So Is Brandon Routh Still Superman?

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superman3 So Is Brandon Routh Still Superman?Sometimes, you hear something so crazy that it absolutely can’t be true. Until it turns out to be just that.

Case in point: About two weeks or so back, I wrote up an article detailing exactly what was going on with the Superman film franchise based on information given to us by very reliable sources.

I was told point-blank that the next Superman film would in fact be a total reboot (in the vein of Batman Begins and Casino Royale) with a new set of filmmakers and actors. Sure, that made perfect sense.

What’s interesting though is there was one item from a contact (whose proven to be dead-on in the past like with the Harry Potter release date shift which I couldn’t get officially confirmed so ran with as a speculation piece instead).

According to said contact, both Alan Horn (the big-cheese at Warner Brothers) and Thomas Tull (the head of Legendary Pictures) wanted Brandon Routh to reprise his role of Superman and Clark Kent in the reboot film. This despite the fact that he headlined Bryan Singer’s quasi-sequel Superman Returns.

Of course, that made Absolutely. No. Sense. I mean, that would be like Roger Moore playing 007 in 2006′s James Bond reboot Casino Royale instead of Daniel Craig.

And now, ladies and germs, it appears I have egg in my face for not running with said news-item.

The folks over at Latino Review had a chat with DC Comics head-honcho Paul Levitz about the status of various DC film-projects. When the subject of the Superman reboot came up:

In fact, he told me that “Last week Brandon Routh has come around the offices in New York and Los Angeles as of late to talk about Superman and what we want to do”……blah blah blah!

At first I thought it was the Apple Martini I was drinking but I soon realized that I just heard a bombshell go off in my brain! Brandon? He did say Brandon Routh was coming around talking about Superman! Why the hell would they be talking to Brandon if he was not going to be part of the reboot? Because he’s still in the mix!!!

The truth of the matter is that the way Mr. Levitz made it seem is that they love Brandon as Clark Kent and that he’s just a great guy, which I agree.

What’s interesting is this confirms what we told you about Warner Brothers, DC Comics and Legendary Pictures making damn-sure they all agreed on what they were going to do with the reboot.

They also verified through their sources that Superman wouldn’t grace the silver screen again until summer 2012 at the earlier – which again we told you.

To be fair though, the next Superman film is a ways-off and things can certainly change. But at the moment, it appears that Brandon Routh will done the red-and-blue suit once again.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. 2012 huh, well that gives them plenty of time to come up with a good script. However, will the “dark properties” idea still be in vogue? Maybe the people at Warner have more sense than many think. Maybe riding this out is better than being seen riding the coat tails of a fashion thats already past, which may be the case by 2012..

  2. lol, Isn’t Roger Moore likes twice Craig’s age + though? That’s slightly different – I think the comparison would be to see craig again as Bond in another Bond reboot in the vein of the Brosnan style flicks.

    I like Routh and I said a while back I’d to see him back reboot or not – I mean to bring another no name in again I don’t think would work (and if that happened I’m almost positive the film would earn less than superman returns) – and Tom Welling wouldn’t work either.

    It’s certainly wierd to see the same guy playing Supes in two lines of superman continuity

  3. Well.. It could be played off as a Prequel, I guess? Superman doesn’t really age, so it would work ( not well, mind you ).

    I’m not sure I’m very excited to hear this information.. Something about Supes being tinier than Bats is silly to me.


  4. as long as Kate Bosworth is not retained as Lois Lane, Im a happy man. Plus, if she isnt there, then the whole “Supes has a kid” story can be scrapped effectively.

  5. I’m glad Routh is still Supes (for the time being). He did a good job with the role and deceive as much of a seat in the reboot as Kevin Spacey. Just NO Super kiddo and at least one new super villian.

  6. how about a 007 film, with an aged Bond, played by Roger Moore?

    And the only time superman went dark was in Kingdom come, why not make that a movie- it would be the greatest film ever if done right….

