‘Guardians of the Galaxy’: Bradley Cooper’s Rocket Raccoon Voice Revealed [Updated]

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[Update: Watch all 5 Guardians of the Galaxy character introductions here.]


Marvel is going full speed ahead with its Guardians of the Galaxy promotional campaign this week, starting with a first full trailer for the “Cosmic Avengers” space adventure, which was, admittedly, scant on a few key details. The biggest omission that fans noticed was the lack of dialogue from CGI characters Rocket Raccoon and Groot, who have A-list stars voicing them in Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel, respectively.

Obviously one of the mysteries has now been solved; you can hear Bradley Cooper laying down voice work for the character in the featurette above. A second video (see below) introduces Vin Diesel’s Groot – but does NOT include the Fast & Furious star delivering Groot’s one and only speakable phrase, “I am Groot.”

As you can see in the video above, the line of dialogue is brief, but telling. When Cooper was first cast as Rocket, fans were understandably surprised that pretty-boy leading man from The Hangover series would be the perfect fit for a militant raccoon-looking space alien; this was a character that many thought would be best served by the voice of Jason Statham, after all….

However, the Internet quickly dug up old archive footage of Cooper showing off some pretty impressive voice manipulation/impression skills, which led to the question of whether the star’s own tones would be used for the character, or whether he would be creating a special voice for the performance. Judging from the video, I’d say it’s a bit of both?

Guardians of the Galaxy Official Photo Rocket Raccoon Prison Lineup 1024x517 Guardians of the Galaxy: Bradley Coopers Rocket Raccoon Voice Revealed [Updated]


Cooper looks to be using a more grizzled (smoke-ravaged) version of his own voice, complete with that slight accented edge that I personally know hails from the city of Philadelphia (where Cooper is from). It’s not enough accent to raise questions about a space creature with a uniquely earth-inspired accent (like a Cockney accent might have), but it’s enough to make Rocket sound edgy and feisty and believably tough in a prison setting. The fact that the scene of a miniature Raccoon guy talking tough in the middle of space prison sounds at all believable is a big win for director James Gunn and Cooper, far as I’m concerned. And the Raccoon guy said “booty.” That’s just a funny little cherry on top…

I’ve already gone on record as saying I think this particular voice casting is “high school smart.” What I mean is: Casting a heartthrob like Bradley Cooper in the role of a cute furry animal character is a pretty strong way to lure in a female crowd that might otherwise brush this crazy Marvel Comics space movie off as silly geek stuff. It’s pretty much like getting the high school quarterback to endorse your science fair, so that all the popular girls show up. Hence the term, “high school smart.”

518128263 6 725 498 Guardians of the Galaxy: Bradley Coopers Rocket Raccoon Voice Revealed [Updated]

Guardians of the Galaxy is directed by James Gunn off of his script co-written by Nicole Perlman. The film stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker Karen Gillan, Djimon Hounsou, Benicio del Toro, John C. Reilly, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel and Glenn Close.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. I like it. Not bad.

  2. I just wanna tell Bradley Cooper he has a wonderful voice.

  3. He’s not space cockney anymore then I take it!?

    • lol… the Americans cant take it.
      look at their reaction with accents, bane was destroyed by people because they couldnt hear him. there is this other story with a uk singer called cheryl cole, she was meant to be in the american x factor but got cut a few days in because fo her accent.

      when black panther happens you think they will give him an accent? no they wont.

      • I doubt that is the case. I personally hated Bane’s voice, but not because of the accent. I could understand him just fine. I hated it because it was the wrong accent. Again, I am disappointed to learn that another great character is missing their accent.

        • I hated his voice as well. I understood Bane fine; I understood it to not be Hispanic.

      • People couldn’t understand Bane because that stupid mask made him sound like he was talking through a air filter while under the weather. Keep grasping at straws, I’m American and wanted Rockets voice to be “Space Cockney”

        • I dunno about you but I could understand every word Bane said pretty clearly.

          It wasn’t the accent I expected but I still loved it and prefer it to the goofy sounding cliche in the Arkham games.

          • I’m referring to pre touch up Bane, while they were test screening his voice. That old voice wouldn’t have worked during that length of a film. Things would have gone lost during the chaos.

      • You spoke with Marvel about that? Or do you have any insider information we don’t know about as far as Black Panther goes?

      • I find that hilarious. English isn’t even my first language and I have no trouble understanding all kinds of accents (Scottish, Irish, Cockney, Australian, Cajun… you name it). Bane? No problem.

