‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5 Trailers: It’s Getting Dangerous

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[WARNING: If you have yet to see season 4 of Breaking Bad, there is a MAJOR SPOILER in the trailer below.]

The final season of AMC’s Breaking Bad is set to kick off in less than a month, so in an effort to whet your appetite, the network has begun to role out a series of teaser trailers. They offer a glimpse of just what position Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is in after removing former Los Pollos Hermanos proprietor and meth king, Gustavo ‘Gus’ Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), from the equation at the end of season 4.

With Walt’s assertion to Skyler (Anna Gunn) last season that he is “the one who knocks,” it was clear a whole new personality was emerging. Now, as we see in the trailers, Walter/Heisenberg isn’t shying away from pushing his newfound weight around – especially when it comes to his cowardly, yet surprisingly well-connected lawyer, Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk).

From the look of things, beginning with the poster that was recently released, the end game that creator Vince Gilligan has in mind for his crime opus does not include a scene where Walter White calls it a day, packs up his meth making materials and vanishes into the relative anonymity of running a car wash with his wife. Besides the motivation that comes from having been kicked around as a mere high school teacher and missing out on defining himself (legitimately) as a chemist, the situation Walter currently finds himself in isn’t one a person simply walks away from.

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul Breaking Bad Season 5 Breaking Bad Season 5 Trailers: Its Getting Dangerous

Additionally, despite having played nearly everyone – from Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) to Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) to “DING” Tio Salamanca (Mark Margolis) – like he was Bobby Fischer from hell, Walter will undoubtedly have a target on his back when it comes to the Mexican cartels and, lest we forget, Gus’ right-hand man, Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks).

Of course, one thing neither trailer gives us is a hint about is where Jesse is following Walter’s masterful, albeit cruel, manipulation of him. Considering talk from Cranston has suggested season 5 picks up not too long after Gus straightened his tie for the last time, it’s a good bet Walter’s sometimes protégé is still in his mentor’s corner – and from one of the first photos of the season, that certainly appears to be true. As the truth comes out, however, the often-tenuous Walter/Jesse collaboration will likely come to an end. The question of who comes out on top may very well be how Breaking Bad reaches its conclusion.

But like Walter says to Saul, “We’re done…when I say we’re done.” Seeing as how this will be the final season of one of the best programs to ever be on television, we’re more than happy to let Walter White call the shots on when it’s all done.

Check out the second trailer below:

Breaking Bad returns for the first part of its final season July 15 on AMC.

Source: AMC

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  1. This is seriously one of the best tv shows I have ever watched.

  2. Agreed

  3. best show on tv by far. my only complaint is how Gus dies, he walks out like he’s all good then bam his dead. for such a smart and serious show i thought his death scene was extremely corny and did not fit with the rest of the show. i really liked the idea of him being blown up by the wheelchair guy but his death its self was just stupid.

    • I think I lot of people agree with you on the death, Jack. It didn’t fit the rest of the show and left a bit ol’ WTF feeling, but hell… if there is ONE bit of silliness we don’t like in 4 seasons, I suppose the show is doing damn good.

    • They wanted to make the death feel badass i guess. The sign of what happens to you if you mess with Heisenberg. They nearly completed his transition from family man Walter to Heisenberg so that was last parts of it. We are gonna see badass boss in new season.

    • It’s a Comedy/Drama:)

    • Im thinking that there probably where several situations they could have used for gus death, but they chose that one for a reason..I was glad to see him go, he proved too much threat to walts family..kent

    • I thought Gus’s Death scene was on point! Throughout many episodes leading up to this scene we are shown the red teddy bear (from the plane crash) that landed in Walter White’s pool.

      The bear represented subliminal foreshadowing of things to come…

      The red bear had a missing eye (which Walter carried around) and half of a face, just as Gus did upon his death!

  4. I can’t wait for this to start!!
    So many questions. Every time I think about it I come to a different conclusion.
    Where’s Mike?
    Will Jesse find out Walt had Brock poisoned and was there when his girlfriend died?
    What’s going to happen with Hank?
    And so on and so on…
    I’m trying to wait until the series ends before I officially say it’s the best ever but The Sopranos and The Wire are on notice. 😉

    • I think that will be the end result. I think they are going to start business again. Issues will come up with Mike coming into the picture only to see Jesse killing Mike when he sees that Mike is close to killing Walt. Jesse finds out Walt was the one to poison Brock and the end of the series will be an emotional Jesse killing Walt.

