Will Brandon Routh Appear In The Green Lantern Movie?

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clark kent Will Brandon Routh Appear In The Green Lantern Movie?Over the last 48 hours, we’ve heard the news that Ryan Gosling is in the running for Green Lantern and that Brandon Routh will continue to play Superman/Clark Kent in the Superman reboot.

Considering that Warner Brothers is aiming to have the next Superman film out by summer 2012 (a solid 4 years away), there are those wondering if keeping Routh is a bit premature. Normally, I would agree with that logic.

However if you will all remember, boys and girls. According to a script review from two months back, the character of Clark Kent makes an appearance in Green Lantern(!)

Furthermore, we know for a fact that Warner Brothers and DC Comics are trying to play the same card game that Marvel Films has (so far) successfully pulled off – i.e. set the franchises in the same universe/continuity so the various characters can interact with one another in the form of cameos, references, etc.

Knowing that and with the recent of news of Routh possibly staying on as the last son of Krypton, there’s a solid chance that he could in fact done the glasses again in Green Lantern.

If for no other reason than to possibly set up the Superman reboot – which we’ve heard Warner Brothers intends to keep Superman: The Man of Steel as its title.

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  1. This is awesome news – and although DC is desperately trying to play catch-up and copy of Marvel Studios – for the fans it’s great!

    The only issue in Marvel-DC comparison is that the rumoured Gosling and Routh don’t even begin to match up against the rumoured Thor and Cap America actors. Does this mean Bale will do another DC film after Batman 3?

    That being said, I like Gosling and love Routh – I think both could pull off their roles extremely well. Maybe, going a little smaller is better.

  2. “MOS” still the title! Well I’m even more confident they don’t intend to do a dark “Superman” episode. I hope your right Jamie. Was talking with Kevin Anderson the other day and he’s definitely against “Superman” going dark.

  3. At this point I just want to see Supes on screen again. I’m definetly FOR the re-boot, but I don’t don’t know if I can wait that long for it. Clark appearing in a Green Lantern movie might be enough to hold me over until 2012 as long as it’s a decent cameo & sets up the next Superman movie.

  4. the fact that they are making a green lantern movie is awesome but it is an atrocity to make the lead hal jordan instead of john stewart you know THE BLACK GREEN LANTERN the onw who displays true human emotion. I mean its not a black or white thing its just he doesnt have a mask because he would rather let the world see him cry than let his tears hide behind a mask to me thats raw human emotion simply making him the better choice

  5. I think Gosling would make a great GL but I’d like to see a fresh start with Supes.
    Routh did an ok job but overall I thought he was a dull Superman. I say give someone else a shot at becoming the big red S.

  6. So K dizzy I guess that means you didn’t like either The Dark Knight, Iron Man or Spider-Man since they all wear masks?

    I mean Hal Jordan is the original Green Lantern.


  7. Certainly, John Stewart can be in sequels.
    He might even make a cameo in this film,
    although probably not as a member of The Corps.

  8. I think a John Stwart cameo would work as long as it hints at him becoming a GL too.

  9. I disagree. I think having a John Stewart cameo at this point, when Hal is a young lantern(Gosling’s what, 30?) is unnecessary. But, this is all good news, as a new Superman film and a Green Lantern film established in same continuity might mean an actual Justice league movie, that doesn’t totally suck. I mean, these guys, and then toss in Bale? Yes please. Now we just need some capable actors tossed in at the other spots, like Flash and WW. This idea is growing on me.

  10. Speaking of GREEN LANTERN, I’ll just throw a name out there…if I was casting: Danny McBride as Guy Gardner.


  11. Awesome news. Hope Routh makes an appearance in the new GL movie. And I hope Gosling can pull off Hal Jordon

  12. I,m going to make a statement here that I hope history proves me wrong on. Warner Bros. and D. C. Comics will NEVER accomplish on screen what Marvel has done. I,m actually more of a D.C. fan but I just don,t see it happening.

  13. OMG not this dude again! Branden Routh is going to make ANOTHER superman movie?! He sucked the first time around! He is not superman material! He doesnt look like Clark or Superman in any way to me.

    When I look at him i think of Tom Cruise! He is not the right guy for the part! And Kevin Spacey certinly was not Lex Lutor in the first one with Routh! He was a horrible Lex Luthor! Gene Hackman is and always will be the best Lex Luthor, just as Christopher Reeve will be the only real Superman! He was the best God rest his soul!

