‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5 Poster – Will Jesse Dethrone Walter?

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breaking bad season 5 king Breaking Bad Season 5 Poster   Will Jesse Dethrone Walter?

AMC is to ramp things up for Breaking Bad season 5, and has released the first official poster from the series’ highly anticipated final run. Taking a seat on a throne of narcotics and money, it appears that Walter White (Bryan Cranston) has finally made it to the top. But for how long?

Certainly touching upon the events from the Breaking Bad season 4 finale, Walter White’s newfound position came after an intense showdown with Gus (Giancarlo Esposito). Making use of his ability to manipulate those around him, Walter White bested his nemeses with “help” from Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Hector Salamanca.

Thanks to a young boy’s (Brock) apparent poisoning by Gus, Walter finally persuaded Jesse into helping him take out Gus. Of course, things aren’t always as they appear. As the Breaking Bad season 4 finale came to a close, it was revealed that Walter White is the one who poisoned Brock. Will this secret ever be revealed?

Even though Walter and Jesse came together to take out Gus, the famed duo’s relationship was otherwise strained. Though no one knows what the status of their partnership will be when Breaking Bad season 5 premieres, one can rightly assume that Walter’s past indiscretions will come eventually come to light, thus pushing their relationship beyond repair.

Now that he’s starting out on top of the drug trade, it’ll be extremely interesting to see how Walter enjoys being the master of his own domain. More importantly, will Walter use this opportunity to return things to normal?

As the final season airs¬†over the course of two years, these are just a few of the questions that will linger throughout its run. With only 16 episodes left of Breaking Bad, expect to see the best and worst of Walter White as he manages to traverse his chaos-filled life.¬†Though it’s likely that we already know the fate of Walter White, there’s no doubt that the entire television world will be glued to their screens to see it happen.

You can check out the poster below: (click for larger version):

breaking bad season 5 poster 570x839 Breaking Bad Season 5 Poster   Will Jesse Dethrone Walter?


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Breaking Bad season 5 premieres July 24, 2012 on AMC.

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  1. Lovely stuff. After the high quality of certain shows this year already, Daddy comes home to show us all how it’s done.

    By the by, the clicking to enlarge the poster doesn’t work on my end :)

    • All fixed!

  2. They should start a viral campaign.

    Where is Mike?

  3. “As the Breaking Bad season 4 finale came to a close, it was revealed that Walter White is the one who poisoned Brock. Will this secret ever be revealed?”

    I still wonder if it was really Walt . If you remember those thugs were roaming around his house and came out the back. That made it a little ambiguous if Walt really did it. Either way bring on July 15th ,

    • It was Walt.
      But the question that remains is how did he do it?
      My guess is Saul and his bodyguard played a role.
      As for how it will end my guess is that Walts Cancer is back and he’s going to try and get a better grip on everything so when he does pass his family can live out their days comfortable.
      As much fun as it would be to see him go out in a 16 episode blaze of glory it wouldn’t be the smartest move on his part. But then again power has corrupted Walt to do some crazy things and in a sick way he seems to enjoy it.
      Because as he put it now he’s the guy who knocks…

  4. Can’t wait!

    I am the Danger!

  5. Bring it on July 15 woot woot. Jesse is gonna finally kill Walt or maybe the DEA

  6. Its gonna be kinda wack if Walter and Jesse stop working together!!

  7. i hope mikedies. walt and jesse rule forever, thats how the show ends

  8. im going on ebay to get this poster!!! B.A

  9. So excited for this!! Season 5 in July and then Dexter season 7 in October!!

    I think the s*** is really going to hit the fan in this one! Gus murdered the head of a Mexican drug cartel, that’s not something that is forgotten about, killing Gus was a bad idea on Walts part, he was paranoid to f*** and becuase of his pride couldn’t handle Jessie achieving something without him! Gus and Mike were building Jessie’s confidence and saw his real potential, something which Walt has never done! I think once Jessie learns the truth about Jane and the poison he will finish Walt off, he has to!

  10. Plus the DEA are always one step behind, I think Walt may end up takin the fall for everything, Hank will find out its his brother in law behind the whole operation!

