‘Brave’ Character Images & Poster: A Darker Pixar Fantasy

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pixar brave header Brave Character Images & Poster: A Darker Pixar Fantasy

Pixar animation studio’s latest film, Cars 2, hits theaters tomorrow, and promises to be a bright and colorful sequel aimed primarily at younger moviegoers. However, the studio will shift gears back to more original and complex material with next year’s release, Brave.

Brave marks the first full-blown fairy tale for Pixar, and based on early conceptual artwork for the film, it should not only be as beautifully animated as the company’s previous features, but will also find the organization behind classics like Toy Story and Finding Nemo venturing into new territory – both in terms of its mystical setting and darker narrative.

The film revolves around one Scottish Princess Merida (voice of Kelly Macdonald), an accomplished and overall capable warrior who inadvertently violates an ancient law of her magical kingdom and must seek out the mysterious Wise Woman (Julie Walters) in order to set things right.

Director Mark Andrews had the following to offer EW, with regards to how Brave will differ in tone from previous Pixar pictures:

“What we want to get across is that this story has some darker elements. Not to frighten off our Pixar fans — we’ll still have all the comedy and the great characters. But we get a little bit more intense here.”

Images of four important characters from the film have been released, and with the exception of The Wise Woman (who kind of looks like Up‘s Carl Fredricksen crossed with “The Ancient Booer” from The Princess Bride), they likewise look a bit more nuanced and complex in design – when compared to the human characters from previous Pixar movies, that is.

From the top left corner going clockwise, the characters pictured here are: Princess Merida, Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson), The Wise Woman, and Lord Macintosh (Craig Ferguson).

Character images from Pixars Brave Brave Character Images & Poster: A Darker Pixar Fantasy

Per usual, Pixar’s animators performed a good deal of research before they went about recreating the natural landscapes of Scotland in CGI form for Brave. As evidenced by the luscious imagery of rolling hills and trickling streams in the film’s first poster, their efforts look to pay off handsomely.

Check out that first poster for Brave below:

Pixars Brave movie poster Brave Character Images & Poster: A Darker Pixar Fantasy

With the followup to Cars arriving this week – and a prequel to Monsters, Inc. titled Monsters University on the horizon – there’s been some concern that Pixar is starting to move away from its emphasis on more original and creatively untested material. Sequels and spinoffs aren’t bad by design, but there is something more satisfying about the prospect of Pixar tackling an unusual and modernized spin on the classic princess fairy tale (a la Brave) – as opposed to just churning out new installments in already-established franchises.

Brave is slated to hit theaters next summer on June 22nd, 2012. Keep an eye out in the near future for the teaser trailer, which is expected to premiere in front of Cars 2 this weekend.

Source: EW, Bleeding Cool

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  1. I have no interest in seeing Cars 2 or any other sequels, prequels from Pixar. I’m glad they’re going back to some more original territory. I’ll be looking forward to the first trailer.

    • I have nothing against pixar sequels myself. Toy story 3 was perfect proof that they can make a sequel great. But I do like the sound of Brave and can’t wait for it to come out.

  2. Yeah! I guess there is hope for Pixar!

  3. On the main page, I thought it was a picture of Beaker from the Muppets! :P

  4. This looks breathtaking. I hope that Pixar continues making flicks like this.. after the Monsters Prequel that is. Although i would adore to see an Incredibles sequel.

    • Definitely want another Incredibles! Teenage Dash FTW!

  5. You people are so damn amusing and very out of line to ever think about making a negative comment regarding PIXAR production choices, sequels or not. Sure, individual aspects of ANY PIXAR film can be critiqued good or bad.

    That said, just because it’s a sequel/prequel does not make it inherently bad. In fact, all of their sequels have been as good, if not better than the first film of the series by them. Cars 2 looks to be better than the first. I look forward to the Planes spin-off. I think people want to see more than one movie of many PIXAR characters… what way to deliver a solid conclusion than to create a sequel… what way to better explain the beginnings of characters than through prequels. You folks need to get off your high horses.

