‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale – What Did You Think of the Ending?

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breaking bad finale Breaking Bad Series Finale   What Did You Think of the Ending?

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The moment has come: Breaking Bad has concluded its amazing run and for those that have been following the various exploits of Walter White over the past five seasons is now left to ponder the inevitable outcome of one of the most obsessed over programs in this golden age of television.

The word “inevitable” is telling, not only because series creator Vince Gilligan and other members of the Breaking Bad crew have made that word the description of choice for the series finale, but also because, as a television program and cherished part of the larger pop culture universe, the series has had one of the most precise and tightly-woven narratives the medium has ever seen. As season 5 got under way, there were few among us who didn’t agree this story of a man sometimes called Heisenberg could only be headed in one particular direction. But now it has happened, the end has come and the credits have rolled on Jesse, Skyler, Marie and everyone else caught up in Walter’s destructive and deadly life’s work.

As the discussion now turns to the events of ‘Felina’ and the show’s final moments, it’s time for you to open up with your thoughts on the finale and the series as a whole. Where do you think Breaking Bad lands in the pantheon of great television? Tell us in the comments below while you wait for our review.

breaking bad finale walt Breaking Bad Series Finale   What Did You Think of the Ending?

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Breaking Bad aired January 20, 2008 – September 29, 2013 on AMC

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  1. Does anyone know how much money Walt said he wanted to leave his family in the first season, and then how much he left them in the finale?

    • It was like between 6 and 7 hundred thousand and he left Flynn a lil over 9 million

    • It’s in the name of Season 2 Episode 1, “Seven Thirty Seven.” And he left them roughly 9 million.

    • This is a great trivia question. Walter originally wanted to earn $737,000 for his family.


  2. SO GLAD IT WASNT AN OPEN ENDING!! I loved it, gave resolution for all the characters. I loved how Walt told Skylar that he did everything for himself. He loved being Heisenberg than he did himself. Also glad Jesse didn’t kill him at the end and just took off.

  3. Perfect ending. I’m not sure if it’s the ending fans wanted, but it’s definitely the ending that fans DESERVE. Flawless ending to a flawless show.

  4. It was flawless. Complete perfection.

  5. I loved it. I mean, I’m a sap so I would have loved for Walt and Jesse to hug or something – but it wouldn’t have been believable. I’m so glad Walt went and saved him though. Even if it was a spur-of-the-moment thing.

    • The fact that they nodded at each other shocked me. I was glad to see it. Jesse probably sees Walt as a horrible person that he is. But Jesse understands him, and probably even respects him on SOME aspects.

  6. I only wanted Jesse to come out alive in the end of the show, and he did. So, I’m happy.

    I also would have felt like it was cheap for Walt to die in the end had it been done any other way. I liked that he was fixing his mistakes and setting things right, even though he knew it would cost him his life. If he had just been shot by the police or something like that, I wouldn’t have liked it. Although I would have been okay with him being killed by Jesse too.

    • I disagree! I have been wrung sick over the past 5 harrowing episodes. Watching Walter and Jesse at war with one another was just *tragically* wrong!
      I was convinced, up until he saw Jesse in those chains, that Walt was hell-bent on killing him as much as the neo-nazi crew.
      I have been *heartbroken* over the disolvement of the W.W/Jesse relationship for this whole season! I didn’t *want* to watch, but *had* to.
      I *never saw* a way the writers could keep Jesse alive, have WALTER save him *and* show us that they were “square” with one another.
      Seeing Walter lovingly leave his personal chemistry on that shiny silver vat, with a smile…like, *wow.*
      You don’t understand: I LIKE happy endings! I’ve been crying and bemoaning each week, increasingly sure that Vince Gilligan *destroyed* the whole show in ending it on a dark field. To my eyes, the grab-you-hold-you-never-let-you-loose emotional roller-coaster has *always* showcased the W.W/Jesse Pinkman inter-relations.
      How they managed to make it all okay, I do not knoe, but it most *certainly* was NOT predictable! I wish it were! Would have saved me half a dozen agonisingly sleepless nights.

    • Jesse and Walt forgave each other. That shocked the hell outta me.

  7. He should have OD’ed on his blue.

    • That’s what I thought was going to happen at one point… When he was in the “neo-nazi lab”, picked up the mask… I Thot he’d brew up one last batch, then OD!

  8. :( it’s over! Wish Jesse found that money in truck when he was driving off…….

  9. From a film critique aspect is was good, excellent acting, plot, visually cool, but from a fan aspect I wasn’t too impressed, it was good, but not impressive. I’m only talking about Walts death and the lack of an aftermath. My main gripe was that Walt died because of a STRAY BULLET, after being flawless with everything else, he messes up this. Now a bunch of people will say, that that’s a deep subconscious way to end the show, “He f’d up after being flawless and it’s his deserved death”, but I’m going to say no to that, I’d rather not justify the dull way he died by drowning it in philosophy and other deep thoughts. Good but not impressive. Methods I would of preferred…Him rotting in jail(suffering), Walt directly killing himself(perhaps the only honorable death), Jesse killing him(simple revenge for everything). Those would of made me say daaaaaayum…

    • As they said on TalkingBad, he ironically caught that stray bullet protecting Jesse. It was perfect.

