Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find Fairy Tales from Breaking Bad‘s Mike Ehrmantraut; Bill Nye’s First Dance on Dancing With The StarsThe Joker’s Pencil Trick From The Dark Knight – Sweded; and an acapella rendition of Kirby’s Gourmet Race theme. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

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Get Fuzzy Comic Strip For Sept 17, 2013

Fairy Tales from Breaking Bad‘s Mike Ehrmantraut

Breaking Bad‘s Mike Ehrmantraut is a tough guy. He’s also a grandfather with a heart of gold. So how else would Mike Ehrmantraut put his grand daughter to bed but to read her fairy tales in his own way?

Bad Luck Heisenberg

submitted by coreyzard

methed up

submitted by 1nsubordination

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Bill Nye’s First Dance on Dancing With The Stars

Bill Nye & Tyne – Cha Cha – DWTS 17 (Opening Night)…As Seen On ©ABC Mon 8pm, All Rights Reserved.

Kirby – Gourmet Race Acapella

An original a-cappella arrangement of Kirby’s Gourmet Race theme.

The Joker’s Pencil Trick From The Dark Knight – Sweded

In this mini scene from The Dark Knight, the Joker shows Homemade Movies how to make a pencil disappear.

Enter the Homemade Batman Contest: http://bit.ly/16Bd1nq

Watch the side by side comparison with the original:

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

The Dark Knight Legacy – Fan Film

To help tell the rest of the story, go to: http://igg.me/at/DKLegacy

Dark Knight Legacy is a fan film set one year after the Dark Knight Rises, following “Robin” John Blake’s heroic journey to protect the symbol of Batman from the lethal, relentless attacks of a masked vigilante known only as the Red Hood.

The Joker (made with recycled comics – no paint or markers)


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Mario Brothers Bedroom with sound

By carpenter75

Intensive Care Unit

by FaceOfDave

It’s Not Porn…

Various actors book their first major role in L.A.


Indiana Jones TEMPLE OF DOOM 2 – Conspiracy Cinema

Spielberg is back and he’s back BIG with TEMPLE OF DOOM 2, E.T. 2 and JAWS 5! But they’re all being shot in INDIA because Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks was bought out by a shadowy Indian company called Reliance.


The September 8th edition of #Sportscast focused on Seinfeld-isms. Using Twitter to crowd-source moments from the iconic show, I squeezed in 41 classic mentions in just a few minutes. (Make sure to read the graphics!)

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