Rumor Patrol: Bradley Cooper as The Flash? [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:30 pm,

[Update: IGN reports that Bradley Cooper is denying any connection to The Flash movie – stating, he’s “never heard of it.” Cooper previously denied being involved with The A-Team, so it’s probably too early to rule him out entirely for The Flash.]

The fastest man alive has certainly taken his time getting to the big screen. Fortunately, it sounds as though DC and Warner Bros. intend to make The Flash worth the wait.

Yet, you can only tease us fans with script updates or opaque references to the film’s tone for so long. Eventually, we become hungry for something more substantial – like discussing who might don the scarlet speedster’s costume.

Ryan Reynolds was a top contender for The Flash before he signed on to play Hal Jordan in Green Lantern, and let’s face it – he can’t play every comic book hero in Hollywood (although he’s certainly trying). Instead, Moviehole claims that Bradley Cooper has emerged as one of the frontrunners for The Flash.

Obviously these are the earliest of discussions being had and we’re bound to hear a few more names tossed around before all is said and done, but Cooper might have an advantage over other potential candidates.

Having been considered for Green Lantern as well, Cooper is obviously popular with the higher-ups at Warner Bros. Yet, these studio short lists can be somewhat unreliable given that any actor with the slightest bit of buzz attached to their name can find their way onto one.

More telling, however, is that DC is evidently eager to have Coooper be “part of the family,” which hints that this goes beyond the “who’s hot right now?” factor. So while Cooper may have missed his first opportunity to play a superhero, that old saying about closed doors and open windows seems appropriate.

I have a hard time picturing him as the Wally West version of The Flash, but given that this film likely features “Silver Age” Flash, Barry Allen – this wouldn’t be the worst choice. Cooper isn’t as effortlessly charming as Reynolds, but he does have that same sardonic wit and self-assuredness. It’s easy to see how they’d both be up for the same roles.

Cooper’s breakout hit was The Hangover and although he’s known primarily for comedy, he’s actually a pretty versatile actor. It sounds as though The Flash has some darker elements to it and it would be interesting to see him take on a role that requires more from him than we’re used to seeing.

the flash 570x382 Rumor Patrol: Bradley Cooper as The Flash? [Updated]

This rumor, coupled with the fact that screenwriters Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green are set to hand in their script to DC and Warner Bros. this Christmas, makes it sound like The Flash is building up some serious momentum.

I’ve always been a DC Comics guy, so it’s particularly satisfying to watch characters other than Superman and Batman finally get an opportunity to shine. While Green Lantern sounds like it’s going to be absolutely epic, there’s a lot of potential in The Flash as well.

I still think Reynolds was better suited to the red tights, but that ship has sailed. There were also some solid choices on our senior editor’s Flash wish list.

How would you feel about Bradley Cooper as The Flash?

Source: Moviehole.

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    • Tell us how you really feel! LOL. Who’d be your top pick?

      • Im not sure really Chris But NOT HIM!

  2. nononononononononononoonononononononononononononononononononononononono nononoonononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono nononononononononononononononononononono

    • best comment ever goes to you LOL,it crosses the whole page!

      • I actually don’t hate Cooper, I just think he’s awful for this, it would be like getting Betty White to play Superman.

        • Yes i dont hate him too i just dont think he can pull this off…,

    • Hey it doesnt cross the page anymore! Never mind its an average comment now lol

      • Thanks.

        • Anytime :)

  3. for the love of all that is good, please no! Wasn’t having him screw up Ace Face bad enough?

  4. I would prefer shia la beef or sam j jones over BC.

    • Shia? SHIA? Yeah, let’s reward a dude who tried to by prescription pills illegally with the mantle of THE FLASH. No thanks.

      • It was a joke to show how underwhelmed I am by the BC news.

  5. damn, that Tool?? nooooo

    • How is he a tool?

  6. I like the guy. :) He’ll always be Will from Alias, but I’d rather see him in the role than Worthington or Tatum.

    • Amen to that.

