‘Breaking Bad’: Anna Gun Talks Series’ Ending & Skyler White’s Future

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Anna Gunn Talks Breaking Bad Ending Breaking Bad: Anna Gun Talks Series Ending & Skyler Whites Future

Breaking Bad‘s final season doesn’t officially come to a close until next summer, but fans have already begun speculating as to how Walter White’s dark descent into crime will end. Next week will mark the series’ mid-season break, and will hopefully leave us just as eagerly anticipating the next half as past finales have – but it will also give fans more time to toss around theories.

One of Breaking Bad‘s own cast who has some theories as to how the series might end is Emmy nominee Anna Gunn, who plays Walter’s wife Skyler. Over the past four seasons we’ve seen quite the transformation in Skyler, a metamorphosis almost exclusively brought on by Walter’s actions. Needless to say, the two have some issues that need to be resolved.

Gunn doesn’t spoil any of the final season’s upcoming events, but she also talks only slightly about this current season’s story developments. For those who who’ve yet to catch up, best turn back now - POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD. 

Speaking with Salon, Gunn revealed that she has a romantic version of the show’s ending that she envisions in her head, but also acknowledges Walter’s downward spiral has made that near impossible. As an actress, though, Gunn has learned to love these characters and almost refuses to wish ill-will upon them:

“I have a romantic notion of how I’d like to see things end, because I care about these characters, that somehow they would be able to extricate themselves from this business, and the family could be a unit again. But I think that’s impossible, because they’ve turned a corner that can never be unturned. Certainly, Walt and Skyler can’t reach back toward each and forge anything that could be remotely healthy and OK, but there’s a part of me that wishes it could be OK.”

As far as another possible scenario that fans have been tossing around – Skyler killing Walt – Gunn says that after the first part of season 5 she can see that happening. Earlier in the season Skyler had a small scene with Ted Beneke (Christopher Cousins) where he promises her he will keep his lips sealed in regards to the many secrets he has been privy to. In that scene Skyler shows some shades of Walt, having been empowered by a single person’s fear, and Gunn thinks that could motivate her to finally take action.

But when she realizes that he’s saying to her, “I’m not going to say anything to anyone” and he’s actually scared of her, that little beat she takes after that, when she regards him and then she says “good,” that’s one of those moments for her where a little bit of power starts to be awakened. And it’s a power that she’s certainly never known before. And I think that those little things are becoming alive in her. I think there’s a feeling of, after having gone as far into it as she has and as deeply as she has, well, I’ll do whatever I have to do. I’ll do whatever it takes. And I think that perhaps that includes … that.

Anna Gunn as Skyler White in Breaking Bad Breaking Bad: Anna Gun Talks Series Ending & Skyler Whites FutureWill Skyler kill Walt in Breaking Bad season 5?

It’s important to note that Gunn has no more insight into Breaking Bad season 5′s final eight episodes than we do – the actors won’t be introduced to the script for at least a few more weeks – she’s just hypothesizing – much like star Bryan Cranston did when talking about Walter White’s fate at the end of the show.

In the interview, Gunn also talks about the tremendous fan hate that has been building towards Skyler, and gives some behind-the-scenes stories about a really spectacular scene from last week’s episode, ‘Buyout‘, which involved Walt, Skyler, and Jesse at the dinner table. Needless to say, the entirety of Salon‘s article is worth a read. Gunn’s vision for Skyler and creator Vince Gilligan’s might ultimately turn out to be completely different, but at the very least, she hopes to make it through to the sure-to-be-epic finale.

How would you like to see the Walt/Skyler dynamic play out over the rest of Breaking Bad‘s final season? Will Skyler kill Walt?


Source: Salon

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  1. what info did ted know that he was gonna heep his lips sealed about ?

    • the fact that Skylar hired goons to make him pay the IRA. the fact that shes responsible for him being all messed up

      • Lol the IRA?? I think he means the IRS. Corrections aside, I don’t see the series ending in the murder of Walt by Skylar. Where would the foreshadowing scene of Walter buying the military grade machine gun come in in that situation?? It looks more like the series will end with Walter making a final stand against some law enforcement force with the machine gun (or possibly another drug dealer or enemy). If anyone dies, I kind of hope that Skylar does. I’m sick of her condemning, arrogant, selfish, ungrateful ass marching around whining as though she’s a victim and as though Walter has been an enemy from the start. The only reason he ever began selling drugs was to provide for his family during the deficiency his cancer treatment would have left them with. I have lost respect for Walter along the way in two aspects: his greediness and his lost value of human life. Selling drugs to take care of your family? I can admire it. Continuing to sell after everything you’ve experienced once you’ve already made enough and are just being greedy? Different thing which I don’t respect. And worse than that, a child died. A CHILD, which he fathers two of. He should have been out with Jessie as soon as that happened.

  2. Of course Skyler is going to kill Walt. I don’t think Jesse will, I thought he may do if Brock was still in his life, but I don’t think so now. There is not really any other way to bring his death justice, cancer would be too slow, easy and boring. Skyler will kill him, then kill herself.

  3. IMO I think it’s more likely that Walt will kill Skylar rather than her attempting to kill him.
    And if he does I fully believe it will involve the vile of Ricin hidden in their bedroom…

    • I really hope you´re right. She´s the most annoying character on the show. Everytime her face appears on screen, it makes me wanna punch her.

    • im pretty sure u are right on the money with that .. he will poison skylar and maybe hank finds out

    • I agree. I mean that ricen is going to be used for someone.

