‘Breaking Bad’: How Do You Turn Your Back On More?

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Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad Granite State Breaking Bad: How Do You Turn Your Back On More?

The penultimate episode of Breaking Bad was granted a few extra minutes to tell its story, and sure enough, ‘Granite State’ managed to use the additional time to not only set up the events that will send the series forever into the annals of TV history, but also to stoke the embers of what was left from the catastrophic events of last week’s ‘Ozymandias,’ which saw a great many terrible things happen in and around the White household.

Of course, all of that culminated in Walter White abandoning his family as well as his identity, and fleeing in the wake of a colossal verbal explosion which left the Internet debating just what his parting words to Skyler truly meant, and if there was as much remorseful implication in them as there was unvarnished truth.

But there’s a side to Walt’s taped outburst that only matters to the DEA, and it’s one that buys his wife a small amount of leeway with them. But as Saul points out, it’s not enough to keep the government off his family for good, and he encourages Walt to cut his losses and turn himself in, telling him that’s the only way he can save the people he did all this for. Walt attempts to give him the “It’s not over until I say it’s over” speech, but the increasingly sickly former kingpin nearly collapses from a coughing fit. And before you can say AMC/Sony Pictures Television licensing deal, Saul says “it’s over,” grabs his bags and vanishes from Walt’s life seemingly for good.

Anna Gunn in Breaking Bad Granite State Breaking Bad: How Do You Turn Your Back On More?

Now, when you become one of the most recognized meth kingpins the United States has ever known, you probably never imagine ending up in a one-room cabin deep in the snow covered woods of New Hampshire, hoping Robert Forster has picked up a few tricks when it comes to administering your chemotherapy. And it’s a good bet the thought of offering him a portion of your “life’s work” for a few more hours of his time never crossed your mind, either.

Walt’s last-minute getaway plan doesn’t really resemble much of an escape. Sure, he’s not in a federal penitentiary, nor is he being forced to cook meth so Todd can indulge his schoolboy crush on Lydia, but rifling through month-old copies of the Albuquerque newspaper isn’t exactly the kind of freedom Walt thinks $11 million ought to buy. He has a barrel full of money and it’s just sitting there, thousands of miles away from the people it was meant for. In the end, Walt ostensibly has nothing; people are even trying to limit his involvement in his own infamy.

All that’s left is the specifics of what has become a harrowing and costly journey for all those who have crossed Walter White’s path. At this point, saying that Breaking Bad has managed to pack an emotional wallop with these last two episodes is as unnecessary as reminding everyone this is all one man’s transformation from Mr. Chips to Scarface. But just because it’s not required doesn’t make it any less true.


Breaking Bad Series Finale Poster 570x741 Breaking Bad: How Do You Turn Your Back On More?


Breaking Bad will conclude next Sunday with ‘Felina’ @9pm on AMC. Check out a preview below:

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  1. todd needs to die now

    • Just my two cents:

      Walt comes back and kill Jack’s crew, restrain Todd, free Jesse and let Jesse kill Todd. Walt tells Jesse to get a new life with Brock. Walt explains to his family about the whole Hank murder thing, surrender to the DEA and take his empire down with him, but not before he could bury the money somewhere in Felina (if that’s even a real place) and get a new lottery ticket for his family.

      And finally, I think they would use the cancer death in the final scene and have Walt go out his way.

      • Oops. This shouldn’t be on here.

      • Final show prediction: Nazi’s all dead, Walt is shot. Walt tosses down the poison pill to Jesse in his cell. Last shot is of Todd starting up the next cook.

  2. I kinda like Todd but at the same time I dont, hes a very strange character to me.

    • He’s a polite monster.

      • That’s what makes him so monstrous. He’s a complete sociopath.

  3. I hope walt gets rid of todd and his gang. I wonder if he’ll leave jesse alive?

  4. I actually hope Jesse is put out of his misery. He has nothing to live for anymore and if he were to continue to live all he would have is memories and nightmares.
    Part of me wants Walt to come in and save the day but I think that ship has sailed.

    • Or maybe Andrea died so Jesse finally does have something to live for – take care of Brock.

      Jane is dead, cooking meth is over for him (not counting the forced cooking) as a career, his hip-hop smoking dope with his homies and livin’ it up days are over so in all other ways he’d probably put a gun to his mouth even if he survived. I mean, he suffers from the guilt very badly and now more than ever as he’s gotten Andrea killed. But if he survives, then maybe he’d raise Brock as he cares about him and also indirectly got his mother killed and doesn’t want Brock to be an orphan so it gives him meaning in life, a chance of redemption for all the s*** he has done.