      • I’m sorry but,to everyone saying that was perfect and that Walt was flawless and now messed up,it was impossible for that bullet to hit Walt. ALL bullets caught the Aryans and Walt was on a much lower level exactly because of the position of his machine gun. That seems unrealistic.

        • Because ballistics say that everything travels in a straight line right? Especially when travelling/penetrating like a car or a wall. It might’ve been unlikely, but certainly not impossible.

        • Ya ever hear of ricochet?

    • Those would’ve been predictable, I have no idea why those would make you say ‘dayum’.

      • It was also a stray bullet he fired – he therefore killed himslef

        • True!

    • He was gut-shot. NOT an “easy” death. He didn’t expect to live through that event. He didn’t want to. He made his peace and he set right all the things he could.
      He was happy. Reminds me very much of Camu’s Sisyphus.

    • TO CinemaLoot, It wasn’t exactly a stray bullet that killed Walter. It hit him because he was not flat on the ground. He was not flat on the ground because he was on,top of Jesse, to save Jesse’s life.

  10. I F**cked Tedd.

    • I have laughed every single time I see this post! It never gets old to me!

      • Except for the fact that s/he misspelled both Skyler and Ted, I find the post to be quite amusing too.
        Your name was worth a chuckle or two as well :-)

  11. I am so glad they were able to tie up the Gretchen and Elliot thing. I really wanted them to expand more on them because, honestly, I thought they were some of the most interesting characters that let us see a glimpse of Walt’s past and how that affected his making of the Meth. I think that the reason Walt did all this was to make up for the Greymatter thing.

  12. I agree with DaveS, it was a good ending, but was one of the few episodes (maybe even the only one) where I predicted what was going to happen. None the less, a great ending to one of the best shows ever created.

  13. I wanted Walt to go into witness protection take the name Hal and dovetail Breaking Bad into the Origin of Malcolm in the middle. greatest finale every!

    • Id s*** myself with amazement if that happened

  14. One of the more satisfying endings to a show.

  15. I thought it was exactly what the show deserved. Closed ending that tied up the whole story. An open ending would have just been unfitting to this series. Although Jesse did kill for the last time when he strangled Todd I get why he let Walt go, in the end they still had that father-son type bond that had followed them throughout entire series. Although Walt`s last minute decision to save him and Jesse`s decision not to do what every fibre in his body demanded of him may have been the last shred of the relationship they once had, it was a fitting way to end their last encounter. Overall it just felt satisfying in my opinion.

    Only one question was left unanswered…Where is the 77 million??

    • Ya really, I wonder how many “boneheads” will be “digging holes in the desert” in search of the missing “loot”? There was another show where ppl were looking for lost $$ , after the show ended…. Oh ya, FARGO !

  16. You still want your money don’t you? If you kill me, you’ll never find whe-BLAM!

  17. I loved this finale! In the end Jesse ended up being the bigger man. He got his revenge against Todd. Walt sort of redemed himself by saving Jesse. I kind of wish Skylar got into a little more trouble… she became just as bad as Walt when she wanted Jesse dead. But mainly… I’m just glad to see Jesse get away. Poor guy has been through so much!

  18. Does the DEA have anything on Jesse?

    • No hank and gomez never told other DEA agents about Jesse. And the skinheads took the taped confession made by Jesse.

      • Marie still knew about him though it didn’t seem like she told anyone.

  19. Great ending. thats it.

  20. I hope Jesse while being held captive overheard where they kept some of the money.

  21. That was a SUPERB ending. I went in wanting Walt to die, Jessie to live, and Jessie to get to kill Todd, and every one of those wishes were met. I also liked the bit with Badger and Skinny Pete, that was a humorous touch that gave closure to their characters.

  22. I wish it weren’t so, but I doubt we’ll ever see another show so satisfying in my lifetime. Thank you Mr Gilligan, for one helluva ride!

    • Agreed

  23. The majority of the money will be found by the police officers summoned to the compound. The rest will go to Walt Jr. (hopefully)! I hope Badger and Skinny Pete scared them with those laser pointers enough that they will actually get him his money!

  24. My prediction was 98% accurate, but the execution was still surprisingly brilliant!

    A perfect ending. Absolutely PERFECT.

  25. I don’t know… this show has really kept me on the edge.. but this episode was good, but in reality I knda expected more, I wanted Walt to get away, to be victorious in some way, find the money maybe or be the new kingpin, or run to mexico or something… I don’t know.

  26. A great ending to a great series. I am glad to have seen probably the 2 most satisfying series in Breaking Bad and Spartacus in my lifetime with great series finales. Yes, they might have played the end safe but it still turned out to be a masterpiece. This show along with Spartacus will go down as masterpieces IMO.

  27. I don’t know… This wasn’t enough to give me some closure… I have to make-up everyone’s happy ending in my head… this sucks!

    • I’m sure there will be an Animal House style ending on youtube soon enough.

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