        • Lol ikr? That guy must have a hearing impairment lol

          • You know, when someone does have a hearing impairment, it’s far from being funny :(

            • Yeah, I have a hearing impairment. It makes life all kinds of hell. And it’s an invisible disability so people can’t tell, and you have to go over it again with every new person.

              And as far as it’s related to Screenrant, it sucks because for a movie like this, approximately .001% of the local theaters will have captions of any convenience. And you can bet it’ll be shown only at 2pm Thursdays and 10am Sundays as not to disturb the other moviegoers. And it’ll be like 20 miles away.

              Anyway. Enough about me.

      • I would hate on Americans too if I had no toilet tissue or clean water.

        Oh I must be generalizing like you are.

        • Which country are those stereotypes meant to poke fun at? Indians? Kenyans? Some other 3rd world country?

          • Russian Olympics.

            It was sarcasm in response to COREY_1993 comment on generalizing Americans ability to understand anything. L2R

      • People couldnt understand bane because of his mouth muzzle.

        • Then I must have had a special mouth muzzle translator. :D

      • Since when is it a stereotype that Americans “can’t take” foreign accents? That’s just a dumb thing to say, I’m sorry but it is.

      • WOW! you sound like most of the ignorant racists that I have heard in my life, with your small minded generalizations…Get off your high horse Corey, because you sound like a real joke! I bet your fellow countrymen must be so proud you speak for them!

        • Must not get out much. Welcome to the internet

          • If someone didn’t get out much, then the internet is exactly where they would be all this time.

            …wait you do know the internet isn’t all there is to the world, right?

        • Well… I would trash the guy too, but he’s (sort of) right. Hollywood (not America) has issues with accents. I’m from the South (Southeastern U.S. – for our foreign readers) and cringe every time I hear a “southern” accent in TV and movies.

          Me? I grew up watching Doctor Who. I enjoy “British humor” and all their accents. I say, bring it on!

      • I’m English!

        Just stating facts that in cartoons and video games Rocket has had a cockney accent. Doesn’t bother me. We don’t even have Raccoons in Britain. Just stating it because many other people had commented on who should voice him, ie: Jason Statham.

        But, you go right ahead and stay on your high horse.


      • Obviously you don’t understand Americans. We are obsessed with British accents. Though I’m a bit sad he doesn’t have the Cockney accent, it does make sense. Mainstream movie audiences would probably be put off by a talking alien raccoon having a recognizable Earth accent.

        • Me fail English? That’s unpossible.

  4. I thought there would be more tweaking done to the voice but its ok.

    • I think when he is talking normally he willsound different and possibly have a little more of an accent, or different tone. But in this short clip he is yelling so it might sound a bit different.

  5. Man look at that CGI. Simply fantastic. So much detail in Rocket’s fur alone…

  6. I was thinking it would be like it was in Avengers:Earths Mightiest Heros, but I have full faith in Cooper and in Gunn. I still wanna see an image of Ronan.

  7. Kinda sounds like a Boston tough guy. I like it.

  8. i cant wait!
    rocket is gonna be amazing and everyones gonna love him XD
    its clear why he was not featured much in the trailer and its probably cause every shot of him is just him stealing scenes. right now they just wanna have it all about star lord since he is the leader and the human character.
    rocket will be to the GOTG movie what hulk was to the avengers movie. he will steal every scene he is in.

    a talking racoon and tree before some of the most iconic characters in comics… i just cant decide if that sad or amazing. congrats marvel

    • +1

  9. Hey, not bad at all. I was starting to get worried.

  10. Wow! That CG is stunning… could I have one Rocket please?! OvO
    And I never doubted Cooper, I think he even looks like a raccoon in real life (charming, appealing, nasty at times, hairy… okay I’ll stop before I start sounding weird hahaha)
    Was expecting a cockney accent, but now that I think of it… how on earth could an alien sound so distinct like that ^^;

    • Oh yeah, and still hoping Cooper himself to suddenly pop out all godlike from a cocoon at the end of the movie. Make it happen Marvel! We know that character is a must for the Infinity Gauntlet story!

    • @AverageMovieGoers So all aliens sound American then?!

  11. I was expecting it to be a little more-i don’t know- Chipmunk-like? Not full on, just a voice that would sound like it actually was coming out of that small creature.

    • “I was expecting it to be a little more-i don’t know- Chipmunk-like”

      Oh, hell no! That would be the worst possible way to go. I’m all for bending the rules of acoustics a bit if it means that Rocket doesn’t sound like a Tele Tubby all movie long.

      • Thank the cosmos they didn’t go with a chipmuck like voice. no thank you.

