‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale Will Be ‘Victorious,’ Not Open-Ended

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breaking bad finale victorious walt jesse Breaking Bad Series Finale Will Be Victorious, Not Open Ended

Sad as it is, the end is near for AMC’s Breaking Bad, with the first of eight final episodes set to air in August. However, as that conclusion inches closer, questions remain with regard to what sort of ending we can expect.

Creator Vince Gilligan is surely sensitive to those questions and concerns, and in a new interview, he’s pulling back the veil ever so slightly to talk about the general tone of the ending and whether or not it’ll be open-ended.

Here’s what Gilligan had to say:

“Anyone anxious that there won’t be resolution enough at the end of these eight episodes can rest assured that the story very much reaches resolution. It will not end in any kind of open-ended sense.”

It’s nice to hear that Gilligan doesn’t feel the need to leave a burning bag of unanswered questions on our doorstep. It’s also nice to know that Gilligan feels like the finale will be “victorious,” though it’s anyone’s guess what that means precisely.

breaking bad finale victorious walt diner Breaking Bad Series Finale Will Be Victorious, Not Open Ended

In the interview with The Daily Beast, Gilligan also went on to talk about his struggle to come to the series’ conclusion, saying:

“I was very nervous for the last year that we didn’t have an interesting enough way to wrap up ‘Breaking Bad.’ I have to say that we were in the woods for a long time with these final eight episodes. Creatively, I felt like I couldn’t see the forest for the trees, and I was sort of trying to hack my way through the jungle of this story.”

Luckily, though, after all that, Gilligan seems satisfied with where the show ends up.

“I’m very proud of these final eight. They go like gangbusters. There is no downtime in them. We are racing to the finish. I think they end the show in as satisfying a manner as we could possibly come up with.”

Now, obviously, this is Gilligan’s story to tell and we’re all merely along for the ride, but after less than universally adored finales for other acclaimed and complex dramas (e.g., like Lost and The Sopranos), the pressure is surely on for the creator to deliver. Fairly or unfairly, shows can sometimes be deemed an overall failure or success by their conclusions

Alas, Gilligan’s words only give us one person’s biased opinion of what the finale will look like, but it’s somewhat heartening to know that he has labored over the last few episodes in an effort to end Breaking Bad in a manner befitting its legacy.


Breaking Bad returns to AMC on August 11th, 2013.

Source: The Daily Beast

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  1. Please don’t die Walt!

    • Here here!


    • And miss MoS?! Bite your tongue!

      • +1

      • Fine, skip to June 14, we’ll all go see Man of Steel, then we’ll skip to August. Fair?

        • I can live with that.

          • lol you guys do realize that waiting for August would allow many episodes of MOS to be aired :P

  3. Breaking Bad is probably my all time favourite show, Gutted that its ending but it has to happen, If Walt and Jesse live than its victorious, I also hope Hank doesnt get killed as well, I love all the charactors so much, Thanx for an Epic show!

  4. Funny how people want Walt to survive, prosper, etc. We do sympathize with him, but in so doing we forget what a horrible, evil, and truly despicable person he is. There is nothing he will not take from others, including life, innocence, health, community, family, freedom, prosperity, security… The man IS cancer. He will engulf and destroy anything that feeds his needs. He tramples the strong and weak alike, and cares nothing for the well being of individuals or society at large. His pervassive lack of remorse or regret or doubt suggests that he is firmly in the grip of the Dark Side. He may not choke people for fun, yet, but otherwise he seems like a true black hearted monster. I recall rooting for Vic Mackey, and having the same sense of backwards sympathy for the victimizer instead of the victims. Funny how a good story does that.

    Also, using the word “victorious” seems like a mistake to me for sure. It is essentially a spoiler I wish I hadn’t heard. All the rest was fine, but that word to characterize a story whose ending has occupied so much of our imagination… It’s too much to say, even though it is vague and plenty open to interpretation, I wish he hadn’t said that, I really do. But now that he has, what did it mean? Victory for Walt, for Jesse, for Hank, or for the world at large? A victory for Walt is probably a tradgedy for EVERYONE else, unless he just gives up Meth and goes back to teaching High School. I think that is actually plausible, btw, under the right circumstances. Whereas Walt dieing or getting busted is a victory for almost everybody in the show and the fictional community he feeds off of. Interesting, but I won’t tell anyone about that word, in case they are of the same mind about it being unwelcome info.

