Rumor Patrol: Bradley Cooper as The Flash? [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:30 pm,

[Update: IGN reports that Bradley Cooper is denying any connection to The Flash movie – stating, he’s “never heard of it.” Cooper previously denied being involved with The A-Team, so it’s probably too early to rule him out entirely for The Flash.]

The fastest man alive has certainly taken his time getting to the big screen. Fortunately, it sounds as though DC and Warner Bros. intend to make The Flash worth the wait.

Yet, you can only tease us fans with script updates or opaque references to the film’s tone for so long. Eventually, we become hungry for something more substantial – like discussing who might don the scarlet speedster’s costume.

Ryan Reynolds was a top contender for The Flash before he signed on to play Hal Jordan in Green Lantern, and let’s face it – he can’t play every comic book hero in Hollywood (although he’s certainly trying). Instead, Moviehole claims that Bradley Cooper has emerged as one of the frontrunners for The Flash.

Obviously these are the earliest of discussions being had and we’re bound to hear a few more names tossed around before all is said and done, but Cooper might have an advantage over other potential candidates.

Having been considered for Green Lantern as well, Cooper is obviously popular with the higher-ups at Warner Bros. Yet, these studio short lists can be somewhat unreliable given that any actor with the slightest bit of buzz attached to their name can find their way onto one.

More telling, however, is that DC is evidently eager to have Coooper be “part of the family,” which hints that this goes beyond the “who’s hot right now?” factor. So while Cooper may have missed his first opportunity to play a superhero, that old saying about closed doors and open windows seems appropriate.

I have a hard time picturing him as the Wally West version of The Flash, but given that this film likely features “Silver Age” Flash, Barry Allen – this wouldn’t be the worst choice. Cooper isn’t as effortlessly charming as Reynolds, but he does have that same sardonic wit and self-assuredness. It’s easy to see how they’d both be up for the same roles.

Cooper’s breakout hit was The Hangover and although he’s known primarily for comedy, he’s actually a pretty versatile actor. It sounds as though The Flash has some darker elements to it and it would be interesting to see him take on a role that requires more from him than we’re used to seeing.

the flash 570x382 Rumor Patrol: Bradley Cooper as The Flash? [Updated]

This rumor, coupled with the fact that screenwriters Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green are set to hand in their script to DC and Warner Bros. this Christmas, makes it sound like The Flash is building up some serious momentum.

I’ve always been a DC Comics guy, so it’s particularly satisfying to watch characters other than Superman and Batman finally get an opportunity to shine. While Green Lantern sounds like it’s going to be absolutely epic, there’s a lot of potential in The Flash as well.

I still think Reynolds was better suited to the red tights, but that ship has sailed. There were also some solid choices on our senior editor’s Flash wish list.

How would you feel about Bradley Cooper as The Flash?

Source: Moviehole.

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  1. Cooper would be good but a great Flash would be NPH (Neil Patrick Harris)
    He’s already been The Flash in his voice over work.

  2. Yes…Most Certainly Yes Cooper would make a perfect Flash please tell me that this is not a rumor and they are in the Making of a Flash Movie? Hell yeah Im down for this one.

  3. what about mathew fox?? i always thought hed make a good barry allen. and chris pine would make a way better wally west than barry allen

  4. Cooper can do the flash but like for halloween with a bunch of kids not a mega action film…

  5. Anyone know the major personality differences between the Flash characters(West/Allen and like 2 others right?) and would if Cooper would be better as one then the other?

    • @acslaterson (and everone else, after my initial point)

      Barry Allen COULD be humorous BUT was always more serious than Wally West; that’s why I always wondered why everyone wanted Ryan Reynolds (whom I love in most roles in which I’ve seen him, btw). Yes, I’d watch him in that role, BUT his smirking, prankish face and reactions make him perfect for the cocky Hal Jordan. That being said, I think Bradley Cooper will do great (IF this pans out, of course). He has the acting chops and the look of someone who can be thoughtful and careful…like Barry Allen. Yes, he’s mostly known for comedic roles, but every time I’ve seen him in such a role, he’s been EITHER cocky-funny OR straight-man-funny. I’m happy with this possibility…

      • Damnnable sllep-deprivation…sheesh! everYone, not everone :P

        • …really, this is ludicrous! SLEEP, NOT sllep!

          • Haha, thanks for the replies man!

  6. If we want a quirky character with real human personality defects but a totally sincere guy that audiences see develop into a better man and hero,then it’s Wally all the way.

  7. Bradley Cooper for Wally West.

  8. Chris Pine as Reverse Flash!

  9. Have any of you seen midnight meat train? THAT is the darker kind of movies he can do… good actor, I wouldnt mind seeing him as the flash…

  10. Oh God No! I can’t see Bradley Cooper as any superhero. He doesn’t have the look, especially for The Flash, he looks like a bird, and that receding hairline really doesn’t help. They could find someone much better.