  12. for some reason i was expecting a Tommy DeVito(Pescie)

  13. At least he doesn’t sound like a chipmunk… Overall though it looks like Rocket is going to be awesome.

  14. All the aliens have translator implants. Rockets implant could have made his voice cockney, problem solved. But I can dig what we are getting.

    • Yeah, I’m sure that was the reason he gave when people commented on his voice in the comics. Something like his translator got stuck on that voice. Not confident on that factoid though.

  15. I wanna watch ‘Rises’ now just for Bane. ‘Do you feel in charge?’
    Rocket will be a cultural icon after this. Watch. He’s gonna be everywhere!!

    • Yeah, me too. Bane has such an awesome voice in that movie.

  16. I am excited for the day that Rocket Raccoon comes face to face with Tony Stark.

    • That would be a ballsy move. The comparatively grounden earthbound movies don’t mesh that well with the reality that Guardians of the Galaxy will establish. It’s one thing to give them their separate movie, but combining them with the Avengers might not work on screen.

      • *grounded

      • Not sure if you’ve checked out the comics but Stark and Rocket actually have dialogue together.

        • Yeah, but I’m not talking about the comics but the live action movies. That’s quite literally a totally different animal.

          • I personally think it will work great. Not sure why you think it wouldnt work when Marvel has already set up a lot of cosmic/space stuff in the previous movies to ease into the inevitable connection of other Avengers and the cosmos and Guardians. All of the following are some of the events that connected earth to the cosmos or are events that showed the comsmic side of Marvel already

            -the tesseract (being alien in nature) opening portals for Loki, bringing hordes of aliens, and causing Red Skull to go missing
            -Thor explaining Asgards connection to Earth
            -Thanos appearing in Avengers
            -Aliens from outer space attacking New York
            -In thor Dark world, Earth and the 9 realms converging on each other creating “pockets” to travel between the cosmos
            - At the end of Thor 2, the Collector showing up
            -Thor’s hammer crashing to earth creating a crater
            - the dark elves history and the aether

            The way that this movie is playing out, it is obvious that it will be part of the overall plan of Marvel’s movie-verse. I think Marvel movies have set the stage for the cosmic side of Marvel very well.

    • Tony would stomp him :D

  17. Yeah! Bradley Cooper, doing the Bradley Cooper voice, which is not to be confused with every single role he’s ever done.

    • Bit*h please, it’s Bradley Cooper. If he was to play a darting sh*t flying out of someone’s arse, he’d still earn a truckload of cash and huge female following.

      It’s fokkin’ Bradley Cooper. Women love him, even when he looks like a raccoon and does a voice acting like… Jay Baruchel?

  18. Looks like I’ll have to strategically plan when I’ll get to the theatre to see this film. The annoying kids will flock to this movie and I don’t want any part of them!

  19. They have posted all 5 of them now with a poster. INCREDIBLE

    • Why do people judge the voice after only hearing 3 seconds of it? He’s yelling in the clip, you’re not going to get a good idea of what it actually sounds like from this. People are stupid.

  20. I’m going to have to see more of Bradley Coopers work before I am sold on him being Rocket.

    Still, Guardians of the Galaxy looks great.

  21. If anyone couldn’t understand bane ita because you have hearing problems or didnt pay attention to the movie… GOTG will be a hit ! If you like it don’t bother looking into it then.. I don’t like twilight at all but you dont see me commenting on their page.. enough said.

  22. i really really wanted to hear “I AM GROOT”

  23. I don’t get it.

    Are you all complaining about an american not forcing a fake accent?

    I was happy he wasn’t a high pitched chipmunk.

  24. Silly geek stuff? Cause all gurls hate that stuff. Man I’d like to see a movie centered on the exploits of actual female geeks. Anyway this looks superb and awesome. Cant wait!

  25. Do you think they would bring GotG into The Avengers 3? food for thought…

    • Okay, so now we know what he’ll sound like… just like Bradley Cooper. This was the least of my worries. Still can’t wait for August!

      And yes, I think they will make an appearance in Avengers 3, if Thanos is in it.

  26. “When Cooper was first cast as Rocket, fans were understandably surprised that pretty-boy leading man from The Hangover series would be the perfect fit for a militant raccoon-looking space alien; this was a character that many thought would be best served by the voice of Jason Statham, after all…”

    Yeah Kofi, I remember the outrage and your supporting article on why Bradley Cooper could make a good Rocket Raccon… [eyes rolling]

    If you can’t help yourself just let Rob write about Marvel…

  27. They should have used some kind of pitch. He doesn’T sound right to me. Listen to Trey Parker in South Park without voice tweak you will see what I’m talking about.

  28. kids……….