‘Breaking Bad’: How Do You Turn Your Back On More?

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Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad Granite State Breaking Bad: How Do You Turn Your Back On More?

The penultimate episode of Breaking Bad was granted a few extra minutes to tell its story, and sure enough, ‘Granite State’ managed to use the additional time to not only set up the events that will send the series forever into the annals of TV history, but also to stoke the embers of what was left from the catastrophic events of last week’s ‘Ozymandias,’ which saw a great many terrible things happen in and around the White household.

Of course, all of that culminated in Walter White abandoning his family as well as his identity, and fleeing in the wake of a colossal verbal explosion which left the Internet debating just what his parting words to Skyler truly meant, and if there was as much remorseful implication in them as there was unvarnished truth.

But there’s a side to Walt’s taped outburst that only matters to the DEA, and it’s one that buys his wife a small amount of leeway with them. But as Saul points out, it’s not enough to keep the government off his family for good, and he encourages Walt to cut his losses and turn himself in, telling him that’s the only way he can save the people he did all this for. Walt attempts to give him the “It’s not over until I say it’s over” speech, but the increasingly sickly former kingpin nearly collapses from a coughing fit. And before you can say AMC/Sony Pictures Television licensing deal, Saul says “it’s over,” grabs his bags and vanishes from Walt’s life seemingly for good.

Anna Gunn in Breaking Bad Granite State Breaking Bad: How Do You Turn Your Back On More?

Now, when you become one of the most recognized meth kingpins the United States has ever known, you probably never imagine ending up in a one-room cabin deep in the snow covered woods of New Hampshire, hoping Robert Forster has picked up a few tricks when it comes to administering your chemotherapy. And it’s a good bet the thought of offering him a portion of your “life’s work” for a few more hours of his time never crossed your mind, either.

Walt’s last-minute getaway plan doesn’t really resemble much of an escape. Sure, he’s not in a federal penitentiary, nor is he being forced to cook meth so Todd can indulge his schoolboy crush on Lydia, but rifling through month-old copies of the Albuquerque newspaper isn’t exactly the kind of freedom Walt thinks $11 million ought to buy. He has a barrel full of money and it’s just sitting there, thousands of miles away from the people it was meant for. In the end, Walt ostensibly has nothing; people are even trying to limit his involvement in his own infamy.

All that’s left is the specifics of what has become a harrowing and costly journey for all those who have crossed Walter White’s path. At this point, saying that Breaking Bad has managed to pack an emotional wallop with these last two episodes is as unnecessary as reminding everyone this is all one man’s transformation from Mr. Chips to Scarface. But just because it’s not required doesn’t make it any less true.


Breaking Bad Series Finale Poster 570x741 Breaking Bad: How Do You Turn Your Back On More?


Breaking Bad will conclude next Sunday with ‘Felina’ @9pm on AMC. Check out a preview below:

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  1. I can’t believe how many ppl want Walt to go down in flames! I never really watched this show to get a lesson in morality…I want Walt to win! I’m not interested in seeing Walt “pay for his sins”. Where’s the fun in that? As for his family…they should’ve stood by him; they’re his family.
    One final thought; isn’t it too bad that Marie couldn’t have been IN the house when Todd’s crew broke in? (Ha-ha!)

    • I don’t care if Walt is a meth kingpin/murderer, they’re his family, they should stand by him… WHAT?!?

      Now, I’m not saying Walt deserves to be tortured or anything like that, but he does deserve punishment for his actions. A running theme in this show is how severe consequences can be, and how the road to hell is paved with good intentions. But that doesn’t mean I’m on Jack’s side or anything like that, he and his crew really do deserve to die. In the end, though, Walt needs to face the consequences of his actions, considering everyone around him has suffered for his sins throughout this series. It is fun to root for the bad guy in a show, or seeing if they can get away with it. But Breaking Bad is so much more than that.

      • I was honestly yawning, while reading your comment. What you are saying is “all things equal” and then some general stuff everyone knows since childhood. Grow up, mate, this show is very multidimensional! :)

        You forget that the show is not linear, that it is not locked on Walt and his family, and that Walt, no matter what he has done, is likable as character and always will be. Vince Gilligan is already making Walt pay for what he has done, and will make him pay even more, but at the same time he’ll give WW a chance to set things right as much as possible. Walt is going down, no doubt about that, but he’ll fist do something pretty nasty to the gangsters, as well as his “friends”, who stole his idea and company. After the phone talk with his son, Walt has nothing to loose and nothing to live for except fixing the damage he has done.

