The 5 Best ‘Breaking Bad’ Moments (So Far)

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The 5 Best Breaking Bad Moments (So Far)

5 Best Breaking Bad MomentsWith only 8 episodes left until the book closes on Walt, Jesse, Skylar, and Saul, we're taking this opportunity to look back on how far we have come. Breaking Bad has become the de-facto show for water cooler conversations thanks in large part to the series' ability to shock audiences with the unexpected. There have been startling deaths and monumental speeches, the likes of which could rival any show on TV. But what makes the series' iconic moments all the more notable is that they make sense within the context of the show.And while the final half of the show's fifth season will likely give us some of the best moments of the entire run, these are our 5 Best Breaking Bad Moments (So Far). It goes without saying this post contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Breaking Bad seasons 1 - 5.1. So, if you're not caught-up, proceed at your own risk.

5. Todd Shoots the Boy

Best Breaking Bad Moments - Todd Shoots BoySeen In: Season 5, Episode 5 "Dead Freight"This moment from the first half of Season 5 is important for two reasons. One, it continues Vince Gilligan's trend of shocking viewers with unexpected deaths. Most audience members likely thought Walt & Co. were doomed when a youngster happens on their heist, but few expected Landry from Friday Night Lights Todd, a seemingly good-natured young adult, would pull a gun and shoot an innocent kid.The other reason this moment is important is because it irreparably severs the bond between Walt and Jesse. Jesse's relationship with kids has been a common theme throughout the series, and after witnessing so many untimely deaths Jesse finally had enough. However, instead of siding with Jesse, Walt became even more obsessed with his business than ever. Could this moment have been the final straw in Walt's dark descent into madness?

4. 'I Am the Danger'

Breaking Bad Moments - I Am DangerSeen In: Season 4, Episode 6 "Cornered"Walt has had some pretty memorable speeches and lines over the past five seasons, many of them directed at his wife Skylar. This particular speech made our list because it is the first time Walt opens up to Skylar and shows just how deep into this rabbit hole he has fallen. He can no longer say that he's a naïve chemistry teacher trying to support his family, Walt has become a full blown pseudo-kingpin at this point. While Skylar thinks Walt is the victim, Walt's competition, in fact, are the victims.This is also the beginning of the end for Skylar as well, one of many instances where Walt shows himself to be a different man than the one she married. A lot changed after this moment, and it doesn't seem like it will ever go back to normal. The once happily married pair still remain civil, and she even uses her accounting knowledge to help Walt launder money, but there's no denying something changed in Skylar after this conversation.

3. Hank's Shootout

Breaking Bad Best Moments - Hank ShootoutSeen In: Season 3, Episode 7 "One Minute"We forget that, because he is on the opposite end of Walt's morality line, Hank Schrader is a good cop. Yes, he has some mental health issues – a storyline explored in Season 2 – and those came to a head when he spotted Breaking Bad's iconic bald twins in a home improvement store parking lot. What transpires is a brutal shootout that leaves all parties involved either brutally injured or dead. And while the shootout results in Hank becoming permanently scarred (both physically and emotionally), it also gives him a singular focus: finding the mysterious Heisenberg.There isn't a ton of violence in Breaking Bad overall, but when Gilligan & Co. choose to take the reins off a little bit, they always satisfy. We can only hope that if Hank and Walt ever come face to face in the final half of the season, that their subsequent showdown is as memorable, well-choreographed, brutal, and tense, as this one.

2. Mike's Death

Breaking Bad Best Moments - Mikes DeathSeen In: Season 5, Episode 7 "Say My Name"We knew going into Season 5 that we'll likely have to say goodbye to some great characters, but that didn't make saying goodbye to Mike Ehrmantraut any easier. Had Walt killed him two seasons ago we might have cared less, but after learning more about him, and seeing his complicated relationship with his daughter, this scene was tough.In a lot of shows that involve crimes of any kind there is usually a "bad ass," a character that carries himself or herself in such a way that they become electric on screen. Mike was that character. Yes, as is common in Breaking Bad, Mike wasn't the stereotypical version of a bad ass, but his street smarts and attention to detail made him unique. He was as likable as he was menacing, but he was ultimately in Walt's way.