  5. I loved Gus’s final death seen. It was AWESOME! You were like, hell! He made it out, then they flip around. Great!

  6. I have a feeling jesse is going to kill walt I dont see this show ending nicely..

  7. All Hail The King

  8. As a fellow Science Teacher like Walt all, of us in Education actually think of him our Hero. He had to go too desperate means for good heath care which they don’t give us, and let’s not even go there with they pay.
    We do it for the love, of the students and the reward of one day a child comes back and says “Thanks”!
    I will miss the show dearly and the truly terrific acting acing, of the entire cast.
    God Bless You All!!!

    • You are seriously a teacher? Seriously?! You claim you do it for “the love of the students” but first complain about your healthcare and pay? And Walt is your “hero”?! I don’t like to come down on people here, but you are exactly what is wrong with our education system today. And by the way, the teachers around my jursidiction get paid excessively, especially for having off three months a year, and they continue to get free healthcare after they retire, for life. In essence, they sit atop the new feudal system, as local taxes get raised year after year to support them.

      • Sounds like you live in a pretty nice jurisdiction. Local taxes have been lowered in my hometown of Virginia Beach. The schools have had to lay off hundreds of teachers. There is no health care after retirement. And many of the teachers have summer jobs. No new feudal system here.

        • In fact it’s not that uncommon to see high school teachers working alongside their students down at the beachfront at hotels and/or restaurants during the summertime.

          • So, then, with the part-time jobs they work over summer, they are working a full year, like most people. And like most people, they don’t get free healthcare after they retire? Sounds fair to me.

            • Too bad most people don’t get the luxury of an entire Summer off for which they can choose to work a p/t job or just float in a pool.

              Teachers aren’t special. But they sure do like to place themselves on pedestals and act like it, despite sexual scandals dropping every other week.

              Go work in a coal mine for 20 years then tell me if telling little Jimmy to spit out his gum sounds so bad.

              • @mellowyellow,
                I was a roughneck for a decade. Witnessed appendages being severed, had a friend die in the field. I can tell you with 100% certainty that a teacher is a 10x more difficult job, with disgustingly low pay, offensive benefits, and that 3 months off isn’t with pay. Majority are flat broke and starving by the end of the summer.
                Show some respect, you pompous & pretentious a$$

                • Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in. P-L-E-A-S-E! You make it sound like teaching is the hardest and most unrewarding job in the world. Do you have a bridge you’d like to try to sell me as well?! What did you call the previous poster…”pompous and pretentious”?

              • i truly hate people like you. This is a movie website you want to whine about politics take it to fox news. Nobody asked/cares about your opinion of teachers.

                • If you don’t care for someone’s opinion here, Kyak, no one is forcing you to respond to it. If you don’t like the discussion here, perhaps you would prefer joining one at CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, or MSNBC? At the very least, attempt to refrain from name-calling, as it says more about you than anyone else.

                  • Oh im the bad guy? Well if you can dish it out you should be able to take it….he gave his very ignorant opinion and so did i…all those websites you listed would be great places to have this discussion not here.

                • Amen Kyak, this is suppose be about Breaking Bad, not somebody’s politics.

              • It is unfortunate but entirely plausible that you have never had a teacher who was anything special. On the other hand, the job has the potential to draw some very dedicated, honorable, and special people. I have had a few teachers like that, and I have a few in my family. Sure there are a ton of them who suck, they are people after all, but lets not pretend that the job of teacher is synonymous with sex scandals and basic babysitting duties. That does a disservice to the folks wh take it seriously, contribute something important to society, and who are definitely special. Though you may have been deprived of a good education through the negligence of your disappointing teachers, it’s an undeserved insult to all the rest to be so dismissive of every last one of them. As a guy who had a handful of tremendous teachers in my life, I take offense to that. Maybe you got gipped, which sucks, but not all of us have reason to dismiss all teachers as so lame. Most of mine sucked though, so I can meet you that far.