  14. Yes, I love Routh, he is an awesome Superman. I’d love to see him in the Green Lantern movie!!

  15. Routh returning as Superman would make my century. I hope it all goes through and he is in GL.

  16. Oh boy… where to start. First, everybody’s talkin’ about the reboot, & I don’t see why there has to be one. I completely enjoyed Superman Returns. I thought it was an extraordinary piece of film-making, tying in the original Christopher Reeve (RIP) version to a new era with a talented actor (Brandon Routh) who along with the retro engineered John Williams scoring & miraculously preserved/edited cutting room segments of Marlon Brando/Jorel, as well as the solid story & incredible special effects, have made this a film for DC to be truly proud of. They chose a fantastic & proven director, & he followed through. Yet they want to wipe all that away like it was an “Oops, that’s not what we wanted.” All because the box-office take was supposedly less than they expected (although make no mistake, it was exceptional). And how do you keep the same actor if you’re going to “reboot” it? From what I’ve been reading, it looks like Brandon Routh will be staying, & I hope he does, but what does that mean for continuity? Am I suppose to regret buying the Superman Returns 2-Disc Special Edition for $25? Sheesh! (sigh) I really liked it, but that doesn’t seem to matter, I guess.

    Atrocity?!! You don’t know the meaning of the word! After what Hal Jordan, the first human to be a Green Lantern went thru, expressing so much emotion time & time again, including the destruction of his home (& everyone he loved), & then being killed off by bored comic writers, & po’g countless readers, I’d say you don’t get to question his humanity. A mask isn’t going to make a flippin’ bit of difference. John Stewart (bah!). He came later on. He can wait his turn, just like the rest of the flunkies that followed.

    And I’m of the group that believes you should give each individual franchise its initial development before you try to slap them together as a team, instead of doing a team first, then spinning off. Marvel is doing it right, so far. If DC is smart, they’ll do the same. Get Sup, Bats, WW, GL, Flash, Aquaman, & MM done separately before you try to build the team. Then you don’t have to spend half the movie trying to explain to mainstream audiences who the heck these people are. You can just dive in to the epic story for 2+ hrs.

  17. I dunno. The idea of Routh not doing Superman kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I feel he’s a great actor, he just did’t have great material to work with. The script was lacking, and I think maybe everyone was just so excited by the idea of a new Superman movie that they didn’t really notice what the film was lacking.

    I feel like he should get a chance to try his Superman again. Or else it’ll just be assumed by everyone that he was a bad Superman/Clark, which I don’t think is right.

    I don’t mind Brian Singer not being involved. I think that’s for the best.

  18. Don’t remember any green lantern whining. I do like John Stewart appearing in a Green lantern sequel titles, Transfer of Power. If done correctly, it would be great.

    Hal gives John a hard time. Nothing to do with race, everything to do with sister service connection. Hal is an Officer from the USAF, John is a grunt from the USMC. Sort of like the movie “FEW GOOD MEN”.

    Hal is from the privilege Air Force and feels John has disrespected his rank and service, since John always cracks on the privilege life Airman enjoy in the Air Force. This sparks a bitterness between the two. John while he is assigned to Katmai to be trained, he often can be seen sneaking peeks at the aerial acrobats of Hal since Hal is a fly guy.

    As time goes on, John begins to idolize Hal’s ability, as he sees the Air Force guy is awesome in combat, since his first impression of Air Force personnel is they fight far from combat, yet Hal gets up close in battle.

    Hal, also, realize John will’s the most powerful ring he has ever seen. Knowing the ring is limitless, he realizes John will is as the true power of the ring. Once Hal saw John use his ring against multiple yellow beams, and never once was his shield penetrated, also, defeating a being encased in yellow.

    Hal is back on Earth when the being Parallax appears, and during this battle Hal figures out how to defend against the yellow energy, but it is to late, for he has sustained to many injuries. John and Kyle are sent to Earth, when they arrive Hal dispatches them to other areas to shelter the people once they ensure the safety of the people they return to help Hal, but Hal has given his soul to Parallax. As the beast is leaving, John and Kyle pound him, but knowing Hal is inside of the being, they can use full power to destroy Parallax, for fear of killing Hal. Because the ring maintains enough power to protect the will as long as the will is willing.

    Hal’s face appears and tells the guys I am ok the beast an I will leave Earth. DON’T WORRY ABOUT ME…JOHN, YOUR WILL IS YOUR POWER, AND YOUR POWER IS ABOVE ALL, FOR YOU ARE READY, PLEASE TAKE CARE OF SECTOR 2814; UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN…