‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale – What Did You Think of the Ending?

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breaking bad finale Breaking Bad Series Finale   What Did You Think of the Ending?

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The moment has come: Breaking Bad has concluded its amazing run and for those that have been following the various exploits of Walter White over the past five seasons is now left to ponder the inevitable outcome of one of the most obsessed over programs in this golden age of television.

The word “inevitable” is telling, not only because series creator Vince Gilligan and other members of the Breaking Bad crew have made that word the description of choice for the series finale, but also because, as a television program and cherished part of the larger pop culture universe, the series has had one of the most precise and tightly-woven narratives the medium has ever seen. As season 5 got under way, there were few among us who didn’t agree this story of a man sometimes called Heisenberg could only be headed in one particular direction. But now it has happened, the end has come and the credits have rolled on Jesse, Skyler, Marie and everyone else caught up in Walter’s destructive and deadly life’s work.

As the discussion now turns to the events of ‘Felina’ and the show’s final moments, it’s time for you to open up with your thoughts on the finale and the series as a whole. Where do you think Breaking Bad lands in the pantheon of great television? Tell us in the comments below while you wait for our review.

breaking bad finale walt Breaking Bad Series Finale   What Did You Think of the Ending?

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Breaking Bad aired January 20, 2008 – September 29, 2013 on AMC

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  1. People are seeing the finale as a single episode, when the finale is actually the entire fifth season as a whole; The final episode is merely the exclamation point at the end

    • most definitely

  2. Not sure if everyone recognized the throwback to the episode “Kafkaesque”. I remember Jesse in group therapy describing how he put everything he had into making that box for his woodworking class after the teacher told him he could do better (in a good way). This was the answer to the question of what Jesse would do if he could do anything he wanted. Working with his hands. Then…the sad but effective cut to him in chains slaving away.

  3. I loved the Sopranos ending and I loved this ending. Breaking Bad has cemented itself in TV history. My favorite line was when he pretended to be the NY times reporter and he said something about their being a great place not far from where the Schultz’s lived .I feel bad for the show that has to fill this time-slot. I also want to thank Kevin Yeoman for his deep/great weekly reviews. I wasn’t old enough for the Seinfeld finale, Wire, or The Sopranos. At least I have Breaking Bad as my first great finale as seen on TV.

    • I have seen The Wire, and the Sopranos finale. They are both great but right now based on a couple of series finales this year, I have Spartacus as number 1, Breaking Bad as 2, and The Sopranos as 3. With the way Ray Donovan is going I think The Sopranos may be bumped down as well in the future. I may even say that I am starting to like the show even more than I did when The Sopranos was out.

  4. Masterful! One of the best written, acted and directed TV shows in the history of television! Thank you Terry G. and cast for an AWESOME RIDE!

  5. Amazing finale. So many highlights and even though Walter became such a villain I always loved seeing him succeed against all these situations and characters that were bigger and worse than him and that he did here! as always he solved a lot of problems with very thought out, sophisticated strategy.
    Jesse killing Todd maybe was the most exciting moment for me, and he did it with his chains which is so perfect!
    Jesse not dying was great! I feared he would die and it would have been bold if that had happened but it would have been too sad to see it.
    And Walter dying, of course, was the only possible outcome, after all, he got a death sentence in the very first episode.

    One little thing nagging me is that I thought Uncle Jack’s gang would have wanted to check the trunk of Walter’s car as they let him in but I can overlook that.

    This has been the most satisfying TV drama I’ve ever seen.

  6. one of the best shows ever. it had me shouting and enjoying my mini anxiety attacks that i was having throughout the show.

  7. We’ve all just witnessed one of the greatest original dramas ever. Fantastimazing ending to a thrill ride of a season.

  8. Great show comes to a great end. I did expect a little more of the unexpected. The ending was a bit tidy, considering how untidy this season has been. If Walter had gunned down Jesse in cold-blooded revenge before finishing himself off, that might have left me reeling. I loved this season. I liked the finale.

