Confirmed: Bradley Cooper & Elizabeth Olsen In Talks With Marvel Studios [Updated]

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Marvel Rocket Raccoon Scarlet Witch Confirmed: Bradley Cooper & Elizabeth Olsen In Talks With Marvel Studios [Updated]

[Update: Bradley Cooper officially joins Guardians of the Galaxy.]

For “Phase Two” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Marvel Studios will build towards the highly anticipated sequel to the record-breaking Avengers event film, the young Disney-owned production house is taking a big risk in going all-out sci-fi with the obscure property known as Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians represents the last chapter of Phase Two before The Avengers: Age of Ultron kicks off summer 2015 and to help make the James Gunn-directed project more marketable, Marvel isn’t shying away after going after A-List Hollywood talent.

Of the five core heroes of the Guardians of the Galaxy film, the three non-animated characters are being played by Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and Dave Bautista, with supporting roles filled in by Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro, Oscar nominees Djimon Hounsou, Glenn Close and John C. Reilly, and popular TV stars Lee Pace, Michael Rooker and Karen Gillan. Most of the group have already begun shooting in London.

Grooth Rocket Racoon Movie Art Guardians of the Galaxy Confirmed: Bradley Cooper & Elizabeth Olsen In Talks With Marvel Studios [Updated]

As for the two unlikeliest of heroes – the walking, talking alien tree known as Groot, and his intelligent heavy weapons expert pal Rocket Raccoon (a talking raccoon) – Marvel is closing in on officially signing and announcing who will be voicing the animated members of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Reports (and Vin Diesel’s own teases) have the star of the Fast & Furious and Riddick franchises voicing Groot. Latino-Review last night dropped the scoop that Bradley Cooper had been offered the part of voicing the “heart of the film” – Rocket – and that news came just a day after Bleeding Cool reported that Joss Whedon was eyeing Elizabeth Olsen (Godzilla) for the part of Scarlet Witch in his Avengers sequel.

THR confirms via their sources that all of these are indeed the case, with Cooper and Olsen both in negotiations with Marvel Studios for the respective reported roles. If the casting pans out with the above talent, that leaves a few key roles left to be filmed in both projects, namely Thanos, Quicksilver and Ultron.

Ultron is the robotic villain of The Avengers 2 and there’s no indication yet on the actor or voice actor Whedon is looking for. For all we know, Paul Bettany (the voice of Tony Stark’s assistant Jarvis in all three Iron Man films and The Avengers) could become Ultron. That’s just one theory we have. As for Quicksilver, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been in talks with Whedon and the studio for quite some time to determine what direction to take the character and performance, and it sounds like he’s an unofficial lock.

Thanos Actor Talks Role Confirmed: Bradley Cooper & Elizabeth Olsen In Talks With Marvel Studios [Updated]

Big bad Thanos on the other hand, remains a mystery. The character was first introduced during the mysterious mid-credits scene of The Avengers (image above), much to the confusion of moviegoers unfamiliar with Marvel Comics. But for fans, the intro set the stage for the future of the franchise and the character will make a return in Guardians of the Galaxy, with several of the villains already confirmed to be working for him (Djimon Hounsou & Lee Pace’s characters). Many believed Vin Diesel was in talks with Marvel for that role, but there’s been little to no news on the casting front when it comes to The Mad Titan.


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: THR

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  1. Isn’t rocket raccoon supposed to be British?

    • Because raccoon’s from space are from the UK?

      • Touché. Isn’t he supposed to have a british-sounding accent then?

        • He’s depicted in a lot of incarnations with a Cockney accent. I guess Gunn has something else in mind.

          • I like it. A little furry raccoon talking like a bad-ass is way too obvious.

            Give the raccoon the personality of Cooper’s villain from that movie with Dax Sheppard and Kristen Bell and I think Gunn may be on to something.

            • that answers the Scarlett witch question.