        In the final episode, Walt will be like a Terminator – a person with burnt bridges, fixing things and then going down himself in a spectacular way (though all alone). His punishment is not physical or legal, his punishment is much worse – it’s loosing everything he cares about and being all alone until his last breath.

      • oh yes. I absolutely think his family should have stood by him. the fact that you don’t think so makes me think that you don’t know the meaning of loyalty. it’s easy to be loyal to people who deserve it…not so much when there are big problems. that’s why you should be able to count on your family for loyalty…through good and bad. maybe this bad is really, really bad, but family is family. I stand by my comment; his family sucks.

    • Agreed! I wonder if most people who commented on the show finale really watched the show. :) The plot is everything but linear.

      It may go in different directions, but several things are clear:

      1) Walt is not the one who walks into a house full of gangsters with a gun in his hand. He is the one who makes one gang with guns walk into that house to shoot the other gang. Besides, he has nearly zero shooting skills, and doesn’t stand a chance against guys, who killed Mike’s team of hitmen, Hank and his partner, the whole gang that cooked meth before them, and probably hundreds of other people.

      2) At the end, Walt will do something nice, to save his soul and to repent, so to say. After the phone talk with his son, he won7t be thinking of giving the money to his family anymore. He’ll be all set to use that money to “make things right”.

      3) Jessie will not die. This just wouldn’t make any sense.

      4) He will donate some money to that fund run by his two “friends”, who kicked him out of their joint venture and stole his idea/company. Walt’s donation will become public, and the “friends” will pay for it dearly.

      • ^^^ THIS, well…specifically, #4

      • Todd are you actually a paid writer on Breaking Bad? No I didn’t think so, this is an open forum, for people to have all sorts of opinions, right, wrong or indifferent. To harp on people, because they dont share you’re viewpoint or vast knowledge (lol) don’t chastise them chump!

        Signed someone watching since Jan 2008, try me on my BB knowledge ill smoke you like salmon!

        • +1

  2. I kind of thought Jesse was a hypocrite for judging Walt at first but now that I think about it, Walt was mostly to blame for any bad that Jesse has done. Jesse only killed Gail because Walt told him too after all. I really want something good to happen to Jesse for once. I haven’t seen him truly happy since he fell out of that window in the first episode, it was all down hill from there for him. Here’s hoping he makes it out alive. I’m just really glad that he made it to the last episode considering he was originally supposed to be killed off in season one. I think because of that, it would be kind of poetic justice if he is the only one that lives.

    But anyway, still team Walt/Heisenberg, always have been and never left. That last scene with the Breaking Bad theme playing and the following promo for next week was bone chilling.

    This show is a MASTERPIECE. I highly doubt anything will ever be ever to top it, at least in my eyes. It gave me a whole new vision of what great story telling is. Other TV shows and movies that I thought were good before, don’t seem as good to me because of how amazing this show is.

    Bring on Felina, I’m ready!

    • Exactly. To Jesse, Walt really is the devil. Everything horrible that’s happened to him has been a result of Walt’s actions. When you think about it, if Walt hadn’t gotten Jesse out of trouble in the pilot, he might have been better off just getting arrested to begin with.

    • I really dislike this line of reasons. Walt isn’t to blame for Jesse shooting Gale. Jesse is. Sure, Walt played his usual mind games to manipulate Jesse, but Jesse still chose to shoot Gale. He alone pulled the trigger. If Walt is to blame for Jesse killing Gale, then is Jesse responsible for the two drug dealers Walt runs over to save Jesse’s life? or any of the other stuff he’s done to save Jesse? It’s about personal responsibility. In the end, Jesse is just as guilty as Walt. Just because he feels bad about it doesn’t exonerate him of his crimes.

      • I see what you’re saying. Yes, Jesse is just as guilty as Walt. But, Walt is still the reason for the horrible things that have happened to him. Jesse is absolutely guilty for killing Gale. But he did that because of Walt. Right now, the biggest difference between Walt and Jesse is that Jesse wants some sort of justice. He WANTS to be punished for his crimes, justly. Walt, however, still wants to get away with it, or at least have everything go his way. Jesse is just tired of everything that’s happened, he wants this to stop.

      • @ Robert W.
        And I don’t think Jesse would have even gotten arrested in the pilot at all. Jesse got away and Walt followed him and then blackmailed him to cook.

        @ Jordan Nass.
        I agree with you to an extent. Jesse does have the final say in anything that he does but at the same time, Jesse is weak hearted. Jesse killed Gail because he felt like he owed Walt, and that he would let Walt down if he didn’t. Jesse loved Walt. It was either Gail or Walter and Jesse did what he had to do for someone that he cared about. Just like Walt did with those gangsters. I’m not against Walt at all, I understand that he did what he did for survival but Walt really did corrupt Jesse.