1. The Bell Tolls for Gus

Breaking Bad Best Moments - Gus DeathSeen In: Season 4, Episode 13 "Face Off"On the opposite end of the Breaking Bad death spectrum is this moment, easily one of the most talked about in the entire series. Gus Fring was a complex villain, to the point that we didn't even know if he was a villain half the time. But, when push came to shove, and Walt's family was on the line, audiences found out who was "good" and who was "bad." And in the end Walt won.At first, however, it seemed like Walt hadn't won, that Gus had survived Hector Salamanca's attack. But then, as the camera panned around from left to right, we realize that Gus is merely keeping up appearances and is actually missing half his face. Gives an added meaning to the episode title doesn't it? There may never be a villain as well-developed, or as quietly menacing, as Gus Fring, which makes his death all the more riveting.

Honorable Mentions

Breaking Bad Best Moments - Jesse Kills GaleAlthough we narrowed our choices down to just five entries, there were a few moments that came very close to making our list including:
  • Jesse killing Gale in Season 3, Episode 13
  • The "Magnets Bitch!" moment from Season 5, Episode 1
  • Jesse's acid bath from Season 1, Episode 2
  • Walt saving Jesse from the dealers in Season 3, Episode 12
But what about you? What are your favorite moments from Breaking Bad so far? Let us know in the comments below.Breaking Bad returns for its final 8 episodes on August 11, 2013 at 9pm ET on AMC.
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  1. “Breaking Bad”…sound pretty flatulent to me….

    • god, you say the worst jokes everytime you post. just stop

  2. The only major event I can think of that wasn’t on this list was when Walt watched (and let) Jessie’s girlfriend die. This was the first time Walt let some one die who was “in his way”. All of his other previous killings were in self defense against drug dealers. This was an innocent person. Now, Walt didn’t CAUSE her death (choking on vomit) but he just stood there and watched, obviously refusing to help (despite the fact his first knee jerk reaction was to help her). After this moment was when killing became easier for Walt.

    • Agreed. I don’t know if it was a ‘Best’ moment, but it served as character development for Walter. His first step down that ‘slippery slope’ where unnecessarily killing Mike (he could have gotten the list from Lydia) was the fall down that slope.

      As for my Best Moment; I would have to go with the Say My Name dialogue with Declan or when he uses the fulminated mercury to blow up Tuco’s hideout.

      • actually if you go back and watch the scene walt did cause her death. she was safely sleeping on her side until walt tried to shake jesse awake and pushed her on her back. she mentioned earlier in the season how you couldnt sleep on your back on dope, she knew better than to let herself die walt killed her 100%

        • He caused it, but not intentionally. That’s what I meant.

      • My best is easily the mercury hideout explosion. As a bonus it’s when we first get bald Walt

    • This is my favorite moment of the show and I’m shocked it’s not on the best list. It’s totally the moment where the script flipped for me. Up until this point the show seemed to be presenting a story about a guy who is in a difficult situation and dealing with it badly. After this moment it’s pretty clear that we’re actually watching the story of a villian. Walt is not a ‘good guy’ or even an anti-hero. He’s an outright villian and that’s why Breaking Bad is so unique.

    • Jessie’s girlfriend was not exactly innocent. We saw a glimpse of her being just bent on getting Jessie’s money and getting high…she introduced Jessie to shooting up Heroin..and she took over dealing with Walt in a very aggressive way. Walt was kind of saving Jessie too. I semi liked her character, but she was not innocent by far. It was a sad moment when Walt let her die..also..she would have been laying on her side if Walt didn’t interfere. It was a turning point for Walt as a character and an excellent scene, no doubt.

  3. I think, episode called “Crawl Space” ending scene should be the best…

    • It is also my personal favourite, if it is the one with his psycho laugh.

      Though the rest of Breaking Bad is nearly just as amazing, that moment with Walt’s laugh was just SO symbolic/layered/a turning point/ just ermagerd.

    • yes yes the crawl space episode should have been on the list the last scene when walt totally lost it was crazy

    • Agreed! That was a sick scene. It foreshadowed his death. If you look at the final scene of him dead on the ground, it’s exactly the same position as the ending scene in “crawl space”.

