty self explanatory with Gretchen and Elliott. We already know how he met Skyler dude. She worked at that place as a waitress and did crosswords. Then Walt started doing crosswords so that they would have something to talk about. Remember?

    • Well I haven’t seen the last bit of the series but from what I understand they never give Walt a dime for his work with Grey Matter

  5. I love his line to Skyler when she says “dont you tell me you did it for the family one more time!” (or something to that effect) then walt says “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. It made me feel… alive.”

    I just thought it was cool that he finally acknowledged that and admitted it to his wife.

    So many awesome moments. Great job Vince Gilligan and everybody else involved! What an amazing show.

  6. awesome!!! loved loved every minute of it. Glad that Jesse was the one that made it out

  7. To be quite honest one of the best shows of all time top 3, I just didn’t like the way the writers tried to make me believe that everything was walt’s fault..but not until last season..Skyler says i dont want your money HELLO i didn’t forget that she was a accomplice she practically begged walt to help him in his money dealings and decisions she started to like it ordered jesse killed..Now all of a sudden she is some blameless victim..She had a choice to not be included she is a grown women who is responsible for her own actions..and so was Hank he wanted to go robocop so that’s what happens sometimes (he was investigating meth way before Walt) that is why there are police protocols…Just the only thing i didnt like they tried to force everything to be his fault.. Besides walt jr. being a ungrateful child..lol

  8. RIP Walter White. A man who was good, became bad and went to revenge his brother in laws death by sacrificing himself and even helping the one person who caused his downfall before passing away.

  9. For those who did not like the M60 in the trunk sequence… Walter White was not Rambo. Never in the series was he a gun fighter. When he did use guns (handguns) it was never a shootout moment. It was quick and done. I would not see him running in with his machine gun, bullet belt draped over his arm and mouth wide open (Sylvester Stallone style) as he screamed AAAAHHHH! DIE YOU BASTARDS! Walt was an intelligent man. He did what intelligent humans have always done. He made a machine that could solve a problem for him. Much like when he built a makeshift battery when the bounder was stranded or created the mercury fulminate to destroy Tucos lair. Even the ricin and Lilly of the valley poisons. The fact that he created the machine to do his bidding is entirely fitting for the series. He solved his problem through science and engineering, just as he had always done. I loved the series and I will miss it

    • Hi Bad Chemistry,

      I would have been disappointed with a Rambo-esque scene, and was not surprised the writers chose not to go down that path.
      And we have been left in no doubt that Walt could have jerry-rigged an automated M60 turret. The reason I didn’t like the trunk sequences is I don’t believe Walt would choose a plan that had such a low probability of success. So many things could have gone wrong, and that is not his MO. (The fact that it actually wiped out everyone except for – surprise – Jack and Todd, made the writing a bit shallow). I find it strange that they didn’t check his car. This is Walter White after-all. And as soon as the M60 started firing, all of that gang would have been on the floor with Jesse and Walt, and most of them would have survived. Todd turning his back to both Jesse and Walt? Come on, he is not that stupid.
      Lydia’s poisining? Even that seemed a bit chancy. How could he be sure she would take the right packet? All these things seemed a bit too convenient, necessary to tie up the loose ends. Great series, finale could have been better.

      • There was only one pack of the (whatever) Lydia uses at the table where she was sitting…

      • Walter knew that she sat in that same seat and used that same brand of sugar ever time she went to that place.

  10. In my opinion Hank crossed Walt more than Jesse Walt was dieing which hank new but couldn’t let his pride epo and leave him alone at least for the sake of skyler and the kids which led to his friends death and himself..I mean after all he wouldnt be walking if it was not for walt..Little unbelievable that he was not equally as mad at Hank or even more than Jesse..One of the best shows of all-time still

  11. It is sad that this great series was reduced to a 1980′s episode of the “A-Team”. The mechanical machine gun was a joke and not very realistic. Jack should have been reduced to a crying little b**** before ratting out Todd, and then killed. Todd needed to die a slow miserable death before having a bullet put through his head while hearing the last words “this one is for that kid”. I think the finale was a missed opportunity.