            • hmm i didnt know anyone wanted to know if you thought it was fair or not….if teaching sounds like such an amazing job where you feel the need to tear it down why didnt you become a teacher istead of complaining about them on a website where nobody wants to hear it….take your crying to cnn or fox news if you want to make these posts they are unwanted here

              • Again, Kyak, if you don’t like the discussion, don’t feel compelled to respond. The multiple comments here are in response to an entry by “Adrienne Cooper”. Perhaps you should address your discontent with her, as she initiated it, but I would presume you won’t, since you apparently agree with her. As for your desire to silence the rest of us, well, master that as you may…

                • I dont agree with her but at least she only made one very stupid comment that sort of had something to do with the show. So many websites get ruined by people who come on and argue why they hate EVERYTHING…im allowed to say my opinon same as you…and my opinion is that this is a movie website not a news website and nobody here wants to here you complain about teachers with mellow yellow no matter how interesting or important you two think your opinions on the subject are. There are websites for that out there.

                  • Well, Kyak, you have now made your opinion known multiple times, as have others here. Difference is, no one…as of yet…has resorted to calling you a “loser” or indicated that your comments are “stupid”. Don’t know how old you are, but you might want to learn how to disagree with someone without being disagreeable. That way, people might listen more to what you say, than how you say it. That’s all from me on the matter.

                    • So brave of you, Jerry, to call people names via the internet. You must find it refreshing, as I’m guessing you cower at confrontation in real life. As I informed Kyak, your compatriot here, the individual who initiated this discussion was “Adrienne Cooper”. It is quite revealing that, rather than suggesting that she refrain from her non-show related complaints, you choose to attack myself and the others who have responded to her. In other words, no one should say anything, unless they agree with you. How “enlightened” and “liberal” of you, to seek to silence opposing points of view…

      • Ooh look another teacher putting himself on a pedestal!

        Talking about “doing it for the love” on one hand and complaining about healthcare & pay in the other. Not to mention using a tv meth kingpin as a hero.


      • Jeff,
        Have you ever tried to assist someone and they call you, every name but a child of God? Have you ever had to take your entire paycheck and pay for textbooks? Have you ever taken money out your pocket and buy food and clothes for children who had nothing?
        When you can say ‘yes’ then you can say something. This is a TV show get a f—— life.

        • I know teachers. Great teachers. I know police officers. Teachers complain more than the police officers. In fact, teachers complain more than any other class of professional I have ever met. I guess I don’t understand why anyone would go into a field that is so demanding and unrewarding. We live under a system of federalism. I know most teachers have no clue what that is, but here is a hint.If you aren’t getting paid enough where you are MOVE. If you don’t like the field you’re in, CHANGE FIELDS. But please, teachers, quit whining about your lot in life. YOU chose to teach, nobody forced you into it. Nobody gets “paid enough” and nobody gets free health care. Even if the government says its free, trust me, it is not free. As for using Walt as a hero, the man could have been a successful chemist but chose to use his talent and skills to be a giant in the illegal drug trade….Hero? Really? This is why my wife will home school my children. Society is confusing enough without being exposed to supposed teachers that can’t pick out obvious undertones and subtleties within a television program. My wife and I enjoy the tv show and we love Walt. But he is no hero. He is a desperate, misguided, selfish tragedy of a man and a story of what can happen when God-given talents are used for evil instead of good. I know we stopped teaching actual critical thinking a long time ago, but main characters are not always heroes. In fact, they are usually riddled with flaws so that the audience is conflicted about them. Just because the main character is designed to be the most popular, it doesn’t mean that their qualities are heroic! So, teachers, please, do not glorify Walt. Think for yourselves and teach our children to do the same. Class dismissed.

      • No need to be unkind to the teacher, Jeff. I think the sentiments were sincere, even if calling Walt a hero is a creepy way of putting things… The comment was not an essay on teaching, just a few thoughts and reactions like everybody else. You can bring up how much you hate the coffee at work and that doesnt mean that the only thing that matters to you is your precious cup of coffee. I think you DO seem to like coming down on people, or you might continue a dialogue more respectfully. This isn’t supposed to be a forum for crushing other people’s ideas and telling them how dumb they are. I don’t believe that you have much sense of what is wrong with the education system, but you sure hung the blame for a very complicated problem on one person with some thoughts on Breaking Bad. Maybe you should ease up and be a little more constructive. I might have just pointed out that hero is a disturbing label for Walt, and asked for some clarification on the idea. Are we here to talk or just dismantle people’s thoughts and dump on them? Be cool, Jeff. We all like the same cool stuff, so that’s a start, right? Building understanding through meth cooking fiction…

        • Josh, an objective read of all the comments here, I believe, would demonstrate that I have been fairly tame in my responses, compared to the name-calling of others, including a racist remark made by Ms. Cooper, the alleged teacher who began this discussion. (See below.) Your characterization to the contrary suggests to me that you simply agree with Ms. Cooper, and disagree with me, so you either misread my comments, or you intentionally seek to exaggerate and mischaracterize them. Why don’t you criticize those here, including the teacher herself, who have called others names and labeled their responses “stupid”?