          • Maybe not. Cooper actually does fantastic impressions of a lot of other actors (, so I’m sure a British cockney accent shouldn’t be terribly difficult for him.

            • He actually did a British accent there, Um Christian Bale ring a bell??

              But that was a decent clip, EVERYONE can do Bill Clinton, so that don’t impress me!! The Christoper Walken was GREAT and Owen Wilson was OK Just because he only says about 3 words each time he did it!

              I am starting to think he can pull off whatever it is Marvel and Gunn need, even a British accent! or RR would be FUNNY AS Hell sounding like C. Walken! NOW THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING

            • Wow he’s actually really good. Loved his Christian Bale impersonation, that was spot on and hilarious.

              • Bruce Banner, I’m sure even a lecherous pig like Bill Clinton has turned women down… /s

      • when did raccoons learn to speak English?

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      • No thanks, SPAMMER.

      • Search the term “Suk Da Bigg Wun” and see what you think of that, spammer-scammer (hint..that ain’t Chinese any more than the fake Mandarin was!).

  2. I don’t get why they’d waste talented people like Bradely Cooper and Vin Diesel on being voices. Vin Diesel would make a badass Thanos, and Bradely Cooler could play someone else (Nova? Wonder Man?) I think Jason Statham would be a much better Rocket Raccoon because his British accent is badass, and I don’t get that same sort of vibe from Cooper.

    Suffice to say, I’m a little disappointed.

    • Having good voice actors is important for animated characters, especially animate characters in live action films that are actually essential to the story. In Groot and Racoon’s case, that goes double.

      • +1

      • Right, so why waste A-List actors when they could use actual voice actors? Why not get the guy who voiced RR in UMvC3? I just don’t see the need to get Cooper and Diesel.

        • Diesel has a very signature iconic voice (and has been a voice actor before). Bradley Cooper, well, you got me there.

          It’s a shame really. I was hoping Bradley Cooper would play The Flash at some point :/

          • This is Marvel. There’s no reason Cooper can’t still play a DC hero.

        • THAT VOICE WAS HORRIBLE! I also do not see cooper but that voice in the game was bordering on childish, I MOST DEFFINENTLY CAN NOT SEE THAT BEING THE CASE WITH GUNN’S VERSION!

    • Statham would do Raccoon well, I’d like to see that.

    • Agree! Agree! Agree! Vin as Thanos! and Cooper as Adam Warlock or Captain Marvell. Just don’t waste them on voices for CGI characters. Disappointed.

    • I would also rather see Jason Statham as a live action character.

  3. Bradley Cooper is brilliant in impressions andit naturally charming, I am intrigued of consideration of him to be the voice.

    Although him voicing a character does not limit him playing another character down the line.

    • I don’t know much about Guardians of the Galaxy but all the information released about the movie interested me, a lot more than the other Marvel movies to be honest. The fact that both Elizabeth Olsen and Bradley Cooper are in talks gets me all the more excited. Despite the rumors from yesterday, this news comes as a surprise (well for me anyways) and I honestly didn’t think they’d cast these kind of actors. I mean Vin Diesel and the rest I sort of saw coming, it wasn’t really a shock to me but Olsen and Bradley Cooper? Awesome!

  4. There both good choices for the roles. I hope Vin Diesel gets Thanos instead of Groot. And hopefully Aaron Johnson will get Quicksilver. That’d be a interesting coincidence if both him and Elizabeth Olsen were in Avengers 2 since they’d already been in Godzilla together.

    • Unless that was part of the plan – ask Aaron what it was like to work with her, if they bonded etc.

    • Wow, I never thought of that. It will be interesting seeing Olsen and Johnson as the leads in Godzilla, who probably have some romantic subplot, and then seeing them play siblings. Kinda weird, actually. Although Scarlet Witch and Quiksilver always had some incestuous undertones though, right?

      • They certainly did in the ultimate comics!

