‘Breaking Bad’ and Meth in America

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breaking bad meth Breaking Bad and Meth in America

Crystal Meth, the controversial drug at the center of the TV series Breaking Bad, has become a popular party drug that in high doses induces euphoria, enhances self-esteem, and increases libido. But with a severe come-down, increased doses required to achieve the same effect, and a long list of dangerous side-effects and health risks, the drug is highly addictive and not something to be trifled with. Today we take a look at the critically acclaimed show Breaking Bad, the role of Meth in the show, and in America.

Fans of Breaking Bad know how dark and crazy the world of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) gets. As a chemistry teacher-turned-meth chef extraordinaire, we’ve seen Walter and his addict partner, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), nearly lose life, limb, and sanity in their quest to make a fortune in the world of illegal drugs. However, meth itself serves as the proverbial “Maguffin” around which the action and drama of the show revolves; beyond scenes of elaborate chemistry, or characters buzzing off signature blue amphetamine that only Walt can cook, there is very little fact to be gleaned about what the drug is – which is where we come in.

Any Breaking Bad fans (or those interested in getting into the show) who want to know more about the drug that fuels the madness of Walter White’s world, need look no further than this handy infographic below. It details the facts about meth, as well as facts about the show chronicling the wild ride of America’s two most infamous (and unlikely) cooks:

BreakingBad page Breaking Bad and Meth in America
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  1. Love Breaking Bad as well as Mad Men. Interesting read for sure.

    Can’t get in to The Walking Dead because I’m not really a zombie fan, but I really don’t understand the love for Killing that show IMO was just awful.

    Still glad to see Breaking Bad get some attention on Screen Rant. Great show.

    • Oh, yes folks! It’s as addictive as blue meth.

  2. I usually get annoyed when people claim a show is the best on TV or the best all time because IMO that would mean you would have to have watched everything that ever aired. But then I received seasons 1&2 of Breaking Bad for Christmas and since then I have watched season 3 and I’m following 4 as it airs and now I’m one of the people who used to annoy me. I have never watched a show that has blown me away like BB. People talk about The Wire or The Sopranos but IMO BB has them beat. I can’t think of a single episode that felt like “filler” and even the smallest details of a scene seem to have meaning to the big picture. Those are just a couple of reasons why I call it the best show on TV. God I’m so annoying.

    • lol, Im like that about Deadwood. It’s the best!

      I may check out Breaking Bad though….

    • Nothing wrong with claiming a show is the best YOU’VE ever seen. That’s not quite so presumptuous as saying it’s the best ever, and gets your point across.

  3. Unbelievably great character vehicle. Cranston says time & again its one of the best roles ever created & Walter White really is. he has a real argument as the greatest American character actor working right now. From Malcolm to this is jaw dropping, massive ups.. the courage of the producers not only to go all the way with the subject matter but shatter the construct of the one hour serial drama is setting a standard for the medium. The episode where the planes crash in midair got an emotion out of my gut that a tv show shouldn’t be able to create. This is THE new bar obviously, what 21st century programming can be. Hell yes.

  4. The time just flies watching this series.

  5. Only quibble I have with the infographic is about tooth decay from corrosive chemicals. The decay comes, not from the chemicals, but from a combination of dry mouth, malnutrition, excessive sugary drinks and generally poor hygiene.

    There are many, many people who used meth for years and have teeth that are just fine.

  6. Greatest series since Six Feet Under, and it goes so quick and is so crazy, just keeps you guessing all the time.

  7. Just saying, there are a lot of things wrong with this infographic. That Metacritic score is season 1 of BB. Season 5 has a score of 98, season 4 of 96, etc, giving it more acclaim than any other AMC show. Also, the lab didn’t explode, Walter used red phosphorus to try to kill two men who were taking him hostage. Really, the work on this is pretty shoddy. BB is easily the best show on TV though.

  8. Breaking Bad is by far and away my favorite show ever. I am a 51 year old female and a mom. The hook for me is a super adrenaline rush from living vicariously through these characters. No, I don’t want to use or make crystal meth! obviously! But watching this show gives the viewer a taste of how the other half lives, and we “become” Walt, Jesse, Skyler or whomever we identify ourselves with, and it is escapism from our own humdrum lives. To me that is what great entertainment is, and BB gives the best bang for the buck! I like the Walking Dead almost as much, I catch every episode. I have watched BB on Netflix plus Season 5′s 8 episodes all 3 times so far…it’s like listening to a favorite song over and over. I wish this series would never end! I agree with Vince Gilligan, there is more to Walt’s story to be told, and the audience would stick by him. The character development is amazing, the writing and directing superb. It also seems very accurate as an insight into the drug trade (though I can’t know this for sure)…I wish Netflix would pick it up since AMC is ending it, as they had been talking about for Jericho (another amazing show that should still be going, and Lost of course). To summarize, BB is just the absolute BOMB!!

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  10. I’m one of the people who used to annoy me. I have never watched a show that has blown me away like BB. People talk about The Wire or The Sopranos but IMO BB has them beat. I can’t think of a single episode that felt like “filler” and even the smallest details of a scene seem to have meaning to the big picture. Those are just a couple of reasons why I call it the best show on TV.

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  11. As much as a thriller this show may be, has any of the comments come from some one that ahas lost some oen they love the meth? The drug is pure satan. Have any of the comments come from people who are watching some oen they love slowly kill themselves and have to watch with their hands tied because it’s hard as hell to force an adult to get treatment? I can’t watch the show, but I hope who e ver does will also promote research into addictions and cures for it. I almos tlost my daughter and my sister lives in a nursing home from meth.. and I’m middle class Christian non-broken home etc… meth does not discriminate.. it destroys and worst, hurts the babies and children through being sold, being abandoned, being negelcted etc… think about it.. is this show going to glorify a drug that people know nothing about or make more popluar to those who use?

    • The show doesn’t glorify meth in the slightest. One harrowing episode in season 2 affords the viewer a glimpse into a home ravaged by the effects of meth; from the neglected child to the unstable, broken, desperate parents willing to do anything for another hit, the series showcases realistic portrayals of meth addiction with brutal honesty. If anything, Breaking Bad is the perfect argument against meth.