    It’s a shame that they signed Ryan Reynolds for GL knowing very well that he was more suited to play The Flash but oh well. They could still find a good actor to play The Flash that isn’t Bradley Cooper. Cooper cold be a villain though, maybe Captain Cold. But definitely not a superhero.

      • well… its not exactly a pipe dream… Ryan’s still doing Deadpool… in time, though. Ryan wants to do it beautifully and he cares more about Wade than he does Hal, so he truly wants to put effort in making it to make it worth the wait. We might have to wait until all GLs are finished, but hell, as long as Ryan Reynolds is their Deadpool, I’ll wait.

    • Are you married?!

  11. If they went with the Barry Allen Flash, I could Bradley Cooper possibly fit the role. I know it doesn’t matter now, but Ryan Reynolds would of been perfect for Wally West version.

  12. Yes to Bradley Cooper as Barry Allen. I seriously question what some fans criteria are for a “good” actor. It’s a super hero flick. Cooper has enough range for it regardless. And they never really cast humans who look like the all the differing artists versions of these make believe characters. As a commenter pointed out – it’s on the director. And the writers to give the players the tools. Personally, I’d like to see some much younger actors get a shot at other less iconic superheroes. While I wouldn’t want them all to be 11 (Chloe was GREAT!), give some kids a break on a franchise. Like hmmmm the Potter 3- they turned out just fine.

  13. They should totally get Cooper in on this. However I still totally see Cooper as a more Hal Jordan-ish choice and Reynolds as Wally West. Its not to late! Swap’em out!
    Alright its cool but Yes to Bradley Cooper. Flash on his way… Barry Allen style.

  14. Between Barry Allen, Arthur Curry, Bruce Wayne, The Martin and Wonder Woman, the old Justice League must have been a bucket of laughs!

    I do think that Barry is a very intense character, I think Bradley Cooper could do that. I think he’s a great actor because I still hate him from Wedding Crashers.

    P.s. Maybe because I’m male but I can’t quite see the pretty boy thing, he kind of looks like a rat; but a lovable rat though! Who are the rumoured directors?

    • Gregg Berlantti is the only one I’ve heard. But any suggestions?

  15. Captain Awesome from Chuck as The Flash.

  16. I’m glad we’re finally hearing some news on actor possibilities (however, I don’t know much about Cooper). I’m also glad to here this project is moving along in production.

  17. Why do most of you keep saying Sam Worthington? He doesn’t exaclty have a Flash feel to him. Cooper kind of has it (again saying Chris Pine is better), and Worthington doesn’t. He does have a superhero feel to him. Maybe Aquaman. He would definitely fit into Aquaman.

    • @ MercWadeWilson

      I actually thought about the same thing once about Worthington being able to play Aquaman. I agree. I know i’ll probly get bashed for this, but i wouldn’t mind if they tried to make a Aquaman film. Im not too familiar with the comic but i know some of basics. He has the orange shirt/green pants, then Conan the Barbarian look w/ harpoon then i seen pictures of him back in orange shirt/ green pants & hand made outta enchanted water instead of the harpoon. As for villains, i mostly know two known villains. Ocean Master, and Black Manta unless they do the samething Bruce Timm & CO. did on JLU & made up Devil Ray that resembled Black Manta little bit.

  18. I agree with Patrick Wilson as the Flash, I think he has more depth than BC. Plus he’s played in more serious roles as well. Especially if there doing Allen. Allen was used in the Short-lived, however under rated tv series. Dam shows killed because of Fridays.

    • Seriously, it was the luck of the draw! Timing. Just the wrong time for The Flash to air on television. Why did Bill Bixby’s The Incredible Hulk run as long as it did? Baby-boomers were watching TV. By the ’90s, they were “all growed up” doing other things. The whole writing-style of television changed to accommodate them. Had The Flash aired in the late ’70s, it would have been a very different scenario. It’s really too bad the DC-biased part of the industry only focuses on Superman/Batman. They’ve mined those suckers dry.

      • @ Shido

        I agree, it is sad that WB/DC has been focused on Superman/Batman film franchises. I say it was about dang time when i read about Green Lantern & Flash being underway, at the sametime ticked off they would rather have a WonderWoman series instead of a solo film. Superman/Batman are the most popular, but still id like to see some fresh hero films who deserve a shot at the big screen. Besides Flash & Green Lantern, i wouldn’t mind seeing films of Hawkman, Green Arrow, even Aquaman and see a Justice League film happen. Heck they can even make solo films of lesser known, or maybe well known heroes such as Firestorm, Cyborg, Dr. Fate. I can’t understand why WB/DC are holding back on that much that can be done.

