Vince Gilligan Reveals His Next Project

CONAN Highlight: The Breaking Bad creator’s incredible follow-up to Walter White’s adventures is absolutely nuts.

DIY Batarang

Teenage Mutant Ninja Chairs

Australian Brad Moore of Moore’s Upholstery reupholstered a set of retro kitchen chairs earlier this year for a special art exhibition and shared them with his fellow Turtles fans online. Just like the animated turtles of the ’80s and their modern CG counterparts on Nickelodeon, these chairs are done up with the specially colored masked and weapons brandished by Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo.

The chairs have proven so popular that Moore has decided to give them away through a contest on his Facebook page (including each chair’s corresponding mask and Playmates role play toys).

How to Become Emma Stone

How did Emma Stone make it?

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