  7. This is good news. I really liked the guy as Superman. It ain’t his fault SR was poorly received (pretty much because of lack of action). Routh is solid as the man of steel. I can’t see anybody else in that role. Really, I can’t.

  8. this is a good news to some but a bad news as well, brandon to me did a good job as clark kent but for superman he gotta make him more a strong head leader cause in fact he is one of the leaders in JLA, anyways cheers for brandon that his still in the reboot for now, and i hope he stays in the reboot cause i think with proper script for superman and he has devoted this past years as for the role superman he deserves it and i belive he can pull it off since its a new rebooted superman he’ll have a different and new approach as becoming superman once agian. (im jus 1 of the many fans that can and will accept a reboot of superman for the new generation and will accept brandon routh playing Superman once agian, i cant picture any superman then brandon for the new generation, tom welling nope, the guy who was attached in JLA movie nope, anyothers nope)

  9. Brandon Routh was the only thing I didn’t have a problem with in Singer’s film, he should come back, by the time they film he’ll look a bit older and will be much more comfortable with the part as well.
    And e’s gone on record saying that he’d be happy to be part of any Justice League film in the future.
    What more could we want?

  10. Yes! Give this man the chance to make an origin story, and re-launch possibly one of the greatest film franchises ever. Now they need capable writers(Millar seems a bit too left field with his ideas, I mean, Red Son wasn’t that good) and a capable director that knows how to deliver. I suggest Spielberg. Think about it-the guy loves making movies about aliens, even when it seems irrelevant, and here he has a chance to tell a story about a hero that is an alien, and tell it in a way that hasn’t been done before. Plus, this movie has the potential to be huge, and that alone is very Spielberg. All things considered, Steve is the man for the job.

  11. I think Routh works pretty well in Superman Returns both as Superman and Clark Kent..
    The only mistake they’ve made in Superman Returns is just one: the Superkid’s thing.
    So it would be fine (at least for me) if Routh is still join the cast for the next movie.

  12. Branden Routh was NEVER superman he may have played him in the movie but he was definently never superman! So how could he be again if he never was! i was bored watching the first Superman with Routh and i wont even bother to see any others if he makes anymore they are a waste of time!

    The only true superman was and always will be Christopher Reeve! He was super even after the superman movies.

  13. I’ll be glad if Routh is still Superman in the Reboot.

  14. YES!! Brandon Routh Is MY Superman. HE HAS TO COME BACK to reprise the role in the next Supes movie. HE IS AWESOME! But it makes me sad that they aren’t making the sequel, since I really liked Superman Returns.

  15. Well good Blueyes you can have Routh. But in my eyes he will never ever replace Christopher Reeve he was that absolute best Superman!

    Routh really disapointed me when I seen Superman Returns he didn’t do anywhere near as good as Reeve did! That’s why I don’t really care to see anymore Superman movies.

  16. I am a fan of Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of the character, but more important than that is that I am a fan of the character that he was portraying. The one thing I like about Brandon Routh is the fact that he is a Superman fan coming into the role.

    Yeah he has had a tough time with the role, given that he was following in the footsteps of an actor whose portrayal is considered to be the quintessential Man of Steel, the last movie didn’t give him much to do. But to be honest he did good enough with what he had to deal with. Besides I would like to see Routh have another shot at the role and let him shine in it like Reeve did.

  17. Brandon Routh IS Superman. Bring him back for the reboot!

  18. The story of Superman is needed these days. He was before any Bat, Spider, or Iron man! Brandon Routh is just as good as an actor as Christopher Reeve to portray this legendary hero. He deserves as many opportunities at it as Reeve had. I think both of these great actors have and do, bring the Man of Steel life and show that Superman is still one of the best comic book heroes ever! It is Routh’s turn to carry this torch.

