‘Breaking Bad’ Ending is ‘An Inevitable Action That Had to Come’

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Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad 5.2 Breaking Bad Ending is An Inevitable Action That Had to Come

As the countdown to the premiere of the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad draws to an end, the countdown to the end of the Walter White/Heisenberg saga begins. And, naturally, after becoming one of the most tightly-woven crime sagas in recent memory, questions and speculation as to what fate awaits Vince Gilligan’s creations and whether or not it will live up to the already high expectations of the show’s devoted fanbase have already begun to run wild.

As you would expect, the pressure to deliver a series finale – especially one that is tied to such a convincing and ambitious tale of an ordinary man turned meth-dealing monster – is daunting, to say the least. Gilligan is certainly well aware he’s managing the fans’ expectations with the needs of the story but, most importantly, because the Breaking Bad storyline has been so singular and focused during its entire run, there’s very little wiggle room for him in regard to sticking the landing – lest the entire run lose a bit of its considerable luster.

While at the premiere of season 5.2, Cranston, Gilligan and Walt Jr. himself, RJ Mitte all chatted with Zap2it to discuss just what their thoughts were on the finale. They all seemed fairly upbeat and optimistic about where the series will eventually end up, describing the climax to Walt’s story as “…an inevitable action that had to come.”

Bryan Cranston as Walter White in Breaking Bad Season 5 Breaking Bad Ending is An Inevitable Action That Had to Come

Needless to say, although being vague, such a statement does help assuage any fear that Walter will wake up to realize the precipitous rise and ultimate downfall of his unlikely criminal empire was all a dream, or that his proprietary blend of chemicals would somehow lead to the zombie apocalypse (to reference one humorous theory that probably appealed to some higher-ups in terms of its incomparable sense of corporate synergy) and will wind up being the Groan Heard Across America in September.

Unsurprisingly, Gilligan put his writing staff to work knowing full well what challenges were ahead of them. He also made the best of the unconventional break in the final season, which saw the 16-episode run spread out over two summers and granted the writers a considerable amount of time to make sure everything worked and that the story was as good as it could possibly be.

Gilligan said:

“That really haunted me for over a year straight, because for over a year we’ve been breaking these final eight episodes. We were lucky to have that amount of lead-time…Having said that, we knew it was ours to screw up with that much lead-time. If we didn’t get it right it was nobody’s fault but ours. So the big thought that kept going through my mind was let’s make this as good as we can make it. Let’s just bust our asses and make it as satisfying as possible.”

Aaron Paul Bryan Cranston Jonathan Banks Breaking Bad Live Free or Die Breaking Bad Ending is An Inevitable Action That Had to Come

Meanwhile, Cranston said he thought the ending was “very appropriate” and that “You watch this – there’s no apologies. Vince was able to write to the ending that he wanted, and we’re very pleased with that.”

Mitte seconded his fictional father by saying, “It is an amazing ending. It is an amazing, amazing play-out…I really want people to see it and have the same reaction that I had.”

Sure, they’re all (thankfully) playing coy as to what the actual ending of the series will turn out to be, and their use of the words “inevitable” and “appropriate” can be read a myriad different ways (e.g., Walt dying, Walt going into WITSEC or Walt becoming the father of Frankie Muniz). Either way, the ending to Breaking Bad will likely be something fans and critics will be discussing for a long time to come.


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Source: Zap2it

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  1. M60

    • How did you know???????????? good one

  2. cant wait!!

  3. Soooo, Walt’s gonna die?

    • I think so…
      The more I hear and read about these final episodes and how it’s a definitive end IMO it has to mean Walt dies.

      • Keep in mind that in and of itself the death of Walt is not interesting or surprising in the least. That sort of conclusion might have been written into his character arc half way through the first season if they had been cancelled. The build up of many seasons is not inherently an incredible preamble to his death. Whether he dies or not is hardly the determining factor in how good the story is, and a great finale could conceivably go either way. By doing the obvious and killing Walt, they are obliging themselves to make the circumstances interesting enough to permit such a constantly foreseeable climax. I don’t care at this point whether he fails and dies or lives and thrives, as either way might be a great story.