        • Correction…I see you already criticized Ms. Cooper’s racist remark. It is insteresting, however, that your criticism of me was longer. Again, that reveals that you simply agree with her more than me, and in your response to her, you even admitted as much. Thank you for making my point.

      • yup

    • @Adrienne Cooper, I sincerely doubt that you could possibly be a practitioner of pedagogy, anyone whose writing ability is as limited as yours (as per your comment,) cannot and/or should not be a teacher, unless of course we contemplate the social promotion factor and/or its parallel partner in societal crime: the ‘connected’ factor, both of which completely bypass the truly qualified in favor of the mediocre (at best) simply because the ruling plutocrats so dictate.

      God bless you as well.

      Now back to the OT…

      I’d love to see Walter/Heisenberg (preferably) or perhaps even someone else deliver a long overdue comeuppance to Skyler, I cannot stand her, although I love Anna Gunn who plays the royal B**** Skyler so very well.

      • A racist, Adrienne? After reading this and some of your other comments, I realize that, as you admit below, “I’m not here as a serious educator…” Thank you for admitting that, Adrienne. I have no need to comment further, except to say that I wish you well.

      • A. Cooper-I was defending your perspective before, but I find that bigotry rarely heightens the quality of discourse. You’re gonna hurt some Mexican kids feelings and spread intolerance! That’s not feeding the education of the world very well. There are much better reasons to dislike people you know? Try not to be racial about it please. It hurts the validity of what you say.

    • As a teacher, you should probably learn to use correct spelling and grammar. There were a ridiculous amount of mistakes in your comment. Regardless of whether it’s Science or English, there’s still a level which needs to be maintained. Maybe you should ask your students for some help.

      • I’m not here as a serious Educator, but as a fan of a Television Show. I became very ill with a Brain Tumor at 38 which force me to end my teaching career. Yes, there are many areas I have forgotten and really don’t care. If I had the balls I would have done what Walter White did, and probably had been able to get excellent medical care. This is Television and I would have been placed under the jail. I was also a Special Education Science Teacher. If you taught that for a few years you would go crazy yourself. So stop judging my skills and step into an Emotionally Disturbed classroom in Newark, New Jersey and you would forget you forget how to spell your name also, or better yet take a nice long trip with a tall glass, of water and 10/10 milligrams of Valium. Safe Journey.

        • My bad typing error!!!!!

        • God bless you Adrienne! Yes,this is just a TV show. But the show is a little unrealistic when it came to describing Walt’s salary and benefits for a teacher of his seniority. Typically, a teacher such as Walt would have had full free benefits for his entire family and would be earning about 84,000 per year according to PA pay scale. Granted it is New Mexico, and I do not know how the teachers there are compensated. As far as the other posters blaming teachers for being sexual predators etc., you can thank the administrators lack of diligence and the unions for not allowing proper background checks on a yearly basis to weed these people out. Also, it blows my mind as to why public school employees are not drug tested at all, but preschool teachers are upon hiring! As a nation, we have a long way to go. As far as the fictional character of Walt is concerned, many teachers do work there A##’s off each year upon with limited compensation and are exhausted by the time June comes. Also teachers have to continue there education and participate in professional development throughout the year in order to maintain their certifications (while trying to manage a private life). This could be why his character felt enough resentment to do something illegal to financially protect his family when he found out he was dying. Not to say he was correct in his thinking. Unless you’ve taught people on this post, please don’t judge individuals like Adrienne who have paid her dues to society, unlike yourselves.

  9. A great show, looking forward to season five!

  10. Still pissed that they’re spreading this season out over 2 summers.

    • I thought there was only a three month hiatus between the first and second half. Spreading it over two summers is going to suck. I guess one can just say that there are two seasons left of Breaking Bad.

      • basically

      • Two half seasons. IMO that is a huge slap in the face to fans of the show.

