Aaron Paul: Breaking Bad Finale Will Make You ‘S*** Your Pants’

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Aaron Paul Interested in Dark Tower Aaron Paul: Breaking Bad Finale Will Make You S*** Your Pants

For diehard fans of Breaking Bad, AMC’s decision to split the fifth and final season into two mini-seasons, separated by nearly a year was made much more painful with the series’ most shocking cliffhanger in the midseason finale.

We’ve previously been told by Bryan Cranston that series creator/writer Vince Gilligan had a plan in place that would truly serve as the end of the story, tying up many loose ends, and according to Aaron Paul in a recent chat we had with him, it’s going to be worth the wait for viewers.

How hard is it for star Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman in the show, to keep secrets about the ending, knowing how popular it is among family, friends and the internet community he spends time with on Twitter?

“[Laughs] No, it’s great. I don’t have a problem not telling. Everyone asks me but deep down they don’t want to know. And I know that so it’s not really that big of a deal.

Before I read the final eight episodes, the final eight hours of the show, I was thinking to myself ‘this is so tragic, I can’t believe this show is ending.’ I didn’t want it to end but after knowing how the final eight hours play out, I couldn’t be happier with the way it ended and hopefully you all agree. I feel pretty confident that you will.”

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan Breaking Bad Aaron Paul: Breaking Bad Finale Will Make You S*** Your Pants

Joking about how heavy it can be to read the final set of scripts for Breaking Bad, Aaron continued, explaining that it was hard to resist delving into the stories as soon as possible when they were sent to him.

“Actually yeah, a little bit. That’s what I did with part one, the first eight [episodes of season 5]. I mean, I took my time with all of them but in all honestly I couldn’t wait. So, if I got an email on my phone on the final eight I thought to myself ‘I’m going to wait to get home and actually have the paper scripts and sit on the couch, drink some wine and take my time with it’ but in all reality, probably six of the eight episodes I read from my phone on a plane or something because I couldn’t… I could not wait.

I’m a huge fan of the show as well. You guys are gonna shit your pants.”

From his genuine excitement in his voice and facial expressions, it was evident that it’s bittersweet for Aaron that Breaking Bad is coming to a (potentially polarizing) end, but that he couldn’t be more happier or proud of how it does so.

If that praise of the final stretch of Breaking Bad doesn’t boost anticipation for the long-awaited conclusion, I don’t know what would.

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Breaking Bad returns to AMC on August 11, 2013. The series finale airs September 29, 2013.

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  1. I’m ridiculously excited…and bummed.

  2. I’m excited as well. I just hope they come up with a better ending than to kill Walt.

    • There is no better way to end it. The show is about the rise and fall of Walter White. Get over it!

      • Just your opinion, Mike. The key to a good story is often about surprise or betraying expectations, and if there is anything that would NOT be a surprise it’s the death of WW. I for one just want a great ending, and don’t see why that HAS to involve certain deaths or not. Walter could achieve all he has sought, and we can let the bad guy win, so long as it is a good story. Also, surviving and succeeding isn’t the same as a clear victory. How empty might his kingdom be without his family, or Jesse, or anyone who cares for him? And when the cancer returns, what will his victories look like? If we draw a line from his original (supposed) intent to help his family, all the way to them being alienated or killed, what soul does he have left? Does he grin in the last seconds? Does that mean he won, or that he has yet to fathom the depth of his loss? Complexity and new ideas should dominate over any obligatory moves you may conjur up, and you should respect other thoughts on the matter than your own.

        • Agreed Josh.

        • Agreed.

      • Which has already occurred. Fall does not always equal death. It was always about taking an average guy and turning him into the bad guy. Which again, has already happened. Both of those arcs are complete. The final 8 is the epilogue.

        If Walt would have continued his progression to super villain, then it would have been easy to kill him off and make Jesse the opposite, a redemption story and have him survive. I don’t think we can count on anticipating anything about these final eight episodes.

        • Walt has always been a bad guy. From the very beginning.

  3. man this is a bummer the end begins for breaking bad and dexter sigh. But i cant wait for the final eps its gonna be epic

    • No offense intended, (especially since I have enjoyed a few Dexter eps), but doesn’t BB make a lot ofDexter seem uninspired, unplanned, and downright lazy? I feel like they don’t have a week to week plan, much less an unfurling tale to tell, and it often comes across slapped together to me. Whereas BB usually feels meticulous and cohesively built from ep to ep. Also the lead is ok, but not fascinating or evolving meaningfully. I find D to be frequently dissapointing and shallow.

      • Nope, completely disagree. I got into Dexter first based off a recommendation from a friend, who called it one of the best shows he’s ever seen. Then while I was watching Dexter, he got into Breaking Bad, and said that after watching BB, Dexter just didn’t seem as good in comparison (even though he continued to watch and enjoy both). I then started watching Breaking Bad and couldn’t disagree more.

        They’re both excellent shows and I don’t see why they both can’t be just enjoyed. I’m extremely excited for the final seasons of both.

        • Well it’s always good to get as much as you can from a show. Wish I was more satisfied with Dexter. I can’t get over the feeling that it is largely unplanned. Still, I have hopes for the new season being better than last, and I think nothing could increase the likelihood of relevant and planned out ideas more than the impending conclusion. I don’t think this season could be as impactful if they had more episodes or seasons ahead, do you?