      • No incestuous overtones in the original early comics…just a dedication of two people feeling somewhat alone and misplaced against the world…nothing wrong with that. The incest crapola was added later, and really lacked class. It had better be kept out of the movie, or I’m gonna b*t*h!

        • No s***, Goldilocks, I’m with ya there. C’mon, this isn’t Game of Thrones, after all.

  5. I hope they don’t spend a lot of money on Guardian of the Galaxy. I have a lot of misgivings about it and tying it to the Avengers 2 may turn out to be bad idea. But whatever happens I cannot questions Marvel’s boldness. they are making movies and that in and of itself is a good thing.

    • Don’t forget our bet! ;)

      • I already forgot…was it that Guardian of the Galaxy would make at least $700 million?

    • @ Patrick

      I think the only thing from Guardians Of The Galaxy being tied to Avengers 2 would be Thanos. The film & it’s characters will be their own thing as a cosmic thing in the same universe as Marvel explained it.

      • So then why do it… especially since Thanos is “apparently’ not appearing in Avengers 2? Having a gun “toting” Racoon be in the same universe as Iron Man could be problematic. For example… the only thing Prometheus and Alien have in common is the brief appearance of the “space jockey” (in Alien) yet people talk about them in the same universe all the time.

        • we’ll find out. We all shouldn’t jump to conclusions about how or if Guardians Of The Galaxy ties into Avengers 2. I know Marvel explained how that film is part of their cosmic part within their universe & only connection between as of now between that film & Avengers from earth is Thanos himself. Guardians Of The Galaxy are the Avengers from outter space so we’ll see what happens when it gets to that point.

        • Um first off no it didn’t there is continuous sub text and easter eggs all throughout Prometheus, first off. The other thing is G of G is a set up not for avengers 2 for a reason. Marvels has plans basically spaning out to 2017 and beyond and they are most definitely playing the long game. GofG will connect but very minutely but seeing as a few of the Guardians are earthlings and the big bad is Thanos there are those connections. This also allows marvel to truly introduce Thanos to the larger audiences by being able to establish him as a truly universal threat and delivering on his back story. I mean let’s be honest besides us true believers, most didn’t know who he was at the end of Avengers. This also allows Marvel to set him up for Avengers 3 and build Marvels cosmic verse, so they can lead into other properties for them to explore on the big screen.

    • well seeing that THE heart of the Guardians and the Movie is a CGI Raccoon and another big character is a walking Talking Tree that is also CGI I kind of think they are gonna spend a very pretty penny on this film!
      At least I hope they do because if Groot and RR look like kiddie cartoons it will straight up KILL the GOTG movie for 99.8% of its audience!

    • I would tend to agree with you, PB. Hope it does well, but I have my doubts. If I were marvel, I would not make this movie. They have lots of better things they could spend their money on.

      • That is a good point. Personally I would rather see them make a Ms. Marvel, Vision, or Sub~Mariner film. They could turn out to be another “Iron Man” in that they are relatively obscure characters that if done well could become major franchises. I am more of a DC person and GOTG is not something I am just dying to see. But as I stated, I have mad respect for Marvel because at a time when studios don’t take risks they are doing so and should be applauded for that and hopefully if they have some success it will encourage other studios to do the same.

        • Although I tend to lean a bit more towards Marvel than DC, as far as DC is concerned, here is my wish-list:
          A Doctor Fate and Hourman team-up flick (Kent Nelson and Rex Tyler)
          A martian Manhunter, Atom, and Hawkman team-up flick
          A Flash and Green Lantern team-up flick (Barry Allen & Hal Jordan)
          A Legion of Super-Heroes flick
          and of course, JLA.

          Eventual villains sometime, someplace, against somebody:
          Brainiac, Doomsday, Darkseid, Time Commander, Sinestro, Professor Zoom (Reverse-Flash), Psycho Pirate, and probably a few more if I thought a minute.

          Alot of this will probably only occur in my fantasies, but I can always hope!

