‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5, Episode 6: ‘Buyout’ Recap

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Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul Breaking Bad Buyout Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 6: Buyout Recap

So far, this season of Breaking Bad has presented Walt’s crumbling family life as yet another example of what he’s given up in pursuit of whatever it is that he’s hoping to accomplish. Now, there is a certain bit of disclosure regarding Walter White (Bryan Cranston) amongst his two partners Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Mike (Jonathan Banks) that, for Jesse, may be a little surprising and very depressing. Gone is the man who was in this for the future of his family, and in his place, Jesse now sees a man who is intent on building an empire no matter the cost.

This fact about Walt is most telling after he welcomes Jesse into his house, and then insists he stay over for a historically uncomfortable dinner with Skyler (Anna Gunn). During the meal, it’s clear that, in Walter’s mind, the two aspects of his life are converging into a singular personality that will fight to protect what is his at any cost.

Walter no longer thinks of his wife and kids as his anymore – he’s essentially lost everything. The family that he once sought to protect has either been taken away from him, or now rejects him outright, and the only thing Walter White has left in this world is the drug empire he’d hoped to build along with Jesse and the 1,000 gallons of stolen methylamine they’d procured during ‘Dead Frieght.’ Walt also lets Jesse in on the little fact that he’d once taken a $5k buyout on a company that is now worth billions, and the last thing he’s ever going to do is allow this burgeoning empire of his fall into the hands of a competitor. It’s as manipulative as Walt has ever been, but it also seems to come from the heart and suggests this is the sole driving factor in Walt’s life anymore.

Of course, all of this stems from Mike and Jesse wanting to sell their combined two-thirds of the methylamine to a competitor for somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million. Mike has been dealing with Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) and the rest of the DEA sniffing around his business, and at this point, the risk far outweighs the potential benefits. Jesse, on the other hand, is dealing with the snap-decision of Todd (Jesse Plemons) to kill a 14-year-old boy who’d witnessed (but likely not understood) the actual methylamine theft. The guilt, coupled with Walt’s assurance that they’ll properly mourn the boy and do some much-needed reflection on the event when all the methylamine has been cooked, is enough to get Jesse to want to throw in the towel and take a buyout with Mike.

Not only does this potentially leave Walt without his partner and the distribution wing of the business, it severely restricts his ability to earn anywhere near the several hundred million dollars in street value of the stolen chemical. Conversely, the intended buyer of the methylamine won’t buy any of it unless he gets it all – meaning he’s wiped out his main competition in Heisenberg. Knowing Walt won’t stand for losing everything, Mike waits for him back at HQ and after the two spend the night in office chairs, Mike binds Walt’s wrist to a radiator. While Mike and Saul are hitting the DEA with a restraining order, Walt MacGyvers his way through the predicament and, by the time Mike gets back, has not only moved the methylamine, but made a convincing enough plea to Jesse to have some defense come to his aid when Mike pulls a gun on Walt.

Aaron Paul Jonathan Banks Breaking Bad Buyout Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 6: Buyout Recap

Jesse pleads with Mike to hear Walt out and listen to his plan because that’s what Jesse normally does, and Walt has once more figured out how best to align those he sees as pawns to ensure he gets his way. Walt tells Mike, “Everybody wins,” because before anyone has to experience variables like a 14-year-old boy being killed, the team’s combined efforts sure seem like a game Walt’s has a handle on. It matters little whether Mike wants to be in on this new plan or not; he’s going to have to play for just a little while longer with Walt at the wheel if he wants to see any cash from this recent escapade.

If anything, ‘Buyout’ felt as though many of the characters (mostly Walt) were no longer pretending to be anything other than exactly who they are, and they display that with the openness of their interactions with others. The tension between Walt and Skyler is palpable, but more poignant, perhaps, is the exchange between Skyler and Marie. Clearly, Skyler is looking to shed some light on Walt to her sister, but that means declaring herself as a willing accomplice; a fact that could not only lose Skyler her freedom, but will most certainly ensure that Walt is not the sole target of scorn she’d so like him to suffer.

Most importantly, however, we see that there is no end game for Walt. In his mind his business must run in perpetuity, his kingdom must live on forever – or at least until its ruler is dethroned.