    • Through movies and other shows we are so used to the cliched over-the-top bad guy, who is simply bad to the bone, that we often forget that real bad guys are mostly normal people, just like Walt. They don’t do things because the intentionally want to be bad. They simply do what they think is the right choice in any given situation, except that they have very poor decision making skills. That’s why it’s so easy to root for Walt. He isn’t a hateable cardboard cutout evil guy. He’s a realistic evil guy with some good intentions and we see things from his perspective.

      • I think part of the brilliance of the show is the “slow burn” of Walters transformation. You root for him after the crap he goes through, and the truly terrible people he deals with…then you look up, and now Walt is a pretty despicable human. So now you’re torn if you really want to root for him or not.

        As the old clichés goes…the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    • yup.

  5. I personally think Walter White will die, but ‘Heisenberg’ will live in as a myth. It would be the ultimate blow to his ego for the world to know who he is without actually knowing who he is.

    After all, you can’t enjoy the thrill of telling people to say your name if you are not around to tell them to say it, can you?

    • I think the same thing. It would be poetic justice for all the bad he’s done (good intentions or not) if Walt ends up dying at the hands of some start up punk who wants to be like Heisenberg without knowing Walt, running from the authorities and down on his luck, is the man this punk admires. Just saying.

  6. It’s a similar question as is asked with Dexter, just exactly how do you end a show with the main character(s) still alive?

    They are actually now the bad guys, they make and sell drugs. In fact they were always the bad guys, it’s just as the series has gone along they’ve gotten badder.

    You can’t really let them stay alive, or get away with it.

    Crime shouldn’t pay.

    • Agreed.

      I dont think its about crime shouldnt pay I just dont see how you can leave Dexter or Walt alive because if they dont die the story is still open.

      Dexter might go to jail but I doubt it, someone is gonna kill him.

      Same with Walt

      • @Chris

        In Walt’s case it’s a bit like ‘whose the king of the castle’, there’s always going to be someone waiting in the wings, wanting the power and the money. I wouldn’t be surprised if a storyline like that develops.

  7. It’ll be a cop out thematically and plotwise if Walt doesn’t die. I don’t think anyone else needs to for it to make sense in those terms, but that’s his arc and would defeat the purpose of the show as said by everyone on it if he doesn’t, or at least gets thrown in jail for life. I’m about a season behind and even at that point can see no redemption for the character. If I were writing it, I’d have him ultimately get killed/reckoned with by his brother-in-law, the only character in the show who is ‘good’ for never having violated his principles, despite being indirectly tested so many times by the actions of Walt. That would be victorious

  8. After all the crap Jesse has taken from Walt, maybe Jesse is the one who takes out the great Heisenberg? Jesse wanted out ages ago, Walt wont let him go, This could be his exit statagy, It’ll be an interesting finale thats for sure! Jesse is my favourite charactor, I loved Saul and Gus as well..

    • I can see that happening but it would be a cool twist if skylar or walt jr takes out heisenberg

  9. Anytime I try to think of a way that this will wrap up I get thrown off track when I think about the opening scene from last year.
    Walter White is coming back home to exact some Heisenberg justice and it’s not going to be pretty.

  10. I thank Marie will accidentally get poisoned by the ricin meant for hank and she will die that way

  11. Sucks to say but I dont see how they end it with Walt alive. I want him to live but I just dont see it ending well for him.

    Being on the run isnt an option cause that leaves the door open and if he lives even if he says he is doen and he has money and he will chill with his family Hank is already onto him.

    He either dies or goes to jail, I dont see the jail part playing out.

    So the question is who kills him? Hank? Skylar or Jesse? Jesse is probably the top choice, he finds out it was walk who poisoned the kid not Gus.

    I’m kind of a sucker with shows, I want a happy ending. I want Tony Soprano to live and be ok, I want Walt to be rich and live his life with his children but if every show was like that it would be boring.

  12. It should end after Walter hits rock bottom and begins down a road of atonement.

  13. Wow Breaking bad not until Aug. 11th now? This is Bullsh**!!! Excuse my french.