        • Totally agree with Josh Calkins…

  4. A friend said this to me which I thought was GOLD.

    “I think.. At the end of Breaking Bad.. Walt goes into witness protection and that’s where Malcolm in the middle begins”


    • neaaaaaa, everybody it´s making jokes about the *tie in* of breaking bad and malcom in the middle… so it isn´t new…

      • I’m still waiting for the Total Recall tie-in to be pitched…

    • +100

      • Well I hadnt heard it before :)

  5. Jesse will kill Walter. It’s inevitable, just look back at all the times he’s come so close to doing it.

    • Plausible, but again, not inherently all that interesting. How and why he might die is vastly more important than who does it. Barring a twist like Walt jr. killing his dad, the question of who might kill him is rather dull and beside the point in my opinion.

      • bluesky has it right.. WHO might kill him is beside the point? So you want twists and turns for the sake of twists and turns? Jesse has been tormented by this sick bastard and bluesky is right, he is getting smarter and more manipulative. Jesse will end up killing Walter or putting him in prison for good, while joining WITSEC with Andrea and Brock. Or Jesse will become the new Heisenberg, all while torturing Walt knowing everyone thinks it is Jesse but Walt will be dead. Also, I could see Skyler dying because the threat of something happening at their home in particular was always brought up. But film and great television has to have consistent writing. There’s an art form to this. You just can’t have twists to keep people guessing, which I think Gilligan has whored out to a bit. I keep thinking there is no happiness without struggle and Jesse has struggled the most. He has had no one the whole series while Walt had everything trying to save his family but pissed it away. Jesse will end up getting all the money and his family, while Walt lives or dies alone with nothing. That’s the inevitable part if you are talking about poetic justice.

    • Well Jesse the student seems like he is surpassing Walt – the teacher/master. He is the one that came up with idea of the magnet and robbing the train without anyone knowing. I also think he is the one who has been the most used and damaged by Walt (although it’s hard to pick). I hope Jesse or Hank is the one to bring Walt down, but I can’t help but think of The Wire when Omar was killed by some random kid who walked into a store and shot him. Maybe Walt just has a car accident and dies and Hank never figures it all out.

  6. Skyler kills him

  7. So now, Bryan Cranston will have some time in his schedule to explore his range.

    Could he be a formidable LEX LUTHOR??

    • That’s be PERFECT casting

      • Nah, I want him to play Commissioner Gordon in any upcoming Batman movies.

  8. I knew it. Happy ending for all lol

    • Walt Jr has to be the one to kill Walt. Walt Jr. is the only one who has stuck by Walt’s side through everything, and looks up to him; Walt Jr. thinks Walt is without flaws and he would be the one deepest crushed by all of Walt’s actions. He is also the only one not complicent (sp) in ANY of Walt’s sins. Has to be Walt Jr. pulling the trigger, not Skyler, not Jesse, not even Hank or Marie. Walt Jr.

  9. Yep, he’s gonna die. And it’s gonna be very predictable who’s going to do it. It’s going to be Jesse or Skylar.

    • That’s good to know! Now I won’t bother watching. You should make a better show to put Gilligan in his place, seeing as how his inventive storytelling is transparent and predictable to you. Must be nice…

      • quit being an ass. SMH

      • Having a rough day Josh? Decided to take you anger out by adopting one of your tough guy internet personas?

  10. I don’t think Skylar, Hank and Walt are going to make it to the end.

    If they survive it all I will be very surprised indeed.

  11. I doubt he’ll die, but wouldn’t be surprised if his cancer returned. Pretty sure his son will die, which will drive Skylar to snitch to get into Witness Protection with the baby.
    Jesse & Walt will come to a head. If Walt dies, it’ll be by Jesse’s hand, but most likely Jesse will set Walt up instead.
    I’d love to see Hank bringing Walt in, Jesse retire on a beach, Skylar working a crappy minimum wage job somewhere under a new name.