  4. I’m going to have to skip this one, just in case he’s being literal. :) Seriously though, glad to see this guy’s career doing well. He’s been around a long time and seems to have paid his dues.

    • Uhh…isn’t he like 25 ish? He’s had a great break alright, and if I recall correctly he was going to be written out years ago but he was too good to let go. I am glad he stuck around.

      • Actually he’s 33 or 34…
        With the exception of his part on Big Love If you look at his roles prior to Breaking Bad you’ll see most of them are bit parts on TV and in movies.
        So I tend to agree with Jason that he’s paid his dues.

        • Tell that to all the waiters and waitresses in Hollywoodland! Just kidding, sorta. But I too passed 33 or 34, so I hope I paid me some dues, but I sure don’t have a starring role on swanky AMC primetime! I look forward to seeing his next character, and I hope it is as much fun as Jesse has been.

  5. Beginning of the end for all my favourite shows, Breaking Bad, Dexter, and Mad Men.
    Please TV, start thinking of new amazing shows to make my life seem less sad!

  6. I would love it if after a hail of gunfire and carnage, Walter loses his “empire,” but gets his family back. Life is right where it was in the first episode…then hefinds out the cancer is back.


    • Because that’s all they need to tell Walt’s story. I’m sure they could do as many more episodes as they wanted at this point, but they don’t need to. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see more, but at this point it isn’t even a show structured through seasons and episodes. it is a single story. And his story comes to an end eventually. Wouldn’t this be more real anyway. As opposed to dragging on his empire and evil success, send a message about good and evil and when it all actually ends.

    • It’s better to burn out than fade away.

  8. I think Walt should get away with it, not because I think what he does is cool or whatever, but because I think it would be the most shocking ending.

    I can imagine a scenario in which Walt wins but is left isolated from everyone, like (SPOILERS) Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part II.

  9. My prediction is that Jesse is going to end up killing walt because he will find out that Walt poisoned that kid and that he murdered Mike. Idk if jesse is going to die but I’m going to assume he will get all of walts earnings either through going to the storage area and taking it and leaving half for walts family or some other way. If walt doesnt die then its probably going to end with him in a prison cell.

    • Check out my scenarios. Think my favorite would be, Everyone ends up in Jail, Jesse for killing Walt, Saul Goodman in his spin-off represents Jesse for killing Walt (Pilot idea for Better call Saul, Pilot’s name idea)… and Holly going off the Foster care with a key to the storage room (money vault) around her neck and a chemistry book under her arm…

  10. Remember when the leader of the Mexican drug cartel refused to kill gus because of who his father was? Could he be coming to avenge his son?

  11. I live in Albuquerque, (the city Breaking Bad takes place in). I do believe Walt should die in B.B.’s Finale and Jesse should live and get away with Millions but we all know how shocking B.B. can be. It’ll probably end up like many classics where EVERYONE dies at the end. They could shoot ahead many years and have Holly take care of loose ends.

  12. Then again, re-thinking this – It’d be cool if EVERYONE ends up in Jail, Jesse for killing Walt, and Saul (with impending spin-off) steps in to represent Jesse. If, as rumored, Skyler kills Jesse I’m going to be so pissed… If I was watching in a theatre and THAT happened, I’d walk out.

  13. OR everyone dies, Holly goes to Foster Care, with a necklace with the key to the storage room (money vault) around her neck and a chemistry book in her arms! K, I’m done. Anyone like any of my scenarios?

    • WALT is put into witness protection, comes back as HAL…etc (duh!)

  14. I have researched a lot about the finale of breaking bad and there are a few things I have come across. first, vince giligan has said that breaking bad has somewhat stemmed from the godfather. if you watch the end of the godfather part three you will see an old guy sitting in a chair by himself with a “heisenburg hat and glasses”. just after multiple people get murdered it shows this old man fall out of his chair and die. I believe this is what will happen to walt. second, I have seen a theme of walter taking after the actions of gus(ex. walt acts like gus when Lydia comes into the car wash, and he and gus both put down towels on the floor before they throw up). this has made me believe that walt will protect his family just like gus told him to do when he have his “a man provides speech”. third I have read online that saul will get away and will be unharmed, other than saul I believe every other loose end will be put too rest.

    • I love saul lol

  15. Well, we all know one thing. His cancer treatments will never happen again.

  16. I think he will kill the Aryans, Lydia, and Todd. He will save Jesse and kill himself with the ricin because his family abandoned him and he has nothing left to live for.

  17. God…. This show is done exceptionally well and everything, even if guessed by the viewers is still so shocking when executed! I am going to miss watching. I do want to take the time to say that Walt, though terminally ill, will probably not die. I love Jesse who stays true to his caring character even though he has danbled with trouble. I have watched so many of my favorite characters die off and I have a funny feeling Jesse will be one of them either in front of walt or at the hands of. Walts character has always been manipulative since the beginning. He lost everything- regardless if he lives in the finally he has already lost. Ugh. This show

  18. I would really love to see Jesse escape and get some kind of situation where he feels safe, but unless all the Nazis are gone I don’t see that happening. He sure as hell isn’t going to team up with Walt, so what’s left? should be interesting.