Breaking Bad continues next Sunday with ‘Say My Name’ @10pm on AMC. Check out a preview below:

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  1. For a minute I really thought Walt was going to try and grab Mike’s gun and kill him while he was tying him up.
    As for Walt’s plan so everyone wins? I honestly have no idea???? I yelled at the TV when the episode ended because I hate that I’ll have to wait another week to find out what it is…
    Also, I’m always rambling on about how Aaron Paul deserves another Emmy for his dramatic work on BB but now I’ll add my praise for his comedic work. The look on his face while drinking his glass of water when Skylar talked about her affair was priceless. :)

    • Haha yeah. I was womdering if Walt was gon be so brazen. You can actually see him glance at it a few times, before he realizes he doesnt have that kinda balls.

      The dinner scene was so awkward that i wanted to leave the room the TV was in lol

    • I thought the same thing ! Haha!

    • Yes! That dinner scene with Jessie drinking and looking over his glass from Skylar to Walt – hysterical!!

  2. Great episode, the awkward dinner conversation was brilliant and funny.

  3. I can’t tell you how completely taken I am with the show. The telltale sign of greatness on television is when you get to the end of the episode and not only do you feel like somehow they shortened the episode because – the Earth was spinning funny on it’s access or something, but you get to the end and – BAM! Thirst for more right now! It’s what drove me originally to TRUE BLOOD as well, but wow – the dynamics between this program and that are just soooo stark. I love the process of “thinking” inside this show, because there’s reason, purpose and motive, that you often don’t have revealed until later in the season/series, that amps up the questions, the zeal for wanting more and jeez – answers? I love it when this show delivers them but dig it even more when the answers reveal more questions that we get even more answers for. KUDOS, Breaking Bad!

  4. just amazing. Not much else needs to be said

  5. Wow! Every seen in this episode was so intense. You could feel the tension between all the characters. So fricken good!

    • scene*

  6. Amazing episode, can’t wait to see what Walt’s plan is.

    • I highly doubt if Walt took the buyout that Skylar would eventually get back on board with him. She has told him that she is waiting for him to die, there’s no going back to how it use to be nor could it be better, it’s dead! All Walt has is this now. I’m not saying he is a victim or anything but he made this bed so he is laying in it as long as he can lol.
      The episode was awesome tho and I love Jesse, I hope him & Walt end on a good note tho.

      • potential spoiler


        I think Walt will propose to distribute his product
        exclusively to the guy from Phoenix. They Phoenix guys
        would probably go for it cause the only thing better than stamping
        out Fring’s blue would be securing it?

      • i think jesse is gonna find some stuff out about walt and attempt to kill him but i think walter being the more cold blooded now will actually end up killing jesse .. and probably killing skylar .. but i am probably so wrong.

        • ah, indeed, sorry mongoose. The partners thing kinda threw me.

          I was thinking Mike and Jesse will still split, paid out as part of the arrangement, leaving Walt distributing to the Phoenix crew alone and reaping 100 percent of the profits, whereas I thought (possibly mistakenly) you were saying they would all (Walt, Mike, Jesse) somehow change their minds and continue to be partners, runnig their ‘vamanos pest’ scheme, but with a new client for distribution.

          • Using the word “they” might have been the reason for that impression. All I meant by that is initially all will have to partner up to make the big “deal” but after that Mike and Jesse will bail, leaving Mr. Heisenberg (unless Walt can talk Jesse into staying which he seems very good at doing).

  7. so incredibly glad they brought that gray matter elliot and gretchen story back, it’s like vince knows his fans, nonono, don’t worry, i haven’t forgotten, and then he delivers, not just wrapping up that storyline (for the most part), but making it the pinnicle reason why walt is creating his empire of death

  8. Walt has done a lot of things this season to make him a force to be reckoned with, and scared of, but the sound of Walter White whistling was terrifying.

  9. I actually think the most telling thing about the episode is the clip from the next one. Walt is asked, “You’re Heisenberg?” Walt’s response: “You’re damn right.” Walter White died in that nursing home with Gus. To paraphrase Ghostbusters, there is no Walter, only Heisenberg.