    • Yes, if Walter had shot Jesse, my lower jaw would have been on the ground. I would have loved the shock value but it wouldn’t have been right for the show. If Walter had killed Jesse, Walter would have died as Heisenberg and instead, he died as Walter. I wonder if people looked at Walter at the end and say that it (cooking meth) wasn’t worth it. I would disagree. He confessed to Skylar that he felt alive. Imagine how that man at the beginning of season 1 lived for 50 years of his life and the man he was able to live as in the last 2 years of his life. Sacrifices and all – it was worth it.

  9. Well, here’s what I wrote on the amc thanking bad forum earlier tonight.

    I can’t believe it’s over. While from now on, television has lost one of it’s brightest series of all time, television history has also gained one of the most brilliant accomplishments that is or ever will be. This series is history now. May many series throughout the future learn lessons from this. Series like Breaking Bad, that do something different, that push the envelope, maintaining consistency within its continuity, and improve every year it was on, are a gift to viewers. Kudos to everyone who worked on this series, all the crew, the directors, the writers, the actors, and kudos to AMC for allowing this series to manifest. Good luck to everyone who worked on this in all future endeavors. You created something truly special, and it will be missed. I will throw this series on once a year for the rest of my life.

    Thank You.


  10. Am I the only one who wanted to see Jesse die? I think he deserved to die as much as Walt did.

  11. I liked the ending but a more explosive ending would have been if Walt blew up the meth lab. Flynn got a raw deal -no lines in the last episode and Skyler had way too much make-up -she looked as if she was dying. Nevertheless this was the baddest TV series ever

    • Geoff- Totally agree with you about Walt Jr. Poor kid didn’t get the closure that Skyler did.

      Regarding Skyler’s make-up- if you watched Talking Bad Anna Gunn and Vince Gilligan explained that she is supposed to be mirroring Walt. Everything that has happened to her has turned her into the shell of a human being- she has very little soul left.

      Walt and Skyler’s goodbye was my favorite scene in the episode. Very touching, because Skyler knew Walt wasn’t completely full of s*** when he said he did it all for himself.

  12. I really liked his finale. how walt, likely through self analysis in his exile, came to own up to his poisonous legacy. which was evident in s conversation with skylar, and I believe played a role in his letting jesse walk.

    it’s as if he took responsibility for hank’s demise, and parts of jesse’s predicament. not all, as jesse of course can blame himself for his path. as for showing Lydia’s poisoned, there was also the point of her checking in with todd as she had contracted the neo Nazi’s to off walt. her scheming had backfired on both sides.

  13. I think this may be one of the be best tv show finales ever made. It was so great and perfectly planned out.

    • I think it was great as well. I think for me though, Spartacus and Breaking Bad are my top 2 series finale shows. Hopefully we shall get something soon that can deliver something as epic as these 2 shows have done

  14. Great finale to an amazing series!

  15. It was good enough. The work had all been done in the previous three episodes, three episodes that were simply game changing not only for the show itself for but dramatic construction of narrative in visual form itself.

    I had three wishes:

    Jesse killed Todd (he did)
    Walt kills the gang (he did)
    Walt uses the ricin on the final batch of Meth (to kill Heisenberg. He didn’t).

    Thematically, it would’ve worked. Walt dies a good man by freeing Jesse, engineering his money to Flynn, acknowledging what we all knew. It was about him and his enjoyment of power (that whole scene with Skyler was the moment we have waited for since very early on), but destroys Heisenberg, the side that he finally acknowledged destroyed him. Sure, would’ve been unbelievably cold, but so fitting with the ego wanting all to know who was behind the product.

    It was good enough. After so many false finales, it was good enough.

    • i disagree putting the poisin in the meth would have killed a sh*tload of ppl that walt never knew, if it got onto the streets. which it wouldnt have the cops would have taken it! so that would be pointless! in the end he tied up all the loose ends he had to!

  16. Good end to a great series. I loved that Walt let Jesse go in the end, after killing the Nazis (and letting Jesse kill Todd). And I loved that last scene/call with Lydia, served her right. ! Things I didn’t like: the cold opening with Walt, the last scenes with Skyler and Marie (although Skyler and Walt was great), and once again not seeing Walt’s trick when it comes to poisoning someone.

