‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale – What Did You Think of the Ending?

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breaking bad finale Breaking Bad Series Finale   What Did You Think of the Ending?

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The moment has come: Breaking Bad has concluded its amazing run and for those that have been following the various exploits of Walter White over the past five seasons is now left to ponder the inevitable outcome of one of the most obsessed over programs in this golden age of television.

The word “inevitable” is telling, not only because series creator Vince Gilligan and other members of the Breaking Bad crew have made that word the description of choice for the series finale, but also because, as a television program and cherished part of the larger pop culture universe, the series has had one of the most precise and tightly-woven narratives the medium has ever seen. As season 5 got under way, there were few among us who didn’t agree this story of a man sometimes called Heisenberg could only be headed in one particular direction. But now it has happened, the end has come and the credits have rolled on Jesse, Skyler, Marie and everyone else caught up in Walter’s destructive and deadly life’s work.

As the discussion now turns to the events of ‘Felina’ and the show’s final moments, it’s time for you to open up with your thoughts on the finale and the series as a whole. Where do you think Breaking Bad lands in the pantheon of great television? Tell us in the comments below while you wait for our review.

breaking bad finale walt Breaking Bad Series Finale   What Did You Think of the Ending?

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Breaking Bad aired January 20, 2008 – September 29, 2013 on AMC

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  1. I get it, it’s fitting ending -poetic to say the least. Nevertheless I still expected a finale that was even more epic considering the endings of all of the previous seasons (which were “epic” indeed), so comparatively, this underwhelmed me a bit…

    • What were you expecting? A John Woo type climax?

      • What he said.

  2. I love the show and parts of the first hour of the finale are great. Amazing acting and directing. Beautifully shot. I thought, however, that the last 15 minutes felt a bit bad action movieish. Also, how far they took the Jessie storyline felt like torture porn. Also, did we really need the conversation with Lydia? The close up on the tea and the white powder was pretty clear. The audience is smart. We don’t need to be spoon fed.

    Also, I feel like for most of Breaking Bad the characters seemed to drive the story. This last season it felt like the plot was driving the characters. For example, as a cancer survivor who underwent a treatment very similar to Walt and who was surrounded by folks who were near the end of life after battling the disease, some of the things he was able to do physically just wring untrue. Digging the hole for that many barrels? Most ppl can barely walk to the toilet when they are that far along with treatment and the disease. Walking 8 miles through the snow into town when he was not eating and lost 30 or more pounds? These are just examples of how see the plot driving the show and characters doing questionable things for the story. Give him a now mobile to get to the drive. A backhoe for digging. Or make him do things a terminal person who can’t eat could do. I wonder if they consulted with an oncologist as they were writing for Walt as his illness progressed. If they did then great.

    Anyhow these types of questions aside (like would they really keep the lab out in the open next to the base? Especially since cops monitor white supremacist groups who control prison drug trades) Breaking Bad is an amazing show and I will miss it.

    • I’m guessing you don’t know what torture porn is. There was NO torture shown on screen, how the hell is that torture porn? And how was it ‘action movieish’? The gun shoots and kills everybody in a minute… wow, that’ll give action movies’ car chases and 30 minute gunfights a run for their money.

      • +1000

        • gilligan himself said he wanted to turn mr chips into scarface, walt went down in a blaze of glory, not unlike scarface. so youre mad about what? it playing out the way gilligan had hoped it would?

          • No, not upset at all with the what. Just the how. Tonally, that last scene jus did not feel congruent to me with the rest of the show. It felt more like it belonged at the end of an action movie, not breaking bad. Other than the scene were hank got attached by the Mexican’s, I think Breaking Bad was weaker in the action scenes. Not saying and, because the show is brilliant but less good. It is where the show felt the least real.

            I think the show is at its best when it is building tension through the facial expressions of the brilliant cast and the amazing use of silence. Not with the actual action (and I love violent action films. Take Old Boy for example brutal bur great)

        • About Lydia: I think the call wasn’t so much to explain us her death but to show us Walter telling her he had already killed her and all of uncle Jack’s crew, something he obviously enjoyed doing. And I thought it was great to see her afraid and doomed.
          I think it is the shot of the ricin going into her tea what we didn’t need! then that call would have been more exciting and would have given us the confirmation of something we already suspected.

          • That is a good take @prlfrl. I agree that either the tea shot or the call but both are overkill. Just the call would have been pretty cool!

    • I would honestly say that most people need hand holding (or spoon feeding), as TV and movies are a casual experience. They watch while they facebook, check email, talk on the phone. If things aren’t overtly explained to them, they will miss it completely. A small portion hang on to every word, get the connections, get the visual metaphors and deeper meaning.