  19. I like Brandon Routh as Superman. I did not think his performance was flawed at all. The disappointment that Superman Returns was not as big as it could have been was the writing. This will be of subject a bit, but I wish I could participate in the writing process save for spelling. Superman has abilities in the physical world. Superman Returns failed to observe his abilities. Case in point the whole plane catching physics vs. the new Kryptonite planet. That plane weighed much less with no Kryptonite. Second, there must be a reason for Why The World Needs Superman. Superman vs Lex Luthor is like me vs. a slug. Amp up the threat level. Make it alien. Superman is. There that is my rant and in part my rave for Brandon.

  20. Um yeah Chris do us a favor and calculate at what speed material failure should occur, counter balanced against an increasing force produced by Superman opposing the planes fall, keeping in mind the finite distance from point “A” where Superman intercepted the plane and the ground. Don’t forget to factor in all of the planes weight focused on a single wing over the actual surface area used by Superman to attempt to stop it.

  21. I still hope that this is what is going to happen. I definitely want to see Routh take on the role again.

  22. I liked Routh as Clark, a little less cheesily bumbbly as Christopher Reeves, but Reeves strength in the way he carried himself as Superman was far Superior to Routh’s. I think I just cancelled out my own vote. I think they shouldn’t revamp it a la The Dark Night…the world of divorced/seperated parents is dark enough, I’m sure someone will come up with a good screenplay.

  23. ^ I don’t think you canceled yourself out, as Reeve and Routh obviously aren’t competing for the role.
    I also don’t think you are in the minority to say Reeve’s Superman is better, but Routh’s Clark Kent was better. And since Reeve can no longer do the role, I believe Routh is the best man for the job.
    Plus, if you haven’t noticed, Routh has been bulking up. He looks even more like Superman than he did in 2006.
    Here he is from three months ago:

  24. Man, Brandon is the newest Superman and He does Christopher Reeves Justice!Mr Routh is taking the reins for the Late Christopher Reeve and I for one think that he should be the face of Superman until otherwise! Anyone else is unacceptable!!

  25. i still think that Tom Whelling would have been great for the new superman movies.

  26. Christopher Reeve was Superman of the 80's and 90's, Brandon Routh is our Superman of the 00's and 10's ! Routh was the best thing about Superman Returns, using him in the reboot is sensational news !!! Thank You Warner Bros for using some good sense.

  27. Christopher Reeve was Superman of the 80's and 90's, Brandon Routh is our Superman of the 00's and 10's ! Routh was the best thing about Superman Returns, using him in the reboot is sensational news !!! Thank You Warner Bros for using some good sense.

  28. bring Brandon Routh he was great in superman returns it wasnt his fault he had a sub par script with Zach Snyder and christopher nolan working together brandon routh as superman will shine plz bring him back once again he was great in sr and with david goyer and christopher nolan writing the script the new superman i believe will surpass the spider man trilogy and possibly be as big if not bigger (although very difficult) than batman the dark knight

  29. I really hope that Brandon Roth, continues playing the roll of Superman. The loss of Chrostopher Reeve was tragic, as though we had lost the real Superman…Christopher Reeve was Superman in my eyes. Brandon Roth was an AWSOME reincarnation of Christopher Reeve AND Superman…he looks so much like Chris…he’s just right for the roll. Its as if a sample of DNA was taken from Chris and Hmmmm…Maybe even Marlin Brando, to create the perfect Superman of our time. I suspect that these hollywood executives surely know this and are just giving a tease to forcast any signs of doubt in there original BRILLIANT choice in making Brandon Roth the new Superman…HOLLYWOOD EXECS. “DONT SCREW THIS UP” BRANDON ROTH IS SUPERMAN!!! Not to mention the HAUNTING resemblence he has to Chris…makes that a fitting and meaningful memorial to Chris’s life and the special place he had in our lives as Superman…THE PLANETS SAVIOR…AKA, JESUS CHRIST….YES thats right. “THE SON BECOMES THE FATHER AND THE FATHER BECOMES THE SON”…..DO GOOD, BE WELL…