    • Interesting. Don’t forget that Jesse, for all his sympathetic moments, is basically an evil bastard who leeches off the society he poisons. Funny that we often tend to like him despite his nature,

      Walt Jr is unlikely to die, I think, for the same reason they haven’t killed of the wife and baby. The ugliness of the show in general and the character Walt in particular is an obstacle when it comes to making people enjoy the show. Tragic deaths of innocence are off putting to some of the audience, and I don’t expect them to risk it unless maybe it is near the very end. Even then I don’t think we will see a lot of tradgedy in the show. I think his family will live.

      • When you see Walter alone at the beginning of season 5.1, he looks like a broken man. No matter what happens, I don’t see Walter being able to give up on Jr…but he’s alone.
        Sure, after discovering his dad’s business, Jr. would turn his back on his father, but that’s fairly tame. There needs to be a catalyst; something that leaves Walter broken & completely alone and Jr dying is the best I can come up with (of course, the writers are far more intelligent than I).
        Jesse isn’t evil. He was a punk kid When the show began, but has matured into a wise man with a huge heart…who unfortunately is easily manipulated. It’s the world that drains him. I’d personally like to see him at peace.

        The beauty of this show, though, is that you can never guess what’s going to happen and the writers always satisfy. The single most courageous & unapologetic show on television. I have complete faith in the cast & crew to leave my jaw dropped.

  12. This show is quite good at masking the predictable cliche events that one might expect to happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if something unfathomable happens

  13. ****SPOILERS***** Here is how I THINK that series ending will play itself out. I think that Hank will not let anyone know about Walt until he is 100% positive that he is Heisenberg. The book in the bathroom is a great indication, but Walt could easily lie his way out of things and make a back story for why Gail was so obsessed with him, like a former student or something. Walt has met a lot of people in his life and he is an expert at deception. I don’t think hank will gun on Walt until the final few episodes.

    So while this investigation is going on in the background, Walt will continue to build his Meth empire and make absolute piles of money for a little while, during a sweet background song that people would listen to while they are high.

    Jesse, is completely filled with guilt over the death of the boy, and still wants nothing to do with Walt. Hanks investigation somehow uncovers that Walt was responsible for poisoning a little boy, through the person that gave the berries to the child in the first place (it couldn’t have been Walt himself, Brock would have said something I’m sure). This is going to lead Hank to Jesse, since he is close to Brock and his mother. Hank will finally start putting all the puzzle pieces together, and go to Jesse not to arrest him, but to ask for his help. He will offer Jesse 100% immunity if he helps him get the evidence that he needs to take down Walt once and for all.

    Skylar is probably still just trying to protect the kids, like a good mother should do. She probably does some pretty crazy stuff to make it happen, as well.

    It’s revealed that Walt has had Jesse’s house bugged, and he plans to make his escape. Like a puff of smoke. After Walt disappears, Hank decides to go public with everything that they know about Walt currently, which causes him to have to use the fake ID and constantly be on the run. Walt is going to follow the police reports to a T, and realize that he is going to have to make his final stand at some point, because the Feds are closing in.

    During the final battle, I think that everyone should be there, including Walts children. I have no idea how this final scene is going to play out, but I want Walt Jr. to die. He is the perfect casualty of innocence and would really serve as a wakeup call to Walt that everything that he did up to this point caused the death of his son, the only one that still looked up to him after all the crap hit the fan.

    Not sure how everything would happen from this point, let me know what you guys think. lol.

    There’s obviously a lot of stuff that I am missing here, but I think the basic outline has the potential of happening. Who knows, but I had fun coming up with it!

  14. So sad this show is ending. ><

    I know, I get it, but I just do not want to see it come to a close because it has been THAT good.

