‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale Will Tie Up Many Loose Ends

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breaking bad season 5 saul bob odenkirk Breaking Bad Series Finale Will Tie Up Many Loose Ends

When Breaking Bad season 5 returns this summer, fans will have just 8 episodes before the series comes to a close. And though it’s almost certain that Walter White’s chaotic tale will receive some form of conclusion in the series finale, other show finales have been known to, at times, leave a few loose ends. Fortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case here.

Bob Odenkirk, who plays everyone’s favorite lawyer, Saul, spoke to Vulture after filming his final scene on the series. He chose not to read the entire scripts (only his scenes), so he doesn’t know how the show actually ends – but he’s heard a few things:

I’ve been told that the ending is really surprising and really satisfying and you can’t believe the number of loose ends that get wrapped up. That’s all hearsay, though, because I didn’t read it. I dumped it in the trash, and then I dumped out the trash.

Like “Saul” says, “That’s all hearsay”; however, given the fact that Odenkirk is being told privately that the Breaking Bad series finale is “really surprising” and “really satisfying”, and “you can’t believe the number of loose ends” that get wrapped up, it’s safe to assume that everything being said is, or will be, true. But still, a lot can happen between filming and final cut.

Anna Gunn Talks Breaking Bad Ending Breaking Bad Series Finale Will Tie Up Many Loose Ends

While it’s likely that a few of the loose ends will get cut due to time constraints, longtime fans of the series should be excited to hear that creator Vince Gilligan approached the finale with the entire Breaking Bad story – not just Walter’s – in mind, in order to resolve lingering questions that fans might have. Of course, in Breaking Bad, tying up loose ends could mean that Heisenberg’s body count will continue to rise – this time claiming even more characters that viewers are familiar with.

After the Breaking Bad season 5 midseason finale aired, Walter White was left with 22 loose ends that threaten to take down his entire drug empire – including Jesse, Hank, Skylar, Todd, Badger and even Saul. Whether on their own, teamed with law enforcement or through other means (To W.W.), it’s possible that any (or all) of these loose ends could prove problematic enough for Walter to want them out of the picture completely – aka “tied up.”

With the Breaking Bad season 5 set to return with its finale 8 episodes on July 14th, there’s still a few months left to speculate about the numerous “what ifs” of the upcoming season. Right now, there’s at least one thing we know: whatever happens to Walter White in these final episodes, it’s enough for him to think, “Better call Saul!” And with a Saul spin-off series currently in early stages of development, the show will most likely leave at least that loose end untied.

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Breaking Bad season 5 (Part 2) premieres July 14 on AMC

Source: Vulture

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  1. It will be a sad day when this show is no more. One of the best shows in recent history.

    • absolutely

    • One of the best shows is right! I just hope that there is no hoakey “Hollywood ending”.

  2. One of my biggest hopes for the finale is a 2 hour episode…
    If Mad Men can have a 2 hour plus season premire Breaking Bad deserves just as much for it’s finale.
    How will it end???
    I really have no clue. But I do think if the finale is a true and proper end to Walter White’s story and it’s as satisfying and well done as the rest of the series has been Breaking Bad will join the ranks as one of the greatest series of all time.

  3. Well, obviously. They weren’t going to come out and say, “Actually, by the end, you’ll know nothing about anything. Sod you all.” :)

    Anyways, I have little idea how this show will end which is both great and annoying. I don’t even want to guess as every time I have done so has left me looking like an idiot. But…

    I think Walter White will die, but Heisenberg will live on (a la a Keyser Soze spook story, if you will). It would be the ultimate irony for perhaps the greatest ego TV has ever seen.

    “Beware of Heisenberg.”
    “What about Walter White?”
    “… who?”

  4. With the caliber of that writing staff, I have no doubt this will be a more than satisfying conclusion. CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

    • I can tell you for certain when Hank finds out about Walt and Skylers shenanigans sh*% is going to hit the fan! i cant wait to that!

      • I think Hank wont say nothing at first, He will follow Walter to verify his theory, then they will have THE TALK and thats going to be EPIC.

  5. 56% want walter to die? hmmmm im hoping he doesnt die

    • he has terminal cancer though, so he´ll die either way.

      • But it was in remission. Of course, that doesn’t mean it can’t come back with a vengeance. In the real world, Walter wouldn’t have lasted a week. They may end it with him using all the money to finally get his cancer treatment and then he can go back to teaching. That way, they could leave the door open for a motion picture.