    • Ummm, hello…is this not a free country anymore, where I am entitled to free speech? I don’t think anyone is out of line if they have negative comments regarding Pixar – no company is so completely perfect that a negative comment would never, ever be issued.

      I enjoy the pre/se-quels for the entertainment value, not for sharing deliberately negative comments. However, if there are things in the movies that I’m not partial to, I’m going to say so. I have enjoyed most and have been highly disappointed in others. Why would I keep that to myself?

      For instance, the clips I’ve seen of Cars2 so far look fun, but it’s not Owen Wilson as the voice of Lightening McQueen this time and that disappoints me. I personally don’t think any sequel should have different actors playing a key character from earlier movies. It’s my personal peeve. So, I don’t think the Cars 2 sequel should have been made, unless all the original voices were available (and obviously a sub is needed for someone who has passed away, like Paul Newman).

      I love the original work that Pixar does – really love it!! I’m glad that’s not all they are doing though. I tend to think that there are more stories to tell from all characters points of view, so pre/se-quels are good as well. I think we all win this way.

      So, in closing, I would cheerfully suggest that YOU get off your high horse. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and the sooner you accept that, the better off it will be for you. Good luck.

      Pamela in Calgary

      • You kind of wasted your breath here. Great points and all but I am pretty sure I stated “Sure, individual aspects of ANY PIXAR film can be critiqued good or bad.”

        Soooooo…why were you commenting? Oh, to hear your self talk. Have a nice day, Canadian.

        • Patrick, your concern for me and my breathing ability is really touching…it sorta brought a tear to my eye, you know? And to answer your question of “why was I commenting” – because I can. :-D

          • Damn, you’re good, girl! Gotta love the smile :-D

            • Thank you…thank you very much! (said in her best Elvis voice)

              • Oh yeah, you go girl. You really served me on the internets by making an inane and pointless comment, eh?

      • Im sorry did I miss something? Owen Wilson is the voice again for the sequel…

  6. I really,really do like the way Pixar is going with this. The poster looks beautiful, one of the best movie posters i’ve seen in a longgg timee.

    I jus hope who ever the villain is they dont make he or she the same as the other villains in Pixars movie. what i mean by this is you may have a character who is good at first but then changes and turns into the antiagonist. Toy story 2 and 3 did the same thing. But i think they can do a rgeat drop with this movie, i think its gonna be a winner!! :]

  7. Looking excellent so far. By the way, that crazy lady looks like a female Mr. Fredericksen from Up lol

  8. Once again Pixar gives the girl the same face it gives EVERY female character. What’s the deal with that? The dark haired woman has slightly different features, but again, the same face shape. Talk about being stuck in a rut!

  9. More intense? I thought Toy Story 3 had some parts that were already pretty intense…

  10. I’m digging this.

  11. This is cool, but where the hell is The Incredibles??

  12. I am excited! Truly looking forward to some truly original animated films. I am done with those comical animated characters coming out as of late! Its about time :)

  13. Monsters University was my most anticipated Pixar film as of late, but now I’m incredibly stoked for Brave, and I’m glad it’s the next Pixar film following Cars 2, which is looking worse and worse by the minute. Brave has a lot of potential; I trust Pixar to knock it out of the park.

  14. I was absolutely sold by the character drawings alone- then I saw the poster. Then I saw the name “Craig Ferguson”. Now I am going to fight and claw my way into the theater on opening night.

  15. I don’t know….I’m getting a “Secret of Kells” vibe here.

    • I sense that as well. However, maybe it will be a different story. If it is a play on the Secret of Kells, then it may be just, since many of American audiences are unfamiliar of the film.

      • I just see some controversy happening if they are indeed subtly doing a play on Secret of Kells. Pixar doesn’t seem the kind to admit they received “inspiration” elsewhere especially if this movie is being touted as an original story. Looks good though.

  16. I love the william wallace look on craig fergusons character. This movie looks good though.

  17. The pics look Gorgeous, i cant wait

  18. So this is the guy that Jeff Lynch is trying to act like…

  19. Rubbish junk