  15. Walter Sr. will be the ONLY ONE that survives and will have to miserably live with the fact that he brought doom and destruction to all the people that loved him because of his petty selfishness. His daughter will grow up hating him. He’ll live the rest of his days as “Heisenberg” in prison.

  16. Why would Walt go into witness protection? He’s the criminal lol

    • Yeah, he’s the one who knocks

    • Soooo many shows are guilty of being haphazardly written one episode at a time. Even highly rated stuff like Dexter and 24 show clear signs of being unplanned and pointlessly tangential. It’s very disheartening. On the other hand, many shows have had strong seasons beyond five, and others have been cancelled just when they hit their stride. So I totally appreciate your point, despite the urge to always have more of the best shows, but I don’t think any hard rule should be adhered to. Every show is different, and deserving of varying degrees of tollerance and enthusiasm. This is a good time to end BB.

  17. ” was all a dream, or that his proprietary blend of chemicals would somehow lead to the zombie apocalypse (to reference one humorous theory that probably appealed to some higher-ups in terms of its incomparable sense of corporate synergy)” – credited to this story’s writer. simply hilarious stuff, considering the finale comes on a week before the walking dead premieres.

    that being said, with the consistent quality of the show and such lead time to plot out the remaining eight episodes, a lackluster final eight would be the biggest shock.

  18. Walt dies a good man, but only Heisenberg lives on as a myth, a spook story. It would be a lovely blow to Walt’s ego, but the point is it would no longer matter. Well, either that or we’ll get the ‘Scarface’ conclusion to what is essentially the ‘Scarface’ TV show.

    Whatever the case, VG has earned the right to end it on his terms.

  19. This is purely speculation:

    Hank will have to investigate before he can take any action, and he’ll need to give his superiors reasonable cause before they’ll approve the resources for an investigation.

    However, the one thing Walt has always proven is that he is either in control or manipulating the players & maneuvering them into positions where control seemingly falls into his lap (“I won”)

    That, imo, is where he finally slips up: specifically Todd keeping the tarantula

    Jesse finds out Todd has the tarantula and goes to Walt saying this is why he wanted out: all the deaths would eventually come back on them. Hank gives him his cut and Jesse leaves without a hint of where he’s going.

    Walter, as Walter tends to do, kills Todd; except now that he’s in full “Say My Name” Heisenberg “g****** Right” mode, doesn’t take his usual discreet route. He’s building an empire and “examples” are the staples of all Drug Empires.

    … and the walls start crumbling immediately.

    Todd’s uncle, the one who Walt hired to have the Aryan Brotherhood kill Mike’s guys in prison, retaliates with such force that Hank barely escapes alive. He never looks back even long enough to talk to his family.

    However, again, this is Walt … he’s had a Exit Plan in place when he plotted taking out Gus. Identifying material (dental records, etc) have all been professionally forged courtesy of one of Saul Goodman’s other clients.

    As with all of his plans, this one works perfectly: the Aryan’s assault leaves everyone believing Walt is dead: Skylar, Jr, Hank, & Aryans

    The only change in his Exit Plan that didn’t happen is he had to leave his family behind; which, coincidentally, actually leads Hank to decide to keep his suspicions to himself so as not to further hurt the family since it would serve no purpose … but Walt figures he can learn to adapt to that for awhile and come up with a way to get his family, at least Walt Jr.

    However, he underestimated the value of a deal in a drug transaction the size of which he made and Declan goes after the Whites; killing Skylar in the process. This leaves Hank no choice but to take what he has to his superiors in order to get Walt’s kids as well as himself and his wife into Witness Protection … which is exactly what happens.

    However, the Aryans hear about Declan’s attack, and pay Saul a visit.

    Saul, being Saul, gives it all up; but is killed anyway (I don’t believe they’ll waste time with that rumored spin off show for Saul)

    Since Saul is (was) a well known attorney for the drug business, word gets back to Declan

    That gives us 3 antagonists (DEA, Aryan, Declan) for the impending (dare I say “inevitable”) conflict

    Now we’re given a repeat of the flashback to Walt sitting at the diner on his birthday … where he buys the Rambo Machine Gun, makes a stop at his old house, then heads out to get his son & daughter.