    • Agreed on the cold opening. I think they should have used the one from Ozymandias, the flashback with Walt and Jesse (It was also the last scene filmed in the series). Other than that though, I absolutely loved the finale.

  17. I wanted to see Walt put the ricin in the package.
    I thought ending was great way better then dexter. The writing on the last show was great.

    Was nice to see badger in finale lol
    To bad better call Saul wasn’t in finale. I can’t wait for his show. I wonder if Jesse will end up in that in later seasons or episodes. I hope Gus is in it as well n mike

    Doesn’t anyone know if Walter white Watson on talking bad this season I was shocked when he wasn’t with the gang like what interview or meeting is more important then being there with ur fans n cast

  18. A safe and satisfying ending.

  19. Great series(10/10), very good ending(8.5/10).
    Think the ending was very good, it always so hard to end a series and there aren’t to many series that have been widely accepted as great.
    There were a few different options on how to end it.

    I felt that Walter was so proud of himself and how good he was that he wouldn’t have wanted to die. That he would have wanted everyone to know that he was a mastermind and the most powerful drug lord ever. I think the last scene could just be the cops arresting him, and Saul watching the news about Walt and his crimes finding out the cancer killed him after a few days in prison. Almost as if no one could stop him, he took out all his competitors and was coming to the end of days and was happy to give himself up, accomplishing what he wanted to do and provide for his family before he dies. (Although leaving Skylar severely screwed up)

    Also I guess the ‘Sorry’ was implied by Walt for Jesse, he still could have said it and redeemed himself or killed Jesse, there wasn’t enough between them for me.

    • Jesse should have died. I don’t know why everybody was so in love with him in the first place. He did his fair share of bad things throughout the show, the main difference between everyone else and him is he just cried like a b**** about it. Also, he was a RAT. A whiny crying RAT. Everybody in the clubhouse should have died. Failing that, Jesse should have at least been apprehended by the police that showed up 30 seconds after he left but they somehow failed to see his car driving directly out of the compound. I feel like the writers caved because so many people really like Jesse for some reason.

      • You’ve got it all wrong. The difference between Walt and Jesse is that Jesse never lost his morality. Jesse always seemed to care about other people more than Walt. Yeah, Walt loved his family, but in the end, this was all for him all along.

      • the cops never wanted jesse they wanted hiesenburg

  20. Very impressed! Congrats.

  21. Awesome series from beginning to end!

  22. I nearly felt Vincent leaping into the final screen, laying next to Walt and keeping him company while he drifts away. :D

  23. Walt died doing what he did best. It was also good that he gave Jesse a clean start. Enjoyed the show, hated to see it end.

  24. Thought it was a perfect end. Just one question though: what was the significance of walt leaving hes watch on top of the payphone near the start? it felt like it meant something.

    • 1. Gilligan explained that the reason Walt placed his watch (the one Jesse gave him for his 51st birthday) on top of the payphone after pretending to be the New York Times reporter was only retrofitted symbolism: The reason he had to do it was because they realized that in the flash-forward of him at Denny’s that they’d shot for episode 501, Walt wasn’t wearing a watch, so they had to explain where it went for continuity reasons. And so, out of necessity, they came up with what Gilligan called the “artsy fartsy” reason: It was a symbol of Walt, seeing the end is near, cutting ties with one of his “arch-nemeses,” Jesse.

  25. Just glad to see Jesse make a clean get away alive. The poor guy has suffered enough. Best possible ending for Todd IMO lol

  26. breaking bad did everything right what dexter did wrong.

  27. My husband and I did not become fans of the show until about 2 years ago. Tonight the series was given an ending worthy of the Greek Gods. Breaking Bad’s Walter White from Chemistry Teacher to Cancer Survivor to All Around Bad Ass. He died the way he lived with no regrets. RIP Breaking Bad 2008-2013

  28. Only episode of Breaking Bad I watched and it was good. I did not enjoy it enough to watch the entire series though.