    • I totally agree todd was way too easy..everthing was kind of

    • Way off base. It was exactly appropriate for Jack’s highly armed gang and reminiscent of the way they killed Hank. And Todd’s death at the hands of Jessie while Walt calmly watched was perfection. A slow, agonizing death, much worse than a single bullet execution. Walt was NOT Rambo. His cold, calculated, scientific execution of Jack’s gang was masterful.

    • Nah, Todd’s end was good. He was a complete sociopath who can’t really be blamed for being an individual without any compassion whatsoever. He didn’t kill because he was evil or because he enjoyed it or because he was cruel. He killed, because it was a means to an end and because it meant nothing more to him than swatting a fly. He needed to be dealt with, no doubt, but he didn’t really deserve a slow miserable death. Save that for people who get off on killing and causing misery.

    • Do you know what its like when someone next to you has their head explode? Shock can make people react slowly. Todd was never a genius, he didnt know who was shooting at first and he still had a sort of respect for Walt so its not surprising he would turn his back. Not to mention the shock from his whole gang being wiped out. As for not checking the trunk,remember, they are unintelligent nazis. Walt tricked them into thinking he needed money; that all they thought he was there for. They were only focused on getting him inside so they coul kill him. They had no reason to suspect anything like this. It makes sense. While there might be some less than realistic aspects in the final episode it all got tied up as well as possible. A perfect show with a great ending

  12. Someone posted this.
    The most important scene in the entire series was when Walt confronted those jocks that were harassing Jr. in the clothing store.
    Really, the show can be sort of summed up in that one scene.

    This is why i disliked his son…He just completely abandoned his dad without knowing or giving his dad a chance to even to.. he raised and provided for u 17 years..he made some mistakes but too disown him i thought was way over the top..He knows his dad is not a ax murder..I think the writers went over the top with jrs and skylers hate..after all she begged walt to be in his illegal activity

    • He looked up to Hank too, to hear his Dad was a criminal the kind of person his hero supercop Uncle went after, actually murdered his Uncle…. it kinda makes since. The whole knife fight family scene, I would have turned on my dad too.

      • How can u turn on your dead when your mom attacked him.and as much as you like your uncle that isnt even blood its not realistic to think he would turn on his dad up until that day his dad was a saint in his eyes..He always showed jr nothing but love clothed,fed raised, a lot of evil parents would blame there child for a disability like its there fault,so i think he would love him even more for that

  13. With regards Walt, he was a good man – but good does not mean happy! In the end he became ‘The Devil’ (as Jesse said to Hank), but a happy Devil – so in literal terms, he broke bad!! I think picking holes in the series is not looking at the important aspects. Series aren’t made to be defined by scenes, but overall feelings at the end by which you feel a show is justified, and to be honest I find it hard to not look at the series on a whole as a classic!!


  14. Best scene; Walt’s reveal to Skyler (& at long last to himself) “I did it for me. I was good at it. It….made me feel alive” & her wordless UNDERSTANDING! She GOT it. That’s deep, true love. Anna Gunn, AMAZING performance! Tied in w/ closing song Baby Blue, of man! He left this world (did he?) in his beloved lab, the mad scientist, his Baby Blue. I cried. That song shall forevermore evoke a whole new memory for me! Good pick, guys!
    Any plans for a BB soundtrack?

  15. The ending was almost perfect. Loved it, especially the last few moments. Perfect soundtrack choice.

  16. There’s been speculation that a movie will ensue, a’la X-Files. I’m not entirely certain Walt died. Sure looked like it, but the cops arrive soon enough to get him an ambulance if he only collapsed. A movie could further develop the Grey Matter thing. What, exactly, is Walt asking those “beautiful people” to “make right”? He was a BIG part of that company and they wronged him, apparently more than earlier episodes suggest. There’s more to that than a love triangle. Movie could also show us what became of Brock after losing his Mom. Obviously Jessie survives in order to look after Brock in some manner! Jr. WILL get his $$ & do good things w/ it, but prob not b4 he (or Skyler) falls into some ironic chemical dependency. Or perhaps Skyler’s coordinates are actually the winning lottery, lol! Will Badger & Skinny Pete use their laser-pointer earnings wisely? Perhaps the biggest question left unanswered is Huel! What happened to Huel? Is he STILL sitting in that safe house???!!! It was a great finale in that the saga COULD be over, but might not be…Walt might still have a pulse when cops converge on compound.