        • or it equals out ratings…the more you wait, the more you’re going to want to see, talk, and get more people to see it

        • It sucks, no doubt that.

  11. I’m super scared Walt is going to kill off Jesse.
    I feel like that’s the tipping point where he will truly be “Breaking Bad.”

    God, Breaking Bad is almost a tragedy in a sense. It’s quite heart-wrenching at times seeing how dark Walt has come.

  12. Gus’s death was like that to show his extreme will to survive, even after having his face blown off. The creators explain that on the bluray commentary.

    • LOL….they made it for TV audiences. Based on the book, dudes death was much more twisted. Something I think they couldn’t show on TV

      • Based on the book?

        Breaking Bad isn’t based on any books (at least not directly)…

        • A lot of the material is based off of Albuquerque Breaking Bad “The Book”. Some things are add ons and others seemed to be toned down (for TV possibly)

  13. i would like to know when the son of anarchy is coming back . does anybody know that is are favorite show

  14. I hope we’ll get more back story on Gus. It seemed that the Mexican cartel were too scared to kill him, so it makes me wonder if someone (aside from Mike) will make Walt pay for what he did.

    And I would like to see Hank finally connecting all the dots leading to Heisenberg/Walter.

  15. I think the writers are setting it up for walt to be killed in the finale by one of the main characters. Kinda like what was being done on the sopranos before david chase chickened out.

    • Joe, the only thing stopping me from agreeing with you is it is so obvious that Walt should die. I would not be surprise if he comes out of this alive. Then again, I won’t be surprise if he dies.

  16. Yeah, like maybe how the shield ended. I thought that there was no way that they would let vic mackey live after everything that he did but, instead he just got everything taken away. That was a surprise.

    • Thank you for bringing up the Shield.. greatest series finale ever.. and the only show better than breaking bad in my opinion.

  17. I wonder what kind of poison Gus used to kill off the Cartel? I thought at first Jesse told him about the poison in his cigarette….?

  18. I have been re-watching season 4. I have a feeling that Hank already knows that Walt is Heisenberg. Some of the scenes when he shares Gales file with Walt kind of hint at that. Some of the reactions of Hank and his facial expressions lead me to believe that he knows. Hank is not stupid. He just may not know what to do about the situation at this point as busting Walt will have some serious implications for all concerned.

  19. Happy to see Breaking Bad coming back. Looking forward to seeing how this truely will end. Walt is a pure genius. @Tiger 123…Sons of Anarchy is also a favorite of mine and is returning on Tuesday, September 4, 2012.

  20. I did not make a racist comment. I was making a comment towards El- Cid who knows nothing about being called a Kike everyday by Mexican students! How do I get off of this crapp?

  21. @ALL – No more comments for or against teachers in America please. It’s obvious this thread got sidetracked and emotions got heated. I’ve removed any comment I thought was inappropriate.

    I’d hate to shut down this thread because people just want to argue politics and call names.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Paul Young

  22. This thread is lost. I’m sorry I even got involved. I merely wanted to defend teachers after reading an entirely ignorant comment.

    Can we get back to talking about the greatest show on television and dare I say, ever?

    I love how this show in no way glorifies drugs, as most shows with this subject do (looking at you, WEEDS).

    If I were writing this show (which I’m glad I’m not, because I’m too big of a fan), I would end the show by redeeming Jesse and leaving him in a successful & happy place; he deserves it.
    But I’d leave Walter right back where he started, no more wealthier than he was before, but 100% out of the meth business…then a visit to the doctor reveals his cancer has returned.
    fade to black

    • How does Weeds glorify drugs? Walt and Jesse MAKE drugs while Nancy SELLS drugs. Different sides of the same coin.

  23. Love this show

  24. Breaking Bad..Undoubtedly A riveting , edge of seat, addictive, best series I have ever seen, Im from Australia so I also find interesting the scenes of Albaquerque, just an amazing part of the world as well. Those American and Mexican borders are nothing like we have here…I cant wait for season 5! Last word “Walt will regret burning that sportscar one day”..!

  25. wow season five is so boring!

    nothings happening and one preview where Walt says “nothing stops
    this train nothing” actually got me excited thinking something great
    was gonna happen but nothing did and I just wasted a whole day over
    excited about nothing!

    really hope the season picks up before it ends or else im gonna give

    did they get new writers or something?

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  27. Da best time to cry is when you pealing onions, cause everyone thinkz its da onions