  4. I would also say the moment when I knew Walt would do anything to not get in trouble (His wife, the law, and other dealers) is when he went into the grocery store nude and blamed it on the medication he was on.

    Just foreshadowed the depths he would go.

    • The Fugue state lol.


  5. Yes, the silliest moment of the entire show is the first. Yikes, how did I not think of that? I was sarting forget it..

  6. watching mike go was hard. he was most definitely my favorite character. the only other character death in all of television that affected me more was jimmy on board walk empire

    • I agree, but couldn’t you just feel that moment coming after Walt exits screen right? You just knew he was gonna reconsider and stalk right back to shoot Mike. I just went through the entire show for the second time (I had only seen most episodes once) and am appreciating the writing all the more. Everything is so wonderfully developed and there’s a whole lot of foreshadowing that I didn’t notice before. There was even a cool little peek at the Lilly of the Valley plant WITH the red berries that, in context, was very cool. You could see the thought form in Walt’s mind. Can’t wait to see the end.

      • You’re right – I felt it was coming and on an intellectual level I knew it had to end that way but I was in denial right up until it happened. Even after walt shot him and he drove off I thought “yes, he’s gonna get away and we’ll never see him again” then the car crashed…


  8. The ending of Half Measures is still the badass moment I’ve seen on TV.

    • I’m assuming you mean when Walt drove his car flying into the hoods before Jessie killed them.



    • THIS.

  9. Hard to argue, although my own personal favourite moment is in season one where Walt politely asks Skylar to climb down out from his ass. You could tell Bryan Cranston was doing all he could to avoid bursting into laughter and Skylar’s deadpan expression was beautiful.

    But yeah. A million ‘Breaking Bad’ fans could come up with their own variations on their top five. ‘Tis what keeps it going, what has kept it alive and what will give it its reverence 10 years from now.

    Remarkable show. I am ready for the conclusion.

    • For sure. That was pretty near the beginning, wasn’t it? She was so overbearing early on when you could still feel like Walt had good reasons and then he finally says that. I laugh out loud every time because it was so out of character at that point.

      Great show. Not only that, but it tells a wonderful story that won’t be stretched overlong or tanked by new writers somewhere down the line. I dig that there’s gonna be five seasons then done. We’ll get a satisfying conclusion and a guarantee that the show will never be tarnished by inadequate storytelling like nearly every other show that was once good.

      • Duh, he said it was in Season one.

  10. The entire episode ‘Fly’ should be on this list.

    • Indeed, the first of the two Rian Johnson eps. It was hysterical.


  11. Even though we haven’t seen the fallout of it yet but Hank’s discovery on the bowl ranks pretty high IMO…

  12. Can’t believe nobody has picked this one yet:

    Season 2, ep 10 ending.
    “Stay out of my territory.”

    What makes this scene truly thrilling is how menacing Walt looks when he delivers the line. You can’t imagine that this man was once a mild mannered chemistry teacher. The way he says it would truly scare the crap outta any one.
    This is the moment Walt changes from a man providing for his family to a man whose ego and taste for danger start driving him. Not to mention how badass he can become when pissed.
    Best moment of S2 and definitely top 5 in the show overall.

    • Spot on man, that’s the stand out scene for me. Was scrolling down the comment section to personally give that scene a shout-out but you got there first.

      When he’s standing in the check-out line of the DIY store and then suddenly, bang, something goes off inside he’s head and it’s the moment he realises he never wants to go back to havin a normal life again.

      The music kicks in and builds up while walks out and confronts those guys,, “Stay out of my territory”.. One of my favourite moments, check it out again,,

      • So many great moments in this show, obviously so hard to just pick 5.

        Not as epic or important as many scenes mentioned above but I love it, have to give a shout out to Wendy the hookers montage, it’s at-least one of the best opening scenes.

        • “You’re Heisenberg”,, “YOU’RE g****** RIGHT.”

  13. I think the most pivotal scene in Breaking Bad is when Walt turns down the job and offer to have his treatments paid for. It is the moment when Walt goes from being a guy in a bad position doing a bad thing for honorable reasons to being a selfish a-hole who is more into his own ego, pride, and greed than anything else.