    • Haha Huel! Yeah, that is pretty funny thinking about that tubby boy sitting in the room by his lonesome. I’m pretty sure his appetite prevailed lol

  17. I actually watched it again last night on the rerun, but I must say it was overly satisfying. I thought more emotion could have been wrenched out from it, but then again, that might have made it feel disingenuous.

    One thing that could have improved was the interactions with Skyler and Jesse and even Walt Jr. Walt must still love his son, as he watches him through an adjacent building for the last time. What was stopping him from one last moment with him, his son’s anger aside? I think just to try and reconcile once more would have been an interesting scene, although Flynn could have blown Walt’s cover by overreacting. I do get that, but Walt has shown a lot of care for his son in the past episodes and it’s shame to see it come to simply watching him through glass as a last moment.

    Secondly, he actually got to talk to Skyler and tells her exactly why he did it, although I whole-heartedly believe in the first few seasons it WAS for family. No hug, no kiss, no nothing, just a chance to see baby Holly one last time. Skyler got closure which is nice, she did put up with a lot, and the Holly scene ended up being the most poignant for me because she’s the only one who couldn’t feel or comprehend the level of Walt’s descent into evil. I still was hoping for something more from the ever-cold Skyler. She had to have known he was never coming back, but then again, maybe it happened off screen and we as the audience weren’t meant to see it.

    Lastly, I really think Jesse was almost more of a son to Walk than his own, especially because he was a surrogate father to him in a lot of ways. By the end, with Walt feeling betrayed and his recipe repurposed for Nazi’s I understand that he probably would have killed Jesse. But I’m glad he finally, FINALLY came to his senses to see what (in a lot of ways) HE created. He made Jesse this way. If Walt hadn’t interfered, Jesse would be some two-bit crook like Badger (GREAT CAMEO with Skinny Pete! So appropriate, I cheered!). But it takes 2 to tango and Jesse is to blame for some of his own problems, although Walt certainly manipulated and corrupted the poor kid into something much more sinister than Jesse would ever be comfortable with. I wish Walt would have simply told Jesse he loved him before he died. I needed to hear that. I wanted Jesse to hear that. I wanted Walt to have more than a sincere momentary understanding in a glance. I needed a bit more out of that. For me, THIS is where the episode lacked a bit. That scene was just waiting for something genuine and emotional and true to be said, but maybe it was all said with a look. Jesse saw Walt was willing to finish things when he revealed he had ricin’d Lydia. Maybe that was enough to see that Walt had come back from the Dark Side finally, only to watch the person who had helped him reach that status drive away from him.

    I equate it to Vader. Darth Vader is corrupted by power, does horrible things, although Walt was even worse, Vader’s transgressions were merely “suggested”. Vader finally saves his son after unspeakably throwing the Emperor over the side of a shaft to a sure death. Walt on the other hand sees Jesse in torturous pain and comes to the conclusion that he was like a son to him and finally makes the right choice in protecting Jesse from the evil he brought on and became. Walt hurts himself in the process just like Vader who knew the lightning would kill him. At least Luke had his redemption moment with his father, but Walt didn’t quite have the same with Jesse.

    One final thought: I thought Jesse should have screamed “Die….b****” as he broke Todd’s neck! All in all, an amazing episode. Thanks Vince and cast and crew, I felt like I just embraced art watching your show.

    • Finally….I was waiting for someone to say that in the beginning he WAS doing it for his family….he wasn’t power hungry, greedy, or malevolent….what he didn’t foresee was the inevitable outcome of this type of lifestyle choice…..it’s provocativeness…..he doesn’t get a taste of this until what he does to Tuco…..In my opinion, that was the moment that he truly broke bad.

  18. The ending was as great as they could have made it. It satisfied the largest amount of viewers because: most people wanted walt to die (not go to jail), Jesse to go free, family to be safe and get $,and the Nazis, Todd, and Lidia to be killed. People would be complainig no matter how it ended and this ending simply minimized the number of b****es. Can you imagine how many more people would be angry if Walt was killed by Marie? Or how angry all the “upstanding moral citizens” would be if Walt got away? It is impossible to write an ending to a groundbreaking series that satisfies everyone. Vinve and team have to be commended. Having said all that i would have liked to see Walt jr die. Traitor! What kind of son turns on his father that quick? And Marie should have also been killed. She’s been the most annoying character since the series began. I cringed every time she came on screen.