      My parents for instance, who are in their late 50’s, I would include at the top of the entertainment consuming bell curve. Neither of them understood that Walt’s phone call was an attempt to clear Skylar’s name and wasn’t just a really mean spirited goodbye (and that scene seemed to confuse some of the interweb as well). They would have no reason to think Lydia was dead if that scene wasn’t included.

      I didn’t mind the Lydia scene, because I know a large portion of the audience has to be hand held through narrative, and the call was quick.

      But with that being said, the “Hey this is Marie, just though I would call for some real quick exposition” made me roll my eyes. It was not needed, took up valuable time, and people like my folks would have been totally fine without it.

      • Your too obsessed. Go out once in awhile, maybe you won’t write a dozen paragraph essay of the ramblings of a self righteous person desperate to be right. I didn’t even bother to read it BTW

        • It was 4 paragraphs, not 12.

          Do you often reply to comments you haven’t read? That must be hard deciding how to respond without even taking a peek. It sounds fun. I’m going to try it.

          So I am going to pick a random comment, not read it, and just reply with; “You are so stupid! Eggs do not taste good with ketchup! I want you to apologize for calling my sister that!”

          How was that? I’ll work on it, one day I might even be as good of a random troll as you.

          BTW OMG LMAO

          • Well said!!

        • Garrison, just finished climbing a mountain this weekend and spending an evening with friends. I get out a bit.

          Anyhow, ow can you call something self righteous or ramblings if you haven’t read them. Just because there are multiple paragraphs of critical analysis does not mean something is rambling. For example an op-ed. What you wrote is clearly a cop out. If you disagree tell me why. If the criticism bothers you respond. Otherwise, why write anything? Why spend the time.

          @jb’s response is awesome. JB’s post disagrees with me and it makes a lot of sense. I am convinced I was wrong and I also started thinking more about Marie’s phone call. That is the point of my post not to be right but to have a discussion. When you talk about the show with friends do you avoid paragraphs?

          Why do I bother? @Garrison won’t actually read this anyway……

      • I actually wanted that shot to see that b**** suffer and realise that she´s done! Of course I knew after the tea shot what was going on, but I still craved for that image of her being helpless. And thank Gilligan he delivered. :)

        • @geyza0711 that might be the best reason for the scene I have heard so far. It was strangely satisfying to actually see her get what she had coming!

  3. The final scene was beyond brilliant. I loved the entire show. (Very little weak parts) I honestly will buy the new bluray collection.

    • So I missed everything up to the part when Walter White shows up at the compound and saw basically last 15 minutes. Now I have watched the show from day one and after seeing just that part as the finale I felt quite sastified. I didn’t need know any other of the characters but Walter and Jesse. That last 15 minutes might of told us everything that was necessary to end the series.

      • The very beginning, and a conversation in the middle you have to watch! Good stuff.

  4. Walter died as he wanted. He closed up all the loose ends and he died surrounded by the cook equipment. He was happiest cooking.

    • Also, he needed to die or be killed next to all the equipment, with Jesse leaving. It now looks like he was cooking the whole time and not Jesse, so not only does his family get away but so does Jesse.

      • Whoa, I didn’t even think about that good observation.

        • *nods

  5. For those that don’t understand the importance of the phone call with Lydia: it wasn’t for the fans to know she was poisoned…it was for HER to know…to know she’s dying and can’t do anything to stop it.

    • Exactly!

    • Or it was for Jesse to know what the ricin was really used for.

      • No

    • Exactly! How could she possibly know she was poisoned, probably Thot she had a bad flu bug!!!

  6. To me I didn’t really like the ending so much, I just have mixed reactions over it. I understand the reflection Walt made when he entered the lab before he died but it just felt kind of cartoonish with the machine gun in the trunk like something straight out of looney tunes. It would have been better if they did a more Scarface styled ending, they did reference the movie in the show. An ending where Walt just goes in guns blazing not caring at all knowing he is not going to live. That’s the kind of ending I feel would have better suited the finale. The way the writers wrote it seemed it was just pushing luck. So he just walked in not expecting them to want to kill him? Just by convenience and luck they put the car alarm on the table behind him? It still shows him trying to be a brilliant strategist throughout the finale which is evident he was not anymore.

    • You know that’s a real gun, right? It’s not something they just made up.

      And once again, they preferred to shock us and give us something different, not Walt going out “Scarface style” like everyone was expecting. And come on, Walt has never exactly been the “Action hero” kind of guy. He’s not a fighter. If he attacked Jack’s crew head on, he would have been dead within three minutes. He’s smarter than that.

      • Exacltly, he’s NOT an expert marksman or trained soldier, ” come on people!!!”

    • A dying man who was rarely shot a pistol. Going in “guns blazing” like Chow Yun Fat. What were you saying about looney tunes? Pushing luck?

      That plan has to be the lowest possible chance of him achieving the goals he had. 1) Avenge Hank. 2) Shut down the monster he helped create (the blue meth. 3) free Jesse.