    Omg so can’t wait to see how this turns out! Splitting the series is just plain evil

  11. I love Game Of Thrones…BoardWalk Empire…Supernatural…Justified…Sons Of Anarchy …Homeland and Spartacus !!!! but none of them compare to my LOVE for the greatest show of all time Breaking Bad !!!! ALL HAIL DA KING !!!!

  12. OH and BBC Wallander and Sherlock I should’ve mentioned too lol

  13. I hope Jesse kills Walt

    • why?

  14. I could see season five playing out with Jesse looking for redemption but being framed by Hank to protect Walt.

    I feel like Hank has known for awhile and if a Jesse-Walt duel goes down, Hank could end it all and protect the family secret. He owes Walt and has his own demons.

    It would be cheap but I could see it.

    • I must agree w/you

  15. I think this season is gonna really focus on Hank, I have a feeling Hank is gonna switch sides and become a leader of the cartel, a longshot i know but watch this space!

  16. Will Hank find Gus Laptop? or did someone beat him to it. What will the German corporation do now that the meth lap is destroyed they must have known about Gus and the meth, will they want Walter to cook for them or will they want revenge?

    I think Hank may know about Walter but just can not put all the pieces together yet.

  17. As i see it, Walter has slowly been becoming more and more Heisenberg than his old self. Represented by his swelling in pride, and by that scene where hes in the crawlspace and just laughing hysterically. Hes just becoming a bad(a$$) person. Jesse and his relationship has definitely been straining, but its too early and difficult to tell who could come out on top. Also, regarding Hank, supposedly the bullet holes in the trailer back when he had been chasing Jesse is foreshadowing how he will die. There is a lot of foreshadowing in this series. Like the half skull on Gus and the half burnt teddy bear. Walt had the teddy bears eye the whole time, and Gus was always watching… just food for thought. Also, a last penny thought, isnt it interesting how Saul Goodmans name pretty mush says, “Its all good man”… creepily awesome.

  18. Yeah that saul goodman name thing is interesting! And this show is so amazing but I feel that spliting it up is a mistake because 8 episodes isnt enough to keep us going until next summer! Still a great show and I hope they get Walt and Jesse finally working well together because I have been waiting for that for a while now!

  19. I really don’t think Walt poisoned Brock, just a red herring. I think hank will end up killing Walt and Jesse will walk off into the sunset,,,,,

    • Hank killing Walt is a strong possiblity.
      Walt can’t go to jail. If he ends up in prison everything that will come out will destroy the family and it will look like Hank is a terrible agent and possibly in on the whole thing. There would be so many questions most notably how could the biggest meth dealer in the south west be operating right under Hanks nose? And so happens to be his brother in-law?
      And I say again, not to be a snob or a know it all but Walt was the one who had Brock poisoned. Like I said earlier in the comments we don’t know the details yet but it was him and his idea. It started with the scene of Walt spinning the gun and the final scene of the plant in his yard.

  20. How about this. Waltz cancer comes back. Hank discovers evidence on the laptop nonetheless but it’s inconclusive so the hunt continues. Jesse is approached by the German internationals to build an industrial scale cooking facility. Walt realizes the noose is tightening and his relationship with skyler is finished and irreconcilable. He is angry and proud and jealous of jesses success and dealings with the German internationals and schemes to destroy him. End first part of season 5.

    The second part might be a showdown. At the end, Hank knows but doesn’t pursue it because he doesn’t want to destroy skylers life. He might even secretly pull Gus Swiss bank account to support his own wife and skyler. Saul gets wind and pulls a trick to get in on the action. Jesse and Gus right hand man (forget his name) partner up and disappear to Europe because they are scared of the DEA and do well with the German conglomerate. Last scene: walt, alone, finished, angry, and destitute simply walks into the Arizona desert, presumably committing suicide due to his recurring cancer but we would never know for sure.

  21. I think the end is gonna boil down to a showdown between Hank and Walt. One is going to kill the other.

  22. I like how in the title of the article it questions whether Jesse will dethrone Walt while the article itself HAS NOTHING TO f****** DO WITH THAT.

  23. “heck yeah” is a understatement I think everyone can agree.