    • That’s my impression. He’s a good actor, and I think he could pull it off.

      • Chris Pine would be another good one, in my opinion.

        • Chris Pine definitely. Cooper is a maybe, and thats it.

  7. ya Bradley Cooper’s alright but naaaaawwwww, i’d rather see Patrick Wilson as Barry Allen personally, and i think Hunter Parrish from Weeds could play Wally West, he already voiced kid flash on Batman Brave n Bold,

    • Oh man, I hadn’t considered Wilson. That’s a pretty solid choice.

      • Very solid. I’d like him in the role if he hadn’t been in The Watchmen already.

  8. Have they actually said which Flash it’s going to be?

      • I suspected as much, that’s cool, Barry Allen The Flash I know best.

  9. Yes! I think that would be a great choice. He is a very good actor!

  10. If Neil Patrick Harris could do a serious-ish role, he’d be good in the role.

    • Didn’t NPH do the voice of Flash in New Frontier?

      • I think he did yeah.

    • Sam, NPH will always be Lance from Undercover Brother to me :)

  11. Neil Patric Harris is cool, but they wouldnt bank this movie on him.

    • Yeah I know that, he’d just be better than some beefcake like Worthington.

      • Worthington is more of a Aquaman than he is a Flash.

  12. fINALLY some flash talk, flash is my fav hero of all time, bradley could work

  13. N.P.H

  14. The Flash will be welcome change over Superman. Bradley looks close enough to play Allen. I really hope they don’t dumb down the character.

  15. We need Andy Samberg

    • hell no not that idiot

  16. Eh,as long as he keeps his hair short. Chris Pine is a solid choice too.

  17. Unrelated,Rhys Ifans cast as Spiderman reboot villian.

    • do u ave proof?? If hes villain then i sure as hell CANT wait.

      • Yeah,I read it from somewhere else. It’s definitely confirmed. Sony declined to comment who he would play at this time.

    • I just read through that article, it was before my time, interesting to look through the posts at who is still around.

  18. YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! he is the best for the role…. THE PERFECT FLASH!!!!!

  19. What?

    Don’t think he can handle dark elements? Action? He WAS in “Midnight Meat Train” wasn’t he? I don’t know about you, but I think that showed us a side to Cooper few are willing to admit.

    BTW, this is a darn good rumor. I’d put him on a short list.

  20. Cooper is an ok actor and a funny one too. To me there are no bad actors only bad directors (unless they are Megan Fox). I’d love to see a Flash movie, just a different actor. He is adequate but I’d prefer Chris Pine.

    • I second that. Chris Pine would make a great Flash.

  21. OH hell no.

  22. It all depends on which Flash they’re doing. I can totally see him a Flash though especially if Ryan Reynolds was first considered first,they are very similar and both versatile actors.

  23. Cooper was great with Vinnie Jones in Midnight Meat Train, I can see him as The Flash. I see his grin moving at Mach 3!

    • +1

  24. chrs pine is too pretty boy looking

    bradley has a more mature older look to him DC wants older actors thought you knew this

    Bale – 36
    Reynolds – 34
    Cooper – 35

    all fits in

  25. I can picture Cooper as The Flash.


    • I can see it too, I’ve been campaigning for Cooper since the beginning, he’s perfect for the Flash and if he and Ryan Reynolds ever share the screen together as Flash and Green Lantern,their chemistry will be incredible, it will be epic!

      • they will share the screen together, they have a buddy cop comedy coming out…

  26. Glad to see I am not the only one who thinks Cooper would fit nicely in the Barry Allen role. Barry Allen is a character who really gets to know the people he helps and the villians he fights. That’s why I think Cooper would do well because he comes across as a guy who could care about the people he helps/fights.

  27. Cooper is a pretty bad actor I can’t see him in this part at all the guys a complete tool.

    • another rare time we agree on something Daniel :)

  28. I think cooper would do a good job as the flash chris pine needs to work on the next star trek I want to see it before the flash