  4. keep in mind Walter is alive one year (approximately) from now because of the opening scene in episode one where he puts the 52 on his eggs.

    • Well, I have a little theory about that…

      In that scene, Walt makes the 52 on his plate, waitress asks, and he tells her it’s his birthday. He shows her his fake i.d. and she calls him Mr.Lambert.

      Now I ask you, who puts their real birth date on a fake i.d?

      Imo, Walt knew the policy about free meals at Denny’s, set it up so the waitress would remember him as ‘Mr.Lambert’, and it wasn’t even his birthday!

      • And I have a theory about *that*…

        When Walt killed Crazy 8 he started cutting the crust off sandwiches as Crazy 8 did.

        When Walt killed Gus he started to drive a Volvo and to act like him.

        When Walt killed Mike and started drinking the same drink as Mike.

        so…at the beginning of the fifth season, it’s his birthday and we see him in a restaurant having breakfast. He arranges the bacon so that it forms his age. Who used to do this…. hmmm….

  5. How are the writers wrapping this up in 8 episodes…thats crazy…I think they´ll flashforward a couple of months….Jesse should GTFO of there…

  6. Its all a mystery to me. we all can speculate. Thats the beauty of this series. Makes us think crazy @#$%

  7. I think Walt will kill Skylar after she tries to stop him or tell Hank about him or something. But the final showdown will either be between Walt and Jesse or Walt and Hank. Anything else would be very disappointing.

  8. I used to dislike Sky. Now I am pretty much on her side. I loved how she humiliated Walt at the dinner table talking about how she cheated on him. She’s more relateable than Walt. and I’m a dude. I’m actually pulling for her at this point… her and Jesse, and Mike. And Hank.

    • Mike? that dude is toast

    • Im all for Skylar and im actually surprised more people are not! Walt has gone nearly completely evil, and is a “monster” just like hank said, but skylar is almost unchanged, she is actually doing everything for the family unlike walt! The only fitting end is with walt dying, and hank being the one to finally find and kill the great Heisenberg he has been looking for! Oh, and im usually against the whiny wives they use on tv shows, like Everybody loves Raymond! Raymond was the only likable character on that show!

      • I completely sympathize with Skyler and agree with MovieFanatic. Walt’s original intentions to start cooking may have been admirable but he has transformed into a power-hungry monster who cares little about who he has to kill or what kind of wedge he is driving between the family he was trying to provide for at the series beginning. The amazing thing about this show is that, despite how horrible I find Walt, a little part of me is still pulling for him to “succeed” – whatever that means… But this hatred for Skyler is completely unwarranted. How differently would anyone else react if they were in her situation?

  9. I still don’t care for Skylar much at all. She reminds me of most females in real life (not a good thing). Not going to get deep into it but she made her bed so she has to lay in it, she had her chance to leave. But I really hope she doesn’t kill Walt, I don’t think she will but to me that would not be a good ending.
    Maybe Walt ends up killing Skylar or Hank, by this time Jesse has definitely left for good so Walt has to be on the run, changes his name and gets out of there. But from that future scene they showed things seem to still be very hot for him and he buys that gun because he plans on going out with a bang lol. Idk but I just hope they don’t have Skylar kill him out of some “I did what I had to so I could overcome this bad man who has got me trap…” blah blah. If she kills then she is becoming the same as Walt.

  10. Skyler won’t kill Walt. Todd or His Uncles goons will. Remember Todd has hookups in prison with his uncle, so Walt will use that resource to kill mikes men. Todd also is learning walts formula. Therefore making Walt useless. After killing mike last week and teaching todd the formula Walt has definitely signed his death certificate.

  11. Here is my theory:

    Hank starts to investigate Walter and Todd becomes a target also. He goes after Todd to try to incriminate Walter, and Walter ends up killing Todd or manipulating Jesse into doing it knowing he didn’t approve of them killing that kid. Also I believe the man Walt was making meth for (I think Duncan was his name)won’t be too happy about not having steady product so he will go after Walter and kill a family member (Skylar hopefully). If this is the case, Hank will take in his kids and Walt will go on the run but knowing his cancer is back and he won’t be able to get treatment because he is wanted, he buys the machine gun and try’s to redeem himself by killing Duncan and his crew.

    Everything I just wrote probably won’t happen but I’m just spitballin here lol I love this show

  12. Here’s a prediction of what could happen to Skyler in the final season of Breaking Bad based on clues from the previous episodes. – http://breakingbadnews.weebly.com/predictions-for-season-5-part-2.html – This is open to debate which can be discussed in our forum on the website.

  13. An interesting finale would have Walt waiting for the house to be empty and then have it torched. In turn,Hank’s wife would be w/o the DVD copies since Walt reached the house to pack before Skylar got there last time. Walt sends a copy to the DEA prior to having the house torched. Skylar in the meantime is offered witness protection opportunities. She has to think about it because in spite of everything,she still loves Walt. Jesse cooks for Brock until Brock gets the total formula intact. The baby’s returned to Skylar by Fire Dept.which causes her to think a little more favorably of Walt. Walt’s son wants Skylar to hurry w/witness protection so they can relocate and start over w/o Walt. Walt sees a makeover surgeon and assumes a new identity.Hank’s wife tries to trick Skyler into confessing everything. Skylar plots to leave town. Walt’s son stays w/Hank’s wife to comfort her.(There’s no trace of Hank.) Walt pays apays a private investigator to find Skylar and plans to have her and the kids kidnapped.

  14. Tyler he never drove a Volvo he drove his Pontiac then straight to a Chrysler. But now I do agree on the rest.