        I once read somewhere that the most evil thing that a person can do, is to make someone else do something bad, then convince them that it was justified.

        • Great point. And when I referred to the pilot, I meant if Walt did the right thing, Jesse would have been arrested (which might have put his character down a better path, in the long term).

          • I agree. Jesse would have probably been better off without Walter. Jesse was small time in the pilot and because of Walt, Jesse was brought into the big time that he was not cut out for.

            I kind of look at Jesse as a naive little child somewhat. Jesse never knew what was best for himself, he had to learn along the way about consequences for his actions. Walt is the adult and should have known better.

            Yes, Jesse has done horrible things, but at the end of the day, he is the corrupted.

      • yes! I absolutely agree w/ Jordan. Jesse is a grown man and made some bad decisions that he doesn’t want to own up to. If we’re throwing blame around, I think Jesse is more to blame for Jane’s death than Walt… he got her using again…there’s lots of other stuff too. He IS a coward, just like Walt said.

  3. at some point, everyone comes to regret their inability to walk away. jack and Lydia will likely learn this come sunday. any and everyone that has associated with walt, jesse, or the drug underworld has felt the consequences.

    as for this theory of todd reigning supreme, it might’ve been plausible had his ascension been a slower burn. but with the carnage he’s been leaving around, and considering vince Gilligan directed and wrote both face/off and felina, I don’t think todd walks away and I think it will be brutal.

  4. Yo! I know that walt is going to die with the cancer. I would lovr to see him somehow live but that is not going to happen. I have a feeling that Jessie will make it out alive at the end. I hope that Marie ends up dead, (i can’t stand her). Walt will end up giving away his money to friends and family. Can’t wait for the prequal that is going to be showing sometime after Breaking Bad ends. I guess that will have to work for me. Peace

    • Since Saul will be managing a Cinnabon after BB I think it´s logical to expect “Better call Saul” to take place before the events of BB. Imagine WW and Jesse cameos….. EPIC!

  5. The ricin, in all likelihood, is for himself. It looks like he WILL turn himself in, as long as he can get his money back and get it to his family. So a big shootout and die trying, or win one last battle and die quickly after. Who knows. He may even save Jesse in the process.

  6. A few things I can predict about Felina

    1)It’s going to be awesome
    2) none of us will predict correctly how it ends

    Lord Vince and his subjects will be sure of that.

  7. Be bad ass if HEISENBERG, with nothing left to live for. Takes that ricin cig and lights up, goes to Uncle Jackie’s compound regulates and goes out in a BLAZE of GLORY!!!!

    • Excuse me when he retrieves the ricin capsule, be awesome if he dissolves it in some water and drinks up.

  8. Walt poisons Lydia with the ricin, frames the Nazis. Todd goes on a rampage, killing the Nazis.
    Jesse gets free, kills Todd.
    Walt recovers his money, somehow pulls what he did with hank & sets up Gray Matter as the meth masterminds and blackmails them into giving his family the money.
    Jesse lives a regular life with Brock.
    Walt drives into the sunset to die of cancer.

    • I like you’re theories, almost as if you have seen the final episode already.

      • I WISH!!!!

        I actually hope/expect I’m 100% WRONG; Vince & the gang, I’m sure, have something utterly brilliant planned…

    • It is a cool theory, but I think at this point that would be too much “beyond the scenes” action for Heisenberg. He wants people to know that he is the one doing everything. He is the danger, he is the one who knocks, and everyone will know and feel it!!

      • True. But I’m stuck on a line he said to Flynn “it can’t be all for nothing”
        And having Gray Matter know he’s in control would be the ultimate vindication for him.

  9. Why is everyone assuming Walt would use the ricin on himself? That’d just be stupid. He’s about to die anyway.
    Walt is in full Heisenberg right now, and Heisenberg doesn’t take the cowards way out.

    That ricin has a specific purpose

  10. I think that there is a reason that we saw the security camera at Jack’s place.

    • …to show how the caught Jesse trying to escape

  11. Jack’s crew really messed up. The last time someone threatened Walt’s family, he got half his face blown off. Todd actually physically held Walt’s baby and threatened Skyler to her face. Walt was probably going to kill them anyway but I can’t imagine what he would do if he found out about that.