    • @Greg totally agree not loyalty at all from Walt jr i saw nothing from Walt the way he treated his son too make him act like that not like he was a deadbeat dad or anything lol..I wanted him and the annoying Marie out of there she stresses people out more

    • Yeah stupid Marie, was glad when Hank died just because i knew this b***h would cry

      • Lmao..couldn’t stand her trying to tell people how to raise there kids..like hank and her are perfect saints

  19. Worst ending ever.
    Walt may be alive!
    Why did they leave it open for another series / film.
    If you’re going to finish it then finish it.

    • Wut

      • Wait…

        …I mean…


  20. Yeah It’s great Jesse survived. Now he can go back to doing meth with Badger and Skinny Pete.

    Jesse will also be a great surrogate parent for Brock. Nothing like an emotionally-wreaked meth and heroin addict for a role model.

    Face it the episode ‘jumped the shark” and descended into pure fantasy:
    from the Billionaire Schwartz’s not having any security, to a most-wanted (stealth ninja) Walter White not being recognized in public and magically putting ricin into the correct Stevia packet, to an ‘A-team like gun’ that magically leaves alive Todd and Jack… uggh

    • There was only 1 Stevia packet at the table she always sat at.

  21. I have a theory on why Walt was able to have unbelievably have things turn out in his favor… At the very beginning when he’s in the car, I personally kinda saw him saying “get me to new mexico and i’ll take care of the rest” either him praying to a higher power or bargaining what was left of his soul. Immediately the keys fell into his lap practically. Obviously it was just my own little interpretation and the show has never leant credence to a higher power at work ever before, if nothing else, it’s shown a very Godless world these characters live in lol.

    Regardless, I loved the episode and the series, my only nitpick stuff has kicked in days later. I’m annoyed that nobody will ever know the truth about Walt not killing Hank. What’s worse, the cops will most likely assume that he was actually working with the nazis and that was his lab (the blue meth was still out there after he went into hiding after all, they have no idea anyone else other than him knew how to make it). I mean, nobody will even go to his funeral because the world is convinced he’s an absolute monster and thats kind of sad. I suppose in the end, everything that has happened was his fault one way or the other and this is just splitting hairs, but I feel like he should’ve left an actual video explaining what he did and did not do to set the record straight rather than allow the full villainy to fall on his legacy, then again, perhaps he didn’t care and the real Walter White died the very first episode when he collapsed and found out about the cancer, he had nothing left to lose.

  22. An interesting thought a friend of mine posed after watching the last episode was that he thought Walt passed out from the wound as you would of course ! Does he actually die? we assume he does but I had never looked at these last scenes that way or maybe reading too much into it

  23. A truly Superb series! From the very beginning, Breaking Bad was entertaining, realistic, violent, scientific and exciting.

  24. Finale was amazing, even tho police should have known that he didnt kill hank. Marie and Walter Jr would never understand what W.W. did with their stupidity, which drives you mad. Also W.W. should have shave his head before going back :)

  25. Today i saw the end of breaking bad and i have to admit it was very predictable stuff.We all knew that Walt would rescue Jesse and kill jack and his guys,the only thing he didn’t do was get the rest of his money back.I felt Walt’s death was unnecessary and didn’t really serve a purpose after so much he had done to save his skin .Walt should have left with Jesse in the car and tried to live a new life.Walt had done a lot of wrong and he needed to pay but he should have paid by getting caught not by just dying.Lydia the mastermind also needed to pay .I also found some things left unexplained though i guess they are obvious
    1)Who called the cops in the end?
    2)Why didn’t Walt leave with Jesse or try to escape
    Guess if i had to end it i would not have killed Walt but allowed him to get caught, also his obsession for blue meth is an exaggeration ,come on he loved chemistry he didn’t really love his meth lab that much.The guy wasn’t crazy.Guess the protagonist has to die in the end anyways all good things come to an end and the show had a decent length so that’s all right but still this ending was sad and not so right.

  26. I enjoyed the ending overall, but I was hoping to learn more info regarding:

    1. Why exactly did Walt leave Gretchen/Grey Matter, and why was he so angry at them?
    2. Why was Walt so incredibly protective of Jesse, pretty much from the very beginning?