  7. Am I the only won that wanted Walt to live and Jesse to die? I’m happy they closed the series with no unanswered questions. But, for me, it was too tidy. I read an earlier comment here that the last show didn’t leave us with what the show got good on in the first place… Those ‘WOW’ moments and truly unexpected twists. The only one was using Greymatter to get his money to his family and even that wasn’t earth shattering. I guess what I’m saying is I’m fine with the ending. But it didn’t blow my mind. Jesse dying and Walt working for the cartels or on his own would have been cooler. For a brief moment there, I thought it might happen. Then I heard the cops and my heart sank… Walter White, I will miss you. You were a man. You provided for your family. And you didn’t apologize for it…

    • People need to realize that unpredictability or shocking twists don’t always show brilliance. The ending fit THIS story. It didn’t have to be crazy.

      • +1

        • +2

          • +3

            • +4

              • + 5

    • Yu forget that W.W. was terminally ill….. He couldn’t ” go work for the cartel”… His days were numbered and he KNEW they were… So, “right the wrongs”, tidy everything up, provide for your family, then Die!!! Makes perfect sense to me!!!

  8. I think the show in hole is beyond awesome. You can’t help but root for Walt. The ending was a bit under hopeful. You want Walt to go out like a machine but I guess in the end all it takes is a bullet in the gut to end a legacy. Over all A+ to actors. Got bless Hisenburg.

  9. I was really hoping that the ending would have Walt and Jessie doing one last cook, just how the show started. The trunk part was unbelievable, because you would think they would have checked the trunk.

    I will miss this show though. It was great

  10. it was a great ending. i wish the finale was two hours but vince got the job done in one. jesse killing todd was so sweet because you didnt see the whole fight. it goes back to walt watching and just letting jesse get his payback. i loved that skinny pete and badger came back. it was so awesome seeing them in the finale. those two need a spinoff series, haha. i am going to miss this show. the ending wasnt a season ender where it goes BOOM, this ending was what it was meant to be…an ending without the flash and dazzle. just an ending to the series that closed up loose ends and character arcs. i wonder if jesse is driving to a new place, change his name and race cars in need or speed. amazing show and finale.

    • +1 million!

    • Um, No they don’t.

  11. THE WIRE > Breaking Bad

    • Uhhhhhh, no. Gtfo.

    • Sorry, bud. Your alone

    • I dont think so i love breaking bad but the wire is the greatest television show ive ever seen maybe only bested by the sorpranos

    • Breaking Bad > The Shield > The Wire > Most everything else.

      I don’t hate The Wire, but personally don’t ever praise it. I was a cop for the better part of a decade, and that was probably the most accurate depiction of policing on TV, but the characters weren’t developed near as well as the other two shows. It was more interesting than it was ever moving and I really didn’t care about most of the characters.

  12. I knew Walt was a Deadhead.
    Humming El Passo while building the machine gun rig.

    • What a long strange trip it’s been….

  13. Jesse driving off to his freedom was great…was that the opening for Need for Speed ha

  14. RIP Todd. May you and Lydia have a romp in the afterlife.


    • Todd is going to awkwardly follow Lydia through hell.

      • lol

  15. How anyone can say The Wire is better? I loved it but the last season put me to sleep and the story went out with a thud. Brilliant show, but nowhere near as consistently great as breaking bad.

    • Because all things tv and movie are subjective

    • They are both great shows but the way I judge a show is based on whether I will rewatch the show over and over again. Based on this formula I like Breaking Bad better than the Wire. It’s not that it’s a better show but for me, Breaking Bad is a show that keeps me entertained from start to finish whereas The Wire has some episodes here and there that I wouldn’t mind skipping.

      • I think both shows have fair amounts of filler episodes not to say thats bad because after 5 seasons you gotta have fillers eventually. They are both top tier television i just prefer the wire.

  16. It ended pretty much how I expected it to end, except I expected Jesse to kill Walt.

    The concrete for the ending was poured from episode one. It was inevitable unless Gilligan just threw everything out the window and did something wacky just to be wacky.

  17. I loved it but it was only 55 minutes why is everyone saying it was 75 maybe with ads included I guess. But the safest and most poetic thing is he was shot and killed by a bullet from his own gun. When Jesse says “then do it urself” he not only relinquishes Walts patriarchal control over him but highlights the irony that he already had. He killed himself in the first episode really. The finale was Ozymandias these last 2 episodes were the epilogue – I will remember his name

  18. Did I miss something? Uncle Jack’s crew searched Walt when he reached the compound. They even made him lift his shirt and turn. They didn’t bother checking the car, however. Maybe I missed some dialogue during this part, but was a reason for not checking the car given, or was it just a convenient plot device to drive the plot along.