        • For someone who is so smart Walt dose alot of dumb _ oh my god the fly episode kills me i think he has moments of temporary insanity you just wonder what is going on in his mind his bizarre behavior i can tell you is not lost on hank i believe that hank knows theres something up with him hes taking him out on those steakouts to torture him make him sweat he knows that Walt is up to something

          • The “fly episode” as you call it was one of the most facinating part. It contained lots of symbolics. Consider that the “fly” stands for evil spirits (read the book: “Lord of the flies”), Walter tries to extingish the ongoing cheating attitude of Jessie. Its a high light, believe me. See it again, maybe you may catch its genius in the second viewing.

  6. Walter White dying would be a bad idea because that’s what everyone is expecting. I hope we get anything else than that.

    • After everything he went through to help his family he should atleast be able to live and see his kids grow up even if he has to spend time in prison we cant forget the trail of dead bodies he has left in his wake most of them were justifed being that he had to protect himself and Jessee but some i question such as Gayle

      • Whoa there, Wendy! Just because we sympathize with Walter for his humanity and struggles doesn’t mean we should lose track of the harsh reality here. He is a brutally dangerous, self-serving meth Kingpin. He is incredibly dangerous to all around him, and never has the least flicker of compunction about the poison he creates for the community. Sure, the druggies are asking for it, and they are ruining their own lives, but realistically he is making stupid and violent citizen even stupider and more violent. He profits off their toxic desperation, and they infect society with crime and criminal behavior. Anyone who has ever lived near or known a meth addict can assure you that Walter White is a reprehensible scum bag who takes anything he wants without measuring the cost to others in lives or quality of lives. Anything you can argue was a “justified” killing,(already a dubious concept) is at least a direct result of his own criminal behavior and sociopathic vampirism. Yeah he may kill someone who was going to kill his child, but the reason he kills is not the same as an innocent fighting off an attacker. The reason he kills is because his chosen life, (of social victimizing and profiteering on the dregs of society that he helps create), draws others with similar disregard for life and law and freedom. You seem to suggest he deserves to have some things go his way, and that his love for his family somehow entitles a monster to special consideration that he himself would never afford any adversary. Walter is a very, very bad man. We may come to like him as a character, but let’s not forget that he is a truly despicable monstrosity. Not to mention the way he lacks basic empathy, decency, genuine camaraderie, affection, kindness, pity, remorse, love, shame, and a lot of other generally redeeming qualities we might expect to find in a person. He isn’t even a true friend to Jesse, and his relationship with his son is more like a master and pet he rarely chooses to interact with. I think the death of Flyyn could be a wake up, or another chance to show his cold self-centered nature. I can see Walt framing the death of his son in terms of himself, and what his enemies think they can get away with, and the message that must be sent, and so on rather than acknowledging his value as a person and merely grieving for such a tragic loss. I can even see him “spending” his son’s life for a big enough victory…

        In conclusion, don’t forget NOT to admire the bastard called Walter White. He’s not half way decent, deserving of pity, or any sort of role model. You would NOT want to know, live near, or ever meet that man. Recall when he sent the old lady next door to take the brunt of any assassins in his home? He certainly wasn’t concerned that she would get brutally murdered; he was only worried about himself. Vic Mackey had more scruples and civic responsibility, and he was a cop-killing detective/criminal cop. (The Shield, in case anyone doesn’t know, was a similarly gritty and amazing show).

        • This show is a modern version of Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky. That’s what makes it so good. Walter should pay in the end but I don’t think he should die. No one really knows the level of his guilt and the writers have left it unclear how bad he really feels. The question is whether he is still the tragic, broken hero-type? Do we really care what happens to him? I think so…but just barely

        • Excellent and perfect summary of Walter White.

        • Josh that was really just a very long winded way of stating that the character of Walter White is that of a Psychopath I guess. Everyone has known or met one in real life, but not many people would be able to pick them out.
          So yeah, he manipulates and uses people around him without a shred of conscience.
          The way you get to watch each character as an individual and see where they are coming from helps you to sympathize with each one, regardless of their actions. It’s hard to not see their point of view once you see where they’re coming from.
          Vince Gilligan, wow thankyou for the mind####, absolute brilliance, fascinating series.

  7. It’s an epic show, The best going around by far, I haven’t seen a show this good for a long time if ever, I’m gutted it’s finishing, killing walt off is too obvious but it will probably happen, I hope Jesse doesn’t die, either way it will be a quality ending because the writers for this show have been spon on the whole way, why does a good show like this have to end so soon?!!

    • Check out The Wire, its in the same league as Breaking Bad, some say its better, some say the opposite. Its an amazing show.