  6. Well, I guess we’ll see how it goes with Cooper voicing RR… I have no idea what to expect. I’m sure Marvel and Gunn know what they’re doing. I hope!

    Thanos needs to be played by somebody besides Diesel. I don’t know who, but definitely not him. I imagine him being played by someone with a better grasp of the English language and that actually sounds intelligent. Remember, Thanos is a genius, and his voice and vocabulary should reflect that.

  7. These are both great signings. A little unexpected, but pleasant surprises. I have full trust in Marvel’s choices, casting and otherwise.

    Cooper is an excellent with impressions, an will do fine as Rocket. IMO, Guardians of the Galaxy will amaze many people, it’s going to be huge.

    Kudos to Marvel for their bold and daring movie making, they are fearless.

  8. Agreed. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for rest of Phase 2.

  9. I think he’ll do fine. The dude is a master of his voice:

    • For you to say he is a master with his voice because he speaks French is a bit suspect dude!! I mean many many many men can speak more than one language and are NOT MASTERS of their voice!
      I speak French and Russian but I DO NOT consider myself a MASTER with my voice, SO WHAT! a different language, my kids have all learned Spanish and French in school!! BELIEVE ME they ARE NOT masters of their voice..

      LOOK AT HIM, do you think he could NOT speak French??? Dude is just a woman’s dream! I expect nothing less from a dude like him!!

      • Not the just the fact that he speaks it, but how well he speaks it. I also speak french, but not so easily and with so little accent as that, it was almost flawless. I found it impressive. So you speak another language, would you be able to banter with morning show radio hosts in said language with such ease?

        • OK I understand what you are saying… LOL no I could speak to them but NO not that good!!

      • Guess he is more skilled than me. I can only kiss a woman in “french”…..{Ok, I admit we are grasping desperately for a punchline here….}

  10. Is it just me or I think that the casting might be awkward since Zoe Saldana and Cooper dated so idk if it’s the right casting call

    • So? A bunch of actors who have dated previously have starred in flicks together. Plus, Cooper will doing voicework. He’ll probably never even be in contact with Saldana during production.

  11. You would think he would play starlord, but i was hoping he would play some physical role. doesnt mean that cant happen though, so cool.

  12. Has vin diseasel been confirmed has the voice of groot yet

  13. Well, John Rhys-Davies played a physical role and a voice role in the same movie during the LOTR trilogy, so I don’t see either actor doing both as a big deal.
    A while back I saw there was a rumor that David Tennant was in talks for Rocket Raccoon, which would have been awesome, but I guess it’s not to be.

  14. Bradley Cooper would be pretty sick if he does get it thats another loss for dc =/

  15. I sure hope Marvel knows what they are doing…. gotta have faith I guess!!

  16. go blow yourself-up johnlevis

  17. I really want to know if they sign him to more than 1 movie or not!!

    IF they sign him at all

  18. Wow. Didn’t see the Bradley Cooper casting coming. (At least, not until Latino Review broke it last night).

    I don’t really know so much about the character. Is he supposed to have a British accent? Either way, Cooper has a great voice, and if you’ve seen interviews with him, he can do great impressions, so I think he could be a surprisingly great voice actor. As of now, I’m ok with this.

    I don’t think I’ve seen anything with Olsen, but the SR crew loves her, and that’s good enough for me. And I’m sure I’ll see her in Godzilla. I love how Marvel is snagging all of these talented, up-and-coming actors. Good stuff.

  19. Keith David for Thanos.

  20. Cooper just came off an Oscar nomination. Playing a talking raccoon seems to be below him.

  21. These are suggestions from random kids that come up with stuff just to have a conversation. Why not have (maybe) Ben Kinglsey TRY to voice Groot, not actually do it, I just wanna see him try, he was a great Mandarin voice(if he really was the Mandarin XD)but I wanna see him try, just try…thats all.