    I had really hoped (almost expected) it would be revealed that Gretchen had gotten pregnant with Walt’s child back when they were dating. Gretchen wanted to have an abortion but Walt talked her into keeping the baby. Gretchen gives birth, but having no desire to be a mother she gives the baby up for adoption behind Walt’s back. An incensed Walt leaves Gretchen (who turns to a supportive Elliot) and Grey Matter, and spends the next few years investigating to discover that his son was adopted by a nice couple in Albuquerque named Pinkman.

    OK, so that might have been a bit trite, but it would certainly answer the above questions. I’m sure the talented BB writing team could figure out how to explain the minutiae of it all.

    I also think it would have been totally cool if it had never been shown that Walt had made any arrangements to get the money to his family. Then, a few weeks later the lottery ticket he gave to Skyler hits for a huge jackpot. The viewer would be left wondering if it was just dumb luck (or maybe some sort of karma for having to go through so much bad) or if Walt was actually brilliant enough to figure out a way to rig the lottery!

    Again, I was pretty satisfied with the ending as it was, I just think they could have added another twist or two.

    • Maybe I am taking this too literally, but didn’t Walt say in the “Buyout” episode why he sold out his share of Grey Matter:

      “I look it up every week,” he tells Jesse. “And I sold my share — my potential — for $5,000. I sold my kids’ birthright for a few months’ rent.

  27. I felt sincerely conflicted about this show from start to finish. I enjoyed the complexity of the characters throughout and I enjoyed how the show portrayed how Walt’s decisions affected all of the characters involved. I actually felt so many different emotions for each of the different characters at different points in the show. There were times I wanted Walt to live and other times I wanted him dead as a doornail. I completely sympathized with Skylar’s character at certain times and other times, I thought she was completely wrong. This goes for all of the characters involved. The only character I really didn’t like throughout was Marie. I felt kind of bad for her when she was dealing with her husband’s injury, but, other than that, she was really the only character I didn’t like throughout the show. I even felt a strong attachment to characters like Gus and Mike. As I was watching, I was confused as to how I could possibly be cheering for drug dealers and drug lords, but, I was.

    All that to say, I think that is the sign of a REALLY good show. After the show ended, I felt even more conflicted because while I was greatly satisfied with the ending, I still cared so deeply about all of the main characters involved. I was actually very sad that everything happened the way it did. I tend to be a very black and white person, but, I think this show did an amazing job of examining just how gray things can sometimes be. I admit, don’t agree with the large majority of Walt’s choices throughout the show, but, I appreciate his reasons behind many of them. Even still, I wanted so much more for each of them all individually after everything they each went through. But, I knew with so many wrong turns along the way combined with the darkness of the show in general, it probably wouldn’t end well.

    That said, I was satisfied with the ending…I thought it wrapped itself up nicely. However, a few nit-picky complaints, I do wish they would have expounded some on Walt’s involvement with Gray Matter (aka. the Gretchen & Elliott debacle). There was clearly a lot of bad blood there and while the viewer gets some inclination and a few hints as to the reasons, it is never fully explained to the viewer. Secondly, I’d like to know why Walt feels such a strong compassion and inclination for Jesse. In some ways, throughout the show, Walter manipulated Jesse and treated him terribly, but, in other ways, he loved him like a son…to the point that he even accidentally called his own son Jesse in one of the episodes in season 4 or 5, I think. I want to know where that came from and why he felt so strongly for Jesse.

    So, now that’s it’s over, my life will never be the same. I will find myself wondering if Skylar, Walt jr. and Holly are doing okay and if Skylar is able to remarry and find some kind of normalcy and happiness after Walt’s death. I’ll wonder the same for Jesse. I’ll wonder if Gretchen and Elliott stayed true to their word and delivered the money to Walt jr and if any of them suspected that it was actually from Walt and not from Gretchen and Elliott. I’ll wonder how Walt jr handles the death of his father knowing his last words to him were spoken in anger. And, I’ll continue to mourn the loss of their family unit now that everything has come to an end and both Walt and Hank are dead. Yes, I know the characters weren’t real, but, that’s how attached I became to these characters and this family.

    Well done.

  28. A Breaking Bad Fan Tribute that everyone must see! On YOutube

  29. Basically this is what I think… http://pieceofmindsharing.blogspot.com/2013/11/breaking-bad-satisfied-with-end.html