      • Agreed! The Wire is top notch entertainment, and worth the effort to get into it and follow till the end. It may not be as instantly engaging, but I am very glad I saw it all. Also Deadwood was a winner.


    • No……Smallville is the greatest show ever

      • Star Trek! :-)

        • Deep Space Nine! (we could do this all day…)

  9. I have so many questions i dont even know where to begin but i will start with the secode of season 4 when Brock is poisoned by the Lily of the valley flower how hh

  10. I have so many questions i dont know where to begin mabey someone out there has some theories How did Brock get ahold of the Lily of the valley flower and poison himself Walt had that flower in his back yard they made a point to show that remember he was staring at it do you think Walt might have accidentally poisioned brock somehow? and why did Walt let Jane die was she that much of a threat to him? He could have tried to save her i know im not really commenting but i want to talk to other fanatics and get their theories

    • They dont explain that, but you can imagine how it happened. They dont have to explain every single thing on the show. You know Walter is smart as hell, he can and he did find a way to give Brock the poison; maybe in a candy, maybe he leave it at Brock´s sight.

    • Hey Wendy. Glad you asked because you missed an important implication. Walt clearly, absolutely poisoned that kid on purpose. He did it so that he could say those things to Jesse about “who do you know that kills kids to get what he wants?”. He saw this as a way to polarize the increasingly popular Jesse against the group that was drawing him away from Walt. He got his ally back, and reaffirmed the loyalty he had lost. This counter move against Gus’ attempts to drive a wedge between them was crucial in Walt’s culminating assassination plan. Showing the plant was supposed to tell us that sure enough Walt IS that big of a bastard that he would murder or at least risk murdering a child just to strategize his next move. That is of course why he hides that plant later.

      As for Jane, I assume that was Jesse’s girl? (heh). Well that was a similar moment in Walt’s life when he decided to spend another life he brushed against in order to maneuver Jesse into working with him on his terms. In that case he took away a bad influence, eliminated a threat, erased Jesse’s hope for a new life, and snuffed a witness/loose end all in one moment of swallowing his moral compass. Was that the last time Walt showed any regret, remorse or hesitation when it came time to make a horrible choice and reaping the rewards for his empire? Maybe. Can’t recall the last time he wasn’t all in on the tough decisions. Glad you dig the awesome show!

      • So, end of the conclusion , Walt is à pure psychopate. À narcisist, H e dont diserve à tribute because he is à bad, bad men!!

    • walt used saul to get to brock, I think its season 5 episode 2. And I think they showed walt making or boiling the(thick grey looking substance) poison in the final episodes of season 4. It takes place in walts kitchen in his family home while he is building the the bomb for gus.

      As far as jane, She straight out threatened walt with black mail. enough said

    • “desperate measures for desperate times”

  11. I may have heard and forgotten the spinoff idea, but I wish I hadn’t just read it. Knowing that Saul survives constitutes a definite spoiler in my mind, and I would rather not know that info. I won’t tell anyone else!

    • They haven’t confirmed that the spin-off will take place after Breaking Bad’s finale. For all we know it could be about Saul’s life before he ever met Walter, with maybe the finale of it being right before Breaking Bad. So it’s still entirely possible to kill Saul in these last few episodes. Just means the Saul spin-off would have to chronologically take place before (or even during) the events of Breaking Bad.

      • Thanks, Jacob! Good thought. I really hope you are correct, and at least the door is open to his death, and that’s all I want anyway. I want to be surprised. Some of the payoff scenes and even entire episodes of payoff vibes have been weak, in my opinion. The cool one-liners and bad-ass movies star moments don’t suit the gritty realism vibe they do so well. And another shocker like the burnt face is likely to fall slat with me as well. Less is more, sometimes.

        Although I do love that line “Do you really want to live in a world without coca cola?”

        My highest hopes that they recal the idea that Walt is clearly not a full-package kinda leader yet. He doesn’t have every instinct, talent, nerve and resource that he needs to accomplish his empire dreams. Not yet anyway, and barring a serious jump in time, I don’t think he will soon. How he surrounds himself with the people he needs, (or fails to), is my big question.

  12. Can’t wait, I reckon Hank will become the new Mike!

  13. A lot of you seem to be forgetting a key intro from one of this season’s episodes…The first one, Live free or die. Walt has a full head of hair, he’s at Denny’s, he has no wedding band and a trunk full of weapons. That to me is the biggest loose end in the show.

    • It is a year ahead of one of the episodes from this season also titled Fifty-One. His age. How do I know this? Because he does the same thing he does in the 51 episode with his breakfast, but it this time says 52.