    • WTF are you talking about? Random suggestions from kids? Ben Kingsley voicing Groot??

      WAIT did you say you are a kid throwing out random suggestions?
      Because IF NOT then you must have hit that Bong two or three times too many or you drank the bong water which is NOT A GOOD IDEA!

      • @ Bruce Banner

        I never said for him to do it you jerk, these threads are merely rumors for crying outloud, I wanna see Kingsley try do pull it off, of course not in the movie, but just to see if it would work, for craps sake, I never said I WANT HIM TO BE GROOT! I want to see him TRY!!!!!!!

        • Well I thought I read that it said: “THR confirms that both are in negotiations” with Marvel.

          I understand that is FAR from confirmation but there are more than a cpl sources stating the exact same thing! I think they are a LITTLE BIT more than rumors but are far from done deals!

          It is really funny because I COULD GIVE A GIANT TURD if you think Im a Jerk! But to say these are kids throwing out random suggestions is an IGNORANT statement! I can almost GUARANTEE 99% of the ppl that work for SR and 99.5% of the PPL that read SR are NOT KIDS, maybe sir you are the child and you want to think everyone else that has ANYTHING TO DO WITH SR are “kids”

          If you think so un-favorably of the site or the ppl that comment why do you come here in the first place?
          Is it to be ignorant? or read about something you are genuinely interested in?
          I know a lot of these men and women are very passionate about MOST of the characters and articles where comments are left! which is more than I will say about you coming here and talking smack about these very cool and passionate ppl involved with this site!

          • Ok Bruce, but I will say what I want once again, the things on SR are updated asap, so rumors turn into far from done deals but still speculations. so yes I come here for news and give my opinion simply for others to reply or say, I disagree here is my idea instead, or say I hate your idea but nice try, NOT ARE you kidding Me do you smoke a bong? that my friend is rude, I was simply pointing out to try new things, and yes people that work for SR are not kids, but the people that TRY to confirm these speculations are kids, thank you.

            • “but the people that TRY to confirm these speculations are kids”???

              That has to be one of if not the MOST IGNORANT STATEMENT I HAVE SEEN ON HERE!

              You can call me all of the names you want, I really don’t give a floating turd what you think! I am here everyday, and commenting everyday BUT I NEVER, NEVER used the ignorant terminology you keep on using!
              WHY do you say they are “kids”? because we are all speculating on these rumors! that is kind of what this comment section is for, I don’t think I remember a post where ppl were not speculating on who or what they wanted out of a movie or it’s characters!
              You come on here and in your own ignorant way your slinging mud like the child, I just commented on your semi un-readable first post and you just keep saying the same really stupid stuff, that we are all kids for speculating on rumors, or just for showing excitement in who we want to play our favorite characters!! (1) I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM?
              why are you coming to a site most of us are at everyday and talking smack and (2) when are you gonna move out of your mommy’s basement and stop trolling websites and calling other ppl kids? (3) This will be my last official words of wisdom for you!

              Oh yeah….. Your Welcome

              • Bruce Bangher is Hulking out!

      • An no I did not say I was a kid throwing out random suggestions, this threads and rumors are sparked by kids, and teases that are RUMORS so no, I dont want Kingsley, as him in the movie I want him to TRY to see what it would be like. U SIR are being a knuckle HEAD!

        • For those who don’t know, yes I have two SR names because the jet from before one is lame and sometimes it names me that instead of this!^^

  22. Bradley Cooper ? …. I LIKE it !!!!! He is such an attractive and amazing man <3 :3

  23. Trouser-Mouse and Chia-Pet have me nervous about this film working.

  24. I always thought that Rocket would sound like he is from Philly or New York

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  28. Bradley Cooper should have been the new Batman. Maybe Bale told him it wasn’t worth it on the set of American Hustle.

  29. Oh my gad ><. Can't wait for Screen Rant to have their article up for something that was announced today! Wrong article to comment on this so I'll wait till the new article.