    • They didn’t expect a bomb or anything of that grandure. They just thought Walt wanted to deal with them, and could possibly be carrying a weapon.

    • That got to me also! Thot for sure they would search the car……

    • That bothered me also, Thot 4 sure they wud search the car…. Oh well, still awesome

  19. I’m glad Jessie didn’t kill Walt, but it’s kind of a stretch for him to be killed by a flesh wound that most characters on TV survive – unless it was because of his weakened state from living in the cabin and having cancer.

    I’m mostly happy with it though.

    What I’m NOT happy with are the force play ads with sound that I can’t stop or mute. It’s played twice as I read a few comments and typed this. Please do something about it screen rant.

    • Most TV characters surviving it doesn’t make not surviving it a stretch. It’s the other way around.

      That is close to a .308 round. Go google .308 or 7.62 NATO bullet wounds, the stretch will be gone.

      Also, use Adblock :) I do, and it’s annoyance free living!

      • It seemed like it was a ricochet so it wouldn’t have had the full effect, but I see your point.

        Yeah, I gotta get ad block :-)

    • Just mute the volume on your computer.

    • Just mute the volume on your computer when reading the blog to eliminate distraction of videos running with no mute or pause.


    • I was also SO glad that my fav, Jesse survived! Question: in the final scene where Walt dies and the DEA arrives, WHO specifically called the DEA (Skyler?) and where did they know where the compound was? Thanks. :)

  21. Jesse then goes on to change his name to Tobey Marshall and race cars in the upcoming movie “Need For Speed.”

    • You can’t smoke away your demons, maybe he can drive them away; Jesse Pinkman has the need for speed.

  22. i thought it was a masterpiece, watching Jack and Lydia get it was fantastic,
    esp. the look on Lydia’s face. I thought the use of Badfingers Baby Blue as
    the closing song was inspired, Baby Blue is about a lost love, and it works so well
    here, Walt had it all with his family and gave it up to sell the blue meth, he told Skylar
    that he realized that’s why he did it, doing so made him special. but it cost him dearly.

  23. A final episode as brilliant as the finale of “The Shield” or “Newhart.”

  24. Great Ending to an awesome show tv will never be the same on Sundays…. Breaking Bad is/was a Masterpiece in my eyes the only other show like this was Spartacus, both had great stories and action never slowed down… I wish Walt lived but with jesse living and everything being tied up no loose ends the finale hit its mark…

  25. I thought the finale was excellent I just wanted as some of the other people said Jesse and Walt to do one last cook but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I also would have liked to know what happen to Walt Jr., Holly, Jesse, and Skylar. Like a little closing line of dialogue. But at last that’s the point to hang you out to dry and leave you with unresolved problems and let you decide what happens as I presume.

  26. I felt it was a very clever and beautifully acted ending. I have seen better episodes throughout the series, but it was still a nice way to tie it up. (8.6/10)

  27. The ending was perfect for THIS show, especially the whole making sure loose ends are tied. As stated by the creator, the entire series since the pilot presented itself as a finite story. Also, the nail biting aspects like the keys on the counter are extremely accurate to Walt’s character as he is a genius, yes, as shown by the contraption he built, but he has never been perfect going into gangster esque situations. Playing on the whole book smart but not street smart aspect. He learned, but AS HE STATED this season to Saul, he admits there has been “a bit of a learning curve”. A jest-full tidbit that reminds us he is a frigin school teacher.

    Also, for the people bashing the ending, please read your comments. It makes me cringe to read comments trying to discredit the finale based on the thought that it lacks intellectuality when it is obvious you don’t understand the meaning or completely missed the messages and interpretations leading up to it. It’s imperfection made it perfect and realistic. Walt and the rest of the characters win, but not completely. The hyper realism was presented perfectly in every scene leading to the conclusion.

  28. The ending was everything that it needed to be, from artful camera shots, recalling old characters and old ideas. They brought back Badger and Skinny Pete, flash backs to Walter’s beginnings, giving visual to Jesse’s idea of making a wooden box that he spoke of during rehab. It was woven together quite perfectly. The end of Breaking Bad was expected to be a complete show down, but an hour and fifteen minutes of gun fights wouldn’t have been so satisfying. The fall of Heisenberg came when Walter was finally NOT two steps ahead of everybody. The moment he let his guard down, everything is taken from him. The very people that he worked so hard for brought to him his demise. When all else fails, Walter needed to meet the inevitable, going out with a bang, keeping in mind the very reason he started his business: for the good of his family. We are constantly reminded that even though Walter fell off his path and started being a selfish, egotistical maniac, his family always comes first. Walter and Jesse’s relationship remains beautifully the same, we all know that they truly care for each other and even though we all wanted them to hug and say “I love you,” it just couldn’t happen. In the end, Walter White isn’t a bad guy. He gave the ultimate sacrifice.