      • Yeah, I think most remember just can’t seem to find out what is happening. Well, according to IMDB the 15th episode is titled Fifty-Two, like the fourth was Fifty-One, so he’ll probably be 52 in episode 15, if the title holds true. Also the series finale, once again, according to IMDB, is called Crystal Clear. Good name for the end of the show, if you ask me.

    • True, great points

  14. The Saul Goodman spin off should take place after the breaking bad events. Maybe the writers will poke a little fun at picture of Walter White reference in the pilot, and then that’s it, they move into The Saul universe.

  15. the should really have another season and another after and so on.
    I would love to see walter white in jail and running the joint. and cooks meth in the prison.

  16. lol why people want Walt dead is beyond me, basically the whole point of the series is him taking revenge on the world, world that turned it’s back at him on every opportunity and expected him to die
    the best way to deal with the finale is to picture walt locked up somewhere away from everyone while building his own drug empire … along with Jesse ofcourse

    • somehow you just know that these two are inseparable, if one dies the other will follow ;_;

  17. Walter almost has to die. The entire series has been a traditional tragedy up until this point. You’ve have a character dooming himself, ignoring multiple points to walk away from his own destruction, and eventually being brought down by his own hubris.

    Jesse, barring any last few episode surprises, could probably get away with it. His entire arc has been about redemption, and he’s been the counterpoint to Walt through the entire series. He started as Walt’s in to the criminal world, and when Walt started becoming seduced by it, Jesse realized how horrifying it actually is. It kind of reminds me of Jules and Vincent in Pulp Fiction.

    Spoiler Alert: Breaking Bad ends with Jesse walking the earth.

  18. I think jesse has to be the one that kills walt, thats the only conclusion that is epic and finishes with a bang. Walt has destroyed Jesses life and when jesse finds out everything, he pretends to help walt deal with hank and then when hank is dealt with. Jesse shoots him.

  19. On the first episode of season 5 we are able to see Walter White, after a year from the current action, taking pills but with hair. This indicates me that he’s taking something else and that the cancer has not stroke back. This indicates me that he, just like his dead father, has dementia. Think about it, in season 5 he has a completely different personality – with an immense ego and extremely violent. Some might say that it’s because cooking meth is the only thing he’s proud of and that he’ll defend it to whatever costs. But in my sincere opinion, he has dementia – a problem he has inherited from his father.

    • LOL…

  20. i really have no idea how the show is going to end but i feel that something will happen to walter jr. i can see a plot twist of him overdosing on blue meth – the stuff his dad made. he is a teenager – sent to live with his aunt and uncle – his parents are constantly fighting – it would make sense. this will bring walt back to reality on what he is doing, making drugs that ruin lives. best show since the sopranos – cant wait.

  21. My humble opinion- Jesse kills Walt. I’ve thought about this over and over. Jesse wants out and the only way for him to be completley out is to kill Walt. He hates the killing, the innocent lives that have been taken at the hands of their “business’. He wants to BREAK the BAD.

    • “I’m the bad guy” ~ Jesse

  22. My guess… Hank eventually gathers evidence to put Walter and Jesse away. There’s a climactic shoot out and it looks like Hank kills Walt in a burning building or similar – but no body is ever found.

    Some time goes by, and as Hank is working away in his office, he reads a report that someone is selling blue meth in another part of the USA.

    In the final scene, we see ‘Heisenburg’ working away in a lab, cooking a new batch…

  23. I am BEYOND thrilled to know we have a Saul spinoff!! He is up there with Denny Crane!!!’

  24. I’m lighting up a bright blue bowl of 96% pure meths as I write this … mmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhh, GOOD!

  25. Walt realizes that Gretchen&Elliot are the origin of all evil in his life (he sees them on tv in the last episode).
    He goes to visit them to kill/destroy them.
    When he arrives there he found a visitor: Lydia.
    Lydia Gretchen & Elliot are the true ultimate master minder of the biggest meth business in the world.
    They controlled everything from the beginning.
    Their company was not that successful after all, but it’s great to cover the huge amount of money they are making from meth. Where are coming from all the millions they are donating to make public opinion forget their relationship with Walter?

    Walter is definitively humiliated, he has been manipulated all the way, his only pride, his meth business is dwarfed by the empire of Gretchen&Elliot.

    He loose also the desire for vengeance. Maybe he retires in the desert to die from cancer. what else?

  26. Walter White will kill Brock , Skyler and Marie .
    That’s all i know !