  19. In my suggestions for THE FLASH movie,

    Brad can play “The Fastest Man Alive” on the big screen. Here is the Supporting Casting Characters:

    (A) Kate Hudson
    (B) Jennifer Love Hewitt
    (C) Claire Danes

    Paul Gambi
    (A) Hugh Laurie
    (B) Jeff Goldblum
    (C) Gary Sinise

    (A) Kate Beckinsale
    (B) Winona Ryder
    (C) Heather Graham
    (D) Kate Winslet

    (A) Adam Brody
    (B) Kerr Smith
    (C) Mario Lopez
    (D) Justin Bruening

    (A) Charlize Theron
    (B) Neve Campbell
    (C) Liv Tyler
    (D) Keira Knightley

    HENRY & NORA ALLEN (Barry’s Parents)
    (A) Kevin Kline/Sela Ward
    (B) J.K. Simmons/Heather Locklear
    (C) Bruce Greenwood/Sally Field
    (D) Stephen Collins/Diane Keaton

    IRA WEST (Iris’s Father)
    (A) Scott Glenn
    (B) John Lithgow
    (C) Jeffrey Jones

    VILLAINS (Casting Call)

    PROFESSOR ZOOM/Eobard Thawne
    (A) Will Arnett
    (B) Tom Everett Scott
    (C) Casper Van Dien
    (D) Rupert Everett

    CAPTAIN COLD/Leonard Snart
    (A) Kevin Bacon
    (B) James Woods
    (C) Alec Baldwin
    (D) Denis Leary

    (A) Christian Slater
    (B) Colin Farrel
    (C) Eric Stoltz

    • LOl! Have you got it figured out! Yeah, looks nice!

    • @ Danny

      Id cast my vote for these people for the roles.

      Iris West – Kate Hudson
      Dr. Tina McGee – Kate Beckinsale
      Barry’s Parents – Bruce Greenwood/Sally Field
      Ira West- John Lithgow
      Prof. Zoom – Casper Van Dien
      Capt. Cold – Kevin Bacon

      Not sure about the other choices.

  20. I was at Comic-Con this year and sat in on the Geoff Johns Panel where he unofficially announced a Wonder Woman Movie, more Green Lantern Movies (yes it’s plural), and the Flash movie. When he announced the Flash movie, I leaned over to my buddy, and said “Bradley Cooper would be perfect for that role.” From what I’ve read in the previous response, I see i’m not the only one that believes Cooper would the best fit for this role.

  21. Bradley would have been a better Green Lantern. I love Ryan but he would have been a better Flash. Green Lantern is not the funny or sarcastic guy… Flash is! Bradley looks more of a military pilot and his face and voice are more WILL-POWER than Ryan. Ryan’s body is more of a sprinter plus his face is longer and he has the witty for Flash.

    Bradley shouldnt play Flash… he should wait for a bigger superhero. He has the easy fitting white guy look that you can put into anything else. Flash is a great movie before JLA but by itself… how fast can Flash be and entertain us. I mean after been fast… what else is there? Yeah and I do know all that Flash can do but Flash is the comic relief of JLA at the end of the day.

    • No, Flash is definitely NOT the comic relief of the JLA (Wally and a couple of the other younger members ARE considered newbies on the team, and they do sometimes do dumb things). Wally has grown into a respected member of the team, and he had to start out in the shadow of Barry who was serious and (by that point) legendary.

      Simply put, on that point, you are wrong.

  22. For Barry Allen, he’s okay, but for Wally West Ryan Reynolds would have been perfect. I doubt he would want to do it but he would fit, especially with his sense of humor.

  23. I think he’s the best role for the scarlet speedster. His impressive performance in the Silver Linings Playbook proves that he can dominate the role. He’s a highly versatile actor. Being one step to becoming the Oscar’s Best Actor, he’ll perfectly fit for a superhero movie such as The Flash.

    +1 point for Mr. Cooper! Bradley, not Sheldon.

  24. “No offense to Bradley Cooper and his unsuspected role as The Flash or anything,but,The Flash should based on an actor whom is in his late 20′s because of the superhero’s immaturety & playful actions,maybe an actor like Zac Efron should play The Flash”

    • Barry Allen is most likely in his mid 30′s and at the extreme least 29. Don’t get fooled by that s*** Barry Allen on that stupid Arrow show on CW.

  25. Ryan is a garbage actor who ruined Hal Jorden and Seann William Scott would make a better Deadpool.

  26. I think Bradley cooper would be a better flash than grant gustin (CW flash) because cooper is known for comedy and flash is a character who likes to joke around a lot and grant gustin is just some kid from glee I mean picture grant standing up there with ben affleck and Henry cavil. He would look miniature compared to them in the justice league movie. I also think that they should keep Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan because nobody else could play that role better and I’ve also heard that Dwayne Johnson is playing in that movie but I’m not really sure where he would fit in. Also the Wonder Woman revealed at comic con is perfect I wouldn’t mess with the suit or the actor wearing it so that’s all I have to say about that.