  10. i think i know walt’s plan, think about it walt wants to run the world, he wants to build an empire, he’s eliminated all his competitors, i think his next plan is to somehow sell the meth that’s being tracked that’s in lydia’s job and sell the competitor the methylamine with the tracking devices, the DEA gets off their trail for a bit, they eliminate competition, mike and jesse get their five million, plus walt would get 5 millions also, that’s my hypothesis, great show, great details, and great characters

    • Interesting theory! I was thinking that Walt would want to be in cahoots with the other meth operation. Walt already thinks of himself as unstoppable – his ego would certainly make him think that he can manipulate his way to the top of that operation too. That way he can take control of the entire supply.

      • yea i read that theory in this website, i’m still trying to figure out that first scene at the beginning of season 5 and as the show progresses i’m trying to figure out how the present way of things is gonna cause a shift to where walt has to buy so many weapons, i don’t think he wants competition, but it’s a good theory because it could be his connect to expand all over the country and eventually have his own “empire”, and now that i think about it he says “everyone wins” and maybe he means even those guys will win but i don’t know my head starts spinning when i try to figure it all out, we’ll just have to wait til next week! greetings from another obsessed fan lol

        • You’ve pretty much already solved the problem even if you don’t realize it.

          Shifting the tracking devices is an excellent idea but there is no way to get rid of ALL the roaches, even in a DEA sting. Someone who can “scrape up” 15 mil on the fly is pretty powerful and large. So Walt will most likely be on the run from the remnants of the “Phoenix” cartel.

  11. i missed some of the show .. what did skylar tell marie ?

    • Skyler was at Marie’s all bummed out and concerned so much about her kids safety, which she confides to Marie about. She tells Marie that she and Walt are bad parents and I think she was about to spill the beans about their involvement in drugs, but then Marie is like “Don’t tell me, I know what it is” and proceed to tell Skyler that she knows about her affair with Ted as Walt told her. Then Skyler looks genuinely pissed (at Walt, I presume), but says no more.

      • cool thanks for the info .. yeah again i think its best for walt to just let skylar go and move on cause obviously the kids cant stay with marie and hank forever .. and obviously whats going on isnt gonna end well ..

  12. is still amazing to me how walt has goen from a goofy , clumbsy, guy wearing his whitey tighties into a cold blooded killer and i think he is gone .. i think it is true there is no more walter white only scarface…errrr hisenberg .. i dont see a way he lives past all this … but like i said it would be cool if thw show ended and he lives if he ended up on walking dead the following season .. walter white now surely has what it take to survive in a post zombie world ..

  13. I have a theory on Walt’s plan. I’ve done some research on cyrstal meth statistics, and according to Narcotics News, the wholesale price of a pound of crystal meth in Albuquerque, New Mexico ranges from $7,000-9500, but in Concord, New Hampshire the price shoots up to $18,000-$20,000 per pound. And that’s just the street stuff (70% pure or lower), never mind Blue Sky.

    I think he will take his distribution elsewhere to avoid cartel problems with Phoenix. But Walt will have to maintain residence in NM, and take frequent “business” trips to NH. He can’t very well just move to New Hampshire when there will be a sudden jump of Blue Sky in that market, as Hank will immediately make that connection. As an added precaution, he’ll maintian the disguise in the beginning of episode 1 and nonchalantly drive a Volvo, just like his buddy Fring.

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  17. When ‘Bad’ wins its second consecutive Best Drama Emmy in September, chances are this is the
    episode that wins it for them. Walter White’s brother-in-law Hank Schrader DEA
    Agent forgets to wake up and smell the clarity.

    You can feel it from the expression of the show hosts as they put the
    slice in their mouth.

  18. The storyline is getting stretched pretty thin in this episode. I mean c’mon. Really? Walt just has to build an empire? The only reason the kids r gone is cuz he is cooking. He could very well take the 5 mil and live lavishly with his family and skylar would be happily occupied with the car wash. I just thought this was just an absurd way to approach his change of heart from cook to kingpin. Now if skylar would have “disappeared” with the kids leaving a note stating she was never letting him near them again I could seen his attitude changing so abruptly. But this just seems so flimsy and forced. Other than that I think this was a pretty good episode. And yes the dinner scene was well played. I have to say watching skylar through all this reminds me why I will never get married again. Fukin women….