  12. Walt jr at least needs a ass kicking in finale for his disrespect being ungrateful and unloyal

  13. Breaking Bad fan from day one, but not as impressed with the final season as others. Breaking Bad started out as a dark comedy. A TV show in the tradition of Pulp Fiction. I can’t help noting that, while the writers are pulling of a tour-de-force in bringing the show to its conclusion, they lost sight of the humor. All that is left is dark. So they missed the mark. Darkness and humor CAN be combined, which is what made the earlier seasons so great. Tuco was dark and funny. The same for Heisenberg. In retrospect, introducing a funny lawyer, Saul, to carry the comedic burden was too easy. The whole point was that we should be able to laugh at the bad guys. A classic movie like Pulp Fiction kept it dark and funny from start to end. Breaking Bad did not. To me they fell short of the high artistic mark they set for themselves.

  14. I just hope Vince has learned from David Chase’s mistake with The Sopranos and we actually get a satisfying ending, whatever it is.

  15. Flynn has been the one person fighting for Walt the entire series. He’s been on his side, no matter what.
    Imagine how it must feel to discover that your hero in life puts poison in the hands of children & killed your uncle, who was an actual hero.

    Walt is Flynns FATHER, he should’ve been the one sticking by his son; instead, he let greed & pride consume him and tear apart his family.

    Flynn said it best: “Money!? You want to give us money!?”
    Money is NOT what they needed. Flynn needed a father & Skyler needed a husband. Walt gave them neither.

    The path to hell is paved with good intentions.

  16. Is there any way that Walter could buy Grey Matter, like a controlling stock or something? I don’t know much about business but I know that I’ve heard of something like that happening before. Walt does have his wife’s maiden name as his last name right? Is is plausible that he buys Grey Matter and leaves it to his family, or am I just reaching?

    On a side note, after watching the Breaking Bad marathon, a lot of things are much clearer. Also, I miss Jesse and Walt together :(

    • Um…


      • What part is not clear to you?

        • Besides, I don’t think the most famous criminal in America can just go buy stock…I don’t know why he’d need a gun & ricin to do so either

      • Where did you get the maiden name thing?

        And Grey Matter isn’t a public entity (at least they haven’t said) and is worth far more than $80million.

        • Well being desperate to talk about Breaking Bad, I stalked a few forums and people kept saying that Walter’s new name is Skyler’s maiden name. I could definitely be wrong though, just going on what I’ve heard.

          And yeah, I guess so, was just an idea. :)

          • They made it obviously clear that it was not her maiden name. He got his new name, then later, the same man that gave him the name said skylar was going by her maiden name.
            I don’t think a man who said he’d abandon the man for his own safety, simply for walking out of the gate, would be careless enough to give Walt skylars maiden name.

            • Yeah, makes sense, guess I was wrong. :)

              Just a thought.

  17. And I don’t know how he would do it, I was just asking if it was possible for him, or anyone to buy like a controlling stock of GM or something. There could always be a way for Walt to do it. This show has painted Walter in lots of positions where things looked impossible and then it just happens.

    • The only thing worse than a Sopranos fade to black finale would be setting up all these pieces for the greatest showdown in television history…then have Walt buy stock.

      • It wouldn’t be him just buying stock, it would be him buying a company that he helped build. That would be the payoff.

        • Again, we know he only has $80mil, hardly enough to buy Grey Matter

          • Again, I’m not saying he will, I’m suggesting a possibility. And I was just saying that there wouldn’t be some lame scene of him buy stock, there would be an awesome scene of him taking over a company… IF, it did happen.

            • buying*

    • It would’ve been cool if throughout the series, they showed Walt giving money to a “silent partner,” but never explained.

      Then, in the finale, we discover he’d been buying stock until he was majority share holder; that it was the “empire” he was always talking about. One massive plan from the beginning. That would’ve been epic.

      Now it’d just seem tacked on.

      • I agree, would have been great.

  18. Just like the last scene of season 4 wasn’t just an image of flowers, it was of something important.

    • Image of flowers? It was an image of the very poison they just CLEARLY said Brock was poisoned by. It even had a little sign on it to really explain it to the people that hadn’t already figured it out.

    • Maybe you’re right, maybe we’re both right…hopefully neither of us are right.

      • This is Breaking Bad so chances are that both of us are wrong.

        But anyway, I’m addicted to this show so I did enjoy debating. I never get tired of talking about BB.

        • Indeed.
          I’m going to truly miss these passionate discussions.

          (Btw, BBwiki says you’re right about her maiden name being his alias…which only confuses me)

          • Me too :(

            And yeah, I don’t know why the “guy” would give Walt his wife’s maiden name, unless Walt himself chose it because he knew Skyler would change her last name back and he wanted to pretend that they were still married, or for other reasons.

            But anyway, tomorrow night is the night! Guess I’ll just let it play out.

  19. well, just watched the finale…satisfying except I wanted jesse to die too. he was not a good guy…just a crybaby snitch…who walt saved yet again.