      • I’m pretty sure Brock ended up with his grandma.

  5. Utterly awe inspiring. Here is the thing. It was an episode in reverse. Almost a 50 minute recap of everything that has happened to Walter White since episode one. Which in turn means what it was actually a meta episode from the writers, from all involved, politely pointing out that this was always going to be the conclusion from day one.

    If the previous two were consequence, this was acceptance. For all the protestations of it being for his family, that intent was long since gone. This was purely about ego. So we got the rebirth of Heisenberg mesmerisingly tied to the initial birth of this creation.

    “It can’t all be for nothing…”

    The final words of a dying man. As for how it will end, the theory of taking on the mannerisms of those he has killed still comes into play. To him, he thinks Jesse is dead. Skyler is also dead in the sense of what once was to what is now. The phone call with his son confirmed that. Honestly though, I think he will find Jesse in his cage and let him go. Jesse will end up with Brock (perhaps in New Zealand?).

    Only one certainty remains with this extraordinary show. He will be remembered. Forever. Heisenberg is all he has left.

  6. Loved that bit with Gretchen I think her name is talking about how sweet, nice Walter white is no longer out there its just Hisenberg now.

  7. The final scene in the bar was one of my favorites scenes of this show, EVER. Perfect set up for the finale.

    • +1 Couldnt agree more, the look on Walts face alone made me keen for next week even more.

  8. Please let Todd die…painfully.

  9. This is one of the best shows ever written and the acting is outstanding, truly moving. This is one of the best shows ever written!

    As much as I think Jesse is a mental midget who should have taken his millions and bounced long ago and built a new life for himself, what Todd did to him was about as horrible as horrible gets.

    I can’t wait for Walt to go out in a blaze of fire! It’s Heisenberg time!

  10. When Todd blew away Andrea from behind, so cowardly, I hope Jessie puts that cuff through Todd’s kneck!

  11. Walt knew Jesse was alive the moment the tv interviewer said his blue meth was still around. As we know from before, he can’t stomach the thought of someone else taking credit for his work. What he doesn’t know is that Jesse is a tortured prisoner.

    Everyone believes the ricin is for Lydia, but it may be for the Gray Matter execs.

    When Flynn (as he’s being called again) completely turned his back on him, so there’s no Walter White left, no noble cause anymore, all that’s left is Heisenberg.

    Sunday can’t arrive soon enough!!!!

  12. I know I shouldn’t feel any sympathy for Walt but seeing him already in hell without actually dying was painful to watch.
    The exact opposite of everything Walt ever wanted has happened. Skylar is struggling now more than ever, Jr. Not only doesn’t respect him but wishes he were already dead and having all the money a person could need is worthless sitting in a barrel in the middle of nowhere.
    Like I said before I know I shouldn’t sympathize with Walt, he deserves this, he has to pay for his crimes and he’s paying in a way that’s worse than death but seeing a broken man, with nothing left is tough to watch.

  13. Insane episode. I am left wondering what Todd’s motivation is in telling Jessie that the last batch was 96% pure, but to Lydia he says it was 92%.

    Has to be intentional.

    Grats to BB for the Emmy win last night, and the episode was amazing.


    • He was referring to 2 different batches, I think

      • You are right, I’m watching it right now. Some time has passed for sure, Jesse looked almost completely healed. Makes more sense in how he’s been practicing trying to get out of those handcuffs for a while.


  14. Another thing, I’d say the Andrea scene is a way better example of Diabolus Ex Machina than the Red Wedding was. Evil scene of the year in context. WAY worse than Hank’s, too.


    • Jesse’s reaction really sold that scene. And with Hank’s death, before that we still had that hope he could somehow make it out alive. But with Andrea, we knew there was no way she was going to get out of that situation, she was clearly going to die, which made it so sad. SCREW YOU YOUNG MATT DAMON!!!

  15. As much as I would love to see Jesse raising Brock in Alaska, I’m pretty sure Brock ended up with his grandma (Andrea’s mom). We saw her I think once or twice in season 3 and at the hospital when Brock was poisoned.

  16. Todd shot to Andrea really broke me a bit. This show has so much consequence that it feels real. Too many shows don’t embrace that.