  14. Personally I found the end of season 4 to be possibly the best moment in the show so far. I’ve always wanted Jesse and Walt to be on the same page, fully trusting each other and working as a team (although I love that Gilligan has never given too much of that), so when they walked away from killing Gus and destroying the lab I was thrilled, only to be crushed by the camera moving in on the plant pot in Walt’s garden and totally twisting what I thought I’d seen.

    For me, that was the moment I realised just how incredible this show was. Easily the greatest TV show of all time!

    • As a whole season 4 IMO is the best season of any show I’ve ever seen The tension was paralizing…
      I re-watched it this past week and even though I knew what was coming and when I was chain smoking like I did the first time I watched. ;)

  15. lol here’s a few amusing ones…

    Los Pollos Hermanos commerical

    The Heisenberg tune lol

    LOL Classic Gale karaoke

    oh man I was looking for my brothers personal favorite scene, which i cant find on youtube.. which is where Walt takes the first car he bought walt jr and does 360′s and then crashes and sets in on fire lol.. heres a behind the scenes look at it though



  16. Oh come on why is my post containing 4 hilarious breaking bad moments with youtube clips and all waiting to be moderated? In my experience, that will hold this up for a day! The episode airs in a few short hours!



  17. Gus straightening his tie after having half is face blown off is #1 and Walter telling the guy to say his name and when he says Heisenberg and Walter says You’re God***n right that is #2.

  18. I think the one scene that should be mentioned, and I personally think should have scored Cranston an emmy was when he goes home after being threatened by Gus, episode 11 or 12 in Season 4 I think but could be wrong, to find the money he stashed was used by Skyler. Cranston practically just went insane at that moment, laughing maniacly with the camera slowly panning up to end a tense and awesome episode.

  19. Then moment where Walt confronts those dudes who are abusing Walt jnr.

  20. Though not worthy of a top 5, a scene that instantly comes to mind is the episode where Gus kills Victor. The beginning of the scene if I recall relies solely on watching Gus and his body movement when he arrives at the meth lab. One of my favorite scenes of the series, from one of it’s best characters.

  21. My top moment is when Walter blows up Tuco’s building. Ive never admired such a bad ass moment on TV. Walter was a little b**** before this moment and I was stunned when he did it. This was the beginning of the Heisenberg persona that has fully overtaken the old Walter White.

  22. I loved Gus killing off the cartel. knowing his ugly history with these guys, and all the ambushes and threats he endured, this reunion was intense and pretty ugly. then they all drink from the anejo liquor and it’s like ” Gus took a sip, where is this going? “.

    then gangsters start to drop like flies and Gus reveals himself to don eladio, effectively walking into the road arena, handing the home team it’s behind, and making off with the local women. the history, the tension leading up to Gus endgame, it’s actual execution, Gus barking out threats and shooting thunder,I tip my cap to this show.

  23. Spoiler Alert:

    “You’d better tread lightly.”

    “Say my name.”


    “You’re g****** right it is!”

  24. My favorite is when Gus and Jesse go to Mexico and Gus has his revenge. This is my No. 1 moment in Breaking Bad so far with Gus’ demise a close second.

  25. I don’t think anything beats the lead-up and eventual shootout with Hank. Unreal ending of that episode!

  26. I absolutely love the end of the episode where Walt thinks Gus is unstoppable and tries to flee using Saul’s guy only to find out all the money under the floor of the closet is gone because Skylar used it to pay off Ted’s debts. And he just laughs and laughs scaring the crap out of Skylar. I love how the camera starts at the top and slowly moves closer to Walt as he loses his mind laughing under the floor.

    That’s my favorite.

  27. The scene where Jesse hallucinates 2 church kids on bikes are approaching his house as two gangster bikers. Awesome. Perfect example of the great humor the show is infused with.

  28. “…say my name…” ……”Hisenburg.” “You’re g****** right.” Best line and moment for me of the entire series.

  29. I hope there is a sequel in which Walt Jr. becomes a meth lord and systematically kills everybody on the internet who misspells his mother’s name “Skylar”. It’s “Skyler”, FFS.