‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale – What Did You Think of the Ending?

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breaking bad finale Breaking Bad Series Finale   What Did You Think of the Ending?

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The moment has come: Breaking Bad has concluded its amazing run and for those that have been following the various exploits of Walter White over the past five seasons is now left to ponder the inevitable outcome of one of the most obsessed over programs in this golden age of television.

The word “inevitable” is telling, not only because series creator Vince Gilligan and other members of the Breaking Bad crew have made that word the description of choice for the series finale, but also because, as a television program and cherished part of the larger pop culture universe, the series has had one of the most precise and tightly-woven narratives the medium has ever seen. As season 5 got under way, there were few among us who didn’t agree this story of a man sometimes called Heisenberg could only be headed in one particular direction. But now it has happened, the end has come and the credits have rolled on Jesse, Skyler, Marie and everyone else caught up in Walter’s destructive and deadly life’s work.

As the discussion now turns to the events of ‘Felina’ and the show’s final moments, it’s time for you to open up with your thoughts on the finale and the series as a whole. Where do you think Breaking Bad lands in the pantheon of great television? Tell us in the comments below while you wait for our review.

breaking bad finale walt Breaking Bad Series Finale   What Did You Think of the Ending?

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Breaking Bad aired January 20, 2008 – September 29, 2013 on AMC

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  1. I am glad Jesse got free and Ok. Now, what happened with the money stolen from Walt? Nothing was showed about that or I didn’t get it.

    • Jesse was the biggest coward and wuss in the history of looser sidekicks. HALF the trouble Walt got into was single-handily that kids fault! Never mind he brought Walt in on the business! Yet he gets to end the series on some kind of moral high note?

      • You mean Walt “the saint”? he deserved more trouble that Jesse could give him, Jesse had a trouble life which guide him to wrong choices, but Walt, a man with everything, he was just evil, not man dying of cancer has excuse to do all that.

  2. I am genuinely surprised at all the well wishing for Jesse. Hands down one of the biggest idiots in the history of television. He wasn’t even a likable idiot. Not even from day one. At best tolerable, at worst I would actually scream “why won’t someone kill this fool already!” lol. In real life he wouldn’t have made it past season one. And that’s just one the principle of good business…well meth business that is.

    • DaDecode – funny you should mention that, as Jesse Pinkman was originally scripted to be killed at the end of Season One. The weriters decided to keep him on as they liked the on-screen dynamic between Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

  3. When you actually think about, Walter may not be “dead”. They just ended the series with him lying on the floor. He could have blacked out due to the loss of blood. He got shot alright, but in the side, no vital organs there. He also managed to do several things without loosing that much blood, so the wound could have not been that severe.
    If he was dieing from the wound, he would have gotten weaker & weaker, and therefore gone slower, if it was from cancer, he would have also gone slower.
    Looked like he just passed out, due to lack of blood. Leaving open the posability to continue the series, and there are also the issues of unanswered questions as mentioned in other people’s comments.

    • Those bullets ripped through a brick wall. Not before a car shell, and then nothing at all for the last gang of rounds, because the machine firing the gun had a set height and radius. The bullet that hit Walt was late, and if it didn’t through-and-through him, it was inside him, which is really bad considering the caliber of the rounds that gun can rail off. He dead. Perfectly horrific ending to the show, and closure that most shows or films fail to capture 70-99% of the damn time.

  4. Walter White Super Hero? Huh? The finale was too slick. Too polished. Every single loose end tied up in a bright blue bow. But it cost too much. All plausibility flew out the window. I know they wanted to please the fans. They took them to the candy shop and gave them EVERY SINGLE THING they wanted — but guess what — it wasn’t a good idea. The kids were overdosed with sugar. Rather than being “treated,” I was left feeling ill about it. One of the most exciting things about the series was watching the cause and effect of Walt’s actions. It was easy to suspend disbelief because the situations played out so interestingly. But the finale really stretched the limits. It felt false. I mean even James Bond couldn’t have made things go as smoothly as Walt managed to do. They lost me when the keys fell from the visor. I couldn’t stop mentally repeating, “Yeah. right. sure” all the way to the end. He traveled so easily all the way back to New Mexico. He took care of the money problem by bullying his former friends (didn’t even show a gun!), and Skinny Pete and Badger were right there to help him. Hmmm. He whipped up a marvelous machine-gun-shooting machine just like that! (Etc., etc., etc.!) Everything just went like clockwork, and was so satisfying — and I didn’t buy any of it. I imagined, an “Ozymandias” type of ending. “Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” All the death, all the horror, all the pain, all the money — for what? Walter White should have died alone in the snow. Another huge disappointment was that all through the series, the directors seemed to keep pointing to children and saying, “What are you doing to the next generation?” I was hoping maybe a deeper exploration of that theme. Or perhaps, a deeper examination of the fallout of the lives lost because of Walt’s actions. That would have been more satisfying than the one-dimensional comic book ending we got.

  5. I love breaking bad! The 1 thing I couldn’t stand were the women! Skyler and Marie both drove me nuts! They were so high and mighty! Could Skyler please come off her soap box!? In the 1st season she could not lay off. I don’t know if her character was intended 2 b like that but she seemed 2 b the most selfish person besides her sister! The 1st and last season were the best! The show was fantastic! I wish it would have gone on. Especially if there was an episode where Skyler and Marie got killed! Lol

  6. I was disappointed a little:

    I didn’t hate it and I appreciate not every ending can be happy, but I would have wished that Jessie and Walt could have had a metaphorical kiss and a hug before they said there final goodbye to one another for the last time and let bygones be bygones.

    I liked Jessie going through the gates and driving off into the sunset, but I felt like he still hated Walt and still wished him dead, and one huge reason I loved BB was because of Walt and Jessie’s odd couple relationship/bromance, and to me the ending didn’t give the closuse I would have wished for that part.

    But aside from that I liked it :)

  7. Fantastic series, kept me gripped right from the pilot…
    Think the ending could have been better, Walter had to die but didn’t like the story line with the barrels of money being discovered (surely Walt would never fall for that trick?) personally think it should have finished at end of season four then followed by a feature length special that showed Walt, Mike and Jessie joining forces then being discovered by Hank as in season 5, the perfect finale being a shoot out with the DEA in the pest control industrial unit and Jessie escaping with the money…

    Bring us better call Saul ASAP!!!!!