    I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. for the next episode.

  17. breaking bad gonna be sad too see you go!!!! hail heisenberg!!

  18. It was hard watching both Jesse & Walt in their prisons. Both making an escape, and both losing a loved one.
    Jesse is living a literal version of Walt’s situation.

  19. My first reaction of this episode finale was not that good, bringing back the Schwartz and making them the cause for him to go back to Albuquerque seemed a bit farfetched. But after thinking a little bit about it sounds perfect. Not only did they took away his contribution from Gray Matter, but during the interview it is referred that the blue meth is still in production, meaning that everything he created, good or bad, was stripped away from him, with people he hates gathering the profits from his work. This way it seems much more reasonable that WW goes in full Heisenberg mode, and he will probably come out in the next episode guns blazing!!

  20. What if at the very end, they discover the lotto ticket with the coordinates is a winner? That’d be funny

    • Good thing this isn’t Lost.


  21. I forgot how hot, Carmen the principal is. I hope Jesse doesn’t shoot Walt if/when Walt releases him. It’d be funny if, Lydia manipulates Todd by giving him some loving and that when Jesse or Walt walk in and get revenge.

    • Agreed.

    • I couldn’t disagree more when it comes to Flyn. Remember that he just found out his father (the man he respects more than anyone else) was a meth kingpin, has probably killed a lot of people (including his uncle) and attacked his mom. Ok, Skylar was the one who pulled the knife, but Walt still fought her. In that situation (considering how little Flyn actually knows has been going on) I don’t see how he could sympathies with his dad anymore.

  22. btw….i felt my heart break when heisenburg ring came off due to cance lost all that weight …and he had to give up 10k begging for the old man to stay…i mean i personally think being alone is worst than dying imo

  23. I think Walt might team up with Jesse one last time as a means to an end. Obviously they will never be friends again, but they might work together to take down Jack. And now that Jesse has lost Andrea, they’re pretty much even. If Walt discovers this along with what Jesse has gone through over the past month, I don’t really see him wanting to kill Jesse anymore.

    But please just let Jesse live! Throughout this whole series, he’s been the one character I’ve been able to root for beginning to end. So much terrible things have happened to him, I just want his character to finally find peace. I just hope he can make it out alive and reunite with Brock (poor kid, that scene REALLY tore me apart).

    But, I’ve been wrong before. I’m sad that this show is almost over, but I’m so thankful that it’s getting a solid ending to this story. And a part of me is glad this show will finally be over considering how many nights I’ve lost sleep! This is absolutely the most intense and well written show I’ve ever seen. But like the tagline says, all bad things must come to an end ;)

    • Don’t worry, Jessie WILL live. :)

      You are probably right – Walt and Jessie will team up at the end to revenge Andrea and Hank. The last time they’ll work side by side. And then they will have a closure.

      What I can’t imagine is how Walt (and Jessie) can take out THAT gang just by themselves. The only thing that can save them all is … SAUL. But I don’t see why he would help Walt.

      P.S. Jessie should have left with the money and a new identity when he had the chance. :)

  24. I really need some people to stop saying heinsenberg like they know what it means. If you think you do, you either didn’t watch the entire serie or imagining things.
    What Walter White did until now doesn’t justify picturing him like some kind of manipulating evil person.
    I think that the director did a great job setting up the last episode as the beginning and the end of the true Heinsenberg.

  25. I really need some people to stop saying heinsenberg like they know what it means. If you think you do, you either didn’t watch the entire serie or imagining things.
    What Walter White did until now doesn’t justify picturing him like some kind of manipulating evil person.
    I think that the director did a great job setting up the last episode as the beginning and the end of Heinsenberg.

    • It’s HEISENBERG, not HeiNsenberg! You seem to be the one who has no idea who Werner Heisenberg was.

  26. I think the ricin is for Walt he is gonna try fixing things to the best of his ability maybe save Jesse then take the ricin before he gives himself up just to make sure he goes out in fashion

  27. As unfortunate as it was that it was ultimately Andrea that paid I don’t feel a lick for Jesse and his situation. As monstrous and manipulative as Walter was he still operated on a code of ethics. He was unwilling to send Hank to Belize and to have Jesse taken care of and this was after cutting him 5 million (which at that point he didn’t have to) because he was his partner. How did Jesse repay his loyalty? By flipping and snitching.

    • Yea who cares that Walt poisoned his girlfriends child that he cared about right