    The final scene will be the investigation of the site where all four sides clashed.

    FBI stenciled jackets part to make way for a well dressed man who is only shown fro the back.

    There’s silence as his head (the camera using first person perspective) surveys the seen.

    The camera slowly pans around to his face while also zooming out:

    FBI agent (off camera):
    “So what does the legendary Smecker think happened here?”

    Special Agent Paul Smecker:

    *fade to black*

  20. Walt will live, his family will die. that is his punishment.

  21. In the season premiere we see Walt open the trunk to a m60 and ammo boxes. In the episode ‘hazard pay’ Walt and Walt Jr are watching the iconic ‘say hello to my little friend’ Scarface finale scene. Does anyone else think there is an essential connection of foreshadowing linked by those scene elements?

  22. i really want to say the picture of Walt at the beginning of this article with the big bold words “Remember” mean more than what you’d think..
    and everyone besides one person never mentioned Hank and finding the book with W.W initials. biggest cliff hanger to season 5.1!! i cant wait for 5.2! :)

  23. Im not really sure how it will end, but i cant help but think walts heisenberg persona is out in the open. In the 5b premiere cold open, heisenberg is spray painted on a wall in his former home.

  24. Walt’s surrounded, and he takes the ricin, but immediately croaks. He slumps over, and as the camera closes in on his face, his eyes open up and the Walking Dead theme comes on as the credits roles. BOOM! We find out what happens to Walt and how the zombie apocalypse happens.

    • ahahahahahahaha made my day

  25. The two FBI agents are not mere goons that showed up after Jesse’s ER scene and again after his cash dash. They have been conducting an investigation all along, on Madrigal. Perhaps they had an informant that Walt killed, maybe Gus, who was about to set up a big deal to implicate Madrigal internationally for them. Walt remembers the agents from the Hospital and realizes the only leverage he has is to rat out Lydia to the FBI. Meanwhile, Skylar flips over Hank’s death, Walt reminds her that she said “what’s one more?” Devastated, she kills herself.

    The FBI comes back to Walt: he can have freedom, witness protection, and his money is still buried, but he can’t take Junior or Holly with him. He goes home to consider it and Marie, still in mourning, is in front of cameras telling everyone what happened and has the Jesse interview SD cards to prove it.

    Walt at last has a choice between family and self-preservation: live with a disappointed son and spend time in jail, or take the FBI offer. He takes the offer, disappears, sets up shop in NH cooking again and continuing to work with Lydia to eventually get up the Madrigal international chain for the FBI. He wears a wire all the time so the FBI can establish a continual pattern. It’s disguised as a portal for cancer treatment.

    Junior and Holly now live with Marie. One night after cooking, Walt feels regret and searches online for traces of Junior. Walt sees that Junior has posted some hateful stuff about him online and blames Marie. Walt begins the drive back to kill Marie, but maybe he intended to talk to Junior and leave him some money.

    Still, he’s consumed with evil and forgets about talking to Junior. He buys the gun in the flash forward because he knows that everyone will come after him once they discover he is in town: the local police, DEA, FBI, Nazi Prison Gang, Saul. He sets off to kill Marie, but again it doesn’t work. He’s trapped with a gun and lots of people on the other side of a door ready to kill him.

    He looks at the ricin ciggarette he intended for Marie, realizing he has one more chance to do the somewhat honorable thing and spare his attackers and his remaining family the continual embarrassment that he’s become. He thinks about it, but puts it down, shouts to his attackers and kills many more people before he is ultimately shot.

    Marie is a devastated and Kleptomaniac single mother. Junior becomes troubled. Holly will grow up without effective parents. The money is buried and forgotten. Walt is dead. Heisenberg lives only as graffiti on the interior wall of a dilapidated house. It was all for nothing.

    • ^^^ I like the beginning of this…